How do I choose my Domme Name?

I’ve got to choose a name to go by as a domme. I’m wanting some tips for a name. I’ve been brainstorming with friends and I am still not sure because nothing is ‘coming to me’. I would like some practical advice and any other tips that are helpful. Answers : A lot depends on […]

Do male subs need to be weak, sissy, pathetic morsels?

Do male subs need to be weak, sissy, pathetic morsels? I want strong powerful men to control, men who can help me get the things I want in life, not just lick my shoes. How should a girl go about finding and dominating successful, powerful guys? Answers: Male subs are not all weak, are not […]

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What can a domme do with a lazy sub?

Help me out here girls… I have a sub who I enjoy playing with and enjoy having around me, except he lives in my home with my husband and his girlfriend, and “we three” are all a decade older than my sub. We are at a point in our lives were we “get” the idea […]

What are your first memories of dominant or kinky tendencies?

What are your first memories of behaviors that exhibited dominant or kinky tendencies? Answers: About 4 or 5 years old, outside, standing while a group of other kids is sitting on the ground around me, and me telling them they weren’t doing it right and going on to lecture them on exactly what they were […]

What is your femdom philosophy?

Many people identify with ‘femdom’ – but it can mean very different things to different people. I suggest there are several distinct ‘femdom philosophies’, although some people may hold a hybrid of these very different femdom perspectives- or perhaps others. I am attempting to outline some different philosophies. Please comment if you identify if one […]

Why does a women want to dominate a man?

I have found on information about who can dominate who (e.g. women can dominate a man), what female domination is, where women can dominate a man, when women can dominate a man, how women can dominate a man, but I have not really found information on WHY a woman wants to dominate men. For me, […]

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Who has the duty of care?

I was recently talking with a friend of mine who is not only a sub but also a doctor and she passed on to me some disturbing information. There are subs out there who are being permanently damaged physically by what is being demanded of them by (quite often) irresponsible Doms and Dommes. She cited […]

Does punishment have to be painful?

When a sadistic Domme punishes her sub is it necessary to inflict pain? I think it can be just as effective to overstimulate the senses. You know – tease and denial. Or can punishment be to twist a desire to the point of pain? For example: forcing masturbation and orgasm repeatedly until the desire for […]

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How do you feel about being friends with your submissive/slave?

Then circumstances arise in which I question the two being compatible. For instance, I want My friends to tell Me like it is. However, while I want My submissive to be able to be open, I expect him/her to remain in her/his place. I expect a level of subservience. After all, she/he is in service […]

FemDoms, do these types of words turn you on?

Worthless worms, and other catchy words. FemDoms, do these types of words turn you on when subbies refer to themselves this way? Me, it doesn’t do a damn thing for me. Why would I want someone who says/thinks that they are worthless? I am not looking for just butts to beat, looking for a life […]