Cum eating instructions from a domme


slow but sure…. Practice edging, causing a few drops to escape and then stop stimulating until sensation to cum passes. Enjoy those few drops. Continue like that, milking out a little more as you gain experience, enjoying the taste as you go. No worries if once in awhile you go “too far” and can’t force yourself to swallow all it happens even to those who have been swallowing for years…

The “heels over head” position is great because you cant back out quick enough. Just focus on the pleasure, the massive orgasm you’re having. Roll onto your back, and explode all over your face. Don’t eat your cum the first two times, just get used to having cum on your face and lips. You’re just cumming on another part of your body. It’s really just another form of cumming. After a while you’ll just cum down your own throat and you won’t even think about it. Good luck :))) the taste really isn’t that bad and the way your muscles contract when youre split-leg and have your cock pointed at your mouth is none other. I do it at least three times a week.