Valentines day cuckold

A perfect evening for a perfect date

The Sun is setting as we are driving to the coast. I am so happy that I was able to surprise you with this mini-vacation getaway. A weekend at a beachfront resort, dinner tonight at a 5-star restaurant, all the makings to a perfect Valentine’s weekend.

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Pulling to the front of the resort I open your door hand you the room key. “Mistress, go make yourself comfortable in the room, I am going to park the car and bring up your luggage”.

Pulling into the parking garage, and unloading your bags, I am dreaming how romantic this weekend will be. your cock swelling in it cage locked tightly since New Year’s Eve.

The room is beautiful, overlooking the pool and tropical oasis, with a picture-perfect view of the setting sun into the ocean.

Upon entering the room, you run up to me giving me a big kiss jamming your tongue into my mouth. Looking deep into my eyes “ Slut, the room is perfect, someone is going to be fucked so hard tonight they are going to forget their name”! your Cock Straining even harder in it entrapment.

“Mistress I got you a little present to wear to dinner tonight”. Reaching into my bag I pull out a couple of boxes.

I love giving you gifts and seeing how much you enjoy them. You open the first box, a sexy black evening dress. Box number two reveals matching Black panties, bra, garter belt, and stockings. Box three, sexy fuck me pumps.

You jump into my arms Kissing me again “tonight will be a night to remember slut”.

“Slut, while I get dressed, could you go down and order champagne, I would like to have a chilled bottle in the room for after dinner”.

Heading to the concierge desk to arrange the chilled champagne, I am dreaming of tonight, it has been over two and a half months since my last orgasm, and sounds like tonight will be the end of that. But that has not been true for you, while I have been orgasm-free for that time, you have been having many, my mouth and tongue have supplied many of them, and your newest lover, who’s cock seems to be endlessly hard.

Returning to the room, you look beautiful in your new outfit, I can’t help but drop to my knees and kiss your feet in your new shoes, “Mistress I am the luckiest slave in the world”.

Laughing you say “We will see “, as we head down to our dinner reservation.

We sit across from each other, you order a bottle of champagne. The waiter returns with two glasses and the bottle, pouring the glasses and setting them before us. Picking up the Glasses to toast the night.

You look deep into my eyes at the same time I feel your foot tickling my balls under the table, your Cock so hard in its cage, feeling like it will explode.

“Slut, I have a little surprise for you” reaching into your purse you pull out a small jar filled with your champagne. You reach over and take away the glass of champagne the waiter poured me. “ go to the bar and get a new champagne glass for yourself”.

When I return to the table my mouth drops…………… sitting next to you is your latest lover. The two of you kissing and fondling each other like honeymooners.

I sit back down shocked, you grab my new glass and pour your champagne into it.
Looking into my eyes “ here’s to a night we won’t soon forget”. we toast the night. And you and your lover kiss deeply and passionately.

“Slut, when I said upstairs…. Someone was going to be fucked so hard they would forget their name…… you didn’t think that was going to be you, did you” and you and your lover almost cry laughing.

“slut, finish drinking the precious champagne I allowed you and go wait in the car, tonight is for lovers”

I quickly drink down your champagne, just as I am leaving you to reach under your skirt and pull off your new panties, “slut, I won’t be needing these tonight, plus they are soooooo wet from me thinking about this big cock” as you rub your lovers bulge.

Feeling defeated, but knowing I want you to be pleased sexually on such a romantic night I crawl into the back seat of the car. Bring your panties to my nose and inhaling your wonderful scent to which I am addicted to and would do anything for. your Cock forever trapped in its tight prison.

About two hours later, I get a text from you to come back in. When I get to the table the two of you are giddy from the champagne, still kissing unable to keep your hands off each other.

As the waiter stands by the table you look at me “Slut, Pay the waiter for our meal”.

You, Your lover and the waiter all laugh as I reach into my wallet to pay for the 5-star dinner you just ate.

Looking at the waiter you tell him to wrap up whatever scraps are left on your plates and to give them to me for my dinner. “ Give the dog his doggie Bag”

As the three of us leave the restaurant to head to the elevator you look at me “where do you think you’re going slut, you are sleeping in the car tonight and one other little surprise, open the box in the trunk and read the instructions”.

I open the trunk get the box to bring it into the back seat. Opening it I see your ejaculating dildo and many condoms full of cum. You write “ fill the ejaculating dildo with one of the condoms, then suck the dildo till you get a text that my lover has cum, then pump his cum from the dildo into your mouth, then refill it and repeat, every time he cums up here, I want you to experience it there”.

I jam the dildo into my mouth knowing I would do anything to please you and share this wonderful night with you.

Summoned to service

While I am laying in the back seat of your car, I am thankful, when you bought this car with the money I earned for you, you got the really dark tint on all the windows. Still, the idea of me laying in the back seat In a parking garage, Dildo in my mouth, panties over my nose, and a cock rock hard in it cage has my mind swirling with lust and how much I love serving you.

But I am quickly snapped out of my dream world as I get a text from you that your lover has just cum while giving you a mind-blowing orgasm.

I know what to do, I squeeze the cum filled bulb, injecting the cum filled dildo into my mouth, swallowing down youר lover’s cum. This process goes on for hours till finally the texts stop and I drift off to sleep.

I am awakened to a text from you telling me to come up to your suite. Slightly tired, my mouth sore from being stretched all night sucking your dildo and pumping cum into for hours. My stomach growls, I have only had scrapes from your plates and condoms full of cum all night.

I knock, your naked lover opens the door. As I enter, the room smells of sex, my senses are overwhelmed, my cock hardens, painfully trapped in its cage at the sights and smells.

Your lover joins you back on the bed, the two of you kissing as you spread your legs summoning me over. I crawl between your spread thighs, your pussy raw from the night of passion covered in your dried juices and your lovers caked cum,

As I gently lick and suck you clean you stroke your lover’s cock. His hard cock huge in comparison to my cage little dick. “slut look at this huge cock while you suck me clean.” My eyes lock on your hands stroking his man meat.

“Slut, are you enjoying the nice breakfast we prepared for you all night.” As the two of you laugh.

Your lover starts to moan “Slut, get your mouth up here, he is about to cum, and I think it is time you got his cum right from the source.”

I move my open mouth towards his cock, just as he is blowing a huge load you push my head down jamming his cock to the back of my throat, I have no choice but to swallow his warm thick load.
I gag and choke as the two of you embrace kicking me aside.

“slut get the fuck out of here, we are going to spend our day at the beach and pool. We will text you whenever we need something and you better be quick about it or there will be hell to pay when we get home.”

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I leave the room and head back to your car and my backseat prison to await any texts. I am so happy that you were generous enough to share such a special valentine’s day with me.