Who has the duty of care?

I was recently talking with a friend of mine who is not only a sub but also a doctor and she passed on to me some disturbing information. There are subs out there who are being permanently damaged physically by what is being demanded of them by (quite often) irresponsible Doms and Dommes. She cited […]

Does punishment have to be painful?

When a sadistic Domme punishes her sub is it necessary to inflict pain? I think it can be just as effective to overstimulate the senses. You know – tease and denial. Or can punishment be to twist a desire to the point of pain? For example: forcing masturbation and orgasm repeatedly until the desire for […]

How do you feel about being friends with your submissive/slave?

Then circumstances arise in which I question the two being compatible. For instance, I want My friends to tell Me like it is. However, while I want My submissive to be able to be open, I expect him/her to remain in her/his place. I expect a level of subservience. After all, she/he is in service […]

FemDoms, do these types of words turn you on?

Worthless worms, and other catchy words. FemDoms, do these types of words turn you on when subbies refer to themselves this way? Me, it doesn’t do a damn thing for me. Why would I want someone who says/thinks that they are worthless? I am not looking for just butts to beat, looking for a life […]

Chastity belt, would you wear one if your domme told you to?

So what do think of them? Would you wear one if your domme told you to? Because I wouldn’t. The bottom line I don’t cheat and I won’t lie. Making somebody wear a chastity belt is a sign of insecurity on the part of the person who makes them wear it Answers: Respectfully, I disagree […]

Ladies, Do you enjoy administering discipline?

Hello everyone, in an attempt to get a worthwhile rant going, I’m curious…… Does anyone actually enjoy dishing out a corporal punishment???? I know I long for/need and love being handled in this manner….just curious Answers: I’m curious why you’d call this punishment. If it’s something you long for, I’d call it to play – […]

What power does a professional dominatrix have?

What power does a professional dominatrix have or does she have any real power at all? one of the things that most appeals to me about the BDSM lifestyle is the exchange of power or rather the surrounding of power. But I’m curious as to how this applies to a professional Dominatrix. When I say […]

Why would any woman want to be submissive?

I wonder sometimes why any woman would want to be submissive to a man. Because men are pretty weak creatures. All a woman has to do is take off her top and most men will fall to pieces. don’t think a man could have that effect on a woman by merely taking out his penis. […]

Domination: Can it be taught or learned?

Is being dominant or submissive a part of our psychological make-up or is it something that can be taught or learned? can a domme be made or is it something she either has within her or she hasn’t? Answer: I think dominance _can_ be taught, having trained several Dommes and Doms myself. What can’t be […]