Waiting for the weekend

A story by DaltonOtt

It is springtime in an ordinary suburb community in Southern California. The custom-built homes have beautiful lawns, landscaping and most have swimming pools. The sprinklers begin to sputter in the lawn of a ranch-style home located in a quiet cul-de-sac. The morning paper lays in the driveway, birds chirp, the neighbors walk their dogs and joggers finish their runs.

Inside, the house is quiet. Down the long hallway steam rises from a shower in the master bathroom. A naked woman emerges, leans forward, and wrings water from her long hair with a towel. She wraps a robe around her body, then heads to the kitchen to brew coffee. As she walks past the king-size bed she notices movement in a long black leather figure. Inside this leather container is her very own naked man, that man is her husband……

I once more wake up and realize I’m still in bondage. My sense of time has long ago lost any point of reference. I’ve tested the possibilities of escape of which there were none. After this necessary ritual, I can completely surrender to my bondage. Because of the sensory deprivation, I’m unaware I am asleep until I am abruptly awake and realize I’m trapped.

This shock oftentimes gives me a rush of claustrophobic panic and a pump of adrenaline. It takes a few minutes of refocusing to calm myself and slow my heartbeat. The only other interruption is the occasional itch, the cramps in my feet and that damn ticklish nose hair.

Bondage is the one thing in my life that never loses it’s a sexual charge. As I anticipate going into bondage my heart beats faster, my breath quickens, my hands go numb and my cock pumps out a steady drool of pre-cum. The first skin-to leather contact, the tightening of the hood, the squeeze of each strap as they are applied.

She always starts at my feet, ends at my neck, and then that final strap to immobilize my head. She purposely tightens it one notch tighter to stretch my neck and push the internal gag into my mouth. She has mastered the application of my bondage by listening to my unconscious moans. She reads my body language perfectly to give it what it wants or deny what it craves.

I’m now in the dream state, no interest in time and the bondage feels perfect. I focus on the smooth leather against my entire body. Every breath is filled with the scent of her sex. With all of my strength, I flex my body within its limits. I trust the straps that immobilize me, I enjoy the sense of freedom only a bondage lover understands.

I begin to float and have a sense of leaving my body. I know I’ve been set free from my bondage again and again. Each time I’m brought back to reality with a jolt. I open my eyes but I can’t see, I can’t move or touch my wanting cock. I settle myself as I understand it was only another dream. I sense she is always close to me so I stay as still as possible as to not disturb her sleep.

After a day of service and play, I am stored for the night in this leather heaven. Some nights my chastity device is removed for a rest. These nights my cock and balls are pulled through a hole in my sleep sack and my balls are strapped in a position for easy access.

Sometimes I’m touched sensually, sometimes I’m not touched at all but sometimes my balls are squeezed and slapped. She has been known to enjoy me with her warm mouth in the wee hours of the morning or she may cover my balls and shaft with tiny clips then drops off to sleep. Most nights I’m kept in my exposed chastity device. A pair of her soiled panties are always placed over my nose.

Suspecting it’s just another dream I’m gently brought back from my twilight sleep. She unbuckles the strap holding my head in position. Then I hear the muffled sounds through my earplugs as the hood laces are loosened. My head emerges from the silent darkness of this head-worn leather time machine.

She removes the earplugs, the strap of the leather gag and gently pulls the duct tape from my eyes. I look around the room trying to get my bearings. I silently think….What time is it? What day is it? She kisses me on each eye as she whispers “Good morning I love you”.

She then unbuckles the straps around the heavy leather sleep-sack starting at the neck. Next, she slowly pulls the zipper down my chest and continues the length of my body ending at my ankles. The cold air rushes in and chills my sweat-slick skin. The smooth warm inside of the sleep-sack has the mixed scent of sex, sweat, and leather.

After decades of use and countless nights of confinement in my vintage double leather sleep-sack and hood conforms to my body like a soft leather glove. It is smooth leather on the inside and out.

There are straps that secure the bag both head and toe to one side of our king-size bed. Being stored this way has become a ritual over time in fact it is how I sleep most weekend nights. I pull my arms from the confining sleeves one by one then I immediately reach for my cock and find it is still locked in the chastity device.

It has been over a year since I’ve seen my cock first hand. Under her control, I have to experience the most powerful orgasms of my life but most of the time I’m cleaned, teased, denied then locked away. I’m always blindfolded or hooded with my arms restrained in some way.

She makes sure we take breaks from time to time to have a “normal” sex life, after all, we are husband and wife, not Mistress and slave. However, for the past year, she has been in the mood to play in these roles. This sounds like an odd distinction but the love we share as husband and wife is the foundation that will outlast any kinky relationship. She is in no way obligated to control me but she chooses to.

She knows I will endure anything and do anything she wants. She also knows bondage is what I want and need more than anything. She chooses to do this with me and do it with all of her might and imagination. Sharing this has become a passion for us both. She has embraced it fully and now she stretches even my limits, in fact she scares the hell out of me.

I love my unpredictable sex life that is controlled by her moods. I can orgasm again and again or be denied for weeks or months I have absolutely no idea what will happen.

I hug her and thank her then head for the shower, I will leave for work soon so I need to come back into my body. Breakfast and coffee a kiss and a pat on my chastity device and I’m in the car heading for freeway traffic.

I enter my office, check my messages and appointment book then sit quietly at my desk pondering my wonderful life.

It’s Monday time to focus on making money and waiting for the weekend.