Toilet Slavery and more

When I started seriously playing around in my early twenties and thinking I was submissive, I was going through some rough times and honestly, my sex life wasn’t very normal. I couldn’t get along with women at all and always fought. So I thought I would try something different and try submitting. I was arriving at the self-awareness that the issue in my past relationships was power struggling. Domination and submission were out there on the Internet for me to read about and I admit it was kind of erotic and turned me on. I had absolutely no idea how to seek out a Mistress or Domme in any real capacity so I did what so many foolish people did – I searched on AOL! There was almost no real lifestyle Dommes of any kind on AOL, but I did find various kinks to enjoy. I somehow stumbled across a few Financial Dommes…this was back when that whole thing was just starting to get rolling. I had a decent amount of money, certainly enough to play. I liked the idea of the Princess/Goddess. It seemed like fun and I enjoyed the idea of this beautiful but wicked creature that was out there. I don’t know what it was, but I just really sort of craved perversion and danger then. Maybe it wasn’t healthy, I don’t know. I had a couple of unfulfilling experiences with women dominating me and losing money in the process. So I just looked harder and tried to find the most extreme one I could find, and that I was, of course, attracted to. I found a girl who was 18/19 and actually local to me, which was purely accidental. She was very attractive, the Princess type who thought the world revolved around her. I got to know her and we hit off, she was bratty as anything and unpredictable. She almost instantly set me up on a “tribute” schedule and demanded an insanely high initial tribute – which I think was like 400+ dollars. I just went for it. I think her initial schedule required me to pay 2000 a month and I’m not sure she even asked if I could afford it or what I did. To this day, I’m shocked I went along with it. But I was just captivated. I’m convinced that she wasn’t initially acting, which is just almost unheard of in that world. She never mentioned anything about R/T and said I would serve her online until I was no longer useful or she got bored. We just shot right out of the gate and it was a crazy initial ride as we would cam so I could worship her, and she could have me do random humiliating things to myself. She was really into two things, getting attention and humiliating/degrading me. She was so creative that it bordered on being crazy. She would call my phone in the middle of the night and tell me to go make scrambled eggs and rub it on my face. Sometimes she’d call and tell me to go make a payment to her or she’d have me do something nuts. Sometimes a female friend would just show up at her place while we were camming and she wouldn’t even flinch or turn it off. She’d just tell her friend that she was camming with “some loser guy” and they’d just go on chatting. After a bit, she decided that I should start paying more because she was going to send me things to worship. I did of course and she started sending me packages with random stuff in it of hers, sometimes totally non-sexual. Mostly though she sent two things…panties and used tampons. The panties were always totally soiled and stained. I would go on cam and she would order me to lick every inch of the panties and tell her how it tasted. She would stop me every so often to have me thank her for the honor of tasting it. The same thing for the tampon, she’d have me lick it and then suck on it. After I was done, she’d make me keep it in my mouth for as long as we were on. Her creativity and wickedness were for her age. I’m not easily humiliated but she regularly had me feeling totally degraded.

I started to lose track of how much money I was even spending. We were now constantly shopping online to buy her clothes, shoes, makeup, perfume, underwear, jewelry, you name it. I was legitimately hooked. One day, I was talking about something I was doing and I guess she had forgotten how close I was to her geographically and suddenly realized it. I got a call late that night and she asked if I had ever wanted to serve in real life. I said, of course. She told me that she wasn’t sure and would think about it, but that she was giving me an opportunity to tell her everything that I loved and worshipped her for, and why I would be such an excellent slave. I wish I could have taped that conversation as it was one of the most amazing Fem Dom moments I had ever experienced. I basically spent about an hour on the phone describing in detail everything that was amazing about her physically and mentally, and about all her feminine beauty. I tried to stop and finish easily 10 times and she prompted me to continue or that I’d have no chance with her. By the end, I was admitting things I had never thought I would. After that, I gave a list of things I would do for her, and just gave it my best shot. She listened and told me that she would contact me again with her decision – and if she accepted me that I would have a long list of things she needed and how she wanted me to serve her.

I was never so excited to get something. The list she came back with was bordering on madness. Nearly impossible to do. Filled with crazy stuff like that I would buy her enough toothbrushes so she never had to reuse one. Or that I wasn’t allowed to be in the room if she was changing any clothing. I loved it. Most of it though was about two things, having me over there and waiting on her hand and foot and upping the financial service. I was to pay her twice a week now and she would create a plan to continually up my payments. When I came over, she would have me give her the balances to my credit cards that I brought before coming in. She would look into my wallet and take any cash I brought. She was really taking a lot of money and I just didn’t care. We went shopping often and she spent without much regard. Every once in awhile she would max a card and then scold or slap me for the limit not being high enough. We’d sometimes bring her friend and she’d make me pay for her to buy things too. The thing that amazes me still is that I let her do things I would probably never do now, and that humiliates me in public. Sometimes she would scold me in front of other people. Sometimes she would make me walk behind her with my head down as she walked through the mall. She had a standing rule if the cashier asked if this was a gift or what the occasion was – that I had to tell the cashier that I was buying it “for my perfect Princess.” I’d probably never do any of this stuff today but it was incredibly thrilling on a base level. She was shopping for shoes and ran one of my cards to the max and made me call at the register to ask the card company to increase my limit. They actually did it and she ran it almost to the new max and said she would leave me a few dollars for “food.”

I could probably write a book on the things she did because I’ve never seen most of it repeated in any Fem Dom relationship I’ve known of. I’ll never forget when she went into the mall bathroom with her friend and instructed me to kneel outside the door to the women’s bathroom and that if anyone asked what I was doing to tell them “I’m trying to listen to women going on the potty.” Thankfully no one asked.

I was craving humiliation constantly despite never loving it before. I felt almost as if it was totally normal. I was going to her place somewhat regularly and most of it was me running around her house naked waiting on her. It was occasionally odd and she was capable of forgetting to engage me on any level other than “do this, do that.” Sometimes she would dress me up in female underwear and clothing that we bought for me. While I was dressed up she’d have me dance for her, or whatever else came to her mind. One of her favorite things to do was to pull up pictures and videos of naked and gay men and have me pretend, as a woman, to describe how I’d like to fuck them and be fucked. She made me come once into a cup and she threw the come onto my face and made me describe how I just “sucked a cock and how I liked the facial.”

When she let me be close to her, it was always worshipping of some kind. Mostly her feet, sometimes her covered breasts, sometimes her totally covered pussy. She was very open about the fact that I would never have sex with her. She let me lick her feet, which was about as much physical contact as I got at that point.

One day out of the blue she called me and said that she had a surprise for me…but that I would have to pay without knowing what it was. I paid what she asked and went over. We spent much of the afternoon with me laying at her feet while she did homework and studied.
Eventually she let me lick her feet for a while and while I was doing that she started talking. She told me that she was going to let me worship her in a different way and that I had better please her as she wanted. She had me kneel on the bed and she got in front of me facing away and she pulled her pants and underwear down off. I was pretty shocked as I had never seen her even partially nude like that. She gave me instructions that I was not to touch her at all, and that I was allowed to move closer to her and tell her how beautiful the view was. I did, and it was really amazing, she was almost perfect in that younger woman sort of way. I was close enough and low enough that I could get a small look at her pussy from behind. Her ass was amazing and without blemishes. I described what I saw and verbally worshipped her for about 10 minutes. I could get a faint smell of her pussy and it was maddening. I knew that I’d never get near it.
She told me I wasn’t done and that I was to come forward and kiss each of her ass cheeks and then thank her for the honor. I did, of course gladly. I had no idea what she was going to do next and she actually did surprise me. She told me that I was finally going to get a reward for being such a good slave and that she was going to expect more of course. She reached back and spread her ass with her hands and didn’t say anything for a second. She told me to bring my face as close to her ass as I wanted without touching and I was allowed to look and that I could smell her ass for a moment.

I did so, and it was a beautiful view, nearly perfect but it was unmistakable, her ass smelled sweaty and dirty. I could smell the faint smell of shit coming from her. I didn’t know how to react or what to say. So I just took a look deep pull of her scent through my nose. It was oddly intoxicating. I pulled back when I was finished and thanked her for the privilege. She asked me a question that surprised me. “How did it smell, and I want you to answer honestly.” I cringed a little but I didn’t want to lie to her so I just blurted out that it smelled a little dirty. She paused for a moment and followed it up with, “so the question is, did you like how it smelled?” I actually had to think about it for a second but I knew the answer deep down. I liked it. My mind just wished I could go back and smell it again. I almost didn’t want to tell her but I did. I admitted that I thought it smelled great and I was so happy she shared it with me.
She said nothing else for a few seconds and then she started to get dressed. After she was dressed she ordered me to kneel on the side of her bed near her pillow facing her.

She got closer to me and said, “I’m glad you were honest, but my ass is NEVER dirty.” She leaned down and slapped me hard across the face. I really felt terrible despite knowing I had been truthful. She grabbed my hair and leaned closer and spit right in my face, almost in my eyes. I’ll never forget what she said next because I had my eyes closed and was listening carefully – “Everything about me is beautiful, and if you forget that again, you’ll never see me again.” I really believed her.

We didn’t mention that event for a couple days. I was back at her place, and she was really in a bad mood and was treating me like crap. She was ordering me around constantly and out of nowhere she tells me to go into her bathroom and make sure it was spotless because she was about to use it. It was not even close to clean, of course, as I went in. So I asked her what I should clean it with. Mistake. She yelled back that I had 2 minutes to clean it with whatever I could find and then she was coming in. She was in such a bad mood that I was a little afraid of letting her down on this one. I had no chance, I couldn’t really find anything too useful immediately so I just used water and toilet paper to rinse stuff and wipe down what I could. She came in and I knew it was still dirty. A couple looks around at the condition of the bathroom and she was instantly more angry. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head down to the ground and ordered me to start licking the floor. I just went with it and it was totally disgusting. The floor was filthy and I could feel the dirt on my tongue. I just kept licking and she was not speaking to me at all. She yelled at me to stop after a couple minutes and I looked up and she was sitting on the toilet as if she was going or ready to go. She ordered me to kneel at her feet looking at her. I was thinking I was going to be slapped or hit, but she didn’t. She looked and me and said, “you’re going to stay kneeling while I use the bathroom. Do not move or speak.”
I stayed pretty motionless and she started to pee. I expected her to get up after doing so, but she stayed seated and I realized that she was about to take a shit. I was a little unnerved as I didn’t know why she was making me kneel there. I listened to her go and I honestly was totally turned on. I tried to not show it though. She finished and was sitting there while she started instructing me, “I’m going to get up and you’re going to smell my ass again, but this time, you’re going to wipe me because that’s what you’re worth to me right now.”

I felt instantly humiliated but at the same time, I was actually excited and curious to do what she asked. I couldn’t explain it. She got up and turned around, spreading her ass to reveal herself – this time, her ass was very dirty and I could clearly see the shit that remained from her dump. The smell was piercing. I got shaky for a moment as i reached for some toilet paper. I didn’t really know how to do it best from that angle and just did what I could to wipe her clean. After a couple of swipes I got her clean and told her that she had been wiped well. She didn’t say anything but sat back down on the toilet seat and said “show me what you wiped off.” I shyly offered up the toilet paper and turned it so she could see. We both looked at it for a moment, and I could hardly believe what she said. “I want you to lick the toilet paper and taste it. Since you were unable to clean this bathroom, I figure you should get a good taste of this.” I had rimmed a woman before, and gotten a small taste but nothing like this. There was actually a good streak of shit on the paper. I went close to it and the smell was foul and pushed at me. She leaned in closer to me and said, “not just lick it, I want you to lick it off the paper.” I was nervous but I really wanted to obey her for some reason. I put my tongue to it and the taste hit me immediately. It was harsh and bitter. I just kept licking at it and the smell was coming up with each stroke of my tongue. I had licked it a few times and it wasn’t really coming off the paper. I knew that I would have to lick harder and get it in my mouth. She was totally silent and just watched me. I licked harder on the paper and I could feel it coming off and clinging onto my tongue. I had to pull it back into my mouth and I got a better taste of it – it was really nasty and I had to fight my gag reflex. I went back down and tried to be quick about licking it off. I did mostly get it all off and I could feel that I had a decent amount of it in my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I had her shit in my mouth. I felt totally degraded. I had little else to do so I just tried to swallow it down. I nearly threw up from the little bit I had. Nevertheless, I managed to do it. She had an odd look on her face as if this surprised her. She said, “And you just went ahead and swallowed it without me having to tell you to do it. I’m impressed.” I actually was happy to hear her say that and it erased the sick feeling that I had. She pulled me out of the bathroom by my hair and had me kneel again in her room.
“Tell me now, you just tasted my shit, how was it?”
I knew the answer already. It was absolutely disgusting, but I was HAPPY that I was able to taste it. For some reason, I was convinced that I deserved it, and in some way was lucky.
I replied quickly, “It tasted amazing and I’m lucky that I was able to taste it.” She smiled and petted me on the head. “I didn’t flush the toilet so you may go back in and admire the rest of it. You aren’t worthy of that yet, though.”

I went in and looked down into the toilet. There was a large, light shit that wound around the bowl. There was so much of it that I got a little sick thinking of what it would be like outside the bowl. But I couldn’t shake a feeling. It looked pretty! I wanted to tell her I thought that way.
I worked up the courage and went back out to her, and told her, “it was beautiful, and even more so, because it came out of you.”
she smiled, and said, “I know.”

That moment actually was an important one because I think a switch flipped mentally for her. I think that she realized that I would basically do anything for her and that she had me. It felt like she had embraced the fact that she was totally in charge and that I belonged in my role of slave. She became even more dominant and her desire to humiliate me actually increased almost immediately. This period to come was the most intense humiliation that I have ever received to this day. I reached a point occasionally where I was not sure if I could handle it, and I was becoming brainwashed to begin with.

Still, her wickedness and creativity was astounding. I can still remember her putting a hood over my head and ordering me to stand in her living room. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity until I realized there were people in the house other than her. She had 3 female friends and a guy friend over, which I did not find out until later. They hung out in the living room and I was randomly exposed to humiliating acts and physical punishments. I’ll never forget being introduced as her “worthless servant” and it didn’t help that I was not clothed from the waist down. I was insulted about my appearance, written on in marker, and had things thrown at me, including food. After I had been written on, I was told that on my legs with an arrow to my cock read, “no pussy for this, forever.” She was leading this whole thing and encouraging her friends to do whatever they felt like. After instructing me to recite humiliating things, she asked me if I had to piss, and I foolishly said yes. She ordered me to aim my cock back up toward myself and piss myself. I did, and I clearly entertained them. One of the worst things I had to endure was the guy getting up a few minutes later and saying that he had to piss and asked how he should do it. I was told to get on my knees and he pissed right on the hood. It soaked the hood and some came through into my hair. Thank God this guy was not feeling me as he was being encouraged to have me suck him. It went on for a while and I went through a lot of degradation from her best friend (the one that went shopping with us.) She told me that she had decided that she also needed a slave and that it was already settled that I was to assist in recruiting one for her. My Mistress piped in, “She’s looking for an even bigger loser than you. So this is going to be hard.” I just kept sinking as the dialogue continued amongst the three of us. Apparently my Mistress’s friend was similarly twisted all along. She went on, clearly with my Mistress’s approval, to tell me that once she took on a slave, I would perform sexually with him for their entertainment. I hated the idea but I felt I had no choice or say in the matter. She continued on to abuse me verbally until she finished and ordered me to beg her to kick me in the balls. And she kicked me hard. I almost went down to a knee, and I could clearly hear My Mistress telling her to kick me again. Once again, I begged her to kick me, this time harder. She sent me to the ground, and I actually couldn’t get up for a moment. When it was all finally done I was made to thank everyone. I actually was affected by this event for a day or two, but eventually I came to accept what happened and be happy that I entertained them.

Over time, I occasionally would be ordered to lick her ass and worship it but we hadn’t really advanced beyond that day on the toilet. I was being used more harshly now but I came to expect it and like it as I knew it was clearly making her happy. I was in the middle of a long session of ass worship when after a good licking she ordered me off her and told me to spread her ass and put my face close. I did as she asked and waited, not knowing why I was doing this. I found out why quickly as she farted loudly right into my face. It smelled awful but I stayed put as she told me to. She farted again and it was strong and felt a little wet. As I stayed and waited for her to undoubtedly fart again, she leaned back and told me, “Open your mouth and put it as close as you can to me, I’m going to fart in your mouth. Don’t move until I tell you, I may have a few for you to eat.” And she did fart, 3 times into my mouth as I shuddered each time. She was really pleased. I knew that she was serious when she told me that my face was the perfect place for her farts.

At this point, I was so submissive to her that I would truly allow her to do most anything without any fight. She was now viewing my bank accounts online and had put me on an allowance essentially. I had moved all her bills to my credit cards and was still on a large tribute schedule. She reviewed all my own bills and had me reduce them however I could so she could add that extra money to my tributes. I really loved that she was taking almost everything I earned and I believed she deserved it. She told me openly it was her goal to one day take control of all my money and set up goals to increase how much I made. She would tell me that if I didn’t meet her goals that she would make me earn extra income by having me suck cock for money. Fortunately, I never had to experience that. I probably would have though so that she would be pleased and happy with what I did for her.

I came over every day after or before work and I knew that she was taking so much control that I didn’t really want to do anything else. I asked one day if she wanted me to move in with her and I had my balls beaten for being presumptuous. But I knew she was considering it and enjoyed me having so little control of my life.

She started making me ask to go to the bathroom and often she would deny me if I was busy pleasing her or waiting on her. I knew eventually I would probably go on myself. That’s how much that she demanded of me. At that moment, I thought this was as close to real slavery as I could ever experience, and although I know it was unhealthy on some level – I loved serving her and truly did worship her.

The day came when she had decided it was time for me to come live with her. That was an incredibly long day where I worshipped her body as she instructed me on how I would move in and what it meant. She laid out the rules, everything. As I expected, she demanded that I add her to all my bank accounts and credit cards. She wanted complete control of my money and how I earned it. She told me I would continue to work and make money, and that it was my job to continually strive to earn more.
I would be given any money I needed on a daily basis. She told me that I wouldn’t own anything while I was with her, that it was all hers. I was okay with it, even letting her basically take partial ownership of my car (which was a luxury car.) I already acted as her driver anyway when we were together, so it didn’t even seem like much. I had assets she didn’t know about that were fairly significant, and I had been hiding them until this point. I was at a point where I really felt like it was okay if I let her know about them. I knew what she would do and say, but I felt like I was so committed to her that she should able to decide for me. I told her that same night about the money and she was extremely angry and spent awhile reminding me just how angry she was. In the end though, she told me she was happy that I realized she deserved control of it and that it would make both our lives better. She reinforced what I already believed, that my sole purpose was to serve and please her, and that her authority was final and absolute in the house. I knew what this commitment meant also in terms of sexual service and her dominance and also how she treated me. She confirmed it by reiterating how as her slave it was my duty to practice and improve my obedience every single day. I can remember her saying, “once you come here, I’m going to use you exactly as I want and you’ll live as I tell you to live.”
Those words were chilling but I loved living for her benefit.

She was one of the few people I’ve ever known that truly wanted obedience and almost total control. So many say they do, but don’t when it comes down to it. I was never allowed to talk back or question her and she enjoyed instructing me on nearly every significant detail of my life. She never really beat me excessively or whipped me, etc. It was almost as if she knew she didn’t have to.

It was a regular day like any other for us and she surprised me when she called me into the bathroom as she usually didn’t do that. I went in and she pointed to the floor in front of her and I knew she wanted me to kneel. Almost silently she pulled my head forward and opened my mouth with her fingers. I knew what to do and leaned forward waiting for her. I felt her piss going into my mouth and I could hear her say, “Don’t waste any, drink it.” The stream was steady and filled my mouth. I swallowed it down quickly and kept my mouth open again until she finished pissing. It was hot and flavorful. I loved the taste of it and was glad to be drinking from her. She let me swallow the last of it and looked at me with a smile. She spoke slowly, “It’s nice to see you drinking because I’ve decided I don’t want to waste it anymore in the toilet. You’ll be drinking all my piss from now on no matter how it is given to you. Do you understand?” She went on, “if you aren’t here, I will save it for you and you will drink it later. If you are here, you’ll most likely drink straight from me. I know you will make a better toilet.” I didn’t even really think about what that actually meant or what she was saying. I still could taste her piss in my mouth and knew I would have it all the time. I felt so lucky. She pissed twice more that day into my mouth directly and I swallowed it down like a good boy. I had a better understanding of what was in store for me as I was woken up from my sleep and she was there standing above me. I could only hear her say, “open your mouth, toilet” and I did, half asleep, only to feel a sharp stream of piss enter my mouth and half choke me. I swallowed it down as best as I could but piss ran down the sides of my mouth. I was so tired I only hoped she wasn’t displeased. I fell asleep almost immediately. Next morning, I was serving her breakfast and her coffee when she quickly ordered me onto my knees and between her legs as she stood in front of me and her chair. “You may pull my panties down to the ground gently and remove them. I did and she sat down onto the chair with her legs spreading out. “When I piss in your mouth this time, you’re going to be a good toilet and not let any spill. If you don’t drink this correctly, I’m going to be very upset.” I opened my mouth as wide as I could and waited for her to start. Her piss was heavy and came with force, it was her morning piss and it tasted stronger. I could feel it splashing in the back of my mouth and hoped none was coming out. As she kept pissing, I knew my mouth was filling up. I kept my mouth open wide and managed to let a good amount slide down my throat without my mouth closing. I knew that I had done well as my mouth filled more quietly until there was no more. I closed my mouth and happily swallowed it down. She pushed me off her without saying anything and as I was walking away, she called to me, “now you are ready for more.”
I was pretty sure I knew what she meant.

Later that day, I was doing her laundry and she entered the laundry room behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. I turned and she said bluntly, “stop what you are doing, take off your clothes and go sit on the kitchen floor and wait for me.”
I had little idea what she was having me do this for, and I quickly complied, removing my clothes and going out to the kitchen. I sat down on the cold floor, as ordered. She walked in calmly and I could see that she was in a comfortable T-shirt and was not wearing any underwear or pants. I shifted a little bit as I didn’t know what I would be doing. I thought I might be drinking more piss, but it didn’t feel as if that’s what she was thinking.

She squatted down facing me, looking me right in the eyes and she started to speak,”You did very well with my piss this morning, but there is more for you to do. You’re ready to be my toilet, but a toilet is more than just drinking piss. I think you’re ready to handle my shit too.” I gulped but didn’t make any expressions. “You’ve already had some in your mouth, but now its time for you to take all of it.” I listened as she gave me instructions.”You are to keep your mouth open and let my shit fill your mouth. If it overflows, just keep it open and relax. If I miss and shit on your face, don’t worry I will make sure it gets in your mouth. Once I am done, keep your mouth open and hold it in your mouth until I tell you what to do. If you choke on it, it’s alright, I know you will be a good toilet and keep it in your mouth. Do not throw up my precious shit.” I nod in understanding and as she stands back up, I am terrified that I will not be able to do this or that I might throw up. Despite the fear, deep down I am thrilled that she wants to put her shit inside me. I can’t say exactly why, but I just feel it. She moves herself over me, and I cant wait to see what comes out of her beautiful asshole. She paused for a moment and I heard her ask, “is there anything you’d like to say before you receive this?” I was a little lightheaded almost from the anticipation but I could only think to say one thing. “I’ve hoped you would think I was worthy of your shit.” She didn’t say anything in response, but I could see her body move and as she spread her ass wide apart, I could see her shit pushing out slowly from her asshole. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and waited for it come. It pushed out slowly and I could hear it as it slid from her. The smell was powerful and reached me before anything entered my mouth. Her shit was long and heavy as it passed through my lips and its weight forced it to break off and land firmly into my mouth and onto my tongue. When it landed on my tongue I felt it slide down towards the back of my throat and stayed there. The taste was unforgettable and hit my tongue all at once. It was not a good taste at all, and it was bitter and pungent and had a rank flavor. It was down all the way into my mouth and I tried to keep my mouth open as I gagged slightly from it touching the opening of my throat. My mouth was very full and I could feel how thick her shit was. It came out of my mouth as it was too long and I felt it resting on my lips. She wasn’t done and I saw her re-adjust to try to get it all out. I could see it coming but only felt more of her shit landing on my lip and on top of my nose. It was wet and heavy as it settled on my face. My mouth was still open and was displaying her bulky shit. Waiting for her to finish and holding it in my mouth, I was experiencing a surreal mix of emotions and physical sensations. Plus, I already knew what she wanted me to do and what I was facing. She stood over me and looked down, I couldn’t see her reaction too well and I hoped she instructed me quickly. She began to speak to me…”What a good toilet, open your mouth as wide as you can like you are showing off my shit.”

I did, and it shifted deeper against my throat. She spoke again, and I could hear the pleasure in her voice. “Now I want you slowly to start to eat it, make sure you chew it while you eat it so you taste it like I want you to.” I closed my mouth slowly and I became instantly aware of just how much shit was in my mouth. I did as ordered and started to chew slowly. As I pulled it apart in my mouth, sliding through my teeth, I tasted it fully, its flavor was overwhelming me. The smell was also filling my nose as more of her shit rested under my nose and on my cheeks. I swallowed a small piece of what was in my mouth and it started to come back up but somehow I managed to keep it down. I knew I had so much more to eat and wondered how I could do it. I closed my eyes for a second and picture the woman I served above me. I thought of the first time I had ever tasted her shit and how good it made me feel in my core that she was sharing herself with me like that. How I knew she wasn’t completely comfortable with her ass being dirty. I remembered the look I saw in her face when she knew I liked it, and she could see I wanted to taste her. This time, she wanted me to experience all of her. I felt in some way that she wanted to know absolutely I would do anything for her, that I was ready to serve her how she wanted and needed for total fulfillment. I started to chew her shit again and started swallowing more and more of it. It was incredibly difficult that first time but I desperately wanted to please her. I finished everything I had in my mouth and proudly displayed an empty mouth to her. She smiled and whispered, “almost done” as she scooped up what was on my face and put it into my mouth. The last bit was disgusting but I suffered through it. In a short time, it had all gone down my throat and I was once again displaying an empty mouth, proudly. She leaned down and gave me the first kiss she had ever given me, right on the forehead. “You’ll worship my shit as you worship me. You will eat all my shit just as you drink all my piss. So tell me toilet, what do you do when I need to shit?”

I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts and then confidently replied, “I open my mouth , and worship you as I’m eating your beautiful shit.”