The smell of latex

I was glad to be home. It had been a long, and difficult week. Work had been crazy and stress full. Missed deadlines, overreacting bosses. Man, I thought to myself. What a relief to be out of that madhouse. We were going to go out for dinner and then a movie, and later, well, I hope. I smiled to myself as I opened the door.

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Hi, I said. I am home at last! My wife’s voice came from further inside. In the living room honey. I looked down and picked up the mail. Hi honey, I see that the bill from……, I stopped and gulped. There she sat on the couch, a bottle of wine on our living room table, and a second filled glass, sitting in place waiting for me. I looked at her.

A look to die for

I thought you had wanted to go out tonight. She laughed. I guess the fact I am dressed like this is making you think I might have something else in mind. She was wearing 4 inch high heeled sandals, that wrapped elegantly around her feminine ankles, setting off those lovely legs. Nylons wrapped themselves around her legs, which descended into a white summer dress that elegantly wrapped her body. She was wearing her white pearl neckless, and lovely matching earrings. I shuddered as I looked at her hands. You vixen I thought, I am sure she smiled as she saw me stare. Her hands and arms were wrapped In freshly polished latex that molded to her hands and arms like a second skin. The muscles of her arms showed as lovely latex contours, and the contour effect extended down to her log slender figures, latex tightly clinging and highlighting the elegant shape of her hand and fingers. So tight was the fit, that I could see the outline of her elegant and carefully manicured fingernails hint at their presence through their feminine latex contour.

I was almost next to her. This was such a good purchase she said as she held her arms out from her chest and looked at her latex-clad fingers. She wiggled them. I really love these gloves! I bent down; she reached up and took my head In her lovely latex embrace. The smell of latex, a scent I didn’t recognize, and the hint of expertly, finely applied perfume wafter up to my nostrils, enveloping me, drawing me almost as though without an act of will on my part into her gentle caress. Wam, fragrant breath preceded the touch of her soft lips on mine. Her tongue followed her lips, penetrating my mouth, passing my teeth, and to my tongue. Her kiss was passionate, gentle, overpowering, her tongue seemingly everywhere as she overpowered my mouth and senses gently but powerfully at the same time. As we kissed her gloved hands gently squeezed my face, her thumb running from the bottom of my ear to my cheeks and the sides of my mouth. I was overpowered ad awestruck, already I was becoming overwhelmed by this lovely, exquisite, feminine sensual women, already surrendering myself to her. Oh, that kiss!

She drew back and looked at me. Her hands came up to my face and deftly removed my glasses. I moved toward her. No, she said. She looked at me. Love radiated from her eyes, desire, sparkle, and mischief. Again her latex-gloved hands reached up. Her kiss was more passionate now, almost controlling. One hand slipped behind my neck and she moaned as her latex-gloved fingers gripped my neck, pressing me forcefully onto her lips. Our tongues fenced and danced. I felt myself beginning to shake, my legs were wobbly. She was so powerful this way. She understood in a way no other women had. I had at first been nervous and unsure as I realized just how much she knew how to connect with me physically in this way, but now it felt as natural to me as breathing or drinking water. I wondered even now how I had lived before she came into my life, and drew me physically and spiritually so close, with surrender on my part and trust.

She drew back. Her hand was still on my neck, and she kept it on my neck as she stood up from the couch. I took her hand from my cheek and raised it to my mouth. I kissed the palm and turned over and kissed the top of my hand. That smell I said, that’s the polish, isn’t it? Yes, she said. It is called the tropical breeze scented. Do you like it, she smiled mischievously. Yes, I replied. It is lovely. Where did this come from? Oh she said, a little birdie flew all the way from Germany with these lovely latex gloves to bring these and the polish to me. Thank goodness for log distance German Carrier Pigeons I said. She laughed and kissed me lightly before taking her hand from mine. She realized it to my mouth. I couldn’t resist as she slides a slender finger inside my mouth.

A scent to live for

I had never imagined that I would come to enjoy the worshiping of the glove and boot the way I had. No thighboots today; she had opted for elegance, but I was more than happy to find myself sucking on her latex digets. I had my eyes closed. My head moved up and down that latex covered digit. I couldn’t help myself. I don’t know why, but they need to feel the length of her digit and its invasion into my mouth had come to be something I now so needed. I breathed deeply, and could her breathing heavily as well. A second finger. She twisted these lovely latex-gloved fingers and I felt them brush first my teeth, then my palette and my lips before they withdrew and her lips replaced them. She was kissing me harshly now. Her mouth opened, her teeth wrapped around my lower lip, and she pressed down. I was beginning to feel that familiar pain as they applied themselves and I felt that odd feeling of combined pain and pleasure. Her hand slid up my neck. Latex digits closed around my hair and she drew them back slowly.

I could barely breathe in her controlling and dominating embrace. My head was becoming clouded by the combination of pain and her control of my breath. Harder and as she let my lip slip, her hand pulled me back harshly. I was now almost hanging from her hand. She was breathing deeply. Look at me she yelled. I did as I was told and felt my hair tugged harshly. She pushed my head back. Her look was a combination of lust and love. I hung ther for a moment before her hand slid down my back and drew itself around my waist. She pulled me forward, and kissing me, slid her other arm around my other side. I was pinned against her, her passionate lips embracing me and drawing me into her as my arms remained pressed against my body. I was locked in her latex-gloved, sensuous, dominating embrace. I didn’t care about anything anymore.

Her arms slid around me and her embrace changed from domination and control to love ad tenderness. We kissed. The sound of the air conditioner of the house almost the only thing I could hear. Well, that and my pounding heart.

She pulled back and raised my chin with her latex covered ring finger. She looked lovely. She had put her hair back in a playful bob, her face expertly made up, soft lipstick covered lips, highlighting the lovely contour of her mouth and face. I always felt exposed when we embraced like this. She was looking deeply into me on a way only she knew. Her finger on my chin told me I was hers, I was loved, but I was dominated, and controlled, and always would be.

Hi, she said and smiled. I looked at her and she laughed. I guess most wives normally kiss their husbands with a peck and ask them how their day was. We both laughed.

I said, well, it was pretty terrible before I came home to your protective embrace my love. To be honest, I don’t really remember much about that right now. She giggled and then kissed me gently. She moved to the middle of the couch and extending her latex-clad arm, drew me down onto the couch. Pour me some more wine my sweet man, some for yourself, and we’ll talk about the day.