He was furious with me for being such a brat….. for behaving poorly and not caring if my antics hurt him or not. He was tired of my being selfish and difficult….. So as the door slammed hard, I quickly turned to see him standing there, already unbuttoning his pants. My heart began pounding in […]

Fucked in the back room

I saw him as soon as I entered Sydny’s Sly Fox the bar. Leaning against the bar wearing only cut-offs and a denim vest that advertised his pecs and abs, leaving his pierced nipples to wink out at the world, just begging to be sucked and bitten. Made my mouth water! Made my own pierced […]

Sub space

Bella suppressed a shiver of anticipation as she heard the door open. She had done as he instructed, the bath was steaming, rose petals floating on the surface, candles burning, making the light in the steam warmed room soft subtle. She hurried to the door to greet him, her posture as straight as it could […]

The Pet

She had grown comfortable and safe within her environment. The cinderblock walls around her and the bars of the cage that contained her were now her home. Early on she used to keep track of the days by the sounds of the steps overhead and the long intermittent silences in between. She knew that a […]

The English Daddy. Part 5

To part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4   Alan didn’t know when it happened… Whether it was whilst he was forcing her head onto his cock, whether it was at some point during the night or if, in fact, it was one of those many, guilt-ridden, minutes in-between… but at some point, his […]

The English Daddy. Part 4

To part 1, part 2, part 3 Find your little near ? Alan stood behind Felicia. He felt sick, confused and disgusted – yet turned on. His heart pounded, was he really going to do this? He looked at her small, creamy pale bottom – slightly elevated off of the bed, her legs slightly apart, […]

The English Daddy. Part 3

To part 2 The house was silent after they had gone. Alan lay in the relative safety of his bed and listened for any sounds of stirring… there were none. Perhaps she was still asleep; perhaps he could dress and get out of the house before she woke. Yes! That’s what he would do; he […]

The English Daddy. Part 2

To part 1 Alan hardly slept a wink. As he climbed into bed next to his wife, his dick was so hard it was beginning to feel painful. He could still smell Felicia and when he closed his eyes he could see that teasing look… the look on her face as she had slipped her […]

The English Daddy. Part 1

It was near to the end of July and the days were long; lazy evening sunshine filtered through the house until late evening and its inhabitants woke in the morning with twisted sheets, damp with sweat. Find your little near ? The visit had been planned for a few months; it was a summer holiday […]

Rituals to Enhance Your Dominance or Submission

Rituals are formalized series of words and actions that reinforce ideas or beliefs. Over time, we’ve found that rituals incorporated into our daily life remind us why we are together and revalidate the choices we’ve made to be master and slave. From the simple to the elaborate, rituals lift us out of the mundane, to […]