Out of town Visitors

It was fourteen years ago when I first met Bob and Dee. My wife and I were on a trip to South Dakota to met her brother and his wife. We arrived the same day in our motorhomes and Bob and Dee were traveling with them. We kicked around the Black Hills for 2 or […]

Broken hubby

‘John!’ – Mary calls me from the living room. I rush to her. I am barefooted, wear jeans and have my torso naked. She has a sexy dress, with a low cut cleavage allowing her ample breasts to show off. A simple but sexy little black dress. But that is not the most exciting part […]

My First Butt Plug

I was 19 years old and I had just arrived at my first BDSM party. A popular leather/BDSM store put on a party every month and I finally found the courage to attend. Looking back I must admit I was still a callow young man. I sat by myself at the bar, having a few […]

My loaned sex slave Charlie

I had been talking with Josh for several months and we recently completed plans for his wife Charlie to fly to Baltimore to spend a week as my sex slave. Charlie is still new to the kink lifestyle and extremely shy. This was a very big step for her to fly to an unknown place […]

Story of how I started loving balls!

This happened in the summertime about 4 years ago now. Some details are slightly changed, but what happened is basically the same. I’d had another big fight with my bf and I didn’t want him to find me. So, I spent the night at my Mom’s house. I woke up around 11 am & my […]

The collar

All he had to do was make it through the weekend, and the collar would be his. She had promised him when they heard about the “gathering” that if he were totally pleasing this weekend the collar would be his. She had taken him out to pick it out. It was a simple but handsome […]

A Birthday Present

It was my boy’s birthday and I was going to make sure it was one he would never forget. Since I got home well before he did, I started the prep early. I took a shower, shaved every part smooth, and put on his favorite perfume. It had a sultry, dark, sexy bouquet. Making sure […]

Boots – A story of surrender

Well here we are she thought, waiting for him, she looked out the window onto the mountain, peaceful and quiet for now. Always a challenge this one, but always fun. It was worth the takedown with him, to get to that pure surrender, a lot of work and well worth it. With that she took […]