The tied hooker in the alley [anal, rape]

“I gave that mother fucker his money” she grunted, but Monique’s words were unintelligible because they were mixed the moans of the homeless man she knew only as Jack and her own grunting noises as he pounded his cock into her ass. She was thankful he was not well endowed but he was the fifth […]

Bondage in the barn [MMf]

I stretch my legs as far as they can go. My toes just barely touch the ground and my calves are aching. My hands are tied together and are straining above my head, and I am hanging from a hook suspended in the rafters of the old barn. I open my eyes and see them […]

Tool Shed – no cage for you [threesome, forced bi]

All parts of the story : Tool Shed Punishment – CBT [Mistress, slave] Tool Shed Punishment – Humiliation [punishment , cuckold] Tool Shed – to service a man [cage, cuckold] Tool Shed – no cage for you [threesome, forced bi]   By the time I had cleaned up and used the facilities, Mistress and Tyrone […]

Spanking 101 [MMF]

Smack. It’s times like these that I don’t know whether to hide my smile in the coverlet or to laugh aloud. The childlike look of wonder on his face – the way his mouth hands open ever so slightly as he watches the impact from the blow ripple over my supple flesh. Smack. He’s always […]

Punished girls don’t get to cum – part 2

to part 1 of the story Carter was remarkably efficient. Erection or no, he always took exactly thirty minutes in the bathroom. Shower, shave, hair and dress – it was all done quickly and precisely; which was why Lynn didn’t trust herself to turn over when she heard the bathroom door open. She might be […]

Punished girls don’t get to cum – part 1

Lynn couldn’t remember being more tired than she was the previous night. She’d come home from an outing with her girlfriends around three in the morning, drunk out of her mind and knowing that she was going to be reprimanded for her behavior – drunk or not. Somehow, she had gotten lucky. When she stumbled […]

Worth the Wait [erotic, bdsm]

I wait. Waiting has always been one of the hardest things for me to do. Anyone who knows me knows how very impatient I am. I squirm, I writhe, I wiggle…and I do it until I’m forced to stop. You know this better, perhaps, than anyone alive. It’s why you like to keep me waiting […]

The Arrangement [sex story, light BDSM]

“Undress,” Peter said over his shoulder as he drew the blinds on his spectacular view of the Strathburne Prep School lacrosse field and the woods beyond, a sea of vibrant green. Liz had always begrudged him the view from his classroom. Hers looked out over a parking lot. Apparently the department felt Romantic English lit […]