Worshiped for the first time (foot fetish)

I’m still wondering why I’ve agreed to do this but you seemed so keen and I was so intrigued about your fetish that I decided to come and meet you.
Fortunately the weather it’s lovely and warm and I have a great excuse to wear my summer shoes.
You asked me to wear red nail polish and so I have done, making sure everything looks nice and tidy!

Looking for kinky mistress near ?

Since the evening is coming to an end there aren’t a lot of people in the park so we meet at the gates and we go looking for a secluded spot where no one can see us.
You look younger than your age, dark hair, cheeky smile and you have a twinkle in your eyes. You are dressed in jeans and a dark t-shirt of some rock band I don’t even know! I’m honestly wondering if you are really the age you told me you have!!!

public places are the safest, are they?

Anyway, you keep talking about how great is to meet me and that you are sure everything will be fine and inside my head I think…of course it will be fine as far as you keep your distance
This is a strange new experience for me but one that seems innocuous enough not to cause major problems.
We finally sit down on a bench on this somewhat bushy enclosure. You weren’t kidding when you said that you would worship me because as soon as I sit down you kneel at my feet and look me in the eyes telling me all sorts of compliments, some I’ve never even heard before!
You call me Queen and I feel like blushing all of a sudden and I feel kind of awkward seeing you like that. You’ve been so cheeky in your emails and messages that I never thought you could be so submissive.
You are now looking at my legs (too pale for this season) showing from my skirt. You are sitting down on the ground and you timidly reach for my right leg which is crossed over my left. Your hands are gentle and I’ve never seen anyone looking at this part of my body with such a blissful expression.
You caress my calf, sliding your hands up and down while I look at you from my higher position. You seem completely lost in what you are doing. You comment that my legs are really smooth and soft (thanks to my beautician ) and finally you reach for my shoe.
I’m only wearing simple ballerinas that can be easily taken off my foot… I can see you quivering while you are doing that and a huge smile appears on your face. You are happy with my foot and my nail polish. Did I hear you sigh?
You start kissing my foot on the top and your lips transmit a shiver through my spine. I never felt this sensation before. I can’t believe I’m feeling tingling.
You continue with your assault and you start licking and sucking on my toes while keeping my leg slightly upwards. You seem to consider my feet separately from the rest of my body but I cannot.
You are getting more and more excited, I can see that! You take off my other shoes and start kissing, licking and sucking both my feet in alternation while your actions are having a huge effect on my body. I’m feeling more and more out of control of my desires but I cannot let you see that!
I’m now leaning backward, with my forearms lying on the bench while you are focusing on my feet. Somehow the skirt is rising up my leg and for a brief moment I see you looking up. I’m wondering if you desire also what is up there apart from my feet but the agreement was unconditional….no sexual intercourse!
Damn…I never expected to feel like this and above all I never expected to become wet! What should I do? I don’t want to have sex but at the same time you are getting me horny more and more and I’m sure you are too.

He is making me wet!

Suddenly you start unbuttoning your pants and I start to feel tense….”what the heck are you doing?” I ask. “Please forgive my Queen but I’m feeling very excited being so close to your majestic feet, I can’t control my enthusiasm and I need to relieve myself. Please my Queen allow me to cum on your feet”.
At that moment something happens inside my head. Being called Queen really switches on the mistress inside of me and so I say “My darling, before you can have any relief you need to satisfy your Queen”….. “How my Queen? I’m at your orders”
I take away my feet from your hands and I spread my legs while I take my skirt up and push myself closer to the edge of the bench. “Give me a kiss my darling, right here!”. Still kneeling you come closer and with your hands (finally free of my feet) you take both sides of my pussy and you open her up to see how wet my panties are. “Oh my Queen, your smell is intoxicating, can I taste your from the source?”…. “Of course my darling”
You move away my panties you just get stuck in licking, sucking and teasing everything my sex has on offer. I knew I was horny but didn’t realize how much I needed to cum until now. Even though you seem younger you actually know what you are doing and I feel ever so close to reaching my orgasm, it’s nearly unbearable.
“Darling make me cum… Make your Queen cum on your tongue….” You double your efforts until I cannot take it anymore and I feel my pussy contracting around your really really nice tongue! (clap)
“It’s my turn now darling, sit back and relax”. I tell you to unbutton your trousers and show me your “little one” as you call it. In fairness it’s not huge…just average, which is perfectly fine for what I’m about to do…

Here come the feet you want so much

You basically lie down on the grass so that my feet can reach you. Even though I have no experience with this, I’ve seen a few videos to understand what I’m supposed to do.
I take your hard cock with my feet and I start sliding them down. You have your eyes closed and you look so happy. I’m a good Queen; I know when to praise my “subject”.
From your lips, I hear sounds of pleasure…and when you start talking I just tell you to stay silent and just enjoy, this is an actual order…I don’t want to hear a word. You keep quiet but I can see you are making an effort… I love to feel the power I have over you, it’s so exciting.
I can feel it through my feet that you are ready to explode but I’m getting tired so I tell you to stand half way up again and continue on your own. You do as I say… I love it when you follow my orders!
You are sliding your hand up and down, getting back the rhythm that was lost…. I can see you looking at my feet, straining yourself not to cum too quickly…until you cannot hold it any longer and you ask me for permission to cum on my feet
“Granted!” said like a true Queen…..

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