Cuckold eats cum with a slave-his wife’s lover


Some thoughts about cuck training may seem harsh and extreme. However, many hotwife/cuck relationships are built on the foundation of hotwife absolute dominance/cuck humiliation and subservience. In many such relationships the cuck thrives on being humiliated (evidence the comments from cucks on earlier posts) and the hotwife gets off on being able to humiliate the cuck, often to the point that the humiliation aspect of the relationship is more important than the sex she is getting from the Bull. And if the Bull also thrives on humiliating the cuck then it is a perfect ménage a trios. I know it is not for everyone but for many it is the perfect arrangement. I’d love to get your comments. What do you think?

Meanwhile, in addition to requirements set out in earlier posts, here are some additional ones.

To acclimate the cuck to his new role as bitch to the Bull and other men of the hotwife’s choosing, the cuck should be fed a portion of cum each day. This can be given straight from the source of course but when this is not possible the hotwife might consider saving used cum filled condoms (keep them in the refrigerator. Heat them in the microwave for a few seconds before serving). It is also possible to freeze cum and one innovative idea is to make little cum popsickles for the cuck to suck on. Pour cum over cereal, mashed potatoes, salads, etc.
The Bull’s piss can also be used in training. Pour it over cereal (piss flakes anyone?), put it in soups, mix it with other drinks like Coke or 7-Up. Booze can also be used as a mixer.
Use the Bull’s piss to give the cuck an enema. Fill up the cuck’s ass and then plug it so the cuck can feel it gurgling around in his bowels while you fuck the Bull.
The hotwife should encourage the Bull to beat the cuck. A good strapping with a belt is a good way for the Bull to emphasize his dominance over the cuck. It should also be fun for the hotwife to watch. There might be nothing more humiliating for the cuck than getting belt whipped by another man who then fucks the cuck’s wife while the cuck remains in position with his ass reddened and smarting. The Bull might even belt whip the cuck and then pause to fuck the wife before returning to finish the beating.
I hope these suggestions give you hotwives some good ideas for humiliating your cuck. Remember, cuck’s often thrive on such humiliation.