Confession of doggie

feet in fishnet

Since my youth I have had a strong desire and urge to sniff and kiss feet and shoes of the female sex and when my older sister caught me in the act of masturbating as I sniffed and kissed her worn shoe. My enslavement to the dominant female and love of the female foot began. She was seventeen, very bossy. I was twelve, shy and submissive and under the threat of exposing me to my parents. She would make me turn over to her my weekly allowance and she would summon me to her bedroom. Where she would dominate and enslave me. As she sat on the bed, her shapely legs crossed. Her high heeled shoe dangling from her pretty foot. She would command me to kneel before her and order me to sniff and kiss her shoe all over and when I had done so to her satisfaction she would order me to remove her shoe with my mouth. Then order me to sniff and kiss her foot.

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Her toenails were always painted bright red and as I bent my head to carry out her orders I could smell the delicious scent of her foot odor. Which was very exciting and stimulating to me. My nose sniffed, my lips kissed, I was in heaven, kneeling at her feet worshipping I was always fully clothed, my tiny prick hidden in my pants. She would not let me undress or expose myself. But she did allow me to rub my prick through my pants. As I silently obeyed her commands I know that I felt an erotic sensation. I remember that my tiny prick would become very hard. The combination of kneeling at her feet sniffing and kissing them. I masturbated through my pants. I heard her laugh, then she would say,”I am your queen. You are my slave. And you must obey me and do whatever I order you to. Sniff and kiss my feet slave-boy. Do a good job. Sniff and kiss them all over, each toe. In between them, kiss the soles of my feet my little slave-boy. Play with yourself, someday I will make you lick my feet and suck my toes.” As she looked down at me, her foot slave she told me that I was a good boy. She would order me to sniff between each toe and as I did so she would trap my nose between her toes and shake me head back and forth laughing as she did it. “I saw you jerk-off while sniffing and kissing my shoes and from now on you must first ask my permission before you do so and I expect you to turn over your weekly allowance for the privilege of being my slave.” I agreed as my desire and need to kneel at her feet, loving them, kissing and sniffing became stronger and stronger and I confess that there were many times when I would worship her shoes and jerk-off without first asking her permission. I had become a chronic masturnator with my nose buried deep into her scented shoe. Sniffing her foot odors, kissing her shoes all over, sometimes I would lick them clean as I masturbated.

My sexual desires centered around the female foot and shoes and masturbation. As I grew older my urges to kneel and worship the female foot became my sole objective and there were times when I would date a girl, I would look for any excuse to kneel before her. To touch her feet and when I started to kiss and sniff her feet she would be completely surprised. Unbelieving and she would tell me that I was a foot nut and laugh at me. As I knelt before her, begging to kiss her feet. She would demand money from me, threatening to tell all our friends that I was a foot nut. More than once I had to pay blackmail money. To keep my secret but luckily I did meet a young girl who thought it was fun watching me kneel at her feet, kissing and sniffing them. When she laughingly ordered me to clean her shoes with my tongue, I did so eagerly. I knew she was laughing at me. But I did not care. So long as she allowed me to worship her feet and shoes. I was happy and as she saw how much I enjoyed doing it, she started to make me pay for the privilege. I remember one very attractive young lady who must have read some stories about foot fetishes. As I knelt before her and kissed her feet. She placed her foot on my head and laughingly said,”I crown you my foot slave.” When I heard these words I became very excited and repeated her words,”I am your foot slave. I love your feet. I am happy to kiss and sniff your pretty feet. I am your slave.” Seeing how excited I was, she laughed as she pressed her spiked heel harder into my head and said. “Yes you are my slave and I am your Mistress. Kiss my feet. Show me what a good foot slave you are. Kiss my feet all over. Lick each toe. Bathe my feet with your tongue. My foot slave.” My relationship with this understanding young lady continued for some time. Although I knew that she was “putting out” for other guys, I was content to just worship her feet and this suited her. As she was very domineering and having her own “foot slave” allowed her to feel like a queen. With her personal slave kneeling at her feet worshipping them. In time, I “graduated” and she ordered me to start kissing and licking at her feet and to work my kisses and licks further up her legs. Which were very shapely and being the good slave that I was, I obeyed her orders. “That’s the way. Kiss and lick my legs all the way up to my pussy. When you’ve done one leg go back down and do the other start at the toes Kiss and lick my feet and legs all the way up to my pussy. And you know my little slave. That if you please me, then I may allow you to sniff and kiss my pussy. Would My “Foot Slave” like that?” Not daring to stop my adoration to answer I nodded my head. I felt her hand pats me on the head like I was a pet dog. She said”Goooood Doggie. That’s what you are a goooood doggie. Sniffing and kissing his Mistress’s feet and legs. Now my doggie wants to sniff and kiss his Mistress’s pussy. Isn’t that right doggie?” I stopped my worship to answer. “Yes Mistress. I am your doggie, you own me. I would be happy to do anything you ordered me to. Sniff your pussy, kiss your ass, worship your feet, I am your slave, your doggie.” She questioned “My ass??? Does my doggie wish to kiss my ass??? Doesn’t Doggie know that dogs don’t just kiss asses? A real dog first sniffs the asshole. To get the scent of his Mistress. Then if he sniffs really well. His Mistress may allow him to kiss her ass. But first, you must show me you know how to act like a real dog. Sniff my ass-hole doggie.”

My mistress then turned her back to me and revealed to my hungry eyes. The most beautiful and shapely ass I had ever seen. Kneeling before it my nose just inches away, she turned her head to me and said. “Go ahead, doggie get your nose between my ass crack. Sniff my ass hole. Touch my ass-hole with your doggie nose sniff and smell it, show me what a good doggie you are.” I needed no further orders. My nose went deep into her ass crack. I could feel her puckered pink ass-hole with my nose. I sniffed My Mistress’s delicious scent. As I did so I could hear her laughing. I felt her hand go to my head. Pushing my nose deeper into her ass. She said” Sniff doggie, smell your mistress’s asshole You are my dog-slave and I know how much doggies love to sniff pretty ass-holes. Don’t they my little pet?” With her hand on my head, pushing my face deeper into her ass I found it hard to answer my Mistress, but I managed to utter a muffled “Yes Mistress, I am your doggie and I know that my proper place is to have my nose buried in your beautiful ass. Sniffing and smelling your ass-hole. Making your delicious scent a part of me.” This is how I graduated from a mere lowly “foot slave” to a “doggie”, A pet dog-slave who now not only knows how to worship feet, but is now well trained in the art of ass worship This young Mistress really trained me to act like a dog. She had me “fetching” her shoes and panties with my mouth. Laughing as I crawled on the floor to retrieve the tossed article. Then I would pick it up with my mouth and crawl back to her with the prize dangling from my mouth. “What a gooood doggie I have. She would pat and praise me as I knelt before her. Shoe or panty hanging from my mouth. Good doggie now you may sniff the odors from my shoe or panty and thank your Mistress.” As I sniffed, I thanked her and she laughed at the sight before her. A human dog kneeling at her feet, sniffing her scented shoe or panty. She must have found it very amusing and entertaining and wishing to share her domination over me. She once invited a girlfriend over to watch as her dog-slave performed his humiliating act. Of course, I was very nervous at being seen by a thrid party. Crawling and sniffing like a dog. But my Mistress ordered me to put on a good show. So that she could be proud of me and after a few minutes I was groveling before her and her friend. I can still hear their laughter and humiliating remarks.

“What a “good doggie” , he crawls and fetches better than any dog. He is really well trained” They praised and petted me for good performance. They played games with me. To see how well I could sniff and tell whose scent I was sniffing. First I was blindfolded. Then I would sniff one shoe and told that it belonged to mistress a. Then I would sniff another shoe and told that it belonged to mistress b. The shoes were then tossed into the center of the room. I would have to crawl around the floor blindfolded, sniffing and searching for the shoes. Of course hearing theis laughter and snide remarks as I did so. When I found a shoe I was to sniff it and guess which Mistress it belonged to. If I guessed right. I was praised and petted. If I guessed wrong I was smacked and slapped with the shoe and told that I was a “badddd doggie” As I “graduated” I found that my need for humiliation and degradation became more and more urgent. In time under the supervision of a very dominant Mistress that understood my desire to be verbally humiliated, to be degraded and used as the lowest of slaves. She would tease and threaten me that she was going to train me to be her “personal toilet” her private piss pot. This was a new scene for me. As up to this time I had not gone any futher than licking asses, feet and pussies. I had never had a “Golden Shower”. The thought of being used as a toilet. The humiliation of it was very exciting and sensual. The idea that I would be pissed on and made to drink the piss of a Mistress made me wild. She carried out her threats and made me into her “Toliet Slave” This she did in stages, first she would stuff toilet paper into my mouth and piss into it. I would get the taste and scent of her golden piss as I lay beneath her with the pius soaked toilet paper in my mouth. As she pissed into my stuffed mouth she would verbally humiliate me saying. “Ahhhhhh My little piss pot. My personal toilet. Your Mistress is pissing in your mouth. Taste her delicious piss. Smell it, soon you will be hooked on my golden piss. You will beg and plead for it. You will beg me to piss on you. To use you as my toilet, my little piss pot.” As she sat over my face, her pretty pink puckered ass-hole only inches away from my nose. I would sniff and I could see her golden piss drip out of her pussy into my open waiting mouth. She was right before long she used my mouth as her toilet without toilet paper. I lay beneath her glorious pussy and begged for her golden piss. After making me wait for what seemed like hours she pissed into my open mouth. I drank and swallowed her piss as fast as she fed it to me. The drops that missed my mouth splattered all over my face. When she had finished pissing my name changed from piss pot to “toilet paper”. She would order me to lick and clean her pussy of any remaining drops of piss. As I did so she would tell me that I was her toilet paper and someday I would be trained to clean her ass. Just as I cleaned her pussy. Once I had become hooked on her piss, I would always first have to beg for it. Imagine begging your Mistress to piss on you. The ultimate humiliation. I thrived on it. She loves the power she has over me. Hearing me beg for her piss. Now it has become so important to me, that she only pisses on me when I have been extra obedient, extra humble and she has now added a new twist to the scene. She has a friend in to watch me beg for her piss, of course, she and her friend find this very amusing. Hearing me beg to be pissed on. When the mood suits her, she will piss into my open and eager mouth. As her friend looks on, both laughing as she tells her friend that I am her “personal piss-pot toilet” Her friend agreeing that I am indeed a real piss-pot, a human toilet, begging to be pissed on. So far she has not allowed any of her friends to use me as their toilet. I am her personal toilet. But she does allow me to sniff and kiss their feet and asses. If she is in a good mood, she will allow me to worship their pussies with my tongue. If I do a good job, she will pius on me as a reward for being such an obedient slave and tell me how proud I made her and that I was such a “goood doggie”

My Mistress who is very innovative and who also loves to humiliate and degrade me as much as I desire to be humiliated and degraded. Had decided that my mouth would make a perfect dildo holder. Seeing as how I have no desire to actually fuck with my prick. She now stuffs her personal dildo into my mouth and as I lie under her, she proceeds to fuck my face as I clench her dildo in my eager mouth. I must lie perfectly still as she enjoys riding her pussy up and down on the dildo. Grabbing me by the hair, the dildo firmly in my mouth she rides her pussy up and down. “Fuck Me dildo face my delicious pussy go up and down. Sniff my ass-hole as I fuck your face, feel and smell my juices run down the dildo on your face. Make me cum do a good job dildos face. I may allow you to lick clean the dildo of all my pussy juices.” she screamed. She came, the dildo and my face were drenched with her pussy juices and as promised I was rewarded by being allowed to sniff and lick clean the dildo of all her juices. She would remove the dildo from my mouth and the base part. The part in my mouth, she would put into her pussy, it stuck out like a real prick all wet and coated with her juices. She would order me to kneel before her and order me to sniff and suck the dildo clean. As I did so she would tell me,”I know that you are not “Gay” but watching you suck and lick the dildo. I bet you would make a good cocksucker. But don’t worry I may threaten to make you suck the cock of one of my “normal” lovers. But I will respect your limitations. Knowing that you are not “gay” I will only make you suck my dildo. Because it is “My cock” and it has my pussy juices on it. You will be my “cocksucking” toilet slave.” “I know that I have the power over you to do anything I want. And always keep that fact in mind. That I will use that power when and if I please. But for now it is enough to humiliate you by making you my “cocksucker” licking my dildo clean of all my juices, but someday knowing how much you love to sniff and kiss my ass and ass-hole I may fuck your dildo face with my asshole. Then make you also lick my dildo clean. So far this has not happened. Although I am sure that her need to humiliate and degrade me is as urgent as my need. I am sure that the day is not far off when she will fuck my dildos face with her beautiful ass. I can already hear her laughter as she orders me to lick it clean. My piss-pot is now also my shit licker. Clean the dildo well. It may be coated with shit, but my shit-eating slave doesn’t mind. He worships his Mistress and her shit and piss are sacred to him. “Lick away, my little cocksucker, my piss-pot my slave.”

The above scene has never happened, not yet and I am not sure that I would be able to obey my Mistress should she ever decide to carry out her threat. But her domination over me is so complete and her desire to humiliate and degrade me so intense. I secretly hope that she does not carry out her, threats although when she has asked me whether or not I would be her “shiteater” I always answer,”I will obey your every command Mistress. I am you, total slave.”

There you have it the true life and times of a happy slave. I am proud to say that all of the above is true not fantasy or fiction. I am proud to say that I have served some of the most famous Mistresses on the East Coast. Even as far as the Carribean Islands. Where I have met a normal, very attractive bronze female and having shown her the joys of female domination, she has become a most exciting and erotic Mistress. Using and abusing me and enjoying every minute of it. She loves to have her ass kissed and licked. Her pussy lapped and sucked. She was thrilled at having found a willing slave, a “whitey” no less. Anxious and eager to be her slave. Dominating me, abusing me, humiliating me and being paid to let me serve her as her slave. Kissing and licking her ass, her pussy, her pretty feet what a turn on. She loved every minute of it. What power she felt, her whitey slave kneeling before her kissing her feet and thanking her for the honor. Worshipping her feet. The feet of my black beautiful Mistress was also a turn on for me. My submission was complete, I was a slave to a black Mistress, black beautiful and very dominating. Using me as her toilet made her very excited. The idea of having a “whitey” face lying beneath her open pussy waiting, no begging for her “golden piss’ turned her on. Although she found it difficult to aim her piss directly into my open mouth, never having pissed into anyone’s mouth before. She would laugh as she splashed her piss all over my face. She found that exciting and amusing. Pissing all over my face saying she was giving me a “piss facial” and after pissing all over my face, she would rub her pussy all over it saying that her piss would ease the pain of my sunburned “whitey face”. It did help, but I also knew that I loved the feeling. Her hot scented piss bathing my face. Mistress Dutchess I wish to thank you for the many sensuous and erotic sessions that you have allowed me to experience, kneeling at your feet, hearing your orders, your laughter, as I humbly served as your foot licking, ass sniffing slave. What makes the sessions so enjoyable is the fact that you are a natural-born dominatrix. .You enjoy seeing and having the lowly male cringing and begging at your lovely feet. When you verbally humiliate me I know that you are sincere as you humiliate me. You enjoy degrading the male slave. Ordering him to sniff your feet, your ass, lick your shoes. Humbling him to your satisfaction, so much so, that has had the honor of being your slave I am proud to be one of Mistress Dutchess’s slaves. I have relived many of the sessions that we had, jerking off as I did so and of course always sending you a tribute. Confessing that I had masturbated thinking of you. Thinking of how you made me grovel and beg at your feet. Hearing your order to sniff and worship them. Hearing your laughter as you reminded me that I was a lowly foot licking slave, your slave, ordering me to kneel before your beautiful ass sniffing, kissing, worshipping and always thanking you for the honor and privilege that you allowed me, a lowly slave to worship your sacred ass.

I am very happy to be a slave and I do not wish to change my feelings of being submissive to the dominant female. I don’t feel that I am missing out by not having sex in the usual way. In fact, I have tried many times, but to no avail, My prick has become so accustomed to being handled by hand that it is impossible for me to have an orgasm in the usual way, Only when I am verbally humiliated, physically abused etc., can I achieve and orgasm. and if I am content. What’s wrong with that? A salve is happy that I have been fortunate to serve so many wonderful Mistresses.

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