Tool Shed Punishment – CBT [Mistress, slave]

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Tool Shed Punishment – CBT [Mistress, slave]

Tool Shed Punishment – Humiliation [punishment, cuckold]

Tool Shed – to service a man [cage, cuckold]

Tool Shed – no cage for you [threesome, forced bi]

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“Get your ass over here now!” Mistress yelled at me.“Yes… Yes, Mistress…” I stammered nervously.

I knew I had fucked up royally this time by the sound of her voice and also by where she was pointing to, she was pointing to the tabletop vise-grip. Yeah you heard me right I said the tabletop vise-grip, Mistress and I play in the now soundproof tool shed, and the reason for this is a whole other story to which I won’t go into right now. Right now I’m in big trouble and I’m trembling before my beautiful Mistress waiting for my punishment. Now you might ask what it is I’m in trouble for and you have the right to know, I cheated on my Mistress, yeah I know I’m a very bad slave. I can hear you now asking why I would do such a thing and to be honest I really don’t know why other than it was a spur-of-the-moment type of thing, in other words, I let my dick speak for its self and didn’t use my common sense brain.

“Don’t stand there trembling before me like a childish fool, get yourself in place now,” Mistress says angrily.

“Yes… Yes Mistress,” I say nervously and then step up close to the tabletop vise-grip, grab my cock and lift it out of the way so that I can place my balls in it and so that Mistress may crush them.

Mistress turns the handle and begins crushing my balls with it, slowly the pressure begins to form then the pain sets in, oh the sweet yet devilish pain. She turns the handle more and more to the point she knows I can still handle it and then beyond it this time. I bite my lip to keep from screaming out in pain as I know this will only cause her to turn the handle even more. When she sees me biting my lip she smiles and turns the handle just a slight bit more and then steps away.

“Now that I have you where I want you and where you can’t escape if you wanted to I shall begin punishing you; you pathetic excuse of a slave I thought I trained you better than that but apparently you need more training before you can be seen out in public with me,” Mistress says as she looks over her tools.

I know better than to say anything I just hang my head in shame. Mistress picks up the claw-hammer and turns towards me, my eyes widen as I see it and she laughs that sadistic laugh I used to love to hear. She then turns back to the table and sets it back down and picks up a small yet heavy sled-hammer I’ve truly grown to despise. She turns towards me with an evil grin upon her face and starts heading towards me.

“Please… Please, Mistress…. Mistress, not that…. Please, Mistress….” I stammer as I see her approaching me with it.

“Shut up you insolent fool,” she yells at me and then brings the hammer down on my ass.

I scream out in pain as the sled-hammer indents itself into my skin. I know now what type of punishment I will receive or so I thought.

“You do need more training if you think you know what type of punishment I’m going to give you this time, this was just to get your attention and now that I have it…” she says and then places the sled-hammer down and from somewhere behind me picks up the meat tenderizer.

“No Mistress…. Please… Please, Mistress, have mercy… I promise never to cheat on you again Mistress…” I stammer out as I see the meat tenderizer in her hands, my eyes wide with horror, she had threatened to use it on me before but hadn’t so far.

Mistress slaps my face full force with her hand, “shut up before I gag you,” she says angrily.

Mistress then brings the meat tenderizer down upon my cock-head with what felt like a full-force hit.

“FUCK!” I scream as the pain rages through my cock and up to my brain and then back down to my cock, tears are instantly falling from my eyes.

Mistress then brings the meat tenderizer down upon my cock-head, again and again, I scream out in pain as the tears flow from eyes. Mistress doesn’t give me a moment’s rest, she lets the meat tenderizer hit close to the base of my cock, and I continue to scream out in pain both from the hits of the tenderizer and from the pain of me instinctively jerking back causing my nut-sack to scream out in pain in its trapping as well. For what seemed like forever Mistress pulverized my cock with that meat tenderizer making sure not one spot of my cock was missing. When she was done my cock was bruised, a little bloody, and swollen but not too swollen which I thought was odd since it felt like she was really giving it to me (which I found out much later that she hadn’t and that she was merely tapping my cock with it but since my cock was held out so taught it felt worse than it was).

“There you insolent fool that should teach you not to fool around on me again if it doesn’t next time I’ll just cut the damn thing off completely,” she says as she turns back to the table to clean the sled-hammer and meat tenderizer.
I have nowhere to go but to stand there on weak, trembling legs as my balls are still locked tightly into the tabletop vise-grip and crying like a baby. I want to touch my aching cock but can’t as my hands are still bound behind my back.
Finally, she comes over to me and releases my balls and I fall to the ground in a blubbering pathetic excuse of a man mess.

“Stop your crying and please me now,” she says sternly as she straddles my head.

Mistress lowers herself down onto my face and smothers me with her dripping wet pussy, what transpired just now she obviously enjoyed very much. I lick and suck on her beautiful pussy even as I continue to regain my composure. My cock and balls throbbing in pain and yet just the smell and taste of my Mistress has my cock rock hard and ready to explode.

“Ha you pathetic fool you think you’re going to be allowed to come, I think not in fact once the swelling goes down your chastity device will be locked on and you will remain in for a month before I even think about letting you out of it,” Mistress says and then punches my balls. I scream into her pussy as the pain soars through and of course instantly I’m soft again.

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