Prison slave

Sarah had always had things easy in life. She was cute when she was little, and she developed into a drop-dead gorgeous girl when she grew up. She was tall. She had long blond hair and green eyes. Her tits were perky and perfect and her ass was tight and lean. She made the second-best […]

Sir’s birthday

So yesterday Sir came over for his “birthday dinner”, though technically it was lunchtime. It was so nice to see his face since I haven’t seen him since Sunday morning. He came in and I showed him around since it was his first time at my place. It was nice to get one of his […]

My Landlord – My Master

Chapter 1 I rent a basement apartment from a thirty-something couple with two kids. Usually by ten in the morning the whole family is gone. If I’m horny and on a work-at-home day I’ll be in the joint laundry room trying on (and sniffing and licking) the wife’s (her name is Jenni) worn lingerie. One […]


How she enjoyed working Sundays. Not that giving up one day of the weekend was particularly fun, but being able to get through the pile of paperwork on her desk without the interruptions of phone and visitors was a blessing. With Il Divo playing softly from her computer speakers, and a hot cup of coffee […]

The Grade – 1

She was nervous. She dressed carefully, choosing what went on her body was the first test. He preferred her in sleeveless black cocktail dresses, nothing fussy, clean lines. Nothing too short or too long. Thigh-high black sheer stockings, black thong and black pumps to complete the outfit. Absolutely no bra, seeing her nipples firm up […]

Mole Hunting

She came awake with the feeling of a hot breath brushing her earlobe and the hissing sound of a man’s calm voice reciting, “I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my lids and all is born again. I think I made you up inside my head…Aha, I see Sylvia Plath […]

No Destination

I awaken to the intermittent lapping of water against the hull. There is no specific rhythm and as such, I am reminded that we have moored in a new harbor as of last night. A different sound altogether than the regular pattern of tidal waves that were more typical when anchored off some shore. I […]