A day in a life of a hotwife’s slave

Giving you the morning you deserve Its morning I wake, I am sleeping on the floor at the foot of your bed, locked in chastity behind your locked bedroom door. You are sleeping in the master bed, which I know is reserved for you and your lovers only. Quietly I leave the foot of your […]

How My Wife Sharing Fantasy Became Our Reality?

Can hotwifes really do it? Ever since I read a story in “Penthouse Letters” years ago during my first marriage about a couple who thoroughly enjoyed wife sharing, my sexual fantasies gradually became focused on hot, beautiful wives who were emotionally committed to their marriages and who had their husband’s approval to have sex with […]

My hotwife is changing the rules

Just another day as a cuckold So I have been my sexy Hotwife’s cuck for some time now. Up to now it has mainly been about her taking lovers when she wants and feels like it. This has evolved to the point that she has 4 regular lovers and the odd irregular chaps that visit […]

Note your place – small penis humiliation

I knew when I took on a tiny tooled boy that he’d need to be kept in line. These guys tend to get proud that they’ve scored themselves a domme, rather than being grateful that she’s taken them on in spite of their inadequacy. That dance is what makes owning them delicious. But I have […]

Reddit’s hotwife fantasy vs. hotwife reality

During the last few months, I spent some (alot!) time researching my hotwife and cuckold fantasies I came up to the conclusion that Reddit (and other social forums) is an amazing source for valuable information on my urges as well as other kinks. The list below is the stuff I have collected over time and […]

He trains my hotwife to suck cock

Mickey was a Butcher and took care of all the meat department while I managed the Grocery side. We worked together good and Micky grew to be my Idol. I was 20 years younger than him and even tho I was married someday I wanted to be like him with the women. My wife and […]

She rejected me into queerness [transvestite]

My first wife was an unpleasant woman and a sexual refrigerator. My fourteen unhappy years of marriage to her caused me to crossdress constantly and have intense effeminate, homosexual fantasies. After the first few years with her, the poor sex transitioned into no sex at all. But, that was fine with me because masturbating while […]