Tied up..(A submissives wishful thinking)

I felt her lips on my shoulder as I gripped the back of her neck to level her face with mine. I needed to feel her lips . I had this desperate need to feel her body on mine and pour out this desperation and sadness somehow. Our lips met and I kissed her with such an intensity that I thought I’d scare her or push her away, but I needed to feel this… I needed to feel something because I feared going numb. I feared feeling absolutely nothing at all and she made me feel alive. she awakened something in me that I didn’t understand, Filled me with feelings and fears I wasn’t accustomed to. I didn’t know how to deal with losing someone who meant the world to me. I needed her to be my escape. I needed her to need me as much as I needed her in that moment. Normally I’d take my time and be gentler with her but right now I couldn’t I picked her up and slid her onto the counter top as my hands became tangled in her hair and I bit her bottom lip.   I pulled her head back by her hair to expose her neck and bit her softly and then a little harder as she let out a whimper and wrapped her legs around me tighter. I looked up at her and the look on her face almost sent me over the edge.. Even if only briefly she needed me.  I released her hair as I gripped her thighs. “Tell me what you want Aria.” She moaned in response. ” I need you to fuck me zoey. Make me yours” That’s all I needed to hear. I picked her up off the counter and carried her into her bedroom . I placed her down on her bed and looked into her eyes “strip.. take off everything but your heels and your panties.” I sat in the chair facing her king sized canopy bed and bit my bottom lip as she gazed at me seductively and slid off her skirt. She stared at me expectantly.

I looked at her gaze lowered “You’re not finished yet. Take off your shirt and bra.” She sat on the bed and slid towards the headboard staring at me defiantly with a smile and raised eyebrow. I smirked as I walked over to her dresser and opened the second drawer. I pulled out a silk blindfold, massage oil and a flogger with a heart shaped tip. She wanted to play so we’d  play. I walked over to the bed “turn around Aria . Face in the pillows ,ass in the air.” Her breathing deepened as she turned over and arched her back poking her round ass in the air just the way I liked it. I smiled “good girl. I like it when you listen.” I crawled onto the bed til I was behind her and covered her eyes with the blind fold. I smiled smugly as her body tensed in anticipation and she pushed back against me. Her body already begging for the punishment she knew she’d receive for being so blatantly defiant. Once the blind fold was in place I tied her wrists with the ropes that were already tied to the four posts of her bed. I looked at her and couldn’t help admiring the view. She laid there tied and spread just for me. Mine for the taking. Her long curls pushed to the side her wide hips and round ass pushed out into the air just waiting for my touch. She craved it just as much as I craved the relief it brought me. It’s why we worked.

She enjoyed the pain and giving it kept me sane. I ran the tip of the flogger across her shoulder and down her spine, I stopped right where her ass started. “You haven’t been a very good girl. I asked you nicely to take off everything but your heels and panties.” Whackkk- I brought the flogger down hard on her right ass cheek and she started to cry out and stopped herself. She was stubborn like that..she would never completely relinquish control. Some part of her always had to remain defiant,maintain some kind of independence . I think it made what we had more normal in her eyes. I looked at her as she squirmed and bit her lip again as I brought it down on the opposite cheek. No matter how much it hurt she would never give in..she would never ask me to stop. The harder I hit the harder she came.  I delivered two more lashes to each cheek as she lay there  trembling and begging me to let her cum. I reached over and grabbed the massage oil. I squeezed a small amount onto my hand and softly massaged her ass. It was red and a little swollen in some places and it looked beautiful. Although I was rough the pain that I brought her wasn’t malicious or maybe that was just what we told ourselves to normalize our weird preferences.  As I knelt on the bed massaging the oil on her bottom I admired her curves and the way the muscles of her back were pulled taut as she squirmed with need. The reflection of the sunlight from the window danced across her caramel colored skin and as I thought about the way she looked and the things she did to me I pushed down my urge to finish stripping her and take her right there just the way that she was. I moved forward to untie the coarse ropes that bound her delicate wrists to the bed. Then did the same with the ropes that bound her ankles. She waited patiently for my permission to turn over. I stood back and admired the view once again. Her thighs pressed tightly together as she squirmed trying to somehow relieve the ache I had caused.

“Turn around Aria.” She eagerly turned over and awaited further instructions. I eased onto the bed and as I knelt between her thighs I raked my nails down her thighs and god the way she reacted to my slightest touch mad me never want to stop touching her. I leaned forward on my knees so that I could kiss my way up her thighs. With each kiss I gave her the sharper her intakes of breath became. She placed her hands on my head and gripped my hair, attempting to guide my mouth towards the place she wanted it. She should have known better though because as much as I enjoyed watching her come apart because of my touch I loved bringing her to that point over and over again without letting her completely go over even more. I grinned as I grazed her clit lightly with my teeth through her panties. That’s two strikes . I looked up at her face. Eyes heavy lidded with ecstasy as she moaned in frustration. ” Zoey what the fuck?!” I laughed. I found her aggravation amusing on so many levels. She didn’t seem to grasp that the more she wanted it the longer I’d make her wait for it. I was going to fuck her, but it’ll be when I’m ready. There was such a power rush watching her squirm, uncomfortably frustrated and the only thing that will fix it is me. This is what I needed. SHE is what I needed. It probably wasn’t healthy how quickly my happiness and contentment came to revolve around her and just her presence. Fuck it, people say to figure out what makes you happy and to run with it. I found her and I’m never letting go. Is it selfish? Hell yes it’s selfish, no I don’t always deserve her. God knows I’ve put her through enough but she’s what makes my world right again. Me letting her go because I know she deserves better is like asking a heroin addict to give up dope.

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