Tricked by my hotwife

Fantasies, what are them?

I looked over at Kate who, dreaming as much as I, sat on my right watching television. We would have fucked as we normally did every night but we didn’t this night. Or last night. Or the night before. We were losing steam, we agreed. A long time ago.

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“What are you thinking about?” I asked. I had to.

“Mm.” she replied, non-committal as possible.

“Oh.” that was all I could muster. I didn’t want to press it on. I couldn’t even tell if she was randy or not but sitting on this couch and getting fat, I felt even more effete than ever. Powerless to do anything.

“Let’s go out,” she piped up.

Out? Kate?

“It’s 9 o’clock.”

“You make it sound like we’re supposed to go to bed this early,” she rolled her eyes, resting her eyes on the roof and wagging her foot.

“Uh. . .” I trailed off and thought, ultimately resisting.

Before I knew it, we were in the shower together and washing each other off with the awkwardness one would expect from a couple taking the shower together for the first time, save for the wandering fingers They did not wander, oh no. What consumed me? What consumed her! I was out of the shower before her and I dawdled on that thought, wiping my feet with the towel.

The clothes remained a difficult find in the closet and the dressers. Wash was tomorrow. I scrounged up a decent shirt which remained in the dark shadows in the closet for too long. It really had been a long time since I had gone out. Pants were more a-plenty and socks had to be found in a hamper of fresh clothes not put away from last week.

Kate stepped out of the shower and started drying herself out. I stepped out of the room into the bathroom. Kate, towel around her head and towel around her torso, paid no heed to the crossing of paths, a million times it had happened before. I fished for the gel in the cabinet.

How long had it been? I stared at the bottle – a month, two, three?

I fumbled with it, long out of practice and squirted a puddle into my hand and lathered my hair with it. I reached around Kate, who stuck an arm back in, grabbing for the comb. Not a word. I worked the comb and said not a word. The toothbrush and toothpaste, not a word. Deodorant, cologne, sparkles. Ok, not sparkles but not a word.

I walked out and put on my shoes to wait. Not a word. Not a goddamn single word.

Pimping us two

I knew the club we were going to. We went to this every week for the first and second month of our relationship. Kate was fond of it, I was alright with it. Now? The music was strange, as familiar as it had been. The music screeched on the PA system, with no mention from the other patrons if there was something wrong with it. People mostly lounged about, never taking to the dance floor.

Kate was busy, taking her stool near the bar. I stood beside her, heads even. The alcohol, pricier than I remembered, tasted no better than watered down horse-water in a bottle. Lights danced around to no rhythm the music played and I stood there waiting. Waiting for something to happen.

Her eyes wandered from each bench, stool, and booth. Kate’s. What was she looking for?

“What do you think about – ” Kate asked.

I cupped my ear closer to her.

“What do you think about doing something tonight?”

I blinked. I squinted. I admit I was confused about what she was asking. She smiled. “Sure,” I replied with a delay.

“Kay,” she replied and tapped her lip.

To be honest, I was counting my lucky stars she was going to let herself climb down the stool and walk over to the two girls sitting in a quiet corner of the booth, both relatively attractive but the one facing away got to me more. Instead, she sat in her chair and pointed me to a guy playing pool under a red lamp.

His cuffs flared open as he made a clinching shot on the eight ball, ending the game. A round of pulls on their beer rounded up the reveries of the win and handed his cue to the defeated.

Ask him,” Kate insisted.




“See if he wants one.”

I looked at her stunned. I did not know what I was getting myself into but I had an inkling. And having that inkling, I hated every moment I dwelt on it.

Swallowing my pride, I walked over to him.

“Hey man,” I started it off. His brows arched, taken aback by my approach. “Name is Phil.”


“My girlfriend over there,” I continued with a lump in my throat choking words out of my mouth, pointing to Kate. “My girlfriend would like to know if you’d like to come with us to our place tonight.”

“Uh,” he paused and studied my girlfriend winking at him from the bar. “I don’t even know you.”

“That’s okay, I guess.” I kicked myself the moment those words came out.

“Name is Chris,” he stuck out a hand to greet my hand that I had not realized I stuck out, a gesture that I had down to a reflex and nothing more. Our hands bobbed up and down, hand firm and fleetingly warm and dry. From there it seemed to devolve into a whirl that had what followed disappear into an abyss that I cared not if I could recollect.

Who took my pants off ?

Kate had already taken off her blouse and nearly draped it over the bottle of wine. There were a few sitting on the nightstand, all but one of them were empty. One of them had even been without alcohol that we did not notice until we started sobering up. Chris’ socks were already gone, leaving him lying on the bed unbuttoning his shirt. I was more feeble, taking more than my share of alcohol and fumbling with the buttons on my shirt.

Good lord, my belt! Kate undid that for me – or was that Chris? I sat on the bed, helpless with the buttons. Chris pants fell off and then the boxers, covering the floor. I peered over my shoulders and saw Kate down to her panties and bra. And I, still clothed, too helpless to do anything.

“Don’t sweat it,” Kate purred and pawed at my hands. I lifted my heavy eyes to her and she met them with an evil grin. I winced. With another hand, she pushed Chris to lay down. A hiss, “Go down on him.”

I blinked and by the scruff of my neck, she led my ragdoll head onto his lap, my eyes closed. My lips met the cock, unsure what the fleshy digit would feel like on my lips. I opened my mouth, given no other option, and let it slip in. The smell, the taste, unlike what I had ever tasted before struck with revulsion as it took my senses on a full-on assault. Kate’s hand raised my head up and down, having the length grow in my mouth and the powerful urge to gag grow and grow. Tears welled up in my eyes but not a drop slip down my nose. Taking the cock, no other thing could be more humiliating. Taking it while it fleshed out and hardened between my lips, filling my tongue up with scents and aromas with something that I dreaded ever since I heard of the notion of taking another man in. Up and down, up and down; no other motion allowed.

And then, at the moment it would get no harder, my head was pulled away and I was allowed to spread myself on the bed. I feared what was coming next, that the inevitable feelings of having my rear end torn up and being used.

I waited.

Not a word.

In the haze, I felt the bed bounce as I felt both of them pull away. Kate and Chris, doing something else. I moved my head around as the bouncing became more intolerable. There Chris was ramming his cock into Kate, and Kate helpless to any other sensation was grunting and moaning. I winced. Twice in a row.

I waited for them. An eternity as I felt my heart being ripped, betrayed by this man that I had asked to screw my girlfriend and I was not being allowed to partake in this by the damned alcohol rolling around in my gut. I raised my hand to gently feel Kate’s feet, but she jerked them away. I frowned. What else could I do?

But something else didn’t. Frown, that is. I was helpless to the sight, watching her get taken by somebody else, to be so satisfied by this new man. His ass, bouncing right in front of me.

An eternity passed as I watched the ass bounce. And then, the eternity ended. They flipped around and he proceeded to ram her from behind. More bounding ass from Chris. And then sideways with Kate’s pussy exposed. And then it all ended with a pyrrhic victory, Chris’ body jerking and trembling like a calf fresh from the womb.

I blinked long and hard as the penis pulled out and white dribbled. White sauce, white ooze. I studied it slip, seep.

And all that, without warning it was on top of me. Kate lifted her body over top and sat on my face, rubbing the cum into my mouth. I opened my mouth, reflexively and stuck out my tongue, without a thought. I tasted the weak salt that permeated from the ooze and studied the flat taste. No sharpness, no acidity. Nothing, but overwhelming all the same as more and more came out with each flick and each tease of the filled hole.

“Thank you, Chris,” I heard Kate pant. I paused for a second there but decided to continue, residing to the fact that everything else had been decided for me this night, that it would continue to be so. I continued as I felt Chris lift his body from the bed and heard the noises of clothes being assembled from off the floor. And all the while Kate continued, “I knew you would like this.”

Chris kissed Kate and then walked out of the room, whipping out his cell. Kate just sat there, grinning.


Done, the two of us lied there thinking.

“That was a ballsy thing to do,” I thought out loud.

“Yeah,” she sighed.

“I mean, with him coming in you and all that.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” she purred.


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“I know him.”