Tucked secret

Angel came into the classroom and took her seat as Ms. Strictness sat at her desk reading a book. The teacher briefly looked up over the pages she had been reading and then rose, straightening her short pinstriped skirt as she pushed back her chair. She took her time looking about the room as the student’s busy murmur slowly became silent and they settled in.


She walked slowly but directly towards Angel, her heels echoing in the still room as she came to a stop beside her desk. Lightly resting her delicate fingers on the three-ring notebook that lay open there, Ms. Strictness spoke, “Today you are going to write for me. You will compile two paragraphs of the reasons why you want to be in my class.” She looked pointedly at the girl as she finished her instructions.

Looking up at her teacher, and along with the rest of the class, Angel replied “Yes, Ms. Strictness” and then tried to focus her attention on the paper before her. She picked up her pen and tried to gather her thoughts but had a hard time focusing as she felt the warmth gather between her legs and spread to her face and ears from being so close to the woman. Still standing above Angel, Ms. Strictness’s eyebrow arched slightly as she noticed the hesitation and the red tinting of the girl’s ears.

The teacher walked away slowly, observing the rest of the classroom as her students diligently went to work. She retrieved their final exams from her desk and then walked back around the room placing them on her students’ desks as she went.

As she walked the breadth of the room her eyes always ended up back on Angel, the girl who had so much potential but showed such lack of effort this year. The girl’s shoulder-length raven black hair was swept into two low ponytails that framed the sides of her pretty neck as her head was lowered over her paper. And the teacher’s eyes moved down the girl’s figure to the patch of bare skin showing between her white lace top stockings and the girl’s uniform skirt that had apparently been altered. It was obviously shorter than the regulation length and purely a motive to get more attention.

Ms. Strictness had noticed several things by observing the girl over the past three semesters and she was clearly in need of strict discipline and focus. The girl had a pleasant demeanor and all of the teachers liked her, but Ms. Strictness knew that she received most of her good grades by her charm and being cute. She put on a good show of being a “good girl” for most anyone of authority, however; she noticed the girl did anything that she could to get away with things that didn’t put her in the same category of the bad kids.

Since she was a senior this year, most of her teachers were giving her a free ride since she had been an exceptional student in the past and they had more pressing matters to focus on with the students who really needed their attention. They viewed her as not a “real” problem student. All of the teachers except for her…

She eventually made her way back to Angel’s desk at the front of the class and was about to place the girl’s graded exam on her desktop when she noticed the girl hadn’t even finished one paragraph in the 30 minutes she had been sitting there and was apparently having a hard time writing more. She looked at the clock on the wall and then leaned down over Angel’s shoulder and spoke quietly in the girl’s ear, “When the bell rings, don’t get up. You will be staying after class again today.” and Angel stopped writing in mid-sentence.

The girl slowly looked up into her teacher’s eyes and nervousness spread throughout her body as she softly replied back, “Yes, Ms. Strictness.” as her body slightly slumped down in her chair and she knew by her tone that this was not going to be good. The bell rang loudly bringing her out of her thoughts and she jumped, startled by the unexpected sound. Ms. Strictness’s voice rose as she spoke over the bell and asked the students to put their papers on her desk, keeping her place beside the girl who still sat at her desk as everyone else left the room and did as they were told.

The room became still again and after a few moments Ms. Strictness’s voice broke the silence almost as harshly as the bell had and she spoke again. “Angel, do you know why you did this assignment for me today?” The girl didn’t reply right away and Ms. Strictness circled behind her desk, the sound of her heels on the concrete floor was deafening to Angel, making the girl shrink down even further. She felt like prey being circled by a vulture. Finally she was able to voice a reply, and a very soft “No Ma’am.” escaped her lips.

Ms. Strictness spoke again, “You were given this assignment because I would like to know why “you” specifically wanted to be in my class.” “You have shown no effort with your homework when you do turn it in, and your classwork shows even less.” Ms. Strictness placed Angel’s final exam on her desk in front of her, a huge red F was the only thing visible to her standing out from the whiteness of the paper. “Just how do you expect to pass my class without trying?”

Ms. Strictness continued, “I took the liberty of calling your parents and informing them of your exam grade. They are, as you can imagine less than happy with your performance in my class.” She paused and then said, “They seemed a bit confused why you are having so much trouble in my class when you are passing the rest of your classes.” Ms. Strictness walked around to the front of Angel’s desk and leaned forward placing her hands on either side looking the girl dead in the eye. “But you see I am not confused at all. I know why you are not passing my class and told them of you not doing the work or making the efforts needed to do so.”

Ms. Strictness stood back to her full height in front of the girl then turned and slowly walked over to the classroom door and shut it carefully, her hand turning the lock as she did so. She turned back to face Angel and spoke again, “Before our conversation ended, they told me that apparently you were in need of strict discipline. They have given me full authority to do whatever I choose with you that may make a difference to help you graduate.”

Angel swallowed hard and looked at her. She knew that Ms. Strictness was aware of her games and they were not going to get her anywhere with her. She was a stern and unforgiving bitch, who gave no leniency whatsoever to any of her students. All of her classmates were terrified of Ms. Strictness and so was she in a way but for some reason, she couldn’t help but fantasize about her. She had masturbated many times to the images of her in her head. Angel took her teacher in fully with her eyes, the butterflies in her stomach danced as the lump in her throat got bigger. The parts between her legs tingled and became aroused as she wondered why such a beautiful but hard woman got her so excited.

“Angel!” Ms. Strictness’s voice and the sound of a yardstick hitting the desk broke through her haze like a shotgun blast. The girl jumped again in her chair and her eyes widened as a small gasp was expelled from her lips. Ms. Strictness stood inches before her with a yardstick in hand, and she hadn’t even noticed. Her deep mahogany curls were twisted up and held tightly in place by ebony hair sticks. The teacher’s perfectly made-up eyes and now arched eyebrow framed by her black glasses showed unyielding scrutiny and distaste for the girl’s daydreaming.

The teacher’s voice still raised she said, “This is one of the reasons why you are failing!” “You have no focus whatsoever!” and she shook her head as she walked over to her own desk. Ms. Strictness sat down in her chair and told the girl to finish her assignment. Laying the yardstick down on her desk she watched as the girl took her exam and placed it in her binder and then gradually picked her pen back up, looking down at the notebook before her. The girl unconsciously bit her bottom lip as she tried to concentrate.

Ms. Strictness picked the book she had been reading back up and scanned the page to find her place where she had left off as Angel continued her work. But her thoughts were not on her reading. The girl was at the forefront of her mind, and what she had planned to do with her. The teacher knew that there was something quite different about this one and needed discipline of another kind to keep her attention and in line. Her eyes swept back up to the girl as she felt eyes on her and saw that Angel had been staring at her again, they met and Angel’s head ducked as she went back to her work.

Angel could not think straight, there was no way she was going to be able to finish this paragraph, her desire to write the real reasons why she wanted to be in Ms. Strictness’s class were not only screaming from her head but also soaking the panties that covered the hard warm flesh between her legs. The girl inhaled sharply, and the need to look at the beautiful woman once more won out.

The jacket she had been wearing that matched the pinstriped skirt was now draped over the back of her chair and the sheer black gauzy tailored blouse was uncovered revealing the woman’s black bra underneath, it was veiled through the material of her blouse but obviously expensive lingerie, and very feminine from the detail she could make out. The long strand of pearls that surrounded her neck and then draped down to her stomach was pressed together between her full breasts and disappeared behind the teacher’s crossed legs.

Angel continued to drink in every detail of her teacher, the ache growing even more. She saw that Ms. Strictness’s skirt had ridden up just enough to show a hint of a garter attached to the top of her black thigh high stockings and the girl wondered what type of panties the woman was wearing beneath her skirt. Lost in thought once again, she hadn’t noticed the teacher putting down her book and watching her as she did so. Angel’s nipples grew hard under her shirt and her eyes swept back up to the teacher’s face who was staring back at her. She felt her face flush, then she felt faint, she had been caught and the teacher’s eyes bore straight into her soul.

Ms. Strictness rose from her desk picking up her book in hand while still holding the girl’s eyes and walked towards her, she slid her rounded bottom onto the side of the girl’s desktop and crossed her legs looking down at the girl’s paper. “Angel, you have only written 4 words since the last time I looked at your assignment and it has now been an hour since school ended.” “It is apparent to me that your attention has been on something else.”

“Now I am going to give you something that may better keep your attention.” “I want you to read this.” and she placed the book she had been reading on top of Angel’s paper. She placed her finger at the beginning of a paragraph, “Start here,” and then trailed her finger down the page to the end of a sentence of another paragraph, “and end here.” Her perfume filled Angel’s nostrils and with her already feeling faint it made her even dizzier to be so close to her once again. Her eyes glimpsing over to the teacher’s ass that graced her desk and then to the book and instructions the teacher had pointed out.

“You may read silently.” Ms. Strictness said and she watched Angel as she read, the girl’s mouth slowly gaping open and then looking up at her teacher after she had read a couple of sentences. Ms. Strictness looked at her and arched her eyebrow and said, “Go on finish reading.” “Riveting isn’t it?” Angel finished reading what she was instructed to and her ears glowed brightly red along with her cheeks, her green eyes bashfully looking up at her teacher to let her know she was done and then quickly averted her eyes to her desk.

Ms. Strictness asked, “So girl, what do you think about that?” and Angel quietly replied, “It’s a very dirty book, Ma’am.” A small knowing smile played on the teacher’s lips and she responded, “But it kept your attention, didn’t it?” “Are you going to tell me that you didn’t like reading it?” Angel put her head down further and couldn’t bring herself to look at her with the images of the bound girl in the lines she had just read playing through in her head over and over again. Ms. Strictness’s voice slid down her spine as she mocked the girl’s reaction, “My little Angel, so sweet and innocent as she plays to the crowd…but I know better.” “You’re not as innocent as you let on, are you?”

“Well my dear, now you are going to learn how to focus and pay attention in a way I can get through to you.” And Ms. Strictness leaned over closer to the girl, her shirt slightly opening as she did so revealing the deep cleavage of her breasts. She reached out and lightly moved a wisp of bang out of the girl’s eyes with her deep red nail. Ms. Strictness’s voice was cold and hard as she slipped off the desk and stood before her and commanded her. “Stand up girl.

Angel’s eyes grew wide and the butterflies in her stomach went crazy, she couldn’t move or look at the woman standing over her. Another sharp command rang in the girl’s ears, “You either stand up on your own or I will do it for you.” And the girl slowly stood, her knees shaking beneath her. Ms. Strictness grabbed the girl by the arm and swiftly moved her across the room to her own desk and pulled out her chair. It had a tall back and no arms and accommodated movement from either side.

Ms. Strictness sat down in the chair and left the girl standing before her as she spoke to her again. “Now, I remind you that your parents have given me the complete authority to do what I choose to help you pass this class.” “You have received your first lesson in focus, and now you will receive your second.” “Lean over my lap girl.” Angel looked at the teacher still terrified but somewhat confused as if she hadn’t heard her right. Her panties were wet and she didn’t understand why.

“Lean over my lap now!” The girl immediately but carefully stepped forward and leaned across the woman’s lap, trying to stabilize herself without falling, her fingers and feet resting on the floor below her. Ms. Strictness rested her hand on the small of the girl’s back feeling the heat rising off of her through her shirt and said, “I bet it has been a very long time since you have received a well-earned spanking hasn’t it girl?” “Or could it be that the spoiled little princess has never been spanked?” The girl trembled on her lap and tears welled up in her eyes as she replied, “Yes, Ma’am.” Ms. Strictness spoke sharply, “Yes Ma’am what girl? It has been a long time or you have never been spanked?” “Speak clearly and be specific!”

Tears trailed down the girl’s face and she said, “It has been a very long time Ma’am.” Ms. Strictness’s eyes swept over the girls round bottom in front of her and a smile spread across her face as she pulled the girl’s skirt up and over her back revealing the white panties beneath it. She said, “Well then I suppose you are quite overdue for one then aren’t you?” “Perhaps you will remember what it is to be humbled and made to pay attention girl.”

The girl could feel the teacher’s hand brush against her when her skirt was pulled up and then the cold air of the room flow over her skin. She felt exposed and vulnerable in a way she had never felt before and the reality of what was happening to her was like a sudden and sharp slap. She felt so very small and fragile and the thought of the pain coming was nearly bringing her to a sob already without the teacher having done anything.

Ms. Strictness picked up the yardstick from the top of her desk and gave her one hard stroke across her ass, the girl crying out under the force, her sobs now coming from the actual pain inflicted. She moved to get away from the sting, but Ms. Strictness’s arm pressed down into her back and her hand held her waist tightly against her.

Another hard blow was unleashed and Ms. Strictness’s voice mingled with the slap of wood against the flesh, “Now you are focused aren’t you.” The girl yelped again and then another stroke was given. “Now you are getting the discipline you need.” “You simply want to be put in your place.” Ms. Strictness continued to talk as she gave five more rapid strokes. The girl’s bottom became pink from the blows and straight lines from the shape of the wooden yardstick blossomed in front of the teacher’s eyes. The girl shuddered with sobs but never once did she ask the teacher to stop.

Another rapid succession of strokes and the teacher could see and feel the wetness from the girl’s panties soaking through to her own skirt. She said, “My, my, what is this? Your body is betraying you little one, giving away all your secrets.” And the teacher released her grip on the girl, placing the yardstick back on the desk. Her hand went back to girl’s ass displayed upon her lap and she let her fingernails trace over the swollen red stripes there and then stopped. She spoke to the girl again, “Get down on your hands and knees.”

The girl was still sobbing on her lap, but it wasn’t the pain that made her sob. She was embarrassed by what the teacher had said, her body revealing and reacting to the things that were happening to her. She knew if she didn’t do what her teacher had commanded that she would make her and she slowly removed her body from the teacher’s lap, sliding onto the floor in front of her. Her vision was blurry from the tears and she could feel streams of snot clinging to her nose and mouth and then dripping from her face onto the floor beneath her. She heard the teacher open a desk drawer as she waited for more fierce punishment to be inflicted upon her and instead she heard the sound of chain tinkling.

The teacher’s hand reached down and surrounded the girl’s chin pulling the girl’s head up straight and she saw a flash of black leather and chain as she placed it around the girl’s neck. The teacher pushed her head back down as it was locked into place. The girl saw a length of chain and leather cuffs nestled on the floor beneath her flowing down from the collar that was now on her neck. The teacher leaned over pressing her breast into the girls back as she took one of the cuffs and then the other and locked them into place on the girl’s wrists swiftly and without pause.

Then she felt the teacher’s hand move between her legs brushing her thighs as her ankles were given the same treatment. The girl’s constant sobs had become brief and infrequent and she tried to process what was going on. She felt reduced, like an animal on her hands and knees. Even lower than that, but there was a strange peace and sense of clarity that filled her, a calm she had never felt. Like she was finally where she wanted and needed to be. The images in the book she had read earlier drifted through her head and she realized at this moment she was that bound and helpless girl.

Ms. Strictness stood up and stepped in front of her, the girl’s eyes resting on the toes of the teacher’s stiletto heels. She saw the teacher’s delicate hand reach down and grab hold of the chain attached to her neck and felt her pull up on the chain. “Stand up girl.” She looked up at the teacher her face red and swollen, the tears and snot dried on her face and complied with her command. She was a little off balance and felt awkward trying not to get twisted up in the chain that led from her neck to her wrists and then down to her ankles but managed to do so without falling over.

Ms. Strictness pulled her by her neck and walked her a few steps to the desk making her face the classroom with her thighs against the desk and stepped in close behind her pressing her own body into the girl’s. She felt the edge of the desk bite into her thighs. Ms. Strictness’s put her head close to the girl’s as she whispered into the girl’s ear, “This, my dear is how you are going to pass my class.” “You are going to serve me in any way I choose, and you will be taught the things you need to know by doing so.” “And if you choose not to or decide that you need to tell someone, you will not only fail your class but you will not graduate.” “As a matter of fact, no one will believe you anyway, and you will be kicked out of school.” “Is that understood?”

The girl shrunk under the teacher’s voice close to her ear, and a small trembling voice replied, “Yes Ma’am.” The teacher went on, “I have seen the way you look at the other girls when they are near you.” “I have also noticed that you blow all the boys off who think you’re hot and vie for your attention.” “Why is that?” “Your mother mentioned that you have never had a serious boyfriend in our discussion.” “Do you have a secret little girl?” “Are you a lesbian, do you only like girls?”

Angel shrunk again and the teacher pulled her head back against her. “Answer me girl!” The girl answered and started quietly sobbing again, “I didn’t want anyone to know. They would make fun of me.” The teacher continued with her interrogation. “I have also noticed the way you look at me girl. I have seen you looking down my shirt and stealing glimpses whenever you can.” “Poor little Angel, just imagine what all of your classmates would do to you if they found out.”

“You’re not only a dirty girl but a lesbian as well.” The teacher’s foot stepped in between the girl’s ankles and widened her stance against the desk, splitting her legs open as far as the restraints would allow. She pressed her groin into the girl’s ass and then she forced the girl’s upper body down onto the desk. The girl’s arms and hands were trapped under her chest and the teacher leaned forward resting her own body on top of the girl.

The teacher continued to whisper in the girl’s ear beneath her, “So many secrets tsk, tsk.”“You know if they were to find out I can just imagine what may happen.” “We hear of incidents around the world all the time of people who are ostracized by their peers.” “People who are abused verbally and physically, raped and tortured when they find out their secrets.” “However, I seem to think that the idea of your classmates doing so may not have the same effect.”

“Perhaps restraining you so you can’t get away, the girls and boys taking their turn using you, laughing at you, and abusing you for what you really are.” “You secretly would enjoy it wouldn’t you?” Angel’s eyes were half closed, the need between her legs was so urgent she couldn’t stand it and she knew the teacher was right. A quiet “Yes Ma’am” resounded from her lips without thought.

The teacher stepped back and pulled the girl up straight again, turned her around so she was facing her, her hand going to the top of the girl’s skirt and then undoing the buttons at the girl’s waist. Angel’s skirt slipped down to her thighs as it was released, revealing her panties and her flat mid-drift. Ms. Strictness grabbed a black permanent marker from her desk and took the top off with her teeth as she stared in Angel’s eyes. “So Angel you are going to reveal your secrets.” “You are going to wear them and every time you see them they will remind you of what you really are.”

Ms. Strictness spoke again, “Let’s start with Lesbian, as you have already confessed.” The teacher wrote the word across the middle of the girl’s stomach with the marker. “Hmm, let’s see, we know you are dirty.” And the word was also written beside the first one. “Let’s dig a little deeper shall we.” “All of the things you feel that make you react like the wet little girl you are right now.” “Filthy, worthless, useless, nasty… does that sound about right?”

The girl moaned slightly in reaction to hearing the words her teacher voiced and again, an instant thoughtless reply of “Yes, Ma’am” escaped. The teacher continued to spit words at her and watched the response the girl’s body made to them, “Whore, tramp, hole.” The girl’s midsection was covered in black writing boldly standing out against the white of her skin. “You are all of these words girl, and acceptance will free you of your fears.” “You will face them.” “You will embrace them, and who you really are.”

The girl was lost in the teacher’s words, and never felt freer than she had at that moment. The teacher threw the pen down on the desk and forced the girl to turn around again spreading her legs. Her hand went between them to the soft fabric of her wet panties and grabbed hold of them ripping them from her body.

The girl’s last secret was revealed. There between the girl’s legs where it had been tightly and neatly tucked away was the secret she had been trying the hardest to hide. And the girl tried to pull away but the teacher kept her still. The girl was not a biological girl but a gurl, a boy who so desperately wanted and felt like she was a real girl. The gurl’s hard cock sprang free and to the place where it normally would have been and Ms. Strictness reached around and grabbed hold of it in her hand.

“My sweet Angel, I have known who and what you really are for a long time now.” “There will be no more secrets you need to hide.” The teacher stroked the gurl’s cock pulling her against her and she brought the gurl to release, her cum streaming across the desk and she collapsed in her arms in deep guttural sobs. The teacher held her tightly to her and let the gurl cry. Her voice now soft and comforting she spoke to Angel, “You are now mine and areas you should be, free.”