Club night (and my pet as the entertainment)

sexy collar mirror phone

We had discussed this idea and I knew it was a total turn on to my pet.
Tonight was the night and I was excited. Giving nothing away I told my submissive to wear something sexy and cover up with a long coat. Collecting her I kissed her slowly and instructed her to show me what she had selected to wear under her coat. Unbuttoning slowly she pulled it open to reveal a sheer bra her nipples showing through the thin fabric a nice little pair of knickers and stockings and suspenders. I sighed with pleasure and felt a stirring in my pants.
I reached in to my pocket and pulled out a favorite collar which I affixed around her sweet neck. Offering my arm I escorted her to my car and set off for a long night of debauchery.
She quizzed me trying to find out what was happening but this was to be a surprise and I remained tight lipped.
Pulling up outside a nondescript building in an industrial area my submissive looked baffled. I leaned over and kissed her slowly my fingers trailing up her inner thigh to stroke her through her panties. Her response was immediate and she opened her thighs slightly to allow me access what a good girl she is. I whisper in her ear “are you ready to unleash that inner cum slut my dear”
She moans and looks at me as slowly it begins to dawn on her what is about to happen. I clip on a short leash to her collar and we walk to the door. I knock and it is opened for us entering I command her to remove her coat and she stands in her fuck me lingerie looking a little scared. Chatting with the receptionist I make payment and we move in to a dimly lit room. She is following close wanting to feel safe as we see a number of faces turn to check us out. The club is a series of rooms and we move through them taking in the sight of a number of people scattered throughout who devour my woman with their eyes but unsure if they may touch. We return to the bar and share a drink her fingers tremble slightly as she reaches for her glass. I pull her to me and kiss her hard and tell her everything will be fine. Returning to the lounge room I take her around each man and ask them if they wish to feel how aroused my girl is. Of course they need not be asked twice and their hands roam over her silken flesh. I can see how much this is turning her on and take her to a separate room with a raised bed. I undress her slowly leaving only her collar on and order her to the bed. A number of men have followed and stand about watching as I spread her legs open and tell her to play. This is such a turn on to us and her fingers are pinching her nipples and stroking her clit in quick agitated motions. Her cunt glistens in the soft light her arousal on display to everyone. Soon she is arching her back and screaming out in orgasm.
While she played many of the guys have been stroking themselves and she sees all those hard cocks so near by. She looks to me and I nod almost imperceptibly making her smile as she reaches to take a cock in her hand pulling it to her lips her tongue darting over the head. The other men look to me and I say help yourselves fellas this slut wants every hole filled. A procession of eager men take turns using her anyway they desire while I look on. She milks the cum from them one after another using her body to pleasure and be pleasured. It is stunning to watch and I love that she is enjoying herself so much. After an eternity of play the room thins out and I throw her coat to her.” Let’s go whore we need to get you home!” Leaving her lingerie on the bed I clip on her lead and we walk from the room leaving her undergarments behind as souvenirs for the lucky guys who just fucked and sucked this gorgeous filthy slut of mine.

Returning to the car I throw a towel on the seat and say we don’t want all that cum staining the upholstery. You are going to stay sticky my sweet thing you can’t shower until the morning. A slut should be happy to wear the juice of all those men.
Smiling she sighs and says thank you Master that was amazing!

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