The teasing bet

For the umpteenth million times, I looked over at the clock. And for the umpteenth million times, I couldn’t tell what time it was. It faced the wall. All the clocks in the bedroom had been turned to face the wall. The blinds turned down, curtains drawn. The only illumination came from a series of candles placed around the room. The lighting was sufficient but was intended more for the mood, than reading.

I pulled on my bonds again. As I expected, they held sure. Ankles and arms stretched wide to the bed’s four posts. Held there by padded leather cuffs and locked chrome chains. I wasn’t going anywhere. How long I’d been here, I couldn’t say. I tried counting how many times she changed the candles. I could keep count for a while, but by the time she was finished with her ‘treatment’ I couldn’t think straight enough to remember what my running total was.

Who is going to orgasm first?

The ‘treatment’. What a euphemism. What she actually was doing was torturing me, slowly, sweetly, elegantly. The ultimate in pleasure and pain. Teasing with orgasm denial. I bet my wife, that I could outlast her. That I could hold out for sex longer than she could. That there wasn’t a thing she could do to me, that would make me beg for sex. She took that bet, with an evil grin. I love teasing and denial games. Putting off the final orgasm until the last possible minute. It heightens the feelings of pleasure immensely. The orgasm rolls over me like a wave, when it finally comes. My wife doesn’t like the game that much. She likes her sex hard, fast and in great quantities. So sometimes I tease her. Dare her. This time I bet her. If she could break me, I wouldn’t mention it again for at least six months. She took the bait.

Or so I thought. Either way, here I was here. Tied to the bed, for what might turn out the entire three day weekend. Hell, it might be over already, for all I knew. First she dressed me up. She knows just what buttons to push. My big heavy rubber corset. Goes from where my tits would be, if I had a pair, to just above my cock – but it doesn’t touch it. No, no contact with my cock at all. Heavy black stockings ran from six inch black pumps to the garters sprouting from the corset. Blonde wig and whore make up complete the picture. Buried in my ass was butt plug to prevent any accidents. When we began, I wasn’t gagged, but my screams of frustration had caused her to apply one some time ago. It was a ring gag with a penis attachment, which was currently in place. I would have safe-worded hours ago if it wasn’t for this damn gag. She knew it and so did I. The Bitch. God I loved her.

I was well past my limits, but she kept pushing me. She knew what she was doing. She was giving me exactly what I wanted. She was careful. She was a nurse. Which meant catheters and bedpans and plenty of fluids. Oh so lovingly applied with her in her cute little rubber nurse’s uniform. I’m getting hard again just picturing her. I do know she’s been in here at least a dozen times. But again I couldn’t be sure exactly how many times. The frustration was too much for my poor over loaded brain.

Every so often she’d come in. To play with me. To get me hard. To tease me. Stroke my cock. Play with my nuts in her mouth. Lovingly hug and kiss me. Till my cock screamed for release. Then she’d leave. Leave me to stew in my own juices, till I was painfully soft. Then she’d come back. And do it all over again. And then let me stew some more. It was maddening. All I could do was wait and sweat.

She peak me up with her pussy

As I was pinning away in misery, the door slowly opened. My cock started to rise, of its own accord. My balls contracted and I ached with the overflowing load of cum. So long denied. She had changed her costume. She was dressed in her black tights and black spandex body suit. She sat on the bed next to me. She gently stroked the blonde hair of my wig. She looked deeply into my eyes. In those eyes I saw love, and a slight hint of her sadism. She was cracking me like an oven roasted nut and was loving every minute of it. “It’s time again, my love. But first I need my release. You know just how much I love seeing you like this. It makes me so fucking horny I could die. But then, who would be left to tease you?”

With that, she slowly, elegantly pulled the penis shaped gag from my mouth, leaving the ring gag to silence me. It made a sucking
sound as it exited my mouth, ropes of drool, slowly breaking like the strands of a spider’s web. “Plenty of fluids, good. You’ll need them.” She put the gag down and climbed on the bed, straddling my head between her knees. She looked down on me in all her glory. “Do you think you can get me off through my pantyhose and leotard? What say you give it a shot.” She reached behind my head with her lovely hands and gently raised it to her pussy. Then she closed her knees to keep it there. Finally, she uttered a single word “Suck!”

I couldn’t suck. The best I could manage was reach my tongue through the ring gag and massage her steaming women-hood. Her
smell was strong, the material already moist with her juices. Her body convulsed upon contact. She ground her pussy into my face,
while her head lulled back in ecstasy. I did my best, though limited as I was. The more I licked, the tighter her knees gripped my head, the harder she ground her love into me. It was hard to breathe. But on I went. After a few minutes, she began to climax. She squeezed hard, she pressed hard, I had to hold my breath. When she finally came back down and released me, I gulped air into my burning lungs. She released my head, back to the pillow, and sat back on my chest.

She stared at me for a moment or two. With a most satisfied look. “You are so wonderful with your tongue. You know, I’m
beginning to see why you love this game. I’ve never had unlimited access to your tongue before. But enough of me. We’re here to see to your pleasure.” With that, she crawled back on her knees. As she brushed my cock with the damp crotch of her soft leotard, I saw lightening bolts of pleasure. She continued backwards till her face hovered above my cock like a vulture. She took a nice long lick and cupped my balls. It throbbed as if it had a mind of it’s own.

“Ooowww.” she purred. “It looks so big and purple. And angry. Look at it twitch.” She continued to caressing my balls. Rolling them in the palm of her hand. Occasionally, she would run her tongue up and down the shaft. Then finally she swallowed the entire length of my cock – all nine inches of it. I watched in pure pleasure as it slowly vanished past her ruby red lips. She formed a tight suction and slowly released it again. It glistened with moisture in the dim candlelight. My mind reeled in frustration. I moaned. I tossed my head back and forth, clenching and unclenching my fingers. “I wonder just how much can this thing take before it explodes.”

I closed my eyes. I was losing control of myself. All attention was focused on my cock. My poor, throbbing cock. It felt larger and harder than it ever felt before. My cock was the nerve center of my body, and the rest of me was a useless appendage, who’s only purpose was to keep it restrained. She blew on it, drying the moisture, all the while playing with my balls. When it was dry enough for her to continue, she did. She picked up the small camel hair brush for cleaning the lens of our camcorder, and proceeded to brush the sensitive underside of my shaft. My body started to convulse, as I lost control. The sensations blew through my very being like a hurricane. She played, and stroked, and kissed it, till I was on the very edge of the orgasm, so long denied me. As I felt myself beginning to fall over the cliff into the ecstasy below, she stopped. I sobbed in real tears.

She likes teasing more than winning

“There, there baby. Don’t cry. I’m just not ready to stop our little game yet, that’s all. You need a few minutes to cool down, then we can play some more. She climbed back up to the top of the bed again, this time very careful not to touch my ragging cock, and lay on the next to me. She snuggled in close, nestling her head on my shoulder. She squirmed in as close as she could. She played gently with my nipples, tweaking them, kissing them, gently rolling them between her forefinger and her thumb. “What are your thoughts on nipple clamps? I think they’d look simply divine.” All I could do was lay there and take it. My chest heaved, my breathing was shallow. My heart raced. I could feel the blood pounding in my head.

We lay like this for a while, as my hard on slowly, painfully deflated to about half its erect size. “Is it just me, or have you noticed that it doesn’t seem to go all the way soft anymore? It just kind of hangs there at half-mast. Interesting.” She reached down and gave it a few strokes, watching it roar back to full erection. Then, just as quickly, she abandoned it. It throbbed a few times, then, ever so slowly, it painfully deflated again. My mind was buffeted by the waves of pleasure and frustration coursing through me. “Looks like you’re ready for round two of this session.” she proclaimed rising from the bed. Again, she headed towards my helpless prick. She took my balls in her mouth and gently chewed on them. It drove me mad with pleasure but brought me no closer to release. She had to touch my cock for that. She knew it and so did I.

She began humming a tune, with my balls still in her mouth. I couldn’t make out what it was till she bit down on my nuts. Not hard
enough to really hurt, but definitely hard enough to cause me to lurch in my bonds. Then I recognized the tune. It was the 1812 Overture. She replaced the cannons firing with a bit to my nuts. After a few verses, enough to bring tears to my eyes, and a constant, dull ache in my belly, she released me from her mouth. She sat up and laughed. “You should see the look in your eyes, you look so pathetic. You’re right – this game is fun!”

I closed my eyes and rolled my head – mad with desire. I yanked on my bonds again, knowing full well, I was going no where.
She lowered her head over my cock, letting her brown hair spill over it. She gently moved her head back and forth, causing her locks to gently sway over my cock and dance on my balls. It was devastating. She knows how I love her long hair. And now she was torturing me with it. On and on, back and forth she went. Till again, I was racked with sobs of frustration. Would this madness ever end? I pleaded with my eyes, I pleaded with my voice, but only garbled moans escaped my gagged lips. I caught her attention, and she stopped. But only long enough to pick up the penis gag. She looked me in the eyes and said: “You know better.” She gave me a long, deep, French kiss, ramming her tongue down my throat. As she broke the kiss, she inserted the plastic penis into the ring and turned till it clicked. “I work better without distractions.”

Playing on my fetishes

“Now let’s see – what can I do to you next?” she said as she wrapped one arm under her breasts, propping up the other, her chin,
settling in her upturned hand. “I’m not sure I can do much more with having a ton of gooey white stuff to clean up.” She thought for a few moments, then reached down to give a few solid strokes, reinflating my dick. “That’s right – you have a clothes fetish. What do you think of my suit.” She said standing up on the bed to give me a better view. “How do you like my tights?” she said giving me a fashion show. She went up on tiptoe, causing her beautiful ass to swell as if she were in heels. “They’re so soft and tight, clinging to my legs.” as she turned to give me many different views and angles. “I just love the way the caress my ass and pussy.” With that he began stroking her ass and rubbing her crotch. It was working. My cock began to throb again.

“And this leotard is so tight on my pussy, the thong back is cutting right up the crack of my ass.” She turned around shoving her
glorious ass in my face. “They’re so sheer, yet dark, shiny black. Would you like me to let you wear them some time? I know you want to. I’m sure you probably already have. Only this time I’ll let you wear them when I’m done. You’ll have my hot pussy juice all over your throbbing cock.” It was killing me. I writhed in my bonds, trying like hell to get a free hand to stroke her pussy. “And this leotard, it feels so sexy on my breasts – especially my nipples. They’re constantly massaged by the fabric. Feel how soft it is.” she said rubbing her breasts on my chest and face. The fabric did feel wonderful. “Maybe I’ll let you wear this too, then your hot cock can feel the wonderful sensations of spandex and nylon rubbing all over it.” I was insane. My cock stabbing wildly in air, hoping beyond hope to find a tight pussy to attack.

She sat down again, next to me, bringing one leg up on the bed. She stroked her thigh and pussy, gently with her hand, and moaned
in mock ecstasy. “Here I am all hot and bothered. Just waiting for someone to pleasure me with their hot, huge cock. To spurt their cum into my tight, steaming pussy. Would you do it for me lover? Will you ram your big hot cock into me? Can you take me to heaven on that wonderful rod of yours? Please? Pretty please? Can you please let me blow that big wonderful cock of yours? You know how I love the taste of your cum. Or maybe you’d be nice and fuck me up the ass, fill my tight butt hole with your willing cock? To the breaking point with your man hood.” She was speaking with her ‘little girl’ voice, it always drove me crazy with desire.

“No, I guess not. See you’re all tied up. And I need a hot cock that’s free, not chained to a bed. I need a man who can throw me on the bed, tear off my leotard and my tights and plunge their cock into my dripping pussy.” She was inches from my face. Her hot breath on my face. She climbed back down to my cock. Her mouth, Inches from. “Nope. I guess not you. She cupped my nuts in her hand, and gently kneaded them. She took a long lick on the underside of my shaft. “What a shame. Here, your wife, so hot and bothered, in need of your cock. And you can’t help me. What do you think I should do? I do have that big black dildo you bought me. The one I call King Kong. It can satisfy me, even if you can’t. What say I give you one more chance? Climb off this bed and shove your meat into my wanting pussy. Treat me like the whore I am. I’ll give you everything you want. Everything you need. If you can please me right now, this second.”

I’m done, I’m broken, let’s end this torture

I was beside myself. Pulling with all my might to free myself. But I knew before I started, I was defeated. She stared at me for a
few moments, still rolling my balls in her hand. “Nope. I guess not.” She gave me sore, stiff prick another few strokes. Then she took the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I was near the breaking point. Mad with need. Mad with desire. Anything to get relief. Anything to stuff her with my cock as we both road the highway to heaven.

She swallowed my entire shaft one more time, lingering long enough to remind me she could deep throat me the whole way. Then
she left my cock to its misery. It’s isolation. It’s loneliness. It was huge, purple, twitching. My hips bucked involuntarily. I had to have release. But I wasn’t getting it yet. Not now. I had to have it now. But not this time. She stood up, climbed off the bed. Sat down next to me. Rubber her tits in my face. The soft caress of the black spandex.

She opened the drawer of her bedside night table and pulled out a huge ten-inch black vibrator. “Nope, it looks like it’s King Kong again.” She kissed me sensually, then stood up. She headed for the door. She turned to me. With her lovely, exotic smile, she spoke. “I’m halfway through Star Wars part three. I’ll be back in about an hour and a half. I’ve got a great idea I want to try using ice and hot tea. I heard it’s called the ‘hot and cold’ treatment. See you soon lover. And remember – don’t go anywhere.” And with that she left.

Sluts into denial near

The door closed and I was left to suffer. My dick ached like there was no tomorrow. My balls felt like they would explode. I
shivered. I trembled. I was dripping in sweat. The only thought on my mind was my cock, and it’s urgent need. My mind felt fragile. Could I hang on till she returned? Could I hang on if she did? Did I have a choice? No. I had asked for it, and I was getting it. As my burning dick slowly deflated to half mast, I wondered, if this was what I really wanted. At least I’d have plenty of time to think about it.