Inner Thoughts of a Chastity Husband

A story by DaltonOtt There are ample stories about a husband taking his wife into locking him in a chastity device and reluctantly holding the key. Then overnight she miraculously turns into a cruel dominatrix and traps him into a life of slavery, feminization, cuckolding, and endless sexual frustration. I’m not saying that this can’t […]

Couples Chastity Mistake

A story by DaltonOtt My wife and I have been married for 18 years. We are a long-term chastity lifestyle couple, however, our chastity does not involve key holding. In fact, we are both in permanent chastity and there are no keys. We are both into heavy gear bondage. By gear bondage I mean metal, […]

A night out

“And another one, you are such a beautiful couple!” the photographer said as their faces smiled one last time at the camera. “I really like that pendant on your necklace, hon, is that a key?” he added. Like everyone else present, they had dressed up for her company’s Christmas Do and her low cut evening […]

Valentines day cuckold

A perfect evening for a perfect date The Sun is setting as we are driving to the coast. I am so happy that I was able to surprise you with this mini-vacation getaway. A weekend at a beachfront resort, dinner tonight at a 5-star restaurant, all the makings to a perfect Valentine’s weekend. Looking for […]

Chastity – The red pill version

By MelissaBound OK, so this is not really intended as a rant, but it may come across that way and if so I apologize. For you Matrix fans, if you read this you’re going to get the red pill version of what male chastity is about. Male submissives (and oddly enough, maybe even a few […]

13 ways to please your chastity boyfriend

I am trying to figure out ideas to rile up my boyfriend without it being sexual (i.e. sex or hand jobs). He likes to be teased and humiliated. Although it should be noted that I am a plain sort of person and am not into things like having him walk around in female underwear as […]

Chaste Away

In spite of her title, Mistress Kim never really felt all that dominant. Others seemed to find her to be a natural leader and followed her easily, especially subbie males who seemed to always be attracted to her. But she really didn’t identify with the BDSM culture and only played at it like a game. […]

Mistress was bored

As I sit there on the lounge watching TV just like most nights in our house, thinking that I will be going to bed soon when the episode of NCIS is finished. My partner walks over to me and tells me to go have a shower and put my cage on. I look at her […]