Tool Shed – to service a man [cage, cuckold]

All parts of the story :

Tool Shed Punishment – CBT [Mistress, slave]

Tool Shed Punishment – Humiliation [punishment , cuckold]

Tool Shed – to service a man [cage, cuckold]

Tool Shed – no cage for you [threesome, forced bi]


To say that I was shocked by her statement would be an understatement as I couldn’t fathom her actually having sex with someone else even though she had threatened to do so after she found out I cheated on her. Now though she very much seemed as though she was serious about what she said and to think she said that he would be our lover. What did she mean by our lover? Did she think I was going to do or have anything done to me by this behemoth?

I mean the guy was a good 4” taller than I was which would put him at around 6’2” and the muscles that abounded from his skin would make any man feel jealous even if they had muscles. I glanced down at his crotch and I could tell he had a monster hidden behind those ghetto pants too.

“You’re right Kiki the little worm is jealous and speechless,” Tyrone says as he looks down at me.

“Told you he would be, slave introduce yourself properly now,” Mistress says.

I must have been off somewhere else when she gave me that order as I was soon slapped on the face, which brought me back to the here and now.

“I’m sorry Mistress, what is it you ordered me to do?” I say and ask.

“I said introduce yourself properly,” she says with annoyance.

“Yes Mistress” I say quietly.

I then kneel down before the giant of a man, which of course only made him seem even more of a behemoth, and kissed his Nike shoes.

“I’m slave Chris,” I say without looking up.

“Very good slave now crawl to the bedroom and kneel by your cage,” Mistress says.

“Yes Mistress” I say quietly and then crawl away while blushing, as I know he can see my well defined ass through the pink panties I’m wearing.

“See he can be a good slave when he wants to be,” Mistress says.

“You’ve got yourself a handful I see, I’m sure I can help you tame him,” Tyrone says and then kisses her.

I kneel beside my cage waiting for them to come in, my mind spins with questions and yet my body tingles from head to toe, why it’s doing this I don’t know.

I look about the bedroom for the first time since she got the stuff out of the bags and see she has been quite busy preparing for this evening. I’m relieved to see condoms on the nightstand at least she’s making him wear protection. I also see a bottle of what looks to be scented massage oil, a fresh tube of lube, and some things covered by a hand towel that she obviously did not want me to see yet.

I can hear them approaching so I get into my waiting position making sure it’s perfect as I do not want to disappoint Mistress. They have been busy while they were out there, as Tyrone is now down to his boxers.

‘Wow’ I say to myself as I see him.

His dark chocolate skin is quite a contrast to Mistress’ pale milky white skin, his muscles can now be seen even more, and of course, he has six-pack abs that would make any man jealous. I cannot help but wonder where she met him or how she has gotten to know him.

“Good slave into the cage you go for now,” Mistress says as she sees me.

“Yes Mistress,” I say quietly and then crawl into my cage, she then shuts the cage door, and locks it.

Mistress taps onto the top of the cage and I know I’m to put my hands through so I do, she quickly places my hands into a pair of handcuffs, and then heads over to the bed where he now lays waiting for her.

I stare at the bed, I can just see the top of it where they are from my cage, and watch what I can.

“Mmm” Tyrone says as Mistress begins to rub her hands over his stomach and chest.

Mistress tweaks his nipples and he moans in pleasure this makes her smile even more. They kiss, grope, and hump each other; their passion slowly mounting to a peak. Soon I see Mistress’ negligee being pulled up over her head and then tossed to the floor. In one quick move, he gets on top of her pinning her face down below him as he now straddles her waist. I hear a gasp from her at this sudden movement but then I hear a moan of pleasure as he bends down and nibbles on her neck and shoulders.

“Mmm I’m gonna love filling that tight pussy with my monster,” I can barely hear him say to her.

I should be jealous, I should be furious that another man is touching my wife in our matrimony bed, but for some reason I’m not. In fact, I think my cock would be rock hard if it weren’t trapped in its prison right now, which to me is really odd.

The guttural groan I hear come from Mistress snaps me back to what is going on, he has gotten the bottle of massage oil and has begun to give her a deep massage.

“Oh god Tyrone that feels so good,” I hear her say.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” I hear him say.

For several minutes he gives her a massage, first the shoulders, then the upper back, then the lower back, then the butt, then down to the thighs, calves, and feet. Once he’s satisfied he’s done a good job on her backside, he flips her over and does the front side. His dark hands kneading her pale skin like a baker would do to dough. Occasionally he’d bend down and suck on one of her
nipples or tweak them before continuing. I heard her moaning in pleasure as he did that or groan in pain when he found a sore muscle.

After what seemed like forever, he finally stopped and set the bottle back on the nightstand. I heard her whisper something to him but couldn’t make out what she said but knew she had to be talking about me as he turned his head in my direction and then smiled. Then I saw him nod his head yes and they both got up and came close to the cage.

“Well slave I think it’s time you met your new lovers tool, what do you think Tyrone?” Mistress says with a smirk and a wink.

“Mmm I think it is time for him to see it, see what’s going be in your tight pussy soon and then in him later,” Tyrone says with a smirk too.

I stare up at them in shock as I hear him say ‘in me later’ and then I hear them laugh.

“I do believe you have frightened the boy already lover but let him see what he really should be afraid of,” Mistress says.

Tyrone then slowly rubs his right hand over his cock through his boxers, I watch as he starts from his ball-sack obviously and goes up, up, up some more to the top of his cock. My mouth falls open as I watch this, ‘surely he can’t be that long’ I say to myself. Tyrone laughs and then slowly removes his boxers and lets them fall to the floor.

“Oh my god,” I say as I finally see the monster he has been hiding.

They laugh, “Oh yes boy he’s got a monster of a cock and he’s going to fuck me with it and then he’s going to fuck you with it if you’re a good boy that is,” Mistress says.

“Mistress surely you’re joking,” I say quietly as I continue looking at the monster he is now holding proudly in his hands.

The thing is at least 10” long and at least 3” around.

“Do I ever joke about such things boy?” she asks.

“Umm…. No Mistress… but surely you are this time,” I say.

“I’m not boy,” Mistress says sternly as she stares down at me.

My face goes white and yet my asshole twitches at the sight of it, now I’m really getting confused as to what is happening to my own body, it should be quivering in fear not getting turned on.

“Oh yeah boy I’m gonna love tearing you a new one,” Tyrone says as he strokes his monster.

“But first he’s mine,” Mistress says and then kisses him deep and hard.

They ssheer bra tits lipstumble back onto the bed, him on top of her of course, his dark behemoth body easily covering her petite body below him. I strain to watch them but cannot see much from where I am, so I’m to listen only this time apparently.

I hear gasps, moans, groans, kissing, coming from the bed as they enjoy each other.

“Mmm yes…. Harder…. Yesss that’s it….” I hear Mistress say and then see the bed begin to shake he has obviously put his monster into her but I did not see him grab a condom this causes me to freak a bit.

At the same time I’m freaking a bit I can’t help but feel the stirring going on deep in my soul, could I be turned on by this? Could I really be enjoying it that much? Could I enjoy having that monster up my virgin hole? What do these new found feelings mean? What will Mistress do to me next? Will she really have me due stuff to him or he to me? As the questions race through my head I notice my breathing has quickened, ‘calm down, breathe, Mistress will take care of me as she always has’ I say to myself in order to regain my composure.

“Oh fuck… yesss…” Mistress says breathlessly as a big orgasm takes over her body.

Her body begins to spasm uncontrollably as I turn to see what I can of them, I know that look upon her face I’ve only been able to bring that look to her a couple times since we’ve been married. I hang my head knowing he’s doing a much better job than I ever will, my humiliation grows even more.

“FUCK!” Tyrone says loudly and breathlessly as he begins to come hard deep inside of her.

Now their bodies’ spasm in unison as their orgasms takes over washing away all control either of them thought they had. For some strange reason I believe I might have come with them if I was not in chastity, I fight these odd feelings unknowing where they are coming from. After they both calm down and compose themselves I can hear them whispering to each other and then some more kissing, they are snuggling though I can’t see them I know this is what they are doing as this is what me and Mistress would normally be doing right now if it were us. Again, I hang my head in shame at the knowledge that it is not me up there giving her that much pleasure.

“Mmm slave that was by far the best fucking I’ve had in years and the best orgasm I’ve had in a long time, I bet you wish it was you that provided that much pleasure, don’t you slave?” Mistress says and asks.

“Yes Mistress,” I say just loud enough for her to hear.

A few minutes later, I see her getting off the bed and coming towards me, she undoes the handcuffs, then the cage door, and then points to a spot on the floor she wants me to go to. I quickly scramble to the spot she wishes me to be and knowingly lay down on my back, she smiles at this.

She then straddles my head and brings her freshly fucked and soaked pussy to my face, “clean it cucky boy, I want it all cleaned out or you’ll be punished,” she says sternly and then smothers my face.

I cannot believe she is having me clean out his spunk from her pussy, I cannot believe she is smothering me like this, and I cannot believe the emotions this is bringing about. I am torn up inside, I am humiliated on the outside, and yet my cock my poor aching prisoned cock seems to have a mind of its own.

‘UGH!’ I say to myself.

She rises up so that I can get a moment of air and then smothers me again.

I work my tongue in her as much as I can, I taste the foreign spunk in my Mistress pussy, and I clean her out as she ordered me to do. All the while, she pinches my nipples knowing how that drives me crazy, she smacks my imprisoned member, and she laughs as she does it. ‘God that woman knows how to drive me crazy’ I say to myself as I work on her pussy.

After about 10 minutes she finally raises up once she thinks I have done a good enough job, it is only then that I realize he has been watching me the entire time. I blush as I see him looking at me, my face smothered in his cream, and my pink lacy panties still on.

“Good slave go clean yourself up quickly then meet us in the tool shed,” Mistress says.

“Yes Mistress,” I am barely able to say and then crawl over to the bathroom to do as told.

“He’s definitely humiliated like you said he would be but I think there maybe something else going on inside of him,” I hear Tyrone say as I begin to wash up.

“Yes he’s definitely humiliated as he should be and I have to agree with you there just might be something else going on inside of him,” I hear Mistress say.

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