Pleasuring my daddy

Here comes my man She was kneeling. She hated kneeling but it was where he put her and she loved to please him by following his orders. Her back was to the door and she faced the wall, waiting for him to appear. Hearing the door open, and then close again, she started trembling. The […]

Daddy Loves his girl

Note: This story involves consenting adults and is no way a work describing acts of pedophilia. Find your little near ? “Jesus Christ will you shut the hell up?” I thought as I stared blankly at my boss sitting across from my desk. He’s droning on and on about how his internet connection at home […]

Slaving for my masters’ vacation

After a long drive up to the cabin Master was ready to start the vacation, which meant slave was in deep shit. “I want you naked on your knees by the time I get all of the bags in the house…and don’t make a mess.” Suddenly, the seriousness of this “vacation” hit slave. She was […]

You may cum when I come

You called me on your way home from work. I could hear the stress in your voice. It had been a bad day. Promising to take care of you when you arrived, we hung up and I promptly readied a cup of warm tea with whiskey to help you calm down and relax. When you […]