What is cuckolding?

Can you say hotgirlfriend like you say hotwife?

It was just like any other Friday for me but my girlfriend and soon to be wife was far more excited than usual. She was standing in the lounge of our apartment in her almost skin tight sweat pants and tiny running top fixing her long raven hair into a ponytail.

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“Could you help me help me fix my hair, hun?” she asked, her voice slightly higher than normal, a hint at how happy she was. I smiled and walked over to her to help. She turned around and I came up close behind her and gently pulled her soft silky hair through the small tie.

“Jason is coming over soon, hehe I’m so excited, I haven’t seen him in a whole week” She giggled in delight as she wiggled her perfect cute bum against my crotch with her hands on her hips.

My girlfriend’s boyfriend had been away on a work trip for the last week and the two of them had not seen each other since the previous weekend and needless to say my girlfriend was missing him badly.

“I can’t wait to see him, he says he’s been thinking about me the whole time” she beamed as she continued wiggling her soft perky ass closer into my crotch. “I’ve been teasing him like crazy all week long, I bet he’s super horny” she giggled.

That was the understatement of the year! My girl had been teasing her man constantly during the week, with naughty text messages, phone calls and even sexy pictures she had me take of her on her phone. I guess he really was going crazy. They had been on the phone all morning; I couldn’t hear what she was saying to him as I had been cleaning our bedroom and tidying up around the apartment.

“Thanks hun, that’s perfect” she said as she made a final adjustment to her hair clip and slowly turned around to face me. I wrapped both my arms around her toned waist and held her in close. She smiled into my eyes as she planted a slow sensual kiss on my lips. “Mmm you’re the best cuckold, hun”.

I felt her soft hand slip down my chest and stomach and over the waistband of my shorts. “How is Mr Happy today, hun?” she asked with a cheeky grin.
I smiled back into her gorgeous bright blue eyes and said: “same as yesterday, horny and frustrated as hell”. I let out a small laugh as she smiled back at me.

“Hehe, mmm I’ll bet he is” she cooed back in semi concern. “Poor Mr Happy, he’s been in his cage for so long. I’m sorry I kept you locked an extra week hun, but I thought it didn’t seem fair that you got to cum and poor Jason didn’t. I promise I’ll make it up to this weekend” she smiled before giving me another slow passionate kiss on the lips.

“Besides, I think I owe you for all the extra teasing I’ve been giving you while Jason was away” she winked at me while running her perfectly polished black fingernail over my tight plastic chastity device. My cock immediately stirred in its tight and tiny prison, this only made her giggle even more.

The moment is interrupted by the buzzer on the door. “Oh that’s Jason now” my girl beamed as she skipped off and over to the door and turned the handle.

Jason was barely halfway inside the front door when my girl wrapped her arms around his neck in a huge hug. He had to be quick to wrap his arms around her to stop her from falling over, one hand quickly finding the small of her back and the other slipping down to her bum.

“Hi Ava, I missed you so much” Jason smiled.

They had an extra long and very passionate kiss right there in the doorway before she took his hand and lead him inside and over to the couch. Jason sat down first and my girl sat down on his knee with one arm around his shoulder. I sat down on the other end of the couch.

She was running her hands through his hair as we all sat and chatted about the previous week. They were even more lovely than usual, with her giving him little kisses now and then and him tugging her in close with his arm around her waist.

Sensing the mood between them both, I decided to go and take a shower, with all the cleaning and tidying earlier I had worked up a bit of a sweat, plus I wanted to give them both some time alone. “I’ll leave you both alone for a while, I’m just going to take a shower” I tell them as I get up off the couch and make for the hall.

I figured they would pretty soon head upstairs to the bedroom and I could listen to them have sex from the spare room. I left them alone with each other as I headed up the stairs to the bathroom. I made one quick look into our bedroom to make sure everything was set up for them both. The bed was freshly made and the bottle of wine was beside the bed.

My shower was a little colder than usual on account of how frustrated and horny I was what with being kept locked in chastity a week longer. But there was nothing I could do about as Ava had the key, except clean my aching cock through the hard clear plastic.

I was still drying my hair with a towel when I came downstairs and saw them both still chatting casually with each other. To be honest, I was surprised and a tiny bit disappointed, I really thought they would be desperate to have sex after a whole week apart.

We all chatted for a little while longer, then Jason got up to leave. He and Ava shared a big hug and another long passionate kiss as he was leaving.
I walked with him outside to his car, chatting about his trip along the way.

When we got to his car, I asked him if he wanted to come over later and be with Ava. He smiled at me as he looked up from his car window and said: “you missed it; I just fucked her on your kitchen table”.

I stood there completely stunned and didn’t know what to say as he started the engine and drove off smiling.

I couldn’t believe it, this was something completely new. Usually, they have me clean them both up and sometimes Ava unlocks my chastity device and we have sex afterward.

By the time I got back inside, Ava had gone upstairs to the bedroom. I followed her up and went into our bedroom. I stood in the doorway looking in at her lying on the bed with a sexy grin on her face. She was wearing nothing but her pink sports bra and her black panties.

“Hehe, did Jason tell you?” she asked smiling up at me. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs revealing her soaking wet thong!

“You had no idea, did you?” she giggled as she leaned back and traced a finger over the thin fabric of her thong. I looked down between her legs and say that it was soaked through!

Ava pointed to the floor with her finger and that was my cue to drop to my knees and lean in between her smooth shapely legs. I hooked two fingers in the edges of her thong and slowly slid it down along her thighs, over her knees and finally over her ankles.

I looked down to see her pussy was a beautiful shade of red and slightly puffy, the exact color it goes just after she’s been fucked. Ava slips her finger in between her labia and slides up upwards towards her clit before bringing it to her lips. “Mmmmm so yummy, hehehe” she giggles.

The story of them fucking on the kitchen table

She has me lean back as she idly toys with her sensitive clit while she tells me what happened while I was in the shower.

“Hehe, Jason had his finger inside me as soon as you left the room. He wasn’t wasting any time; he slid my pants and thong down to my knees and practically dragged me over the kitchen table”

She giggled at that last bit, as she casually continued playing with her clit, just inches from my face.

“I was so wet from teasing him all morning while you were busy getting our room ready, Jason slipped his cock inside me in one thrust when he bent me over the table!”
My cock was straining as she told me. Her fingertip now slipping inside her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my God, he was so horny, he practically pinned me to the table and fucked me so hard and rough…hehe, he was in me before you even had the shower turned on!”

I winced a bit as my cock began to strain hard against the hard plastic that kept it only semi limp at best.

“I nearly cum there and then, he had his cock so far inside me I was stuffed!” She gasped at her own description of the feeling.

“Mmmm then he shot the BIGGEST load I’ve ever felt inside me, it felt like it was boiling inside my pussy, it felt SOOOO good, I could feel his cock twitch as he filled me up with cum!”

I looked down at her thong lying on the bed between her spread legs. The amount of cum in them was incredible…it was WET…completely soaked through with a mix of her juices and sticky cum.

She held it right up to my eyes so I could get a proper look at just how much cum was actually in there before she leaned back and slipped her ankles back in through them.

She looked down at me as she stood and smiled. “You can have them later, when all Jason’s cum is in them” she winked at me as she fitted them back in place with a tiny audible wet snap!

Ava took my hand and pulled me up on the bed beside her. She smiled as she laid me on my back and straddled my hips and began to unlock my chastity device.

My cock practically sprang out of the tight plastic cage as she slid it off. “Ohh someone is happy to be out of chastity” she giggled as she slowly began to pump her soft hand slowly up and down on my aching cock.

I closed my eyes and lay back, enjoying the sensation of pure bliss as my girlfriend slowly worked her hand up and down on my cock.

The feeling was quickly interrupted by my girl’s phone ringing. She reached over with her free hand and answered it. Her hand still working its magic on my cock.

“Oh, hi Suzanne, how are you?” she beamed into the phone. “Yea, I’m great. Jason was just over, hehe”.

I tried to ignore Ava chatting to her friend as best I could as she skillfully worked my cock in her now slowing hand.

“Of course I’m going to Jason’s party tonight, are you?” she replied. I opened my eyes abruptly at her answer. “What party?” I asked as Ava shushed me by putting her cummy finger over my lips.

Her hand motions had by now stopped completely and my cock was now motionless in her petite hand, as she was totally engrossed in conversation.

“A party at Jason’s house tonight” I thought to myself, “that could only mean one thing…lots of Ava’s cute friends by the pool and a long night locked in chastity for me in his spare room listening to them both have sex.

“Sure, I’d love to get some lunch with you, give me a few minutes and I’ll meet you there” I was about to open my mouth to protest but she cut me short. “Oops, sorry hun. That was Suzanne, she wants to go get some lunch before Jason’s party and she asked me to join her, I guess we’ll just have to do this another time”. She said in semi concern.

She gave my very swollen balls a slight squeeze to aid in making my cock go limp that little bit faster as she placed the open end of the chastity device over the tip of my cock, and slid it all the way back on and locked it back up.

“I’ll be back in a few hours hun” she said as she pulled back on her sweat pants over he cum soaked thong. She turned back as she put her hoodie on and blew me a kiss from the doorway.

“See you later, hun” she giggled and with that she skipped down the stairs and out the door.

A little pleasure for her in the shower

I laid on the bed watching TV and checking emails on my laptop for a while after Ava left, it was kind of hard to concentrate on anything on account of how horny I was. Ava had kept me locked since the week before Jason had left for his work trip and had practically teased me every chance she got in the meantime.

The result being after almost two whole weeks of constant teasing and denial meant I was nearly going insane with frustration, but the strange thing was, I was now beginning to enjoy it in a weird sort of way. Ava’s continuous teasing and the ever-present dull ache in my balls was starting to feel good. My body was actually getting pleasure from not being allowed to cum!

At the same time I looked down at my now limp cock in it’s tiny hard plastic cage and wished I could just take it off and have an orgasm I so badly wanted, but then I thought about Ava and how much she liked to keep me locked and teased and realized it would be selfish of me to just masturbate and have an orgasm without her. Besides, it would be much more fun when she came back and we would take up where we left off.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and Ava coming up the stairs. I was still lying on the bed as she walked into our bedroom. “Hey sexy” she smiled as she put her bags on the dresser.

“Mmm, having fun are we?” she laughed at seeing me still naked from before with the laptop beside me on the bed. “Haha, I am now that you’re here” I smiled back at her. “Nah, just checking some emails and goofing around on YouTube” I replied.

“Hmm, I’ll bet you were” she said with a cheeky grin. I slid over to the end of the bed and wrapped my arms around her waist and gently pulled her in closer to me. “How was lunch?” I asked.

“Great, we went to that new place.” she said as she gently ran her fingers through my hair. “Sorry it took so long, Suzanne and I went shopping and got our nails done” as she told me as she wiggled her bright shiny new fingernails in front of my eyes.

“Mmm, very cute” I complimented, on her new pink nails. “I got a new bikini for the party later too” she said excitedly as she pointed to the small blue bag on the dresser. “I want to take a shower first so I’ll show you after” she winked.

Ava ran her finger along my cheek and she looked down at me sitting on the bed, her thighs brushing up against my chastity cage. “So, did you miss me?” she asked softly as she leaned in closer. “Of course, we both did” I laughed up at her. “Hehe, somehow I knew you’d still be naked when I got back” she grinned.

I slowly stood up and began kissing her softly on her neck and pulled her in even closer into me, she responded immediately and slid her hand up around my neck and turned my attention to her own lips.

I kissed her deeply, my tongue slowly slipping into her mouth as I unzipped her hoddie and slid it off her shoulders. I felt her gently bite on my lip as I opened her bra, we parted our lips only for a second as I slid her sports bra over her head and let it fall behind her on the floor.

I felt her smooth firm breasts press into my chest as she hooked the two fingers into either side of her running pants and start to slide them off her hips, down her thighs.

My hands ran over her perfect boobs as she leaned forward and stepped out of her pants and lightly kicked them off her ankles onto the floor. My hand slipped down her stomach and over the front of her thong.

“Whoa!, They’re soaking!” I said in amazement as my fingers glided over the thin damp material. “Mmm, I know.” She said as she leaned back to give me a better look at her underwear. “I could feel his cum leaking into my thong all day…some of it was even dripping down my leg!” she said excitedly as she peeled the now sopping wet thong down and off her legs.

Ava held her saturated thong up in her hand for me to see. It was now completely soaked through and was slick with wetness. I leaned in to lick the pre-offered thong in her hand, my cock stirring in its cage at the unmistakable scent of cum and my girlfriend’s juices, but as I moved in closer she moved her hand away and smiled. “Mmmm, maybe later” she laughed and tossed her wet thong on the bed.

She took me by the hand and led me towards the shower. I kissed her softly as she turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. She stepped into the shower pulling me inside along with her. She stood under the flow, allowing the hot water to cascade down over her toned body. She smiled at me as she took the bottle of shower gel and squeezed some out, the thick white liquid oozing over her perfect C-cup boobs.

Her other hand slipping between her legs as she spoke: “Mmm, what do you think sexy, I’ve been really dirty today…maybe you should clean me off?”
I smiled a wicked grin as I began massaging the shower gel into her ample boobs, my cock straining hard in its tight cage!

She leaned in an kissed me on passionately on the lips as she put on leg up on the side of the bath while her fingers idly played with her clit. I gently rubbed and massaged her soft breasts as she reached for her purple vibrator that was beside her shampoos on the shelf.

She moved her head and was now biting softly on my earlobe, her hot breath quickening as I slipped my hand down her wet body to meet her own that was already teasing her clit.

I kissed her hard, biting and nibbling as I slowly moved down on her neck. I twisted and pinched her nipples in my fingers as I slipped a wet finger inside her.

Her hips moved with the rhythm of our two hands sliding in and out of her pussy and she bit down on her bottom lip as she moved the vibrator down over her clit and flicked it on.

Her back arched as I took the vibrator and slipped it inside her and started to slowly slide it in and out of her pussy. Her hot breath on my ear got faster and faster as she neared an orgasm. “Ohh my God mmmm, faster… fuck me with my vibrator, mmmmm” she breathed into my ear as she slipped her free hand between my legs.

Ava kneaded my balls in her hand as I pumped the long purple vibrator faster and faster in and out of her pussy, her body sliding down to meet my hand with every upward thrust of the vibrator!

Her head tilted back and she moaned out loud as her orgasm shot through her whole body! She squeezed my swollen balls in her hand as she came, her body riding up a few inches on the vibrator in her pussy “Ohhhh myyyy Gooooddddd….” She moaned out as the water splashed down on us both.

After she had come back down from her intense orgasm, she turned around and cuddled into me, wrapping my arms around her while we stood there holding each other close in the shower.

“Ohh hun, they really are full, aren’t they?” she said as she was soothingly massaging my tender balls underneath my chastity cage. “They’re practically swollen!” she said with a surprised smile as she kept rubbing them in her hand.

She turned back around to face me, with her hand still on my balls. “Maybe we should do something about that? She said smiling into my eyes. “…Later…” she said with a sexy wink!

With that she turned back around and picked up the shower gel and began squeezing some onto her back and ass…

We spent quite a while lingering in the hot shower, we both washed each other, stopping only to kiss and cuddle as the hot water flowed over both our bodies.

Eventually, we had to get out and I helped Ava dry herself off with a huge white towel and sat watching as she dried her long dark hair. “Ohh I have to show you what I got for the party” she said excitedly as she dropped her towel and skipped back into the bedroom.

I picked up another towel and began drying myself off as I followed her, staring at her beautiful ass the whole way.

“I got the cutest bikini for the party tonight” she smiled gleefully as she reached into the small blue bag and pulled out her tiny new purchase.

“What do you think, sexy as hell isn’t it?” she said as she held up her new bikini for me to see. It was a tiny zebra print bikini with pink straps, the type that would have every guy’s eyes at the party popping out of their heads looking at her in it. I absolutely loved it!

“Wow” was all I could say as she slipped her legs into the tiny bottoms and pulled them up. “You look amazing” I told her. “Hehe, hold on hun, you haven’t seen me wearing the top yet” she laughed.

She led me over to the bed and pushed me back until I was sitting on the edge. She moved in between my legs and began to dance seductively right in front of me in her new bikini bottoms. My aching cock straining hard against the tight cage and her loving every second of it.

I was so transfixed watching her ass slide around with her new bottoms on I hardly noticed when she spoke. “hehehe, enjoying the show?” I looked up and smiled as I snapped out of my trance. “Will you help me with my strap?” she asked turning around.

“Sure babe” I said as I reached up and lifted her wet hair and tied the spaghetti thin pink straps together on her back.

I sat back on the bed and we chatted and talked about the night’s party while Ava did her makeup and hair. “Oh, did I tell you that some of Jason’s kinky friends are going to be at the party tonight?” she said as she had her face close against the mirror as she put on eyeliner.

“He said he would introduce us to them if we wanted” she said excitedly.
“Sure, that might be fun” I said half-heartedly.

“But only if you want to, hun, I said I’d have to ask you first” she smiled as she slipped on a tiny pair of shorts over her bikini bottoms.

She came over and sat beside me on the bed as she slipped her feet into a pair of 6 inch wedge heels. “Hey, your toenails match your bikini” I laughed as she swung her feet into my lap. “I know, aren’t they the cutest” she grinned as she pointed to her heels. I smiled silently back as I buckled the tiny straps on her heels.

“Ok sexy, time for you to put your pants on…you’ve been naked all day!” she laughed as she tossed my shorts at me.

We both laughed as I slid my shorts on, and I got up and held her in close and kissed her on the lips. “You look amazing, babe” I said as I stared into her beautiful eyes. “Mmm, you too” she replied as she traced her finger down my chest.

We stood there in each other’s arms for ages until her phone rang. “Oh, hi Jason…sure, we’ll be down in a minute” she smiled excitedly. “Ok, Jason is here, it’s party time!”

The Party

“I’m so excited, this party is going to be great” Ava almost squealed in excitement. I hurriedly put on my t-shirt as Ava grabbed her bag off the dresser and I followed her out the door of our bedroom and down the stairs.

“Oh, don’t forget the beer, hun” Ava reminded me as we walked into the hall. I walked over to the kitchen table, where only a few hours earlier my girlfriend and Jason had furious sex and slid the case of beer off and followed Ava out the door to Jason’s car.

Jason was leaning against the car waiting for us when we came out. Ava strode over and put her arms around his neck and gave him a long adoring kiss on the lips. He responded instantly and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her in closer. They lingered in the kiss for a minute or so before peeling apart.

“Wow Ava, you look amazing” Jason said, looking her over with a huge smile on his face. “Aww thanks Hun” she beamed back at him. “You like?” She smiled as she twirled around in front of him. All Jason could do was just nod with a grin on his face.

“Are you guys all set? It should be a killer party” Jason asked us both. “You bet, I’ve been looking forward to it for ages” Ava laughed. “Great, those beers will get a good home, hahaha” Jason laughed as he helped my load the case into the boot of the car.

Jason walked around to the drivers’ side and opened the door while Ava opened the passenger door and got inside. I got into the back and sat in the middle of the backseat.

As we drove along Ava and Jason began chatting about earlier, all the while they held hands up front. “That was kinda fun earlier?” Jason laughed as he spoke to the two of us at once. “I don’t know what happened, it just sort of happened like that” He smiled at Ava as he chatted.

“I figured you two were horny” I laughed back “Just not THAT horny, hahaha”. We all had a small laugh at that one. “Are you kidding…Ava had been teasing the hell out of me the whole time I was away” Jason exclaimed out loud as he slid his hand along her thigh.

“I don’t know how you coped locked up in that cage. If that was me, I’d have EXPLODED”, Jason said looking back at me. “Ohh he nearly did once or twice!” Ava said, winking at me in the back.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll make it up to you soon, I promise” she smiled. I thought about that for a second in my mind. I had been locked for over two weeks and teased almost constantly by Ava. I had never been locked this long before and was practically aching for an orgasm. I knew how happy it made Ava to keep my horny and frustrated like this so that made it easier to deal with. Besides I was sort of getting used to it in a weird way and I was really looking forward to when Ava took it off and how she was planning to “make it up to me”.

“Will there be many of your kinky friends at the party?” Ava asked in an excited tone of voice. “Sure, there will be a few, they always come to my parties” Jason smiled as Ava had her hand on his leg. “Oh great, I can’t wait to meet them” Ava beamed.

After a few minutes in traffic we pulled up outside Jason’s apartment building. I could hear music coming from the back and figured the party was around by the pool. We all got out of the car, Jason carried the beer while Ava took my hand and we followed him through the building.

There were about twenty or thirty people all standing around by the pool when we walked around. The party was in full swing and everyone looked to be having a great time. I could smell a BBQ and the music was pumping.

I looked around at the people who were there. I knew almost none of them, some I recognized as Jason’s neighbors and some faces I had forgotten names to. Everyone was wearing shorts or bikinis and there was no shortage of booze, all in all, our kind of party.

One thing I realized quickly was how many beautiful girls were there, and suddenly I became very aware of how tight my chastity cage was!

Jason put the beers down on the table next to us and said: “get yourselves a drink and some food and I’ll introduce you both around”. Ava gave my hand a slight squeeze in excitement hearing that.

Ava loved partying and meeting new people and the prospect of meeting some of Jason’s kinky friends was so exciting to her I could actually see it in her eyes. I went inside and mixed us up some drinks and came back outside and handed one to Ava as Jason took us around the party to get to know everybody.

Jason had quite a varied mix of friends and I Ava and I got separated as we got chatting to this person and that person about all sorts of interesting things. I kept thinking in the back of my head which ones were the kinky ones, but I knew better than to just ask straight out as not all of Jason’s friends were into that.

I must have spent hours just chatting to a few people there when I went inside to get myself another drink. By this stage the party was in full swing, some people were diving in the pool, others were playing drinking games, some of the girls even had even taken their bikini tops off! I made a mental note to attend more of Jason’s parties in the future!

I looked around and saw Ava chatting to a few girls by the pool; she was twirling around showing them her new bikini and looked totally engrossed in conversation. I walked inside to Jason’s kitchen and over to the table with the enormous assortment of booze and began making myself another drink when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

I turned around and saw a beautiful girl standing behind me. “Hi there” she said in a soft voice. “You’re Ava’s boyfriend right?”

I could barely speak looking at this gorgeous girl right in front of me. She was just a little shorter than me with long blonde hair, I figured she was sort of emo from the way she had it styled and the cute pink streaks she had running through it. Her bright pretty blue eyes were perfectly offset by her smokey makeup.

She looked absolutely stunning as she stood there waiting for me to find the power to move my jaw to speak. I was transfixed by her…plus the fact she was completely topless and her boobs were just inches from my chest wasn’t helping my concentration!

“Em…yea…hi…I mean yes, I’m Ava’s boyfriend, yes” I all but stammered out as I spoke to her. “Hehe, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Tara” she smiled, laughing a tiny bit at my brain-fart.

“It’s nice to meet you, I was chatting to Ava and thought I’d come to say hello to you” she smiled as she put out her hand for me to shake. “Ava was just telling me about you two, you both make a really nice couple” she said as I shook her hand.

“Thank you and I hope she didn’t give too much away” I said half laughing and half trying to gauge her response. “I haven’t seen you at any of Jason’s parties before, where has he been hiding you both hehehe” she beamed.

“This is our first party since he moved here” I explained. “Ohh, that makes sense I guess” Tara smiled.

I was amazed at how non phased she seemed to be as she chatted topless to someone she just met. She seemed to be very happy and confident as we made conversation. I, on the other hand, was having a slightly harder time, trying not to notice. My cock was beginning to strain a bit in its tiny cage as we spoke. Two weeks of Ava’s continuous had made me super horny and I really had to try hard to stay focused on what she was saying.

“So are you both planning on coming to any more parties?” She asked.
“Oh yes, we both would like to make this a regular thing” I replied, shifting a bit as I stood there.

“Great, so I’ll be seeing lots more of you two in future then?” she smiled.
“Well I better be getting back outside, I want to take a swim” she said as she set down her drink. “And you can stop peeking at my boobs, hehehe” she laughed as she winked at me.

I almost coughed as she said it, but knew she was only kidding when she winked.

I grabbed my drink, composed myself and went back outside to find Ava. It took me a while to pick her out in the crowd, more people had turned up and the party had gotten bigger. I eventually spotted her at the other side of the pool, chatting to a blonde girl. I was too far away to see what they were saying but they both had their phones out and looked like they were exchanging numbers and Ava looked really excited.

Ava smiled and waved at me as I made my way over to her. She slipped her arm around my waist as she took a sip out of my drink. “Hmmm where have you been Hun, chatting up all the cute topless girls? She laughed as she poked me softly in the ribs.

“Haha, something like that. What about you?” I asked “Who was that girl you were chatting to?”

Ava looked at me with a look of pure excitement in her eyes. “that was one of Jason’s kinky friends. We were just chatting about…stuff… her name’s Megan. She’s really nice, we had a great conversation, she’s into lots of… things” Ava smiled wide as she told me that part!

“We arranged to meet up sometime, and we swapped numbers, she said she’d love to meet you” Ava explained.

“I bet you’ve been having a good time checking out all the cute girl’s boobs here” Ava said joking as she slipped her hand over the front of my shorts and gave my chastity cage a squeeze. “I better do something to distract you before you get too excited” she whispered in my ear.

Ava bit her bottom lip and winked at me as she tugged on the thin pink bikini strap behind her back. My eyes nearly popped out as she slowly peeled the tiny top off and teasingly threw it at me. She took my hand and led me over to where there were a few other people dancing.

As we walked along I could swear every guy’s eyes were on her, she was loving every second of it as she had me wrap my arms around her waist and she danced around in my arms…knowing full well she was teasing the hell out of me!

The rest of our time was spent drinking and dancing and having fun. The party got better and better as it went along and by the end, everyone was either drunk or topless or both.

After a few hours the last couple of people stumbled home, only Jason, Ava and I were left in the kitchen talking. Jason gave Ava a look that she immediately picked up on. She was still not wearing her bikini top as she walked over to him and he slipped his arm around her waist while he turned towards the stairs.

Ava took my hand in hers and I followed behind her as they went upstairs to Jason’s bedroom.

When we reached Jason’s room, they began kissing each other passionately. Ava was still holding my hand and motioned me to come closer. I already knew what she was thinking and ran my fingers down leisurely down her back to her tiny shorts.

Jason was kissing her neck and tracing his hands over her perfect boobs. I unbuttoned her shorts from behind and slowly slipped them off her hips and down her shapely legs. She moaned softly as Jason nibbled on her neck and thrust her bum out towards me as I slid her tiny shorts down over her thighs.

My cock was now aching hard in its cage as she kicked her shorts off her heels. I ran my hands slowly over her smooth ass as I hooked two fingers into the corners of her bikini bottoms.

Ava parted her legs a little as I carefully began tugging them down. Her moaning was muffled slightly as Jason kissed her deeply on the lips. I pulled her bottoms down her legs and held her carefully as I helped her out of them. Jason slipped his hand between her legs and I felt her body tingle as he began teasing her clit.

I looked down at Ava’s bikini bottoms in my hands and saw that they were soaking wet already! She must have really been aroused all day!

Jason took Ava by the hand and led her towards the bed. She climbed on as he took off his shorts. Ava smiled at me and told me to “take off your shorts babe and come over here with us”.

I slipped off my shorts and slowly joined them on both on the bed. Ava was on all fours as Jason moved behind her and kissed all down her back to her ass. “Mmmm babe, I want to see your cock in its cage as Jason licks my pussy”.

I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead as Jason’s tongue slipped between her legs. She started moaning in pleasure as soon as he started.

Ava ran her hands over my chest and over my trapped cock and balls as she slowly bucked her hips. “Mmm I’ve been getting wet all day thinking about Jason’s tongue on my clit babe!” She whispered in my ear, her hot breath quickened the more aroused she got.

I want to see your cock locked in that cage

“I love both your tongues sooooo much” she whispered as she nibbled on my ear. I kissed her deeply on the lips and felt her hot tongue slide into my mouth as her bucking got faster. Her mouth would break away from mine every time Jason’s tonguing picked up in intensity.

After a few minutes Jason moved out from behind Ava and slid her over to the edge of the bed, his cock was now rock hard and he slowly guided her head towards the tip.

Jason stood on the floor as Ava laid on all fours on the bed, and slid her soft pouty lips down over his cock. I moved alongside her and held her long hair back in a ponytail as she worked his long shaft slowly into her mouth.

Ava moved one hand back between her legs and began to rub her clit. I watched as two of her fingers slipped slowly into her warm wet pussy, before sliding out again glistening with her juices. She was completely soaked and practically dripping wet.

I knelt there beside her, my cock throbbing it my cage, unable to get fully hard. I so desperately wanted to be able to get hard, to taste her juices as her head bobbed up and down on his cock.

Ava slid Jason’s cock out of her mouth with a wet slurpy “pop” and began flicking her tongue under the tip of his cock. Her hand had moved up to her boobs and she pinched and tugged on her sensitive nipples, the juices from her fingers leaving them glistening.

“Mmmmm please fuck me…” Ava said as she looked up at Jason. He once again went around behind her and pulled her roughly into him, this time the tip of his cock right behind her pussy.

“Uugghhh” she moaned out load as Jason pushed his cock right into her in one long fast stroke. He started pounding her right away and her hips bucked wildly.

I knelt in close to her and held her up as Jason thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. Ava pushed me back slightly, a glazed look in her eyes. “Oh my Goddd Hun, his cock feels soooo good” she breathed out through the fucking she was getting. “Mmmm spread your legs Hun, I want to see your cock locked in that cage, it gets me soooo hot!” she gasped, her breath sped up rapidly.

I leaned back and spread my legs, giving her an unrestricted view of my caged and aching cock. Ava reached out and wrapped her hand around my balls and started kneading them in her wet fingers. “Uuugghhhh….uummm…I love keeping you locked…you’re the best boyfriend ever…I love you Hun!” she gasped as Jason shifted his position and began pushing into her harder.

I kissed her deeply as she started to squeeze my balls ever so slightly harder. The mix of pleasure and pain shot through me like electricity.
My aching cock was now leaking precum all over her hand and Ava teased the tip of my cock through the tiny opening in the top of my cage with her finger, scooping it all up with her fingertip.

She slipped her finger into her mouth and sucked it in deep as her body jerked back and forth with Jason’s thrusts. Ava loved to tease me when she was getting fucked hard and was fast becoming an expert at it. I watched transfixed in pure lust as she slid her finger in and out of her inviting mouth. Her finger sliding back and forth over her damp pouty lips.

As I watched her I so wished her finger was my cock she was sucking. I so badly wanted release, to feel the warmth of her mouth over my cock…

But that wouldn’t happen as long as I was locked in this cage!

“Ummmm his cock feels so good Hun, its filling me up” Ava breathed out as Jason slowed his thrusts right down and just allowed her to back up on his cock at her own pace. She alternated between long slows strokes and fast short ones as she worked him deep inside her, as she got to the brink of her orgasm.

Ava bit down on her bottom lip and squeezed my balls hard as her orgasm hit. Her whole body stiffened and she rode up Jason’s cock almost to the tip as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her! I grunted from the pressure of her hand squeezing my balls in her hand.

Ava flopped down on her stomach on the bed, totally spent from the furious exertion and the massive orgasm she just received. She was panting hard and her body glistened with a thin sheen of sweat.

She rolled onto her side to try to catch her breath and smiled up at me with her hand still on my cage. Jason sat back on the bed, his cock still hard. It seemed he hadn’t came just yet.

“Oh my God, I needed that so bad” Ava said still out of breath, as her hand slipped down between her legs once again and she idly played with her clit.

“Babe, Jason and I could really use a drink, would you go downstairs and gets us both one?” Ava asked as she teased the tip of my now ready to burst chastity cage. “Sure, ok” I said, slipping off the bed.

I walked out of the room and headed for the stairs, the aching in my crotch only made more apparent by having to move. I went down the now messy kitchen and started making us some drinks. I took my time to allow them both to catch their breath before I headed back upstairs.

When I walked back into the bedroom I got a pleasant surprise. Ava was now lying on top of Jason in a 69 position and was bobbing her head up and down on his still hard cock, while Jason was underneath busily lapping away on her very wet pussy.
I smiled and set the drinks down on the bedside table, before I climbed back onto the bed and hold Ava’s hair like I’d done many times before. Ava looked up at me and smiled with his cock still in her mouth, she worked Jason’s hard deeper into her throat, slowly pumping it with her mouth.

She was deliberately slow and soft as she had no interest in making Jason cum; she wanted him hard for what was to come later on.

Ava pointed down with her finger and I knew that was my signal to get on my knees in front of the bed. She slipped her mouth off the top and slowly circled his throbbing tip with her tongue…giving me quite the show as I looked on just a few inches away.

Loving the fact that she was making me watch, Ava proceeded to give Jason a very wet slippery blowjob. She kept him on the verge of cumming for what seemed like ages, never letting him slip over the edge, all the while he was doing the very same to her.

I watched as his cock slipped out of her mouth as she moaned out loud as another intense orgasm rippled through her. Once again she rolled over panting hard to catch her breath.

“Mmmmm, would you pass me a drink babe?” Ava asks, still lying on the bed. I reached over to the bedside table and hand them both a drink. They both sit up in bed beside each other, her hand idly playing with his cock.

They both sat back and took long sips from their drinks. “How was that Hun?” Ava asked both of us. Jason held her in tight and whispered something in her ear that made her laugh, while I just smiled back.

We all sat and talked for a short while they got their energy back. Ava reached over to the bedside table and picked up a bottle of lube and began to slowly squirt some out onto Jason’s cock. She slowly circled the tube over his cock, making sure it was coated completely in the clear viscous gel.

They both put their drinks down and Ava moved across and straddled Jason’s lap. She raised up on her knees, so that her vagina was directly over his now slippery wet cock.

“A little help, hun?” Ava winked as she looked over at me. I knew exactly what she wanted. I leaned in and gripped the base of Jason’s cock with my finger and thumb, holding it steady for her. “Thanks babe” She said as she lowered herself down slowly onto his cock, until her labia were touching my fingers.

“Babe, Jason and I would like some alone time now” Ava said as she looked over at me on my knees beside the bed. “Ok sure, hun” I replied as I got to my feet and kissed her on the lips. “Thanks, you’re the best” Ava replied as I walked out of the room, leaving the door open, as usual!

I was only halfway to the spare room before I heard them, my cock and balls aching the entire way.

Jason’s spare room is seldom used so all that’s in it is a low single bed and a simple plain duvet, nothing else. I laid down on the tiny bed in the empty room and listened to them have sex.

I could tell Ava was really enjoying herself, the sounds of her moans and gasps echoed through the hall and into the tiny room I was in. I could hear the unmistakable sound of flesh on flesh and hard breathing.

I laid there for some time just listening to them and savoring every sound. After a while, I went downstairs to get some water. As I passed by the door I glanced in and saw them both lying across the bed, Jason sliding his cock into Ava in long slow strokes with her legs high in the air. Neither of them noticed as I passed by again a few minutes later on my way back to the spare room.

I laid awake for what seemed like hours listening to them both having sex until eventually, I drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken sometime later by the sound of my phone beeping, I looked at the message and it’s was from Ava, it read “R u awake?”
I text back, “yes” and waited for her response.

A few minutes later Ava walked into the spare room. She was still naked only now her sexy raven hair was casually clipped up in a sort of quick up-do. She looked amazing, her body just slightly glistening in the soft light of the room.

I stay lying in the bed as she stood over me, her legs ever so slightly parted.
She had a well satisfied smile on her face as she looks beams down at me.

“How did you sleep?” she asked. “Frustrated” I laughed up at her as I reached out and touched her thigh. I looked up between her legs as her finger slid down to her pussy as I saw a thin rivet of cum between her tight lips.

She slides her wet cummy finger between her pouty lips and licks it clean, and smiled down at me “Mmmmm yummy” she winked. “wanna see the rest?” She asked innocently.

Ava parted her legs and gave me a proper look at her pussy. Her labia and inner thighs were covered in cum and her pussy was all puffy and swollen like it had just been pounded by a hard cock…which it certainly had.

“Jason was super horny, babes, and he shot the two biggest loads of cum I’ve ever felt inside me. I guess I must have teased him a little too much while he was away, hehe” She explained as she trailed her finger along her sticky pussy lips.

Ava peeled back the duvet and climbed in beside me. She cuddled right up beside me and ran her finger through my hair as I held her in close to me. She whispered in my ear “wanna taste?”

I smiled for a second then nodded in agreement. She got to her knees and slid up along my body until her pussy was directly over my face.
She slid her hand down and parted her lips with two fingers and lowered her sticky pussy to my waiting mouth.

My sense of taste exploded when my tongue come into contact with her. The taste of cum and her juices was so intense and overpowering.
She pressed her vagina right down over my mouth and gently rocked her hips back and forth over my tongue.

“Mmmmmmm, I love it when you lick me like that, babe!” She moaned softly. I eagerly lapped up the sticky cum that was between her legs and on her labia, before I slipped inside her vagina.

I almost couldn’t believe the load of cum inside her, it was enormous. Her pussy was practically filled with it! It flowed out of her.

“Whoa, you’re completely full!” I gasped from underneath her. I saw her look down at me she smiled “I told you”. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and slowly pulled her back down over me and slowly traced my tongue over her pussy and clit.

I head her moan quietly and the gentle rocking in her hips increased. She pressed herself right down, completely covering my face under her. I was in heaven as I lapped away at her pussy, teasing her clit with my tongue at the same time.

I heard her breath quicken and felt her body squirm a little as her orgasm built. She wrapped her fingers in mine and squeezed them hard as she teetered on the brink!

Ava bit down on her lip and ground her pussy into my mouth as another orgasm pulsated through her body. The cum in her pussy practically gushed out she rode my face.

She rode the wave of her intense orgasm for what seemed like minutes before, she climbed off my now flushed red face and slipped back into the bed beside me. She smiled a very satisfied smile as her hair clung to her skin.

She saw some of the cum on lips and chin and she started to kiss deeply, her tongue probing my mouth as we held each other in close. Her breathing calmed as she slowly caught her breath.

Ava’s hand traced down my chest, between my legs, and over my chastity cage. She idly ran her finger over my now throbbing and full balls, before cupping them in her hand.

“Mmmm that was amazing” she said as she gently kneaded them in her fingers. She softly squeezed and rolled them in her soft fingers as she looked into my eyes and smiled.

We laid there for what seemed like hours, just holding each other in our arms. After a while she slipped out of the bed and smiled back at me.
She blew me a sexy kiss as she walked the doorway of the room, the shafts of light making her skin shimmer.

She popped her head back around the door “Don’t worry babe, I’ll leave the door open so you won’t miss anything” she winked.

I laid there for hours, listening to the muffled sounds of her sucking his cock and them having sex, with the taste of cum and her juices in my mouth and the now constant dull ache in my balls, as I drifted off to sleep.

It felt like I was only asleep for a few minutes but I awoke to the sun shining through the gap in the blinds and the sound of my phone beeping. I looked at the message and it read “wakey wakey sexy ”.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and climbed out of the small bed. I walked down the hall into Jason’s room. He and Ava were sitting up in bed with the pulled back. They both were still naked and we chatting away together when I walked in.

I walked over and sat across the bed beside Ava. We talked for a while about the party and last night, before the subject of my chastity cage came up.

“How are you holding up in there” Jason asked jokingly. “Frustrated” I replied as I spread my legs a bit and laugh a little. Ava just smiled and ran her finger along the clear plastic, just on the tip of my cock.

“I think Ava is planning on doing something about real soon” Jason said, smiling across to her. “You’re so lucky” he added. I smiled back and said “I know” winking at Ava.

“Awww” Ava beamed and hugged me tightly.

We stayed talking about the events of the night before for a while longer, before Ava and I got dressed. We turned down the offer of a lift from Jason as we both wanted to walk back together.

When we got back to our place, we went straight up to the bedroom and took things easy. I sat on the bed as Ava began taking off her shorts and bikini and brushed her hair.
We chatted a bit about the night and the party and I asked her about Jason’s kinky friends. “I didn’t even know they were there” I said.

“Oh, trust me they were” Ava replied with a smile.
“Megan and I had a great conversation, we must have been chatting for over an hour” she said as she kicked off her heels.

“An hour? Whoa, you two must have really hit it off. What kinda things did you chat about?” I asked, surprised. I only saw Ava with her for a few minutes, I hadn’t realized they were chatting that long at all.

“Oh yea, she’s really kinky and into all kinds of things. Some of them sounded so hot” she said excitedly. “I told you we swapped numbers, right? I said I’d love to meet her again soon”.

“She and her friend Tara, go to a lot of Jason’s parties” she explained. “I think you met her, the emo girl?” she asked, as she climbed onto the bed in front of me.

I held her in my arms as she hugged into me. “I’m so tired, I really need to get some sleep. Such a long night” She smirked up at me.

“Me neither” I replied, still holding her in my arms.

“Oh look” Ava giggled, as she picked up her thong from yesterday that was still on the bed. “You still hungry?” she winked, holding up the small black underwear, still covered with a dried mix of cum and her juices.

I smiled back at her and opened my mouth and she dropped the tiny thong into my mouth. It tasted exactly the same as her pussy had earlier. We both laid down in our bed and I wrapped my arms around her as she spooned into me.

I felt her ass tease into my cage as I softly kissed the side of her neck.
“You know babe, I’ve been thinking” she said softly. “What’s that?” I asked taking my mouth off her neck for a second.

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“It’s about your chastity cage…” she spoke her voice quieter with sleep. “Uhmm” I replied, my pulse getting quicker wondering what’s on her mind.

“…um, never mind…it can wait until later…you’re tired” with that Ava rolled in closer to me, her pussy and ass pressed up against my cage and drifted off to sleep.

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