What power does a professional dominatrix have?

What power does a professional dominatrix have or does she have any real power at all? one of the things that most appeals to me about the BDSM lifestyle is the exchange of power or rather the surrounding of power. But I’m curious as to how this applies to a professional Dominatrix. When I say […]

5 Stages to Intense Tease and Denial

A great many things come naturally to my wife.  She’s super smart and incredibly capable.  There aren’t many things that she can’t quickly figure out.  One of these things; however, happens to be tease and denial.  She just has a tough time with it.  Doing it.  Understanding it.  Understanding what it does to, and for, […]

Can you do S&M without the sex ?

I’m interested in knowing if any of you out there are satisfied after a scene if there is no vanilla style sex involved? I’m keen to act out a scene like this but finding it trickier than expected to find a willing Sadist (i.e.: willing to inflict pain but not have it lead to sex) […]

What do you like and dislike in your ballbusting porn?

Dislikes: I don’t like it when the guy being ballbusted is fully clothed. That makes me wonder if he’s wearing protection and just putting on an act for the camera. If he is wearing protection then that makes me also question if he truly enjoys ballbusting. I don’t like it when they do too much […]

What do you like most about sex with a sissy?

What do you like most about sex with a sissy? Please give details. Answers : I love how most (not all) tend to love sucking dick and most actually know how to do it well if not great lol … I’ve known a few gg’s who bragged about their oral skills then I’m left thinking […]

How do I get my master to become the master I need?

How does a submissive get their master to become the master they need? Answers : My two cents and only my opinion, based on four-plus years of owning a collared slave, evolving together, backing up, re-setting standards, continuing evolution. I think that you have to start by FINDING the Master you want to be with, […]

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How long does it take to give up on the 24/7 fantasy?

Or should you even TRY? Its interesting how things work in real life. All the mental and physical distractions. Work, family, friends, health and tons more things to many to mention. In all this mess of life… we realize we need D/s to fulfill us. So we go on the hunt… to adapt our present […]

How to attend to a disobedient sub?

Ok, as I’ve had this come up recently (and acted upon it) I wondered how others would react to the following, so I’m going to set the scene and wonder what You would do… There is this submissive in your life. You met him over the internet and met up in real life to see […]

What is it that you Mistresses adore, fantasize about?

Can it be done? What is it that you Mistresses adore, fantasize about. What qualities do you wish your servants had more of? Impeccable presence, hygiene? Courteous, respectful mannerisms? What’s the best way to impress a Mistress’s, tender heart? Stopping short of charm school, what behaviors are pre-requisites for most of you? Answers: I assume […]