What do you like most about sex with a sissy?

What do you like most about sex with a sissy? Please give details.

Answers :

  • I love how most (not all) tend to love sucking dick and most actually know how to do it well if not great lol … I’ve known a few gg’s who bragged about their oral skills then I’m left thinking who the f’ told you you could suck dick because that sucked … in a bad way lol. The bigger thing I like about ts and sissy types is of course willingness to get fucked in the ass … I have an ass and anal fetish (kind of how I got into ts, tv, and etc in the first place lol) so being able to go there and not have to hear (usually) about ouch that hurts, it’s too big, and other stuff you get from a lot of gg and have someone who loves it is such a mind fuck … not to mention feels damn good lol.
  • What there not to like? A true sissy is a much more fem than most gg girls, she actually LOVEs pleasing her man and making him happy! And knows how to take a compliment and appreciates her man for being himself. I always feel much more comfortable around a sissygirl, hard to explain, but there is a very special connection between a Daddy and his sissy! And those of us who to experience it know what I am talking about!
    And how can I forget about being able to cum inside as much as I want!!!!!
  • A sissy understands a man’s needs like NO other. Physically she knows her Daddy’s body. Where and how he wants to be kissed, sucked and kissed. She doesn’t have to be asked; she KNOWS and gives her Daddy what he wants. Visually she takes the time to dress for her lover understanding what turns him on and what he wants to see. This definitely forms foreplay that I personally feel is erotic. The process of making herself beautiful for him is deeply appreciated by most guys and reaps blissful rewards later.
    I want to be sucked and she does it expertly taking her time. There is NO complaining or impatience. If you’ve ever been awakened from your sleep with your dick in her siphoning mouth, trust me, you’ll want it again and again. The fact that she WANTS to suck my cock is a blessing I cherish. Also, the offering of her ass is what made me want to be with a sissy in the first place. Her ass is a thing of beauty. I want her hole and she knows I want it, so she gives it. Even after I cum deep inside her she gives it again and I love it. The level of intimacy felt when I’m deep inside of her is a feeling of deep satisfaction. If I’m sounding passionate it’s because I am. I embrace her for what she is and does for me and that touches me in a place where no one else can. Quite simply, yes, it’s a matter of preference. But ohhh, it is SO much more.
  • We gurls are sooo happy you guys appreciate us and I for one agree with what all of you have said. I love to please, NEED that cock and cum and love NSA, no drama sex. Anon playtime is sooo hot and I love that you guys keep coming back for MORE. Love it when you guys come back for more again and again. 🙂

drawing of a whipping mistress

  • I like being able to push my partner into feminizing and living the life of a full-time female and submissive partner for my dom desires. And I like to begin the relationship with a significant transfer of power, which enables me to force you to obey me. This usually takes the form of agreeing to wear a chastity device permanently. That’s reinforced by wearing femme clothing and living as a woman, taking hormones, growing breasts, and re-shaping your body into a very female form. As you take these steps, you will become more & more feminine, and it will become progressively harder to resist.

Yes, there are significant obstacles. Who will pay for hair removal? This is usually a major step, and it can be the most expensive part of your transition. But it’s also a huge commitment, and leave you looking & feeling very womanly.

  • The question is for men who like having sex with sissies. What do they like? I am sure it is not the same for every man. One might like a chick with a dick and want to play with it while he fucks. One might like the idea of making them more fem with each fucking… one likes the eagerness, one likes the understanding a sissie might have of the male anatomy… It’s not a question for sissies. It’s a question for the men who like to have sex with sissies. I repeat. not a question for sissies. Well, unless you are a sissie who likes to have sex with sissies.
  • First and foremost it is the way they desire to give pleasure to their Daddy. The way they know what works and what doesn’t, everything from making sure he is taken care of when he gets home from work to what he needs when he wakes up in the morning. There is just something they know instinctually and don’t have to stress around it.
    We can all list the sexual abilities and the way a sissy feels to her daddy but others have covered a lot of that already.
  • It’s not a question for sissies. It’s a question for the men who like to have sex with sissies. I repeat. not a question for sissies. Well, unless you are a sissie who likes to have sex with sissies.

I hope you weren’t talking to me… Don’t let my cute exterior fool you.

I’m working on cultivating a stable of cute little gurls that would make most of the Daddies in this thread weep for joy. And not to throw shade at the guys, but I’ve probably fucked more sissy tramps in the past month than most of them. My latest project is recruiting and cultivating new “talent” to amuse mine. During that little quest, I have been approached by four other Daddies asking me if I could help them nurture their talent. I’ve paid my dues and spent enough time on the bottom. I’m pretty certain I know a thing or two about what pleases Daddy.

For what it’s worth, everything @TopUGood said was right on the money.

Do you want to know what I like most about fucking sissies?

I just like showing them that a cute gurl with a big, hard clit can make them whimper as much as any Alpha Top Daddy can! Trust me, the humiliation of being impaled by Daddy’s best gurl while being reminded of just how low and worthless a cock slut a sissy is can really do wonders.