It all started when I saw a picture of CB6000 on reddit (MM)

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The cock cage fantasy

From the very first moment, I saw a picture of a cock locked in a CB6000 I was hooked and knew I had to feel the desire build in me, and build, but have no control over when, or even IF, I get to be unlocked to cum. With that picture firmly lodged in my mind’s eye, I stroked myself to dozens of orgasms as I sought out information about chastity – especially forced chastity and orgasm denial – for several months.

Eventually, my fantasy pushed itself into my “real” life and I started commenting and posting on various sites. It was frightening to suddenly feel so turned on by something that I was willing to break out of my 47yo box and discover what it would be like to submit myself to another man, to cede control of my cock to him, and become a bottom for him.

Up until this point, I was always a top, always in control for work and life. Oh, I took enough cocks in my ass to know that I really didn’t like it. Always top for me, and cute little Asian bottoms. But I threw all of that out the window when I saw that picture.

I felt secretly comforted by the fact I’d let myself go and was overweight … chances were no one would be interested in taking on an older, overweight sub. Until I got an email that changed everything

“So you want to be my fucking bitch? How bad? Master Kyle”

Attached to the email was a picture of a God. He was model-gorgeous and had a two-fisted fuckpole.

I was floored. Who was this guy? Where’d he find me from? But mostly, was that really his picture? Either way, my cock grew rock hard and I started rubbing it through my pants. I replied, “Yes, Master.”

Minutes later an email returned, “971-355-2158” I was shaking when I picked up the phone and dialed.

“Yer fast, bitch.” He answered. “Or you’re fucking horny for my cock up yer ass.”

“I … I … need … um”

“Listen, pussy, do you want it or no?”

“Yes.” I was drooling pre-cum and its started making a wet spot on my pants.

“I’ve just emailed you my address. Wear only your tiniest pair of shorts and get here in half-an-hour.” Then dial tone.

I opened the email and printed his address. Just outside of town, not too far away! I eagerly stripped, shaking, my hard cock throbbing as it’d never done before. I resisted the urge to grab it hard and cum. I grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them on. Grabbed my map and got in the Jeep.

He was in one of those cookie-cutter home-farms and his house was much like every other. I went up to the front door where a note said “Take off the shorts and come in. Kneel on the floor.”

I didn’t care if the neighbors were watching, I just dropped the shorts and stepped inside. Shutting the door, I then dropped to my knees. After a few minutes, He stepped out of a doorway down the hall. I gasped. He WAS the picture! He was as hard as I was. “Come here, bitch.”

Round 1, rape my throat

“No! Crawl on your fucking hands and knees.” I followed him into the bedroom. “I’m going to give you your fantasy, bitch.”

“Stand up.” I did. He put his cupped hand under the head of my purple, straining cock. “Jerk off.” I did. And it didn’t take long for me to fill his palm with my gooey load. He raised it to my lips. “Eat it, cumwhore.” I quickly slurped my load. “Lick it clean. Jeezus.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side of the bed. “Lace your fingers behind your head and look up.” I did.

I trembled as he gripped my flaccid cock and assembled a CB6000 around it. “There ya are, bitch. Locked little cumwhore.” I looked down at my plastic-encased cock and moaned in sheer pleasure, terror, yearning. I felt the blood rushing into my cock. The pain of trying to get an erection made me suddenly realize what I may have done.

“What are you waiting for bitch? Get on your fucking knees and suck my cock.” I did. Pulling as much of it into my mouth and throat as I could. “If yer gonna be my whore ya gotta do better than that for chrissakes.” He grabbed my head in his strong hands and gag-fucked me. Hardly able to breathe, the smell of my bile, my eyes watering, I looked up and saw his smile. Suddenly he yanked his cock out of my throat fucked one hand while the other hand grabbed my hair and yanked back. I opened my mouth just in time to catch most of his sweet cum.

After he caught his breath he shoved me, panting, to the floor. “That’s just the appetizer, whore.”

This god of a man, whose still-hard beautiful cock just raped my throat, opened the bottom drawer of his dresser and started to pull out toys galore and tossing leather bits at me.

“Put these on bitch. Whenever you come here, this is all you’ll ever wear. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” I started putting on the leather bits, a big leather collar, then wrist and ankle cuffs. The smell of the leather and clinking of the metal pieces made the blood surge into my cock and once again it was screaming to be let out.

“Get on the fucking bed. Get your hole in the air and beg for it.”

Round 2, rape my ass

I did just that, “Please sir. Please fuck me. Please fuck my hole and make it yours.” I rubbed my nose on my wrist cuffs taking in that heady smell. I moaned a little as he jabbed two fingers into my asshole. He roughly scrubbed my hole with lube and seconds later he forced his cock all the way into my bowels with one huge thrust and I screamed into the mattress.

He didn’t pause to let my hole get used to his meat; he just started fucking. It hurt bad and for a moment I thought something might have happened; but within a minute or two my screams and agonized moans became gasps of pleasure, waves of it spreading from my hole. And he fucked hard. He wasn’t making love to me; he was raping my ass, twisting me this way and that way on his cock. Sideways. Face-to-face. Any position he could get me into he did.

Sweat began to pout from him as he pounded me mercilessly. My panting became chanting as I begged over and over again “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

“I’m going to breed your ass, bitch. Gonna fuckin load it up with my cum. Its what all you whores want isn’t it?”

“Yes. Yes.” I panted.

As if it were possible, he started forcing his cock deep every thrust, grunting his need. He looked me in the eyes, “You’re mine.” and threw back his head and screamed his load into me. He shoved and shoved till his cock was drained. He pulled his cock out, grabbing my head and twisting me around, and shoved his cock into my mouth, “Clean it, bitch.”

I was in a daze. And sliding my mouth down his shaft, smelling sweat, cum, lube, and ass; but I sucked and licked his cock until he was satisfied. He pulled me up and, for the first time kissed me deeply, lovingly; caressing me and spooning me.

Chained under my master’s bed

I was in heaven, my fantasy fulfilled: hot stud owns me and fucks me and I am locked and denied. My post fuck daze was suddenly broken as he quickly climbed out of bed dragging me by my collar behind him. He rifled through his bottom drawer and pulled out a muzzle, fitted it to my head; then click-click locked it on. He then took a piece of chain, maybe three feet long loops it through my collar and the foot of the bed. Then he clips my wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs together and thrusts a pillow under my head.

“Good night, bitch.” He climbs back into his bed and turns out the light. In moments, he is softly snoring. I start to freak a little bit … I am at the mercy of this young man I know nothing about. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going. I’m struggling to find a little comfort on the hardwood floor and trying not to let his cum escape from my twitching, burning hole. My cock straining to get hard and painfully complaining that it can’t.

Soon though I drift off to sleep.

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