A visit from my mistress

I arrived at the house a bundle of nerves but excited to be with you once again. You told me ahead of time just to walk in the door, you would already be ready and waiting for me. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as I entered into your domain. The house was dark, candlelight glowed around the room. It was very romantic. It took my eyes a bit of time to adjust to the light, and when they did I realized there was a figure kneeling just to my right. In a faint whisper, I heard “welcome my mistress“!

Goddess is waiting in

I very slowly walked towards you, taking in as much as I could. You had on a blindfold and nothing else. Your arms were crossed in front of you with your hands just holding onto your cock. Like you were ashamed to let me see that you were excited. Your breathing was slow and shallow with anticipation of what was to come. There was a pretty wrapped package in front of you with a single white rose upon it. I knelt down in front of you picked up the rose noticing that the thorns were removed at the lower half where I was to hold it. I took in the aroma of this lovely blossom and smiled, thought to myself; my slave is so good to me. With that, I placed the rose just at the base of your neck and drug its thorns down your chest. Not enough to tear the skin, but enough to show the red scratch marks. You inhaled deeply and arched your back moaning with happiness. I leaned closer to you my lips almost touching yours, I whispered, “thank you for the gifts”. And I kissed you gently on those soft pouty lips. I rested there for just a moment, taking in your essence. Your tongue escaped and parted my lips, searching for that delectable dance our tongues do so well. I love the way you kiss me, adoring and passionate! I backed away and quickly slapped you across the face! “I did not say you could kiss me, Slave”! The shock of this slap took your breath away and made your cock become more erect. With your head bowed in shame you cried out, “I’m sorry Mistress, forgive me. I could not help myself”.

Again I took the rose and let the blossom run up and down your chest. The soft peddles felt nice caressing your skin. I ran the peddles down your stomach to the top of your pubic hair. Ran it across your pubic region and I watched your cock leap at every touch. I let it glaze across the head of your cock the precum touched the peddles and made a silky stream. I bent down breathed ever so slightly at the head. Letting you know my mouth was close. You sucked your breath in with the hope I would take you. Your cock bounced about waiting for something to happen. I stuck my tongue out and just licked off your precum carefully not to touch any skin. You tasted deliciously sweet as I let it linger on the tip of my tongue. You moaned aloud wanting more but said nothing like a good Slave. I let my rose dance continue to stroke up and down your shaft, around your balls, I walked behind you and swiped it between your ass. Then I let the thorns touch your butt and pressed a little harder. You whimpered, I let the thorns scratch all the way up your back to the base of your neck. You let out a shudder and a loud cry of pain.
Falling over onto your hands, breathing heavily. Saying “thank you, Mistress”.

Tools time

I looked around to see a table with some toys on it. There was a leather flogger, a riding crop, and a wooden paddle. I studied each one, glimpsed back at you on all fours and chose the flogger. With the scratch marks embedded from the thorns, the leather flogger will make perfect marks. I kissed the flogger, told you to take a deep breath and “crack” I let the first strike go right in the middle of your back. Before you even had time to recover I let blows two and three loose. You screamed out mercifully! Stated stop! Realized what you said you tried to compose yourself. I asked, “did you just say stop”? In a shallow voice I heard, “yes Mistress, I did”. Before you finished that phrase, I first flogged the left side of your ass, instantly the right. You went flat on the ground, howling and panting for every breath.
I stopped took in a profound lung full of air, raised my shoulders and head high, in a triumph full moment.
I squared down to your level in front of your face and said, “you lousy weak excuse of a Slave, get up and take your punishment like a good boy”! You composed on all fours, in a whisper said, “yes, My Goddess”. You inhaled and realized that my sex was right in front of your face. But you did not move, you have been trained well.
I grabbed your ears and in a sharply inhaled breath, I smashed your blindfolded face into my pussy. You open your mouth and sucked on my cum soaked silk panties. In the excitement, you pulled my panties down just enough to have your mouth clamp down upon my clit. I was rock hard! Your erotic whimpers cried out for more. As your tongue touched me, my body involuntary shuddered uncontrollably. My orgasm was near. The closer I got the harder you sucked. In a few final seconds, I grew still, my cunt throbbing with wanting release…and you pulled away! Knowing that I love this type of torture. I breathed as deep as I could to stop my orgasm from releasing. Smiled at you, knowing you that you could not see me. And whispered, “you are my silver-tongued devil, you do know how to please me”! “yes, my Goddess”! Was all I got.
We both calmed down, you got back on all fours, I stood tall. I traced your back admiring my work, the welts were picturesque. I knelt behind you, kissed and licked my way around your ass. I opened your cheeks, sucked and probed my tongue deep into that abyss. “Goddess, I fucking love you”! Was spoken aloud. These words I crave to hear! I absolutely melted!
I ignored these words of adornment, kissed that ass, spit on the abyss…licked my two fingers and forced them into this trench of love canal I claim as my own. Screams howled through the house. As your sphincters gave way to a fierce entrance. I explored as deep as I could find the prostate. Massaging it, making your cock dance. I reached with my left hand and squeezed your balls as hard as I could. Moans of pain and pleasure were aroused. I milked you until you said, “I’m close”! I backed out slowly kissed and sucked that abyss one last time. Crawled in front of you, cupped your face between my hands and kissed you adoringly with such passion that both our bodies melted into one another. I removed your blindfold, looked you in the eyes. Smiled that smile only you bring out in me. Glanced at my package, looked back at you, tears were welling in your eyes…all you said was “Goddess, I’m ready”!!!