Story of how I started loving balls!

This happened in the summertime about 4 years ago now. Some details are slightly changed, but what happened is basically the same. I’d had another big fight with my bf and I didn’t want him to find me. So, I spent the night at my Mom’s house. I woke up around 11 am & my […]

The collar

All he had to do was make it through the weekend, and the collar would be his. She had promised him when they heard about the “gathering” that if he were totally pleasing this weekend the collar would be his. She had taken him out to pick it out. It was a simple but handsome […]

Boots – A story of surrender

Well here we are she thought, waiting for him, she looked out the window onto the mountain, peaceful and quiet for now. Always a challenge this one, but always fun. It was worth the takedown with him, to get to that pure surrender, a lot of work and well worth it. With that she took […]

The Step Children

My friends had always warned me about the dangers of getting involved with a woman who has children by another man, especially teenagers. Yet, when I met Cindy those warnings were easily ignored. It seemed that Cindy and I were two pieces that completed a puzzle. Our relationship was easy and natural. We shared the […]

3 cuckold fantasies of her’s

Her “Stranger in the backyard” fantasy The scene: She is in her bed masturbating while her husband is watching TV in the living room. She has forgotten to draw the blinds, its dark outside and the lights in the room are on, she is completely exposed. Then she freezes, she notices the stranger right outside her […]