The Older Woman

It was one summer break from college that I decided I might like to be a lawyer instead of an engineer so I got a summer job working at a law office in Washington DC.
The work that summer taught me two things; 1) Lawyers work much too much and have no life and 2) I like to be dominated by a female. The law office I was working at had been extra busy and I was had to work late with Victoria (not Vicky she told me once). Victoria was a paralegal at the office and had been there for many years. Victoria was an amazing lady; always smiling and was always attractively dressed.

She was about 5’9″ with her heels on. She had long flowing dark red hair that matched her long red fingernails with dark green eyes that seemed to be able to look inside your being… She was in her early to mid-forties but her body was small and still tight. She had long slender legs, a tight little ass, and ample breasts. She was at least 20 years my senior but I still thought she was a fox. She always dressed very sexy and all the male lawyers around the office usually stopped in the halls to watch her walk by. Today she was wearing her black leather just above the knee length skirt with the slit in front and back and a white silk blouse unbuttoned to show off her cleavage. Black stockings and patent leather stiletto short boots completed her attire. Working with and watching Victoria all day long had a stimulating effect on me and I could feel my cock stiffen from time to time. I had fantasized about her a few times while masturbating so my mind would wander to my fantasies. The project we were working on had to be finished for a Monday morning meeting and at the end of business on Friday we decided we should work late so we both could have the weekend off.

We worked until about 11 PM and got all the work done. I was glad because I had decided already that being a lawyer was not for me and I just wanted to kick back and enjoy what was left of my summer vacation before I had to back to engineering school and the grind. I was daydreaming of what I might do that weekend when Victoria asked: “What are your plans for tonight?” I said, “Not much. Just go home and have some beer and Pizza.” To my surprise, Victoria said, ”That sounds like a great idea. Do you want some company?” My cock twitched as I said, “Sure, do you want to go out for something?” She said, “How about you come to my place. I’m only a few minutes away on the red line and you’re much further outside of town. You can crash over in the spare room if you like. I know the ride on the Metro at this time of night can’t be fun.” I said, “Sure that would be great.” as my cock stiffened even more. I think Victoria noticed my prick pushing my pants outward but she didn’t say a thing about it.
I grabbed my backpack and we locked up the office. We got on the Metro and I have to admit it was quite exciting going back to her place. On the way, we talked and her smile and manner made me feel at ease. When we got off the Metro at Friendship Heights she grabbed onto my arm. This made me say “I hope we don’t bump into anyone from work.” Victoria said, “That’s OK hun no one in the office lives near here.”

Her place was one of those old apartment buildings on Connecticut avenue so she must have had some money. We stopped at a local Pizza place to get a large pizza and beer which she paid for and then we headed up to Victoria’s place on the 5th floor. We sat in her living room and ate the pizza and watched some TV. Victoria handed me the remote and said “Do what men do best. Surf while I get us some real drinks.” I flipped through the channels and Victoria brought back a mixed drink for both of us. She made the drinks quite strong and I noticed that she had also changed from her work clothes. As she sat a bit closer to me on the couch I noticed she had on a very short spandex miniskirt with no stockings and a pink spaghetti strap top which showed off her erect nipples and no bra underneath. She had put on platform black high heels that were much higher than the one’s she wore at work.

Her miniskirt rode up on her legs and if she was wearing panties they had to be very small ones indeed. Her lingering perfume spiraling into my nostrils as she said, “Let’s put on a DVD.” I nodded as polite a possible. She stood pulling her miniskirt down after making sure I got a peek at the bottom of her tight little ass. The image she presented was enhanced by her movements; she easily captivated and manipulated me. She knelt down in front of the TV console and picked out a DVD. Again her dress rode up on her legs and this time I found she definitely was not wearing any panties. She slid the DVD into the player and returned to the couch. She took the remote and soon the DVD started playing. It was an erotic story about a male slave to a group of Amazon women.
Victoria waited a while, turned and look deeply into my eyes with her deep green eyes and asked, “Does this turn you on hun?” I sheepishly said, “Yes, sure.” As my cock pulsating in my pants. This time I know Victoria noticed the motion in my pants as she left her gaze on my crotch for quite a long time. She stood pulled down on her miniskirt just enough to cover her ass and walked to the bar very seductively and said, “How about another drink?” I again said, “Yes, sure.”

My mind raced as to what I should do next but there was pretty much just silence as we both drank the strong mixed drinks and watched the DVD. I did notice Victoria crossing her legs a couple of times and her miniskirt moved up higher and higher each time I started to feel a little funny and I couldn’t help my cock pulsating inside my dress pants. This time Victoria said with a smile, “Enjoying the show I see.” All I could say was “Yea, sure.” She turned to me and slid her small hand onto the front of my pants.

My cock was twitching and throbbing as she rubbed my encased cock. She knelt on the couch and said, “That young cock is mine and needs to be released!” Victoria sat on my lap grinding my cock, kissed me full on the lips and said: “Call me Mistress Victoria from now on!” I meekly said, “Yes Mistress Victoria.” Victoria seeing my ease at the submission to her commanded, “Stand up and strip naked for me. NOW!” I jumped up and removed all my clothes quickly for her as she reclined with her head back on the couch.
“Good…Good.” She said. In two minutes I was stark naked with my head lowered and hands behind my back. Mistress Victoria sat up and said, “I love young cock. Let me see that hard cock.” With that, she grabbed my cock at it’s base and pulled it toward her getting precum on her hands. She started to masturbate me slowly with my precum and my cock got even bigger and harder in her expert hands. “Good…Good.”

She said again as she stood and led me by my cock to the full-length mirror on the wall next to her bar. “I’ll be right back, I need to get some things from the bedroom,” Victoria said. Mistress Victoria returned with some sex toys and grabbed my cock to slip a cock ring at the base of my cock. “I love young hard meat.” She said. As I had never had a cockring on me before let alone have women call my cock hard meat I got even harder.

Mistress Victoria just smiled an evil knowing smile. She put a set of clips with a chain between them on my nipples and on my ball sacks. Having an older woman like Victoria touching my balls and cock made me want to cum very badly along with seeing the whole thing in the mirror. She saw my cock throbbing and pulsating and said, “Let’s keep that young stud meat hard for the time being. Shall we.”

She then commanded me to follow her back to the couch. She turned and sat on the couch spreading her legs apart so I could see her cunt. She pushed me gently to my knees and commanded me to “Kiss my feet stud.” I knelt down at Mistress Victoria’s feet and took her right foot encased in the platform heel and started to lick it from toe to heel. Smelling her feet and her perfume together along with tasting the saltiness of her made me even hornier. I finished her right foot and began again on her left foot. Mistress slid back and rested her head on the couch enjoying her little foot slave. Mistress Victoria crossed her right leg over her left and let me clean and suck both set of toes through the openings in the heels. She finally sat up and grabbed my hair and made me look at her as she said, “Now kiss my legs up to my pussy.” She stood and removed the leather miniskirt with one quick motion revealing her fantastic legs and sat down on the couch again. I tried to please her and she directed me up her legs by my hair to her cunt. At just above her knees I got a whiff of her vagina. Her musty sex mixed with her perfume combined to produce a fragrance to die for.

Mistress Victoria said, “Eat me. Eat me good.” And I brought her to a series of orgasms using my tongue and lips. The first orgasm happened when I first touched her clitoris. She jumped and moaned in pleasure. I was in heaven between her legs giving her oral pleasure and hearing and seeing her reactions. She suddenly seemed through with that and sat up pushing me to a kneeling position. My cock was leaking precum profusely and she scooped it all up off her wood floor and started to masturbate me. I thought I would faint being masturbated by my fantasy woman. She suddenly stood up and said. “Follow me stud.”

I stood up and followed her to her bathroom my cock flopping up and down. Inside the bathroom, the clips on my nipples and balls were removed and at first I thought I would faint from the pain of the blood rushing back. But soon I regained my composure and was told to sit on the toilet. I quickly complied. She slowly and seductively removed her top and then her heels. My cock stuck out from the toilet seat and throbbed over and over. Mistress knew this was happening as she could hear the cockring tap the toilet lid at each pulse. Mistress turned on the shower and got in. “Get that cock in here.” She said. I entered and found the shower was very large and had a small tile seat in one corner. Mistress Victoria got behind me and rubbing her breasts against my back. She got some soap and washed me from head to foot. She spent extra time on my asshole and slid in her middle finger making me jump. It was painful and yet pleasurable.

She knelt down behind me and washed my balls and cock getting her hair very wet in the process. I was again surprised to hear her say, “Fuck me. Fuck me good.” And she turned to bend down and put her hands on the little tile chair. I quickly and lustfully turned toward her and slid my throbbing cock into her waiting cunt hard and fast. My first thrust made her gasp in delight and I continued pumping until I thought I was ready to cum. The cockring prevented me from cumming so I stopped thrusting hoping I could get some release. Victoria next made me sit on the tile chair as she slid my pulsating cock in and out of her cunt using her legs. Another surprise was in store for me when she raised herself off my cock, grabbed the shower gel, lubricated my cock and rammed my cock into her tight asshole in one motion. My throbbing cock in her tight little asshole. Four or five thrusts was all it took cockring or no cockring and my rock hard balls unleashed what felt like 10 pints of cum pulse after pulse into her ass.

I pulled my cock out of her and saw it was still hard and throbbing from the cock ring. She turned to me and in one motion slipped the cockring off and began masturbating me to another erection. She said in a high pitched voice “Young cock goes on forever.” She turned and slid my now erect cock back into her asshole and said, “Fuck my ass hard and fast.” I didn’t want to disappoint so I started ramming my cock into her ass hard and fast, fucking her deep and slapping my balls on her pussy lips. I reached around her and grabbed her tits as Victoria grabbed the shower pole and screamed with delight. This continued for what seemed like hours until I felt another load of cum build up and get ready for release. I tensed up and Victoria knew I was ready to unload another load of cum into her asshole. Victoria hand slid down to her pussy and within no time her body was shaking violently as she came hard and fast.

That was enough to push me over the edge and I shot my second load deep into her asshole lifting her up off the shower floor as I rammed my cock over and over into her. We both collapsed onto the seat and enjoyed the warm water trickling over us.. My cock went soft and started to side out of her as she made a cooing sound. We both washed off each other again, dried each other with her massive towels and ended up in her bedroom cuddling and kissing. The next thing I knew it was morning and my cock was hard again just behind her ass. I woke her up gently by putting the head of my cock just inside her vagina. She turned to me, gave me a quick kiss and was on top of me in a flash. She slid herself up and down on my cock and I watched her tits jiggle up and down. We fucked like over and over until I couldn’t get hard again, had breakfast in silence and then Victoria asked me to leave. No kiss or anything. I never got a chance to work with her again that summer but I lined up with the rest of the office males to watch her walk down the hall.