We Are not equal, I’m the Master and you are the slave

Edge play, trust your Master

I lead you blindfolded into the dungeon and place you on a special chair. You wait while I tie your hands tightly behind your back; I force your thighs wide open and tying your ankles so you’re fully exposed for me. The rope is soft silk but still tightly tied. You’re wearing only white, lacy bra, and panties.

You listen and wait. You can hear me move around in the room, you wonder what I am doing. Wondering what is going to happen.

I grab your hair and pull your head back, kissing you, hard, my tongue in your mouth; you respond and kiss me back, knowing that I am taking you for my pleasure.

You feel the cold of steel against your throat and you feel it sliding down to you’re the center of your chest, you realize that I am cutting your blouse off with my knife, you know it is sharp as the is very little pressure, but you feel the cloth separate, first the front, then you feel the knife cut the material of the sleeves and the shoulder, the blouse falls off.

Feeling the sharpness of the knife on your skin, dragging over it, tracing and outlining your bra, I watch you tremble, waiting, then the bra straps are cut, first one then the other slowly all you feel is the pressure as the knife cuts them. Then, with the pressure of the blade on your nipple. Feeling the blade push through the material of the bra, cutting a circle around the nipple, you are afraid of being cut, the material is pulled away and you feel the knife on your nipple, stroking it teasing. Then the same is done to the other nipple, trembling with fear, anticipation, your panties are now wet. I smile.

I sit quietly and watch you. Making you wait until I am ready to continue with my pleasure of teasing you.

knife play edge I know you wonder what is going to happen next, you hear me move toward you and feel me next to you and then my lips on your neck, a bite, I see and feel you gasp, tremble, smiling I lay the side of the knife on your shoulder, sliding it down and over your breast, into and under your bra. You feel pressure and then the knife cutting the bra off of you, it falls, exposing your breasts. The knife and my fingers tease your nipples. Cool air makes them grow harder.

You feel the tip of the knife trace a pattern on your breasts, you can feel the knife tip marking you with a light scratching, sensual pain, outlining your nipples, teasing them with the sharp tip of the cold steel blade. Your breathing becomes rapid with short gasps of breath, the tip of the knife excites you, your panties are getting wetter you squirm, moving your hips, trying to grind your pussy into the chair to satisfy the desire to have your clit touched. The knife tip moves all over your breasts and down toward you hot wet pussy that desires the attention it so much needs and wants.

The knife is at the top of your white lace panties, tugging at the waistband, your breathing stops as the tip of the blade bite your soft flesh, a little moan escapes your lips as the blade cuts the fabric of your panties, loosening the waist of them. I slide the blade over your panties, you feel the blade pressure on your pussy, gasping and moaning I hear “please’ from your lips as you try to arch your back to thrust your pussy toward the knife. Flipping the knife, then using the hilt I grind it into your pussy, making you want more, you moan, gasp, squirm, moaning even more as I continue to tease your pussy. I see your labia swell with passion and desire, flipping the blade I slip it into the fabric and start to cut up toward the waistband to complete the cut I started, then cutting the legs of your panties so they fall away to expose your so very, very wet pussy.

I untie your legs and then retie them so they are raised and your pussy and ass are fully exposed for me to tease, torture, torment. I place TENS unit electrodes on your ankles and turn it on adjusting it so you feel a tingling in your pussy, you moan and gasp arching as much as you can with each pulse. This is just the start; you tremble, from anticipation, the TENS, the strain on your legs. Suddenly you feel the knife separating your pussy lips, dragging down to your ass, the cold hard steel making you gasp, the sharpness you feel, then back up to the top of your pussy and then on your thighs you feel the blade scratch your thighs, you cry out, both from the slight pain and the need for more of the blade. Then the blade is on your Mons, you feel the steel marking your Mons, marking the way to your hot wet pussy as if to guide what will come next. You feel a different blade of cold steel, it too slides on your pussy lips, and suddenly you gasp! The cold blade enters your hot wet pussy, sliding in slowly, you shudder and tremble as you’re fucked with the cold steel. You don’t know it is a dulled blade with the edges rounded, all you feel and think about is the feel of the cold steel and you shake and moan as it slides over you now hard clit, making you even wetter and the tingle of the TENS makes you scream as you cum for the first of many times.

I smile and tease your clit with my fingers, letting you relax for a little while, you moan at my touch, you whisper, “more”. I pick up one of my favorite vibes, “the infamous HITACHI”, now the torture will start. Turning it on you recognize the sound, you moan. I place it on your Mons just above your pussy, just so you feel the vibration near but not on your “G” spot. Moaning, squirming, your breathing is fast, coming in gasps as I play my tune on your body, moving the vibe down, over your so very swollen and wet pussy, so sensitive, you gasp as it comes near your clit, then holding it on your clit I tell you to cum, cum you little slut, cum for The Master, and you scream and cum, I tell you to cum again and you do screaming with release. I do not and will not stop until you’re completely spent until you scream in pain and still scream for more and more. I smile and enjoy every cry, every moan, every time you cum. All you can do is mumble incoherently, I take the vibe off of your clit, and you say “MORE”, I then give you more and you cum again and again. The ropes are the only thing keeping you upright, they just hold you in place, they do not cut in or hurt or harm you in any way. I continue to use the vibe and you scream and cum, then you cum again and your gone, completely out of reality, I stop, turn off the TENS and remove it, carefully I untie your legs and lower them, then I free your arms, lifting you I carry you to the bed cover you and hold you. Your breathing is calm and even as you drift off to dream and sleep. Laying down with you we both sleep. Later, well we will see what cums next.


A good Dom knows how to spoil his little

it was in the early part of the afternoon when I arrived. You did not know I was coming to see you, I wanted to surprise you today. The dogs were quiet as they knew me and they just walked over to greet me, then laid back down.

You were on the deck, enjoying the sun, and you were naked and asleep. I watched you for a few minutes, one hand was at your side, the other on your hip near your sex, legs slightly spread, your pussy glistened, I knew you had been enjoying yourself and fell asleep.

I quietly walked over to you. I knelt down and kissed your nipple, you stirred and moaned, I licked it and took it into my mouth, there were a deep sigh and moan of pleasure.

Your hand moved to touch your pussy you touched yourself, slowly moving your fingers, touching your G-spot. You moan slightly, I let you continue

I kiss and nibble your nipples and you wake slowly and look at me, you smile and I kiss you, and I kiss you for 15 minutes, our tongues intertwined playing and enjoying the feeling holding each other tightly.

Holding you tight I kiss you lightly and then went back to your nipples, kissing licking, taking your nipples into my mouth I suck and flick my tongue on your nipples, so nice, hard and sensitive. Sucking and nibbling one nipple and then the other, teasing them, biting hard, not enough to harm you, they will be very sore before I am done.

Then I lick your breasts, kissing, nibbling, and biting hard enough so you will have marks from the biting and sucking. Your lovely breasts will be well marked and tender for a few days, especially your nipples from my biting them. But, then it is the sadist in me.

I lick the moist skin between your breasts, a nibble here and there, licking slowly and making sure that not an inch of you is left untouched by my tongue.

You moan, squirm, I tell you to lay still, you say “you say nooooooooo. Please let me move”, not yet my little one. I move your hand from your pussy and continue to work my way down. I spread your thighs and kiss the inner thighs, using lips, tongue, teeth, I reach your very wet pussy. I take your clit into my mouth and hold it with my teeth, gently but firmly. I use my tongue. Flicking, your clit, I can feel it get harder and swell, and become so much more sensitive.

Licking, sucking nibbling I use mouth, teeth, and tongue, licking your pussy lips, I feel your juices on my face, then tasting your sweet and salty juices, I drink them in enjoying the taste. I smell your sex, it makes me want to fuck you right now, but not yet, I have a long time to tease and torture your pussy with my tongue.

I lick you, taste you, while doing that I put one finger in your pussy, gently massaging as I torture your clit with my teeth and tongue. My finger slowly massaging your pussy, I add another finger, you gasp and moan, cry out and scream with passion, you beg to cum, but I will not allow that for now.

I move my fingers in and out of your hot, wet, swollen pussy, you moan, cry out, I lick your clit at the same time, your juices flow, I drink them in!

I take my fingers out and lick you from ass to the top of your pussy, tongue fucking you, licking and using my tongue on you,

submessive with a collar and fishnet shirtI lift your legs and go down to lick your sweet and salty juices that have flower down to your ass, I lick your ass and tongue fuck you in the ass, your screaming begging for me to let you cum, but I just torture you with my tongue. Going back to your pussy, tongue fucking you, then to your clit sucking it into my mouth I lick your clit lightly.

Flicking my tongue on your clit, you grab my head and pull me into your pussy thighs wrapped around my head you scream as I tell you to cum.

Then I move my hand to your ass and start to massage your ass hole with one finger lubed by your own juices, you gasp, moan, crying out “ OH GOD” then just moaning with the pleasure as I put my finger in further, your, relaxed and

I slowly add another finger, moving in a slow circular motion I relax you even more. Slowly fingering your tight ass hole, you are crying out “PLEASE, OH GOD, PLEASE, you beg for more, to be fucked, I know it is not to stop. While my fingers are in you I move them in and out slowly, you beg to cum again, I smile and say nothing.

I go back to your swollen clit and take it in my teeth nibbling, biting, you moan squirm, beg to cum, then I say: you may come my little one” you moan, groan, and cry out, screaming with cuming, you cum hard and long, I lick your cum making sure I am getting all of it. I tell you to cum again and you do, you keep cuming, and cuming!

I kiss your head then your eyes, nose, chin and mouth, you moan softly “sleep my dear”.

I let her sleep, I clean, up pour a glass of wine, then watch her sleep, soon I will wake her, for now, she needs to rest.

After about an hour I go into the bedroom and find the water-based lube, pick up a nail file and clippers and go back to watch my little one. I trim and file my nails, making sure they have no sharp edges, take my rings off. It is time to wake my little one.

I kneel beside her, kissing her lightly, I reach down and spread her thighs, fingering her pussy, she moans. I lube my hand very well,

I start with just one finger, massaging slow and easy, she moves, spreading her legs wider. Then two fingers in her pussy,

I can see she is being aroused, she says “Sir” and slowly wakes, touching her nipples she enjoys what I am doing. I add more lube, and insert the third finger, moving my fingers in and out slow and easy, going deeper with each stroke. As you relax and stretch

I add more lube, and insert the 4th finger, your moaning and breathing deeply as I work my large hand with long fingers in further and further, you gasp,

I slide my hand back a bit and let you wrap your mind around what’s happening.

I watch you relax and I add more lube and slowly work my hand into your pussy,

I know your almost ready for the fantastic orgasm you will have as I move my fingers inside you.

Your breathing is quick, your flushed, moaning, your so ready you will have to ask permission to cum, I will make you wait for a short time, “Sir, PLEASE MY I CUM SIR”.

I look at you as you beg, then say you may cum my little one!

I push my hand in further, you cum, moans and, cries, “OHHHHHHHHHHHH”,”AWWWWWWWWW”.

Then I use my thumb on your clit, moaning squirming, begging me to stop as your clit is so very sensitive, ]

I tell you to cum again and again until you are completely spent.

I take my had out, then take you in my arms and hold you, letting you relax and come down, kissing you lightly, caressing you,

I let you fall asleep, then pick you up and put you in bed, covering you, I kiss your eyes, nose, chin, and mouth, “sleep well my little one”, as I quietly leave…………..

I did not fuck you, there will be another time.


A little Sensory deprivation is good for you

You are naked, blindfolded, tied spread eagle on the table. You can hear me moving about, sometimes feeling my light touch on your body. You have no idea about how long ago I tied you down and blindfolded you. You know I will do something to you when I am ready, for now, you just anticipate what will happen. Your, uncomfortable, The Master wants you to suffer for a while, he wants you to think about why you were late in arriving, making The Master wait, is not good. Now he makes you wait, you wonder how long it has been, how long will you have to wait, trying to move to change position does not work, you wait.

You hear footsteps, movement, sounds. You wait, not knowing what will happen, worse not knowing when it will happen, you wait.

You know The Master is there, you can smell his cologne, Lagerfeld, he is the only one you know who wears that. This is torture. You smell fresh coffee, suddenly your thirsty, you feel the hard table under you, your naked flesh on the harsh wooden table, how long has it been, minutes, hours, God, The Master, a sadist, I know he is watching, enjoying my discomfort, he also knows I am getting wet thinking about……. I can’t imagine what, when, how.

bondage gear spread on the bedI pick up the knife and slowly run the blunt edge over the middle of your pussy, gently caressing your clit with the steel before moving it between your legs and lightly pressing the tip against your ass. With a precise motion I run the sharp edge against your inner thigh, you tremble as I run it down to your knee, then back up to your pussy, stroking your labia and then down the other inner thigh and back up to your pussy………… I watch you tremble with anticipation of where I will use the knife next.

You feel the knife move over your clit and up over your stomach, feeling the cold steel as it touches your neck, you feel the pressure of the tip pushing on your soft and tender skin. The pain gives you pleasure but also fear, you wonder if I will cut you or not. You take a deep breath and wait.

The blade rests on your nipple, you feel the sharp point pressing hard, moaning you enjoy the pain wanting more. The pain makes you feel alive, giving you life that brings you the excitement that fulfills your need for the pain. Finger pinch the other nipple, gasping, you cry out with pain, The Master pinches harder and the knifepoint pushes into your nipple further. Moaning, crying out, The Master says, “There will be more pain, much more”.