Why would any woman want to be submissive?

I wonder sometimes why any woman would want to be submissive to a man. Because men are pretty weak creatures. All a woman has to do is take off her top and most men will fall to pieces. don’t think a man could have that effect on a woman by merely taking out his penis. With very exceptions, men have no sexual power whatsoever. They might have physical power but whats that compared to the almighty power of feminine sexuality? Not much in my opinion.


  • Why not… we all march to our own rhythms.

I know some incredible submissive women who are wonderfully happy and fulfilled submitting to men. And I know some of the men they submit to and they are honorable and powerful and I understand why these women would submit to them. If it works for them, who are we to question it?

There are some who would wonder why any man would submit to a woman…. it all depends on your perspective

  • I agree everyone’s different. I don’t disagree with your basic observation, but I’m biased by my own nature and experience. Others are completely different people. I’m glad we’re not all stamped from the same mold, no matter how much I bow to the female advantage that I experience.

Yes, I can turn to jelly at the sight of a woman’s body, like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car, like a moth to a flame. Sometimes it drives me crazy that I’m so vulnerable and can’t help it. Other times I can’t think of anything more deliciously exciting and sexy. Other’s are bound to be different. Don’t worry about it; enjoy it as best you can. Because in the end, I don’t think it’s something that we choose – we become and we are.

  • I willingly submit to Maddmonk and I also enjoy being dominant and sadistic with other men. So to answer the question why any woman would want to be submissive.

I find that when I can go to that place of surrender, I am most at peace, it is a place that I find fulfilling to my spirit. There is a strange irony about my submission, it is because of my submission that I have learned to let my dominance come into my relationships. It has been a journey for me, one where I am learning what feeds my being and today that means both dominance and submission.

  • Slavedoge once again your ignorance is showing what is right for me can not be right for any other person or gender, I honestly have no idea how you can say you do not understand submission but your profile claims your a sub, but no one else can be submissive? just because someone is a different gender does not mean there are less of a sub, or that they find the opposite sex not attractive enough to desire to submit too, for me I could easily see a woman submitting to Arnold Schwarzenegger, a younger Patrick Swazie, Sean Connery, or a number of other guys.
  • hey I know everybody is different and obviously my opinion is slightly prejudiced due to the fact that I’m a male sub. But I’d still stand over the observation that women have greater sexual power. And its not just their bodies (Although I do believe the female form to be a work of art.) I think that overall men and women both submit for very different reasons.  I respect your opinion but it would be nice if you actually bothered to read the threads. I never said that my opinion was the only one. If I believed that then I wouldnt have bothered putting it up. A persons opinions are going to be based on their own emotions and experiences. The whole point of starting a discussion is to get different perspectives on a subject. Dont be so eager to attack.
  • Actually, the men I prefer to play with don’t melt over the site of a pair of tits. I don’t rule them from their sexuality. Sure, most straight men love tits. Not all of them lose control over the sight of them though. I prefer a man who has his hormones firmly under control and chooses to submit to me because he likes what he sees in me, because he respects my abilities to manage his submission because he has confidence that I can take him on an interesting ride and keep him safe along the way, even if our clothes never come off. There is no weakness in that. Guys who fall at my feet because I put on something that shows off cleavage hold no interest for me at all. Guys who give an admiring glance and then move on to other topics are much more interesting.

Submission is not all about sex. Women, just like men, do not submit out of weakness or out of a sexual desire for the most part. They submit because they feel right when they give up control. They submit because when they do, something inside them says, “Oh yeah, that’s better.”

  • closetsitter1, Testosterone doesn’t cause aggressive dominant behavior.
    Testosterone gives us our sex drive, and that being a need just like food and water and shelter, male animals compete to mate not to dominate. It’s to keep other males away so they are the only male for the female to mate with. It’s an individual act. Aggressive behavior is the result of competition, competitive is animal behavior and has nothing to do with gender.
    And as far as stronger sex there is no such thing, and the scientist
    community knows it. It’s in relation to size, which is different in
    in all of us.
  • DisposableHero. Someone else I know said that that picture looked a little like Cindy Crawford.
    I don’t look anything like her though except for the mole but I have more of them all over.
    This photo was taken by a friend of mine who edited it to look dark. He’s into taking pics. of women and making them dark and sinister looking. He is a big fan of Cindy Crawford.
    I saw a photo not too long ago of her in a similar position, ti’s probably where got it, he was really into me standing in that position.
  • I’ll put another one on. It’s also one he took and edited but it looks more like me.
    IMPO, ALL Females are Superior to males, even the “submissive” Ones. I honestly think in the Female food chain, there are the Dominant Females and the submissive Females. Because SOME Females just are not meant to lead, either because they don’t want to, or just simply they haven’t tapped into that natural side of themselves. –

Now as far as a Female wanting to submit to a male, just because these submissive Females “submit” to a male doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what shes doing. Females ALL FEMALES know that males are the weaker sex, and even the submissive female in her submissive is pulling the strings of the relationship with her “master” or “dom”.

This male however may feel or think hes calling the shots and really hes not, the submissive female is. Because normally when the submissive female is saddened, or shows any sign of displeasure the male being the good inferior naturally start to pamper the female.. EVEN the submissive female. so really in her submission, she is still the Superior because she knows how to get what she wants WITHOUT the main responsibilities that of the openly Dominant Superior Female.

but as I said this is JUST MY opinion, and what I have observed from submissive female friends in the past, and how their relationships with their “dominant male” partners were.

  • WyckedHavoxx, your right, I’ve seen it in every male domme female sub relationship I know.
    The women in thees relationships are clearly the dominant partner. She is clearly in control of
    how everything is done, and some times have very dominant personalities and very strong wills
    With Female dommes and male subs, the women are dominant, without question. And the
    men are clearly their submissives, they aren’t timid or week willed, but you know who’s lead they
  • As to why: because men and women are part of the same species. There are female alkies, as well as male alkies, men who like chocolate as much as women, etc, etc, etc.
  • Lets think about this, we are people of a society, and that society is traditionally male-dominated (not the normal thing we think of in domination but just that men have been the ruling power) Well also when i say ruling power, they have been the accepted power. Since it has been this way for centuries alot of things naturally develop.
  1. Its ok for men to show attraction and sexuality much more freely then women, its considered more acceptable by society and so men are less discreet, and its easier to see a man thinking sex, then a women because for centuries we have been taught that sex is dirty if your a woman…. No no one came out and gave me classes on it when I was a child, but through small things that my mother did and other women did, they reinforced a feeling that a woman being sexual was dirty and that our very essense of power, our genitals are dirty (hello feminine not so fresh comercials) This is something that women have to over come both submissive and dominant.
  2. women having not been the ruling sex for so long have naturally learned how to get what they want in other ways. (now know that not all women arent good at this but alot of us are) We know how to manipulate (omg a dirty word) and we know how to work from behind the scenes to get what were interested in… how many people have said that hillary was the power behind bill? Have you heard that phrase, behind every strong man is an even stronger woman? (note that thats not saying either is weak)
  3. Because of this road that our society has taken there are alot of people of both sexes who have felt different then the boxes that society puts us in, and felt the need to express that opposite side. There are a variety of ways we do it, Men who like to cross dress to feel how the other high heel feels on their foot (and ive seen dominant males cross dress so that doesnt mean its submissive, even though its highly associated with submission) Women who like to be the one who fucks instead of being fucked, helllo strapon! Anything and everything inbetween, because we are deverse people, and we like to express ourselves. But society still frowns on it and has words for us, they might call a sub male pussy whipped or sissy, and a dom female who likes to express her sexuality? shes a bitch or a whore. Things that go against what society tells us its supposed to be.

Well there are plenty of us now who say “fuck society” I am going to be what I want to be. There are plenty of people who try out one role, maybe starting with the traditional societal roles, maledom, female sub, and some of them its a perfect fit for, and others it’s just not right. Because thats the thing, people learn and change, and that even happens once you think you have found a role in bdsm, it can still change, it can grow to fit who you are then and there, and maybe you wont be there later, maybe you will have grown and become more, or completely changed your mind. That’s one of the beautiful things about life, it progresses, and so does BDSM.

The way to learn and embrace this change of life, in all things not just BDSM, is to hear from others their experience, think about it and try it or not, to interact and grow and learn. A key for this if your actually interested in learning, is to keep an open mind. What works for one, does not work for others. Everyones entitled to their opinion, but maybe a different way of saying things can make the difference.

Stating that you personally feel weak and inferior is much more acceptable then assigning your weakness to everyone with the same gender. Or admitting that you have hang-ups about gender that you need to work through might be a good way to start your thread unless your intention is to start arguments in the name of having a ‘discussion’ That would probably remove alot of the ‘attack’ feeling and encourage a better discussion.

  • as a fem bi-sub/switch it confuses me to see someone not understand the need to submit to Someone else. sexual orientation has nothing to do with most D/s relationships (though the sex is usually a great benefit) i rather like the feeling of giving myself to someone Stronger than me. and as a switch well when I Dom someone it has nothing to do with sex. I would not give a man a second glance if that was all he was interested in. and as both a sub/switch i strongly believe that a submissive is and has to be strong to be able to give themselves completely to someone else. trust is built and earned and as a sub IMO i must be strong to put my health, life, and soul in the hands of Ma’am. Though over the last 8 years She has done nothing but the best for me in every aspect of my life it is still a scary trip to know that someone else has that complete power over me. that fear is what makes me strong and thrive in my relationship. so if She were a He it would be the same for me. it has nothing to do with the bumps or lumps and dents in those areas of the body that drive me to serve Someone. it goes much much deeper than that