Terror for a Tinyguy (SPH)

I’m on the football team..we’ve dated a few times..you know my secret…about how small my cock is..you’ve seen it…but I’m the star player on the team and have the reputation at school of the big studly jock… we date a few times..then I seem to lose interest…stop calling..ignoring you…your get mad..and frustrated..and you decide to […]

Getting dirty

It was a rare day when her master called on her. Even rarer lately. Apparently, this cold Friday was one of the rare ones. No one in her life knew she had a master, not even her husband. She had met him online a few months before, knowing only that she needed something different. Something […]

My Halloween feminization and humiliation

Mistress’ instructions for Halloween A week before Halloween, Mistress Teresa sent me an email, commanding me to present myself at Her home for instructions. Looking for kinky and agressive mistress near ? When I entered Her residence, Mistress Teresa was busy at Her computer, viewing the Internet. I dutifully knelt on the floor behind Her, […]

Brothers Forever (gay diapers story)

Hi, my name is Jason. My story starts when my mom got remarried and I had a new step-brother, Josh, who is four years older than me. Neither of us was too thrilled about our new family life—we had both been only children before our parents’ divorce, so the new marriage was difficult for both […]

Forced diapering and forced infantilism

I’m a male submissive. my fetishes include forced feminization, forced age play, and forced infantilism. I was in an emotional (not sexual) relationship with a strong-willed Lady Whom I will call Helene. Her late husband had abused Her sexually; now She was repelled by any sexual activity and She considered all sex “dirty”. The marriage […]

Our life, My Heels, Our Love.

We’ve been married 28 years now and it’s been a beautiful relationship. In the beginning, Mike had his career, speed boat, race car, and wanted to love and marry a woman who wanted to be a woman in the most feminine ways. He’s not a chauvinist, he pushes himself to the limit, he knows what […]

Once Upon a Dolly

Now before the Doll…In a time not so long ago… in a place not so far away… lived a man that was also a Dom and much to his chagrin and dismay he met a lady that called herself a slave. “Oh my” Was she ever a very lovely slave, although also a bit young […]