A Favor for my Boss (hotwife story)

patting her ass in a formal dress

My husband, Chuck, and I are both in our 40’s and have been married for almost 18 years and have what most of our friends enviously call an ideal and loving marriage. Despite two kids aged 12 and 16 we are still very much in love and enjoy a good and occasionally great sex-life, which has definitely increased over the last couple of years. Actually, I have become almost insatiable much to my husband’s pleasure at least to date.

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We have both remained fit and Chuck repeatedly tells me that he is the envy of all his friends who tease him about “robbing the cradle” and how did he manage to get a “trophy wife” despite our similar ages. We have always had a good laugh over this but I do weigh only 132 pounds on a 5’6” frame. Also, smooth skin and firm 36C breasts run in my family as almost no-one can believe that my mom has a 45-year-old daughter, let alone a 50-year-old son. My husband thinks my ‘butt’ or as he sometimes calls it my “ass” is my best asset but he admits to being an “Ass-man”.

I am well aware that many of our men friends are turned on by what they see in me as I have always been hit upon and occasionally fondled at picnics, dances and other group events. This had always upset and puzzled me as I have always dress conservatively and do not dress to provoke or act in a way to invite these actions. For sure I have certainly not planned on breaking my marriage vows. More about this in a bit as Chuck did not know about any of what I am going to tell you until about six months ago.

We both work, with my husband, Chuck, in upper management in a local Midwestern manufacturing firm. I, for the last 8 or so years also work and for the last 3 years, I am a department head at a local office of a national advertising company. Despite some travel, we mostly have our weekends for family or occasionally to ourselves when the kids are with one of our parents or away on school trips.

On one trip a couple of years ago, my boss, Mr. Frank Gerhard (who at work is always “Mr. Gerhard), asked that I attend with him as there was a competition in advertising innovation that he thought I would do well at and should represent the company. He added that he needed my ‘expertise on some company matters in my area (so he said). He got first class tickets, which I thought was a nice gesture as we were going almost across the country to Los Angeles and would be gone almost 4 days. Usually, my husband, Chuck, tries to go with me on trips such as this type as it gives us a few days or a weekend to enjoy each other without fear of interruption from our kids. This time he was tied up so told me to be sure to bring him a T-shirt (his humor) and to be sure and get a good tan all over and try to keep the men away. This, as we made love the night before I left for LA.

Anyway, my boss who I now call Frank is the VP of operations of our office and the highest-ranking company officer at our branch. He has always been very pleasant to me and seemed even more so as we prepared for this trip. On the plane, he made sure my drink was always full and talked a lot about how he saw my good work running my department. All this was flattering so I did not suspect that he was just softening me up for the real reason he got our seats together.

The mistress – girlfriend act

After a couple of hours, he asked me if I would do him a very big favor this trip. When I asked him what it was he first stammered for words and then told me that he wanted to get even with, and show up, an old “friend” and colleague and put one over on him as he was a macho “jerk” in a similar position as his at the LA office. When I asked him how I could possibly help him put one over on this other person he looked me in the eye and said: “I would be so very grateful for your help”.

What came next surprised me. He asked if I would pretend that I was his girlfriend and mistress. I told him that I didn’t think I could do that as I would not know how to “act” like I was really one as I had never been one. Also, I very much loved my husband and had never even considered being unfaithful. He then told me that he was not asking me to be unfaithful at all but to just follow his lead and not deny that I was his girlfriend. The “odd innocent hug should do it” plus agreeing with what he would say. For this favor, there would be his undying gratitude and a significant raise when we return.

For a while I was silent and thinking it over, I reasoned that no one would know me in LA and the odd hug and smile from my boss when things were said seemed harmless. So I agreed. He told me just to follow his actions and try to think of a response that would convince his nemesis that he and I were lovers. I had to chuckle at that as Frank was a man in his 60’s and probably more than 20 years my senior, but, like my husband, he kept fit and appeared very well built and 2-3 inches taller than my husband.

Anyway, I thought that this would be harmless fun so after a bit of time when he told me things a girlfriend should know about his personal likes and dislikes in case a subject came up or I was asked, I told him that I thought it would be fun and I hoped I would not let him down. I then felt tired and took a nap while thinking about what a girlfriend might say. When I awoke, Frank was sleeping so I looked him over carefully noting that he was a handsome elderly man who appeared fit. I then watched a movie to while away the time but had to admit that my mind wandered to what a ‘mistress’ would think and say or what a real mistress would do with Frank.

We finally arrived and got to the hotel. When I checked in after Frank checked in, I noted that our rooms were next to each other. He told me on the way up to our rooms that he wanted to get me something as a gift for doing this big favor and asked if I could be ready to go shopping in an hour and then it would be his pleasure to take me to dinner. As it was relatively early and I had had a nap (as had he) I said: “OK see you in an hour.”

I went to my room, took a shower and dressed for dinner. At the appointed time I opened my door just as he was exiting his door. I thought nothing of this coincidence so went with him down to the lobby and the few doors down the street to a string of a bit fancier stores than my husband and I usually shop at. Frank insisted that I get at least a couple of outfits as a small payment for making him look good and putting his protagonist in his place by making him envious of him.

He picked a couple from the models and told the saleslady to find something like those for me to wear right away. We both had a chuckle when the sales lady said, “Is this a special occasion for your daughter”. Frank quickly said, that she was close but to just “make my lady look good”. I told Frank quietly that his choices were much more risqué and revealingly sexy than I usually wore to which he answered with a wink “Yes, that is the point” and added, “you would look beautiful in anything in this store”. I remember really blushing at that.

As I was trying the choices on, I noted that they not only made me look sexy but made me feel sexy, very sexy as the material was soft and silky and a couple of them fit me like a glove thereby showing off all of my curves. They were short but not too short and had hidden zippers making it hard to tell how they were put on. I found myself wishing my husband had been able to make it as I was in the mood for some loving.

I thanked Frank profusely and gave him a peck on the cheek telling him that “They were very nice but I may not be able to wear them back home”. He quickly put his arms around me giving me a hug and again thanking me for being his partner in the one-up-man-ship plan with his colleague. His arms were strong and I felt enveloped. I came close to responding in kind but caught myself as he was not my husband.

We dropped the packages off in my room and I quickly changed into one of the new dresses. I noticed a door that must have been between his and my room and remember thinking “how convenient”. After I was dressed, I called Frank to tell him I was ready and he asked me to unlock the door adjoining our rooms so he could see how I looked. I said OK and when he came in he said: “Wow, you do look even more beautiful than I imagined”.

He then said “Let’s go” and offered me his arm. Thusly, We then went to the lobby to get a cab to a place Frank said he knew was excellent. Once in the restaurant we got a table and were just starting our drinks when Frank said in a whisper. “OK, Donna, we’re on, Robert just came in and I am sure he will see us,” I asked him what I should do. He responded, “nothing, just respond as if we know each other well …if you know what I mean”. I recall not really knowing what he meant but smiled and whispered “OK”.

Not a minute later this very good-looking man in impeccable dress came bounding over to our table and warmly shook hands with Frank. After their exchange of banter and not unexpected chauvinist barbs, Franks introduced me to his “old friend” Robert as his “special woman”. The way he said it caused me to blush.

Robert then took my hand and kissed it stating that I was “far too young and beautiful to be going out with an old man like my pal Frank”. He asked how long we have known each other and I said quickly “Over 5 years as we work in the same city.” He seemed taken aback by my response but quickly asked if he was good to me. Blushingly, I said, “Of course, he is the best”. To which Frank quickly added “Lover”. Anyway, this shut Robert up for the moment so he just sat down and said: “I’ll assume it is OK to join you so let’s eat.”

The table was situated such that only three could sit at it so Frank moved next to me so he was between Robert and me. Robert quickly ordered a couple of bottles of wine and we were off. I really had to laugh at the conversation between these two men. It was like a bragging match between two high school classmates. Frank teased Robert about being at this meeting alone and asked if his wife or girlfriend had found something better to do. This went on all through both bottles of wine and a really delicious meal.

Boss with huge benefits

Frank kept moving closer to me and occasionally put his arm around me giving me hugs. At one point Robert excused himself to go to the restroom and I told Frank that he was going further than I wanted or had expected and that I did not mind doing him this favor i.e. pretending to be his girlfriend but … Just as Robert was coming back Frank put his arm around me and drew me to him for a kiss. It wasn’t a short kiss and lasted until Robert made a noise that he was back. The alcohol had done something because I found myself kissing back. All Frank said to his ‘friend” was that I was so good in bed that he just cannot help himself sometimes.

We all got up then and now I felt the effects of the wine as I had to, at first lean on Frank for support. As we walked out with Robert following I felt Franks hand feeling and fondling my bottom rather openly. I had gone this far as a favor for him so I did nothing but inside I was very upset and more than a little angry. At the same time, it not only felt good but was turning me on to the point that I felt a bit wet between my legs. I ended up putting my arm around Franks’ waist to show affection that I did not really feel.

Once Robert went his way and we were alone I let Frank know that he had gone way too far. I angrily told him that I had agreed to the odd hug but not to play with my bottom. So, most of the way back to our rooms he was apologizing for taking advantage of the situation but at the same time thanking me over and over for making Robert green with envy. I didn’t even notice that Frank had followed me into my room as he was begging my forgiveness. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe I had secretly enjoyed the attention but I eventually told him that I forgave him.

With that, he took me in his arms and started to kiss me. I guess I could have stopped him but he did feel good and I was a bit woozy from the alcohol so I did not stop until it was too late. He had started to run his hands over my body especially my sensitive bottom and soon to my breasts all the while saying how beautiful and sexy I was in his rich seductive voice. This was getting me very horny.

All this stimulation was also getting me very moist between my legs and I found myself enjoying the stimulation of his roaming hands. I became even more turned on when I felt my dress being raised in the back and his hands fondling first my bottom through my panties and then my bare bottom as he lowered my panties to my knees. I became mesmerized as his hands returned to my bottom and he started running his finger between my ass cheeks. Once he started tickling and then probing my anus, I knew I would not stop him whatever happened.

Then I felt the zipper at the back of my dress being slowly lowered and the next thing I knew my dress was on the floor and we were still kissing passionately with his hands exploring all of my anatomy especially my bottom, breasts and then the folds of my now very wet pussy.

I had been feeling his hard cock pressing in my stomach but now he undid his pants and they too fell to the floor. I was lost in the passion of our deep wet kissing and was only slightly conscious of his removing his shirt, then my bra and finally my panties. As his body was the first I had felt other than my husbands, I started to explore. When I came upon his penis I let out an audible moan as it was very large. Hard to put numbers on size but it was clearly longer and thicker than my husbands and I had thought all these years that my husband was as large as they get. I could hardly get my hand around it and it was hard and ready. If I had had any doubts that I was going to be naughty they were now gone.

At this point, however, through the haze of the alcohol, I thought that I had gone far enough and that if I did him by hand maybe I would be saved from breaking my marriage vows for the first time. My husband, as passionate as he was and as great as our sex was, was good for usually one time a night so I thought Frank would be the same.

I manipulated our position so I could use both hands to masturbate him to a climax, which I proceeded to do. This gave him a chance to manipulate and finger my pussy, which was certainly not helping my resolve. I thought that I had won when I started to feel him swell. I then quickly and almost automatically took the head of his cock in my mouth so the ejaculate would have someplace to go other than our bodies – or at least that was my rationale and I do love doing that for my husband.

Was I ever wrong, as he did not get soft and easily picked me up and carried me to the bed and with his head between and spreading my legs he feasted with his magic tongue and lips on everything between and including my clit and my anus until I had at least my third orgasm. When I was coming down from the last orgasm I felt him on top of me and his large cock at the entrance of my vagina. There was no doubt that I was about to be fucked for the first time by a man other than my husband but at that point, I was so turned on that I wanted him in me.

As he was using his arms to keep his almost 200-pound weight off of my 132-pound frame, I reach between my legs and helped steer his cock to my waiting vagina. I remember him saying “That’s the way, baby, help me get it in so I can fuck you like you have never been fucked before and pleasure you till you scream.” Strangely, I remember his crude language turned me on very much.

As he entered I almost panicked, as I had never had anything in my vagina as large. He was patient and slowly inserted a bit more with each stroke. He was only halfway in when I had my first almost screaming orgasm. This helped lubricate my vagina and he was able to get it all in with just a few more strokes. In answer to his question “Does if feel good, baby?” I pulled him down to my lips and gave him a long and passionate kiss all the while starting to grind my pelvis to feed more of his cock in my vagina. He was reaching places no other person or object had ever reached and I was in orgasmic heaven.

I could not believe the feelings I was experiencing as his cock stimulated every centimeter of my now wanton vagina. I also could not believe the number of shattering orgasms I had or how long he was able to keep up the motion of fucking and passion. I experienced a number of new feelings such as having each cheek of my buttocks fondled and squeezed as we were fucking and his inserting his finger in my anus. That alone triggered several climaxes.

My new lover kept repeating “Baby, you ARE the best fuck I have ever experienced”. “You are mine now”. “tell me you are mine” In the heat of passion I responded, “Yes, Yes, I am yours, Please fuck me harder and don’t stop”. I could not believe I said that but at the moment I was that turned on and felt like I was his.

At one point he pulled out and flipped me over so he could enter me ‘doggie style’ which was a whole other feeling and now he was able to play with my sensitive breasts driving me crazy as I backed into him with each of his thrusts. Finally after almost an hour since we started he told me that he was cuming and asked where I wanted it. I responded with only “Don’t stop, I want it all”.
I felt his cock swell and then repeatedly spasm as he filled me with his sperm.

What a feeling to be so taken. When he pulled out we were both so fatigued that without many words we got under the covers and fell asleep even as it was fairly early in the evening. I have always slept well after a good fuck and tonight was no exception. Not sure how long we slept before I was awakened by a ringing sound.

The phone woke me with a start. Knowing it was most likely my husband, I let it ring a few times to collect my thoughts before I answered. I told him that I had just gotten back from dinner with a number of other department heads from across the country where we talked about the competition. I told him that I wished he had been able to make this trip and I loved him and missed him.

This was true but I was secretly glad he had not made the trip. Of course, I asked about the kids and was relieved to know they were being very good. We said goodbye with his telling me that he most likely would not call the next night as he was going to our son’s basketball game and then over to some friends.

When I turned around after hanging up I found myself in Frank’s arms getting a hug and reassurance that I was not a bad wife but entitled to some fun and freedom. This helped a little but I still felt guilty. With that, we started kissing and again he explored my body and I his until we were back in bed.

This time I turned around to get in a “69” position so I could see directly his organ of pleasure. Not sure how long I kissed, fondled and sucked Frank’s cock but certainly knew it well when I could not stand another minute of his magic tongue on my very sensitive clit as well as in and around my vagina so I flopped over, spread my legs and invited him to “Fuck me again”.

He smiled and said, “say please, I know you want to”. “OK, damn you, please come and fuck me again” and I added, “if you can”. With that challenge, he jumped on and this time was all the way in so that his balls were rubbing my buttocks within two strokes.

His staying power was astounding and he rode me as a man possessed. His only verbal comments were “Baby, you are the best fuck I have ever known … I am glad I found you”. He went on to say, “If Robert knew how good you were it would drive him nuts” After several orgasms, I really started to contract my vaginal muscles as best I could. Each time I contracted he moaned loudly and finally with a bellow I felt his cock contracting as he again unloaded his sperm in my vagina for the second time that night.

We rested a bit and I got up to take a shower before going to bed. I should have suspected or known that Frank would join me and sure enough as I was soaking he came in the shower and started soaping my body. Every inch of it he applied his soapy hands to. Not to be outdone and a chance to feel his large cock while soft, I started to do the same. I must say that for a 60+-year-old man he had some body.

I did not think that after three climaxes on his part that he could get hard again but I was wrong again. I bent down to suck him thinking I could get him off as I did not know if I could handle more vaginal friction – as good as it felt. He had other ideas and lifting me up he told me to put my legs around his waist. He then set me down on his cock and that was it, I was full again. With my arms around his neck, I bounced for all I was worth through several more orgasms until he finally came. We untangled and finished our shower quietly.

I climbed into bed expecting him to go to his room but he soon joined me and last I remembered was falling asleep in his arms with mixed feelings of guilt and contentment.

I am sure I do not have to tell you that we made love again (perhaps I should say “Fucked again”) in the morning. This time it was slow and deliberate. At one point after my second or third orgasm I said: “Well, I guess I do not have to pretend to be your mistress of girlfriend anymore”. As we were laughing he said, “ and I do not have to pretend that you are the best piece of ass I know”.

He went on to say that “I had wanted to make it with you for the last 3 or 4 years as you know that you are the best looking lady in our company” “and now I know that you are also the sexiest of all.” I told him that I did not know that as he was the first man I had sex with outside of my marriage and my husband must never know.

We got up and he did finally go to his room through the adjoining door to get dressed in fresh clothes. We had breakfast and took a cab to the head office. At the meeting, we stayed fairly close as he wanted me to get arranged for the competition. What they had in mind was that each of us was given a set of facts about a made-up product and had to design a 6 slide presentation to educate the sales force. I was used to this so was able to complete mine by noon. I did what I always do and was not concerned about a “competition”.

At lunch, into which we walked holding hands, we again ran into his old buddy and nemesis Robert who complimented me on my taste in clothes and how good I looked. Frank then said, “Yes, she looks good enough to eat – again” and laughed. Robert looked at my reaction, which was a smile and hug of Franks’ arm and said “Well, this must be true then. Is that so, Donna”. My response “when you are with the best, one always tends to give the best”.
As I said it, I realized that it was true. Frank beamed and changed the subject as Robert had the oddest look on his face. Frank asked Robert if he would care to join us for dinner so they could catch up on old times? Robert perked up and said, “Yes, of course, where and when”. Frank then said, “I’ll call you when we know”.

The rest of the day was meetings sometimes with Frank and some time with other department heads. I ran into Robert a number of times and he was very talkative and trying to get information about Frank and me. I said nothing and was able to ward off his advances as I certainly did not want any involvement with anyone else. He seemed surprised that he could not get anyplace with me.
We were back at the hotel with enough time to rest before we had to dress for the evening. I was relaxing in my panties and bra when Frank came into the room in nothing but his shorts. He came up to me and in the midst of a big hug (all of Franks hugs were big), he managed to again turn me on by playing with my bottom and rubbing my pussy through my panties.

He led me to the couch. Bent me over and lowered my panties to the floor. I stepped out of them as I knew what was coming. He then nudged my legs apart and slowly inserted the object of my pleasure into my awaiting vagina. By the time he came, I had had a stream of wild orgasms and actually did scream through a couple of them. After that interlude, we showered and dressed for dinner.

Dinner was at a fabulous place LA is noted for and not much new happened except Frank was even more demonstrative of his affection and I responded as if we were actually longtime lovers, much to the anxiety of Frank’s old friend Robert, who had joined us again. My sensitive bottom and occasionally my breasts were discreetly touched many times for Roberts benefit. I do admit it felt good and I became lost in the pleasure of the moment.

That night, as well as the last night, were the same, Frank fucked me 3 or 4 times after dinner and at least twice in the morning. I was one well-fucked lady by the time we went home.

On the last day of the meeting, I got the surprise of my life as I was awarded the first prize for my marketing skills in presenting the 6-slide talk about a fictitious product. The prize was a check to me for $1,000 and the same amount for my favorite charity. First thing I did was call my husband and tell him the news that with almost no work I had won the first prize over 26 other department heads from around the country. I also told him that I loved him dearly and that I would be home in a day.

It was on the flight back home that I had time to reflect and feel the guilt of what I had experienced in the past three days. Frank had had to stay an extra day as had all unit heads so I was by myself. I felt ashamed that I had broken my wedding vows and had slept with a man other than the man I loved and had children with. At times I felt so bad that I cried. Mostly it was the anxiety of what and how I would tell my husband about my infidelity. Many stories went through my mind. I slept fitfully and spent most of the trip wondering if my husband would be angry enough at my actions to leave me. I felt that I deserved whatever he did.

Hubby has a secret of his own

My homecoming was very pleasant. My husband had the kids over at my parents’ house and there were fresh cut flowers all over the house. We were not 5 minutes in the door than he led me upstairs to make love. It was just like old. I had a great orgasm and I knew that if he knew nothing our lives would stay the same. I also knew that I loved him dearly. When we were done and in each other’s arms I knew that I had to tell him that I had been unfaithful.

Looking him in the eyes I started to cry. He knew something was wrong so started questioning me. So, I told him that I had done something I had never done before and if he forgave me, I would never do again. “What in the world are you talking about,” he said. Not knowing how to put it gently I just came out with “Honey, I have been unfaithful to you”. Then I broke down and cried again.
Of course, he had to ask what I meant and with who had I been unfaithful and why. I told him that I owed him the truth as it was he who I loved with all my heart. I started with the “WHY”. I told him that I would never know the real “why”. It may have been too much alcohol or thinking I was doing a favor for a friend. It was not because I didn’t love him, my husband, or that I had planned to be unfaithful.

As to what I mean, I told him that I had sex with another man and I am ashamed of myself. I’ll never forget his response as long as I live as he said, “With your beauty, charm, and sexiness, I certainly cannot blame someone for trying or you for responding”. With that, he hugged and held me tightly and told me to start at the beginning about what happened and who it happened with. It was then that I felt his very hard cock pressing into my stomach so I knew he was forgiving me or at least was not angry.

I commented on his arousal and he said, “Yes, I feel it and for some reason thinking of you having sex with another man makes me incredibly horny”. I love you and want you happy to start at the beginning and tell me everything.
So I told him that it was my boss Frank who had on the plane asked me to do him a big favor which was to pretend to be his mistress to play a trick, sort of, on an old friend who he told me was a jerk and was always on to him with his lady friends. I refused at first but he was so persuasive and told me that it would involve only the odd hug and agreeing with him when he made statements about our dating. I said that Frank was a good boss so I was weakening.

He also promised a big raise if I would help him. So I finally agreed. I told my husband that I think I was plied with alcohol at the first dinner as it was that first night when he got to me and did more than the odd hug.

Then when I started telling him about the details of the first time and how big Frank’s cock was. He got so carried away that he pounced on top of me and we made love like newlyweds as reliving the adventure turned me on also. When he climaxed he told me breathlessly to go on and that he loved me even more than he though possible.

He reminded me that he had met Frank and had seen him looking at you many times over the years and was not surprised. He reminded me that Frank was a clever man who got where he is by being smart so he thought that Frank planned the whole thing from the start. I told him that with hindsight that he may be right. I told him that I was sure dumb to be fooled like that but had to admit that overall it was pleasurable while it was happening.

So I told my husband about the first night and the next morning in detail as he got very hard and aroused again very quickly. As I was telling him about the next morning he made love to me again and this time I also had a total body orgasm. I told him that he must really be turned on by what I was telling him as this was the first time in more than 10 years that we had made love more than once and it was already three times. I told him I loved it and him more than ever.

Anyway, we spent most of the night making love as each time I told him about a new position or circumstance he would get excited and hard and want to make love. At one point he asked me if I was going to see Frank again. I quickly said “absolutely not” as this was a slip and I am happily married to the best man in the world who very much satisfies me and I did not intend on being unfaithful again.

He then pointed out that it is being “unfaithful” is when one does something behind the back of ones mate. He told me that if I did have sex with someone else and your husband, I, knew of it and was OK with it, this would not be being “unfaithful”. When I asked him if he really did want me to have sex with Frank again, he had to admit that this turned him on greatly even as he had no idea where that came from. He further said that as long as he always knew about it and maybe could watch sometime the answer was a resounding “Yes”.
It ended up being a great homecoming as we made love more times in two days than in almost two months before. I certainly was not complaining.

I awoke the next mourning with my husband’s head between my legs licking and sucking my vulva and clit as never before. It was a nice way to wake-up but I also had the urge to have him in my mouth so switched around to the ‘69’ position with me on top. Having my husbands cock in my mouth was heaven as I could actually get almost half of it in whereas I could only get the head and a couple of inches of Franks. When I told him that he erupted almost immediately. I knew then that he was truthfully accepting my extramarital tryst.
I ended up telling him about each and every time I was fucked by Frank and the more I described what happened, the hornier he got and we ended up having sex several times by noon.

I got some calls from my office congratulation me on winning the big competition at the company meeting. At the end of the third call, he gave me a big hug and said he had an idea and wondered if I was interested. He said that we should have an open house for your department and other invited friends at your company in honor of your taking home the first prize in the competition. We would, of course, invite Frank. He then said his plan was to be called away on an emergency at the tail end of the party and then surreptitiously return to observe Frank in action. As he described his idea he held me close and was playing with my bottom. I did get turned on by this possibility and even more so now that I had my husbands blessing.

He then said that he wanted to have another congratulatory open house for our neighbors and friends. I asked him if he wanted to see more action to which he replied, “Yes, of course, but who”. Then I told him of the numerous times friends of his and a couple of our neighbors had managed to briefly fondle my bottom or breasts “accidentally” and that “One time your good friend Joe followed me into the bathroom and started feeling me up and asking me to bend over so he could fuck me.” I did not want to make a scene or noise and struggled to prevent that and admit I was only saved when we heard his wife calling for him. He has not tried anything since but probably only as I have kept my distance.

At this story, my husband kissed me passionately and bent me over the couch, raised my dress, lowered my panties and said, “I love you for being sexy” as he entered me in one thrust. He then said that these events would happen and he would get his wish to watch me have sex with another man. What a homecoming.

—– o —–

I had won a company award for a on-the-spot putting together a 6 slide promotion of a fictitious product at out national meeting. This caught me by surprise as it took me less than 3 hours to put together what I would have done to market this particular product. I knew that others from other offices had spent all of the first day and some part of the second day.

My husband was excited for me to win this award so he set up an open house for my department plus those in management of the company who knew about this contest and my winning. As this was acknowledgement of my whole department so everyone at work was excited to come.

Only my husband and I knew one of the main reasons he set this up was in the hopes he could observe for himself my boss Mr Gerhard, who I came to call Frank at that national meeting, have sex with me. I asked him several times in the days leading up to the event if he was sure that he wanted to go down this slippery slope as once we start it may be impossible to quit. Needless to say we talked about this many times and always ended up passionately making love and avowing our love for each other.

I was anxious but also excited about this possibility as it was at that national meeting I was seduced by Frank and when I tearfully confessed this to my husband expecting him to throw me out, he surprised me by being sexually excited by what I did and wanting to see it for himself. To my question of “Are you sure?”, he would always say “Yes, and I will prove it to you”.

He told me that he had seen many men including some of our friends and neighbors eyeing me lustfully at me in the past. “heck, even the guy who cleans and checks our pool looks at you with lust in his eyes.” I couldn’t resist teasing him when he said that by asking him “Well, why did you not tell me this earlier?”

He told me he had often fantasized about me having sex with some of them but never had the courage to mention this to me. “And”, he said, “this includes my friend Joe who has always told me how much he envies me for who I was married to”. “No”, he said, “I am not upset as I know we are solid and anything you do will not change my love for you.

So, with the stage set, we invited my department at the agency and a number of the brass who I thought might be interested. We invited them and their other halves. My husband made a bet with me that Frank would come alone. Our sex life was at a new level with the anticipation of the evening. He, thinking about Frank fucking me and I, the same thing.

Just before anyone arrived he went over his plan. He arranged to get beeped at around 10:00 that evening and was hoping that Frank was close enough for Frank to hear him call his office and exclaim that he would be right there. He would excuse himself and go look for me to tell me not so quietly that there was an emergency and he would be gone for an hour or so. He would excuse himself from those still present and depart quietly. He would drive a block away, park where he would not be seen and come back to the house by the back way. Once here, if most people were gone, which he expected they would he would call me and tell me that the emergency was larger than expected and he would be gone 2-3 hours. I would repeat this, tell him I love him and hang up.

The evening was perfect. I wore one of the new dresses Frank had gotten for me and everyone congratulated me about winning the competition. Frank did come alone and when he arrived he told my husband and I that his wife was called away to see her sick mother and sends her regrets. I looked at my husband to see his wink. So we knew that stage was set.

Frank was almost always nearby but was the perfect gentleman and typical boss. By 10:00 everyone had eaten most of what we had and had consumed at least enough punch or wine so I could see that the reception was dying down. Frank, my husband and I were in a conversation about nothing in particular when my husband got his beep and excused himself to call his office. He stepped only a step away and I heard him say to no one that he would be right down but for them to call the emergency team.

He stepped back and apologetically told Frank and I that he had an emergency at his office and would be back in an hour or so. On the way out he graciously said “good-bye” to those left who he passed. Within the next half hour almost everyone had said their ‘good-byes’ except Frank who offered to help me straighten up until my husband returned. I went around turning off extra lights and picking up a bit of the mess with Frank at my heels.

When things were in order he came up to me and gave me a big hug saying that he missed me and thought about our time together in LA a lot. My first reaction was to say that “yes, it was enjoyable but I do not have the will to continue what we started.” He told me that I was right and said that he wanted a kiss to seal the deal. We kissed and immediately his hands were roaming over my body including my bottom and breasts. I could not believe how quickly I became horny for more.

Breathlessly, I told him that we should stop because my husband would be home shortly. Frank then said “your husband’s office is 8 miles from here and if he only stayed 30 minutes we still had a bit more than 30 minutes.” With that he again enveloped me in his arms and plied his hands over my body. I started to return his kisses and with the memory of LA I soon wanted him in me.

Just then the phone rang as planned and I excused myself to pick it up. I was to listen a bit, say “Hi honey, .. Yes, everyone has left … When will you be home?”. Then after a bit “Oh, too bad, … well, wake me up when you get home” “Love you too”. Then slowly hang up. I then told frank in a sad voice that my husband found a larger emergency than he though so he would not be home for at least two hours.

First thing out of Franks mouth was “well, what are we waiting for” “you have no more excuses and I know you want me to fuck you again don’t you.” My response was a soft “yes”. So he took me in his arms and started undressing me. When I was down to my bra and panties he stepped back and told me that I was even more beautiful than in LA and started to undress himself.

Once he was naked I took off my own bra and panties as I did not want to wait any longer. I took his hand and led him, naked, to the bedroom so my husband could have the best view. Two hours later we took a shower and came back into the living room to get dressed. In that time I had been fucked in may positions and had my clitoris sucked through an uncountable series of orgasms and Frank had cum 4 times in either my mouth or vagina. On his way to the door Frank told me that he was planning a company managers social in honor of your win at his house and then said, “I cannot wait to get into you again.”

After Frank left I went back to our bedroom and there was my husband with the biggest grin waiting in bed naked. He thanked me over and over for letting him watch and avowed his love again and again. We made love until the early morning hours until I was exhausted and literally fell asleep in his arms.
The next week back at work was a blur as I seemed to be in demand to present the approach that won the national prize to every department. I was asked to do the same at a Department head meeting where Frank announced that he was having an Open house at his estate the next Friday in honor of my winning the prestigious first place award thereby bringing bragging rights to “our” office.

After this meeting, I told Frank when we were alone that My husband and I had plans for that afternoon and early evening so we would have to be a little late. He said with a grin that “as long as you are there, as Robert is coming”. I then told him that it would be “hard to pretend that I was your lover with my husband present.” To which Frank said that I would think of something like coming alone. He then gave my bottom a squeeze as I was leaving.

I told my husband about this and the event and I told him that I really wanted him to come as I certainly did not want the whole company to even think that the boss of us all had a favorite or relationship with me. I also told him that Robert, who I had told him about, was coming from LA and I suspect that Frank has some plan or another. He said that we should play it by ear and see what the evening foretold. Perhaps Frank would try something and maybe not.
The night of the company open house we arrived after things were in full swing. I was more that a little embarrassed by the attention and accolades for having done what I do routinely. I felt relieved to have my husband at my side as he helped deflect and receive the praise. At one point Frank asked me to follow him to meet some of the outside visitors from other branches in other cities.

As we moved around I did feel Frank’s hand on my bottom several times but he was discreet as he did it when no one would notice it although I was sure my husband had seen it. At one point Frank told me quietly that he was honored that I came and as soon as I met everyone the get together would be ending and he was eager to thank me in person.

At one point Robert came up to us and shook my hand – holding it longer than needed. Smilingly, as if he knew something, he told me that he had heard may good things about my work and wondered if I was interested in coming back to LA to “teach” his department heads a thing tor two. He was a slick one and I had to laugh at his over the top flattery. I told him that this would be up to my boss – nodding to Frank.

Fast forward to the point where everyone had left except Frank, Robert, my husband and I. The 4 of us were standing around talking about nothing in particular and in the presence of my husband; Frank put an arm around me once and fondled my bottom a couple of times. He did both of these almost in front of my husband as if testing his reaction. His actions were turning me on.
When my husband only smiled, Frank had implicit approval to go further. I did not think he would do much as Robert was still around but he did. Frank sort of led us all over to a couch and a couple of chairs and motioned for us all to be seated. He, of course sat next to me. As we were talking he put his hand on my leg and occasionally slid it to mid thigh while watching my husband. Robert made no comment.

Frank then started talking about me and came right out and asked my husband if I had told him anything about LA. When my husband said, “Yes, she has told me that the trip was very interesting and eventful”. Frank then slid his hand up to my upper thigh and said, “Well, that’s good, that you do not mind that Donna is special to me” as he slid his hand up under my dress to inches below my pussy. Frank now knew that my husband was seeing what he was doing and took his lack of an objection as an OK to continue, which he did.

The sexual tension in the room was high and I just sat there mesmerized by the feelings of excitement that were coming over me. I managed to look over at Robert and he was watching both Frank and my husband with a grin.

Franks then started rubbing the gusset of my ever-moistening panties and took my hand and placed it on his lap over his hardening cock. I looked over at my husband as if to say, “I can’t help myself, he is turning me on too much”. Frank then said to my husband, “I am very glad you are OK with this because Donna and I have a special relationship and no one gets me as horny as your wife.” “and even if you were not OK, I would find it difficult, if not impossible, to stop”.

Frank asked me to stand up with my back to him and next thing I knew was that he was lowering my panties and telling me to step out of them. He tossed them on the table before my husband and Robert and reached up my skirt again to play with my ass and very wet pussy. He raised my dress from behind and pulled me down to his lap and stiff cock. I very audibly gasped as it entered me. God, it felt good.

Both Robert and my husband knew what was happening but at that point I did not care, as it felt so good to have his moving cock in me. Frank then asked my husband to remove my dress. With almost no hesitation he came over and unzipped and unsnapped what he needed to pull my dress off over my head. Frank looked at my breasts, nodded, looking at my husband so he then undid my bra taking it off my shoulders all the while Frank was fucking me while I was ‘sitting’ on his cock. As he was taking off my bra our eyes met and we both mouthed at the same time “I love you” then we kissed sealing the arrangement.

Moments later I had my first orgasm followed by feeling Franks cock swell and pulsate as he unloaded his sperm into my vagina. Frank then lifted me off his cock said, “Clean me up for the next time.” As I was bending over and taking his cock in my mouth I felt a pair of hands on my hips and a cock entering my vagina from behind. From the size, I knew it wasn’t my husbands so now knew why Robert was invited to this get-together.

Robert was a skilled lover and holding my hips controlled his action pistoning in and out of my well-lubricated vagina. At one point he manipulated me till I was bending over the back of one of Frank’s large stuffed chairs. There he brought me to two or three very large orgasms as he really knew how to rub my G-spot with his thick cock. He kept saying to Frank that he sure knew how to pick them and that I was the best.

For the next couple of hours, I was passed back and forth between Frank and Robert who fucked me in many positions and brought me through multiple orgasms. I found myself being particularly active contracting my vaginal muscles when Robert was fucking me as I strangely wanted him to really know I was as good a Frank had been telling him I was and also he had an incredible body that turned me on like crazy.

When Frank was fucking me he would tell me that I was his best mistress and he enjoys fucking me again an again “with or without your husband”. At one point he said to Robert, “Now you see what I mean when I told you that she has the body of a 20-year-old” to which Robert responded, “I agree, you were right but you don’t have to rub it in.”

A couple of times I was able to glance at my husband who had his cock out and was masturbating at the sight. This actually thrilled me as I knew he was really enjoying what he was seeing as I was enjoying what I was feeling.

At one point both Frank and Robert could not get hard again despite the attention of my mouth and tongue so I motioned my husband over who was on me and in me in a flash and told me again and again as we were making passionate love that he loved me and was really turned on by watching me with Frank and Robert. As he had masturbated a couple of times he was able to pleasure me for longer and with more orgasms than we had ever done it.

When we finally finished, I gathered up my clothes, got dressed and after kissing Frank good night we went home. My husband a very satisfied man and I also was satisfied and content. At home we relived the evening and made passionate love again until we both climaxed and fell asleep exhausted wondering what the next weeks and months had in store for us.

One thing that happened was that Frank would invite my husband and me almost weekly to dinner at various places where he seemed to delight in dancing close and sexily. Right in front of my husband he would fondle my breasts and ass and seem to delight in asking me if I was ready to take care of him. After the meal, he would take my hand and lead me to the room he always had with my husband following behind. He often looked back at my husband while his hand was under my dress playing with my bare bottom and would tell him that “Your wife is the best piece of ass that I have had for years” and seemed to get off on whatever my husband would say.

In the room, he would direct my husband to a chair and then pleasure himself and me for hours until I was exhausted. He was always able to bring me to orgasm many times and enjoyed fucking me in all of my holes. Both my husband and I would marvel later at the potency and staying power of this man who was in his mid-sixties.

My husband seemed to never tire of these outings and would ask me if I wanted to get together with others. He kept coming back to his friend who had almost gotten into my panties a year or so ago. His repeatedly bringing up the instance with his friend, Joe, go me curious to the point that I told him to set it up somehow it was really interested in watching me with more men than Frank.

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I told him that I loved him and would stop seeing Frank, let alone fucking him if at any time he had had enough. I told him that sex with him was very good indeed but there is a big difference between pure sex and making love to the man I married and love dearly. He told me that he still was turned on beyond description knowing and especially seeing me take a cock in my vagina or mouth. That when he tasted cum in my mouth or vagina it made him almost too hard and excited sexually.

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