The MEGA list of Erotic Humiliation ideas (195 strong!)

Nothing can beat the tingling and warm electric waves flowing through your body after a good humiliation. This is a list of the wonderful things I have fantasized, seen, and collected from the net and other sources. Some suggestions are clearly for male subs. Others for female subs. Some will work for both. There are probably places we would be put in jail if we tried these things so just think before you act. Have fun and enjoy BDSM!

Found another 157 (!) ideas but didn’t have time to look for duplicates so I just added the list to the end.

Femdom ideas – Public humiliation for male subs

1. Handcuffed to the shopping cart, while shopping. Try to make the cuffs just a little visible.
2. Handcuffed or tied to a pole outside a store.
3. Handcuffed, hands in front or back, while shopping.
4. Metal cockrings, collars, chains, or leashes when going through airport security.
5. Having him get a good tan while wearing a bra, for later exposure at the beach or while washing the car without a shirt.
6. When at a restaurant, eating in an unusual way; being fed; using your non-dominant hand, no utensils.
7. Forbidden to speak in public.
8. Kneeling and kissing her boots, shoes, feet, or hands, at odd moments.
9. Kneeling, massaging her feet at the mall, park, subway, etc.
10. One arm tied or cuffed under your shirt. Or cuffed obviously behind you.
11. Pockets cut out of pants, and hands tied or cuffed to your thighs so you can’t remove them from the pockets.
12. Binding your cock inside your pants with the string or rope end available to tug on.
13. Wearing a vibrating butt plug, with the controls in your pocket or available for his/her use (dog shocker on his balls will give the same effect).
14. Your right [left?] hand is tied to your cock and balls through a hole in your pocket. Might look like you are playing with yourself.
15. Being forced to masturbate beneath the tablecloth while at a restaurant.
16. Reciting all your rules in front of others, at her whim.
17. Always walking a foot or two behind her. speeding up to open doors.
18. She pays for everything, with possible comments like “Oh I never allow him to carry money!”
19. If no seats are available, puts you on all fours and sits on your back.
20. Doing some of the “hidden” little things like plugs, nipple clamps, cock rings, in the church of her/your choice.When dining out, submissive is not allowed to order, is fed little bites from her plate.
21. You both are sitting in a restaurant, dressed completely normal. She hands you a bag of ‘stuff’ and tells you to go to the restroom and change. You worry that everyone who enters will know what you are doing.
22. You are sitting drinking a beer or apple juice. When the glass is empty, she orders you to take it to the men’s room and fill it up. You must return and then consume your “new” beverage with your meal.
23. You must take your beverage to the men’s room, masturbate, and cum in the glass/cup. Return and then consume it, This would also work with the special sauce from that famous place.
14. You have to take your panties or underpants off, return to the table and hand them to her. She leaves them on the table in plain view.
15. Female subs in skirts, ordered to remove panties while seated at the table, hand them to the Mistress, then sit with naked ass on the seat.
16. On a special evening, as you travel around in a rented limousine, you are required to masturbate, trying not to be seen by the driver.
17. You are required to masturbate in your panties and continue wearing them, disregarding any spots that may appear.
18. You are diapered, taken out to a restaurant or bar and have to consume a large quantity of liquid, and are not allowed to use the restroom.
19. Traveling by car naked or dressed in lingerie.
20. You are obviously handcuffed to the car as you travel, or are parked waiting for her to finish shopping. A key can be attached to a thread for emergency purposes.
21. Wearing lipstick or makeup so that it appears you have just tried to remove it, but missed some.
22. Having your picture taken in Santa’s lap at Christmas time.
23. She hands the controls of your vibrating plug, dildo to another person.
24. Having to show another person what you are wearing beneath the raincoat or cape.
25. Shining her boots at the mall.
26. Take him shopping for undergarments and have him fitted for a bra (best done if he goes in male mode)
27. Take him for a drive some distance from where Y/you live while he’s dressed (or even better partially dressed) and tell him to get out and walk home.
28. Take him to get his ears pierced making sure that it is obvious to store personnel that You are making him do it.
29. Make him get a tattoo on a part of his body which from time to time might be visible. “Sissy Slut” or “Property of Mistress” – use your imagination
30. Have couples who are friends of both of Y/you and force him to serve you and Y/your friends, explaining that he is to be used for any wish they might have.
31. Rent him out to another Domme and make sure you get the money without him even touching it.
32. Threaten to disclose to his friends at work that he is Your sissy bitch.
33. Making him dance on a stage at a local gay club.
34. Trying on high heels while wearing nylons or pantyhose under male clothing. Works better at times other than Halloween.
35. Shopping for makeup, perfumes, and other female items.
36. At adult toy stores, purchasing buttplugs, cock rings, and BD gear, while she watches from a distance.
37. Having a manicure or facial in a big-windowed parlor at the mall.
38. Buying adult incontinent supplies. Have the sub ask the clerk what size would fit best.
39. Walks up to him in the check-out line at the grocery store, holding a pair of pantyhose and says “these are what I picked up for you to wear tonight. Ok?”
40. The Mistress takes her female sub into the restroom and performs an on the spot vaginal/rectal examine, attaches a variety of ‘toys’ or clamps.
41. You are taken on a nature walk, tied to a tree, for a quickie spanking.
42. Smoking long, obviously feminine cigarettes.
43. In a parking lot or similar location, just before you will be safely hidden from spectators, she has you pause and wet yourself. You have to walk the last few yards with wet clothes.
44. When you travel alone, you are required to leave lingerie or stockings drying in the bathroom.
45. You are instructed to buy a Halloween maid’s costume. Whenever you travel you must leave it hanging in the hotel room along with your regular clothing. Leaving a pair of high heels out would work too.

Domestic disgrace

46. Making him totally clean a room in your dwelling while he is tethered to that room (by a chain preferably) and don’t let him out of the room until you are satisfied or overly satisfied.
47. Make him sleep on the floor next to Y/your bed.
48. Lock him out of your bedroom for a night over several hours making sure he knows that you are pleasuring yourself or having phone sex with someone
49. Make sex conditional on how much he does in terms of housework and personal service to you.
50. Bind him/her and then leave the house, ordering him/her to get lost by the time You get back or else it’ll be his/her ass.

ddlg Adult baby

Degradation between you two

51. Have hubby pick one of your sexy lingerie sets out for you before a night out with your girlfriends. Remark what a shame it would be if no other men were to enjoy the look of it on you that night. Ask him if he agrees, and whether or not he encourages you to flirt openly with other men while out with the girlfriends.
52. Have him make a mold of his own penis (search “clone a willy” in Google). Once made, have him give it a long, intricate blowjob. Then fuck his ass with it before fucking his ass with your biggest dildo. Ask him whether he feels the difference between his smaller cock and a real man’s cock.
53. Make him/her pay for toys that you will never use on him and then tell him how you used them.
54. Make him/her kneel on sandpaper or rice grains facing a corner, beyond his endurance
55. Extended tickling session (that’s if he/she is ticklish).
56. For one day a week, be as bitchy to her/him as possible even if she/he’s done nothing wrong.
57. Insert a dildo or anal plug in her/him and make her/him hold it until he no longer can. If she/he makes it come out of her/his hole, make her/him tell and convince You that she/he truly wants to be Your sissy/slut and she/he wants to prove it by working up to 24-hour penetration.
58. Blindfold her/him and teach her/him how to suck cock using various fruits and vegetables, the graduate to insertables and then to the real thing, making her/him take it to completion.
59. Eat a doggie snack at lunch.
60. You have to kiss the ground whenever you leave a car.

61. You kiss the seat of her chair whenever she stands.
62. You have to eat a bite of something that has had ash flicked on it.
63. One hand is cuffed to the chair or table when you are eating.
64. On your ‘x’ anniversary, you renew your wedding vows, this time _you_ are dressed as the bride.
65. Tape rough felt or very very fine sandpaper inside a shirt over the nipples. The effect should be stimulation, not damage.
66. Keeping your legs shaved.
67. Keeping the genitals shaved.
68. Having ribbons/bows braided into the genital hair.
69. Carrying a doll around, brushing its hair, playing with it.
70. Wear a cock ring with a very long, strong, almost invisible thread attached. She can pull on this anytime. Use it as a leash.
71. Have him write words on his body in places where it won’t show: slut, cockroach, “Her Hole”, whatever kind of names work to push those buttons of his and make him feel the lovely sting of humiliation.
72. Give him instructions for ritual things to do when he’s out and about or in the bathroom- pinch himself when he’s peeing in a public bathroom, for example, say softly to himself when he’s on the bus and no kids are around, “I’m my Mistresses property to use as she wishes”, or things like that. It can have a slight adult flavor if no kids are around and it’s not actually obscene. He can do this kind of thing in places or ways that won’t risk his job or safety.
73. If it’s an option for you two to video chat, you can make him dress up in silly ways and perform silly tasks for the camera and you, sing silly songs, talk like a baby, make animal noises.
74. Orgasm denial or other types of orgasm games can be humiliating and dehumanizing for some men- “Your cock and your orgasms are mines. You will not touch or enjoy my flesh.” You can make him wear a chastity device. If he requests orgasm you could make him go out in the back yard and bark like a dog on his hands and knees, or whatever feels embarrassing and not too risky for his home life.
75. Make him reveal his body parts to you in intimate and embarrassing ways, as in bend over and spread his ass cheeks for you.
76. Have him wear a hood and tell him he’s your faceless sex toy.

slut written in scars

Stealth dressing for (not only for feminized sissies)

77. Make him wear female deodorant and/or perfume.
78. Feminize his name, or come up with a cute ‘girly’ name to call him, and use it regularly.
79. When eating out, choose his meals for him, and be the one to give the waiter the order.
80. Have him paint your toenails and then have him paint his own.
81. Insist that he sit down when using the toilet to pee.
82. Make him carry your handbag occasionally in public.
83. Invite your friends over for a drink and have hubby serve all of your friends. Tease him while doing so: “be a good little hubby and make us a drink. – Good boy…”
84. Have him completely shave his legs and pubic hairs at least once of month. While clean-shaven, have him rub his legs and pubic area in with a female body lotion whenever it’s ‘playtime’

Sissy humiliation ideas – Feminine dressing and accessorizing to wear under clothing

85. Camisoles
86. Stockings/Garter Belts
87. Pantyhose
88. Necklaces (under your shirt)
89. Nails with clear or very light pink polish
90. Chastity device
91. Earrings (studs)
92. Ankle Bracelets
93. Toe Rings
94. Polish (of your choice) for your toenails
95. Female jeans (which you noted)
96. Unisex footwear
97. Arm bracelets (underneath your shirt/top)
98. Tattoos/Tramp Stamps
99. Henna designs
100. Body piercings (Nipples, navel, etc.)
101. Slave collar ( can add owner tag)
102. Narrow cat collar with bell.
103. Single handcuff on each wrist.
104. Butt plugs. Can be worn at a business meeting.
105. Feminine rings.
106. Cock rings.
107. Baby rattle.
108. Nipple clips. [even better when seen through a sheer shirt or blouse]
109. Clip-on earrings [for the pierced impaired.]
110. A “kitty” collar with a bell, worn around the cock and balls.
111. Black or dark-colored bra under a thin white shirt.
112. Black or dark-colored panties under thin white pants or shorts.
113. Pantyhose worn with shorts.
114. Wear a frilly bikini at the beach. [or just the bottom.]
115. Naked or dressed in lingerie beneath a cape or raincoat.
116. Wearing an obviously feminine blouse (malesubs(
117. Little girls’ dresses with high heels
118. Baby hats/bonnets.
119. Obvious female flat heel shoes, worn with everyday male clothing.
120. Standard male shirt, tie, jacket, with obvious female trousers.

121. Diapers, noisy plastic pants.
122. High heels.
123. Females, braless, with a sheer white or light-colored blouse.
124. No underwear or lingerie, while wearing very thin white or light-colored pants, shorts, or skirt.

Transvestite in black

Creative uses of the semen

125. Use it as topping for ice cream Use it as a dipping sauce for chocolate, fruit or raw vegetables
126. Freeze cum into cubes and use it to cool drinks or just SUCK on the cubes
127. Make frozen cum pops
128. Mix in sauces of different kinds, to make them sweeter
129. Bake in bread and feed it to your friends….and enemies (lol)
130. Drizzle it with syrup over pancakes
131. Put it in orange juice, coffee or tea with your breakfast
132. Spread it on toast
133. Put it in your favorite energy drink
134. Use it instead of mayonnaise or mustard on your sandwich at lunch
135. Turn your dessert pie into a creampie
136. Cover hors-d’oeuvres with your cum
137. Mix it in tuna salad, egg salad, etc.
138. Eat with cheese of your choice
139. Put in in soup
140. Glaze shrimp with it prior to broiling or barbecuing
141. Use instead of butter at meals
142. Evaporate it and use the dried crystals like salt
143. drink it down plain or flavored, as an elixir of life.
144. Being allowed to lick his cum off his Mistress body is such a treat that it makes the task of consuming it almost pleasant. For maximum humiliation, She can require him to squirt directly into the depression of Her asshole as She holds Her cheeks apart. Then he must lick up every elusive drop. The disadvantage is that She cannot see his humiliation, but this can be overcome by having him perform before several spectators who can describe the action to Her and jeer him.
145. The slave must come all over Mistress’ largest dildo. Then he must lick it clean, just as if he were cleaning a real cock.


The shame of Masturbation

146. Make him cum on his salad and eat it, make him eat his cum in general
147. Ruin orgasms
148. .Cum in panties just prior to leaving for work, having to drive with a wet panty crotch.
149. When the slave has not come for a while, Mistress gives him a choice just before a meal. he either can expect an additional prolonged period without orgasm, or he must squirt all over his meal before eating it.
150. The slave must masturbate lying on his back, with his legs raised and down over his head (yoga “plow” position) so the tip of his cock is as close to his face as possible. (Extra points if he can suck his own cock!) he must come all over his face. Place a towel under his head to take care of misses.
Slave masturbates wearing an unlubricated condom. When he’s come, he must carefully remove it, not spilling a single drop. he kneels before Mistress, hands Her the condom, and waits with his head back and his mouth open. Mistress turns the condom inside out, emptying it into the slave’s mouth. Then She drops the rubber into his mouth. he must suck on his “cum-gum” until all his spending is recycled.
151. The slave must masturbate with nipple clamps on. If She cares to participate, Mistress ties a thong to the chain between the clamps and jerks on it to encourage Her slave. Of course, She forces him to keep stroking himself for quite a while before She lets him come. If he loses his erection, he is punished. If he comes too soon, he is punished *VERY* severely!
152. Slave wears adjustable nipple clamps that are *VERY* severe at the tightest setting. he begins with them fairly loose, but at the end of every minute he fails to come, Mistress tightens the clamps a half turn.
153. The slave must wear a weighted ball parachute. Weights are added if he takes too long to come.
154. The slave must masturbate while kneeling or standing barefoot on a rice-covered hard floor, or on upturned bottle caps.
155. Once he’s gotten his cock hard, the slave must coat it with a mentholated gel or “deep heat” muscle rub. Once the rub is on, he must put on a condom and continue masturbating.
156. Slave lies on his back. An electric iron is placed on his stomach. he is given the command to jerk off at the same time as Mistress plugs in the iron. Since a very gradual increase to unbearable pain is wanted, Mistress must unplug and replug the iron repeatedly. Depending on the power of the iron, something like 15 seconds on alternated with 10 seconds off might be about right. But put Your own iron-on Your thigh and check it out first!
157. The slave has as many minutes to orgasm as days since his last come. If he came yesterday, he must come in just one minute! If it’s been a week, seven minutes. If he fails, he is punished severely. A good lesson for a slave who complains that he doesn’t get to come enough!
158. Mistress rolls three dice. the slave must come before that number of minutes (3 – 18) or be punished.
159. Nothing is worse than *HAVING* to come and not be able to, especially when you’ll be punished for the failure to obey. If Your slave complains about not being allowed to orgasm often enough, take one die. The number You (or he, if you wish him to determine his own fate) roll is the number of times he *MUST* orgasm. Then roll two dice. The total is the number of minutes he has for reaching each climax. This scene can range from the luxurious — two orgasms, 12 minutes for each one — to the impossible: six orgasms with two minutes for each. A variation is to use three or four dice for the second roll and the number rolled is the total time for all the orgasms. Either way, failure to make the deadline, or to come the required number of times, must be punished.
160. Before the slave begins, he is given a glass filled with Mistress’ golden nectar. he must hold a full mouthful in his mouth without swallowing while he masturbates. When he comes, he must swallow the nectar before eating his own cum.
161. the slave is given a large container of nectar — either saved up in the refrigerator, Mistress’ mixed with his own, or the nectar of several Mistresses — and must drink it all before being allowed to come.
162. slave masturbates while lying on his back in the bathtub. When he comes, he squirts all over the front of his body. Mistress then rinses it off him . . . with a golden shower. The tub drain is closed, and the slave lies in the nectar for a time while he contemplates how lucky he is to have such a thoughtful Mistress.
162. For more intimacy, make the slave insert a finger of his non-active hand up to his own ass while jerking off. Glove and lubricate for safety.
163. Make the slave masturbate while holding in an enema. He cannot release it until he climaxes and eats his cum all up.


Cuckold Fantasy Femdom Role-playing

164. Comment on how well other men look to you and what exactly you find sexy about them. To add some spice, comment on the things you see that are bigger/better than your hubby’s (I love his big shoulders, he looks like he probably has a huge cock, he looks like he has more money than you, etc…)
165. Tell hubby that, lately, the men you come across at work or informally, you fantasize of as potential Bulls, which makes you horny. Tell him you can’t wait to have sex with other men.
166. If hubby has a boss or colleagues he doesn’t get along with, or even friends he becomes competitive around, tease him how you’d love to be fucked by one of those men and made to feel like their whore. Tell him you’d love for those men to tease him about it after fucking you.
167. Keep hubby in a cock cage for at least two full weeks. Towards the end of the second week make a point of walking around the house naked or in sexy lingerie before you go out to work or for a night out with your girlfriends but deny hubby any sexual favors. Use this opportunity to receive oral sex, or a foot or back massage. To tease him, let hubby know he’s not permitted to fuck you, but if he’s got the nerve, he’s free to call up another man to come over to fuck you while he watches.
168. For aspiring hot-wives who have not yet cuckolded their hubby, buy a condom, open it and throw away the actual condom, keeping only the wrapping. Organize a night out with your girlfriends. When you come home later that evening, suggestively give hubby the ripped open condom wrapping. When he looks up at you in shock and asks about it, tease him with it, letting him know you let another man have sex with you that night. Keep him guessing for as long as possible about whether you did or didn’t use the condom that evening. Unzip his trousers, and masturbate him slowly while teasing him, “Maybe I really did use the condom tonight…would that make you angry, or does it secretly turn you on?… Is your cock getting this hard because I’m masturbating you, or because I might have been fucked by another man tonight?…etc)
169. Another beginner idea is to set up a night with a girlfriend, which hubby is aware of, but from that point on, role-play that you’re going off on a date with a rich businessman, who, after taking you out for dinner, will be taking you back to his hotel to fuck. While with your girlfriend, send regular role-play text messages letting hubby know how things are going “with the businessman”. (“Strong, handsome looking man…certainly looks like he knows what he wants…and tonight it’s me…”, “Just arrived at his hotel…he’s booking a room right now…so nervous, but also so turned on…hope you’re still sure about all this…” “He just fucked your wife”…etc).
169. Another role-play idea is to create a cuckold scenario where you fantasize about doing as many things as possible with a Bull that you would never (or not easily do) with hubby. Be creative and think of all the things you’re sexually ‘uncomfortable’ with or things hubby hasn’t easily been able to get you to do (blowjob, receiving a facial, an mff or mmf threesome, swallowing a load of cum, receiving anal sex, receiving a golden shower, giving a rim job, receiving a rim job, having an orgasm during intercourse if this generally doesn’t happen with hubby, …etc ), and fantasize out loud about wanting to experience all these things with a Bull while hubby listens or watches.
170. Tell one of you closer girlfriends about hubby’s sexual kinks and fantasies (cuckold/femdom/strap-on/chastity cage, etc), then let hubby know you told her and share her reaction in detail.
171. Wear an anklet as often as possible when you go out, with or without hubby and make sure hubby is aware of it. Seek not only his approval but make him beg you to wear it (“So you don’t mind that other man might see the anklet and think I’m available sexually? Is that what you want? How badly do you want other men to see me as available? Why don’t you get on your knees and beg me to put it on…”)
172. Go to a club with hubby, ideally one with predominantly black men and flirt openly with strangers. Let them rub you up, buy you drinks and come on to you. Agree with hubby up front how far you can go with these men (Kiss on the lips, French kissing, a hand-job, a blowjob…) all while hubby watches from a distance.

Actual Cuckold Scenarios

173. Play the game “A Cuckold’s Delight”: Place hubby in permanent chastity for a full month, (uncaged once a day to be teased briefly before taking a shower). During that month, deny him any orgasms whatsoever, (possibly also require him to wear panties under his clothing), while performing any/all household chores. You, on the other hand, are free that month to enjoy as much leisure time as possible whilst also experiencing as many orgasms as you want…BUT hubby’s task is not only to keep your home looking tidy, and pleasure you orally whenever you desire…there’s one more catch: in the course of that month, he’s to set you up with a minimum of 1 Bull.
174. Tie hubby to a chair in the bedroom and make him watch you and your Bull have sex in the marital bed. After some intimate foreplay with french kissing, and caressing, beg your Bull out loud to fuck you. The more desperate you appear to look, the more it will drive hubby mad…
175. Have hubby lay against the headboard on the bed, as you lean against him or sit on your hands and knees in front of him. Then look into hubby’s eyes and have your Bull roughly fuck you doggy style so that hubby can feel the power of his thrusts while looking in your eyes.
176. Tie hubby to a chair in the living room and disappear off to the bedroom to have sex with your Bull, denying hubby the privilege of watching. After some time, take a break from fucking your bull. Go out into the living room where hubby’s waiting, hair a mess, makeup smeared, and have a glass of water. Say hi to your hubby, walk over to him and give him a french kiss. Then, grin at him mischievously, go back to the bedroom, close the door and lock it.
177. Give your Bull a blowjob in a semi-public place while hubby stands guard (under a bridge, in an underground car park, on a reasonably deserted beach, etc) For the more advanced hot wives, arrange to meet your Bull at the beach, and have sex on the sand at night while hubby stands lookout.
178. Spend time socializing with your Bull for 10 to 15 minutes in the living room before any action and while everybody is still fully dressed. Perhaps put on a porn movie to set the tone a bit. While socializing, or watching the movie sit next to your Bull, kissing, teasing, stroking, unbuttoning and treating him like a new boyfriend while hubby watches.
179. Have hubby beg your Bull to fuck you. Have him beg your Bull to give you what he hasn’t been able to have all these years. Demand him to say it out loud. At this stage, it’s all about humiliation. Make fun of hubby’s cock and sex skills in front of your Bull (“You see this…this is how a real man, with a real cock, fucks a woman,…etc”)
180. Go to a restaurant together with hubby and your Bull. While waiting for the main meal, take your Bull out to the car or restaurant bathroom area for a quick sex session (fucking or blowjob) then return to the table in time to enjoy your meal together. Make a point of kissing hubby on the lips when you return in order to confuse all the waiters and other guests.
181. Take off your wedding ring and have hubby take off his wedding ring, and lay them both on your stomach or chest, side by side…while your Bull is fucking you. Then have your Bull pull out and cum over both rings. Have hubby put both his and your ring back on full of your Bull’s cum.
182. Make a point of arranging that hubby drive you and your Bull around for half an hour while you and him make out in the back seat. For the more advanced hot wives, at some point, make your husband drive you and your Bull to a motel while you and your Bull both make out a bit in the back seat. Then, once you’ve arrived, check-in with your Bull and make hubby sit in the car and wait until you’re done fucking your Bull in the motel, whenever that is. Alternatively, have hubby drive you to your Bull’s house for sex. Then make him wait in your Bull’s living room while you’re taken to the bedroom to get fucked.
183. Have your Bull spend the evening at your place. Once going off to bed with hubby, arrange with your Bull that at 4 am, he is permitted to slip into your marital bed (awakening both you and hubby), then crawl between your legs and fuck you right beside hubby. For the more advanced hot wives, have hubby sleep in the guest room and spend the evening in the marital bed with your Bull. When doing this, go visit hubby once an hour in the guest room, so that he can touch, taste and smell the sex on your body. On your last visit, request that hubby wake you and your Bull up with breakfast ready for the both of you.
184. Make hubby wear women’s clothing, make-up and a wig and sit watching while your Bull fucks you. His task for the night is to be your Bull’s personal maid, fetching drinks or snacks if necessary.
185. Put your husband in chastity while your Bull is over and have your Bull wear the key around his neck as he fucks you. For the more advanced hot wives, have your Bull take the key back home with him and hold onto it until the next time he comes over. Hubby stays in chastity until that next time, so it’s in hubby’s best interest that that next time comes sooner rather than later.
186. Put your husband in chastity, tie him to a chair, and have him watch your Bull fuck you. Afterward, with hubby still strapped to the chair, have your Bull cum all over hubby’s chastity cage and cock while you watch smiling.
187. Make hubby go outside and clean your Bulls car, inside and out, while your Bull fucks you in the marital bed. As an alternative, have hubby take your Bull’s car to the carwash and pay to have it cleaned inside and out, while your Bull fucks you in the marital bed.
188. Have your Bull bend you over his knee and beg him to give you an erotic spanking in front of hubby. (I’m a very naughty girl, please spank me, daddy) Even if it hurts, let it continue for longer than you’re “comfortable” with, before finally begging your Bull to fuck you to ease the stinging. (Please, I can’t take it anymore,…please fuck me, please, I’m begging you…) This is especially effective if hubby is not permitted or encouraged to spank your bottom.
189. Get into a position where you are able to intimately kiss hubby, while your Bull fucks you. Keep the kissing going until your Bull cums inside of you. For maximum effect, when you hear your Bull is cumming, moan out loud along with him while still trying to kiss hubby.
190. Have hubby put his face inches away from your pussy while your Bull fucks you, then tell him to masturbate while doing so. For the more advanced hot wives, have your Bull cum in your pussy, or on your chest if you use condoms, and have hubby lick everything clean. An alternate idea is to have the Bull pull out and cum on hubby’s face or in his mouth.
191. When giving your Bull a blowjob have hubby come sit right next to you. Alternate between intimately sucking your Bulls cock and intimately French kissing hubby with some verbal teasing (Can you taste/smell his cock on my lips? Here, taste what a real man’s cock tastes like, etc). For the advanced hotwife, after five minutes of doing the above, grab hubby by the hair, and force his mouth down gently onto your Bull’s cock ordering him to get your Bull nice and hard before he fucks you.
192. Have hubby get your Bull hard by giving him a blowjob. Then have your Bull fuck hubby up the ass. For the more advanced hot wives, keep hubby in chastity for one week prior to meeting up with your Bull. Remove the chastity cage when the time comes for your Bull to fuck hubby up the ass. If hubby ejaculates before your Bull is done, that would be great, as he has to endure the humiliation of having your Bull continue to fuck him after he cums. If he doesn’t, and your Bull cums first, then lock his cock back up in chastity without being permitted to cum. Do not release him from chastity until the next time he puts his ass up for your Bull.

Looking for a mistress to humiliate you near ?

193. Take photos and video of hubby sucking other men’s cocks and getting fucked up the ass by lots of other men, then have him put a copy of all the footage on a USB stick that you keep securely. Tease him by threatening to show his closest friends and family all the footage if he ever steps out of line.
194. Consider getting a “Queen of Spades” tattoo (or something symbolizing your love of black cock) put somewhere on your body. This will ensure hubby is constantly reminded of his role as your cuckold, as well as attracting attention from any black Bulls you happen to come across…


Additional 157 ideas

*After orgasm, making sub drink his own cum
*Age Play – diapers, feeder bottles, and sippy cups, pacifier, dolls
*Always address you as mistress, ma’am, etc.
*Anal plugs
*Baby pacifier tied around the neck
*Baby pacifier to suck on (when masturbating or making love?)
*Bathroom use always with door open
*Bathroom use control – or lack of control!
*Beg for food, drinks, etc.
*Blackmail (fun) make sub compliant and obedient, make sub do anything!
*Buy him a feminine apron and make him wear it.
*Buy him kiddies utensils and a personalized kiddies plate, make him wear a bib when he is eating
*Cage display
* Caged/placed on restriction in cage
*Carrying a doll or toy around
*Cavity check-in private – at any time
*Cavity check punishment – forced enema, soft bananas, glycerine and suppositories
*Clip-on earrings that don’t match – jewelry – obvious string of lady’s pearl necklace
*Condition him to get aroused at things that will humiliate him then tell him you know how much he likes “xxxxxxxxxx”
*Crawl on all fours – restriction/bondage so he can only crawl
*Curtsy in public
*Deride the size of his equipment and get him to admit it should really be in panties or diapers
*Develop a tone of voice when requiring something of him or expressing your displeasure over something. It’ll be your “domme voice.”
*Diapers and forced wetting and/or soiling – bulky diapers, make him waddle
*Domme chooses clothing
*Domme chooses food
*Don’t let him talk at all.
*Dress him as a maid, tart, cleaner, doll, older lady or little girl
*Eat from a pet dish
*Eat without utensils – give him his own bib
*Embarrassing positions
*Enrol him for online sissy or maid training
*Eye contact restrictions
*Feed him pureed baby food
*Feed sub laxatives or use suppositories …. And wait!
*Feed submissive from hand
*Feminine necklace exposed (for males)
*Find him (or make him find) sissy friends online
*Forced Crossdressing
*Forced dressing
*Forced flattery, such as agreeing that every decision that the dominant makes is wise, correct, and justifiable while additionally praising the dominants physical and personality traits.
*Forced masturbation in odd places. Always dress him in his ‘special’ clothes when getting him to masturbate e.g. frilly panties and bra or maid’s dress – photograph him in his frillies getting excited!
*Forced shopping for pantyhose (male)
*Forced to Undress in front of others
*Forced to be a slave
*Forced to go to bathroom in front of you (..males all fours one leg up like dog or sit to pee)
*Forced to join online humiliation (or humiliating) sites/groups
*Forced to wear a leash
*Forced to wear a sign (slut, etc.)
*Forced to wear adult diapers
*Forced to wear chains, cuffs, manacles
*Forced underwear (panties, nylons, girdles, panty-corselette, tight bra, etc.)
*Forfeits – e.g. if you play with his dick then he’s in diapers for a week, if he smokes then one/ten/twenty cigarette(s) = a day for him in girly mode as maid, cleaner, doll, diapers etc.
*Get him a bikini and make him develop tan-lines
*Get him a blow up doll and force him to make friends with it and ‘perform’ – take a pic of him with his new friend.
*Get him his own makeup bag and have him wear lipstick around the house
*Give him a girls name and make him use it
*Give him a new hobby like sewing or knitting
*Give him a slave or girls name and use it with him in public to remind him.
*Give him written punishments – lines or essays on ‘how much he likes to….’ in neatest handwriting. variation: force him to use his non-writing hand
*Gradually dispose of his male underpants and substitute his new wardrobe from frillies to directoires.
*Handcuffs in public
*Have him insert a butt plug just before company arrives or before you both go out for an evening. Smile at him whenever he sits down.
*Have him keep a journal in which he records his thoughts and submissive feelings. Read it once a week while he is bound or helpless.
*Have slave hold a dime to the wall with nose while holding ass cheeks apart for inspection.
*Have slave wear food on face/clothes.
*His own website –diary, blog, pictures
*Hood, head mask, (zippered can be fun to close the mouth, eyes)
*If She has a strap-on, Mistress can fuck Her slave while he jerks off. Make him ask or beg to be fucked.
*If you masturbate him always get him to ask politely to be touched and always make him cum in humiliating attire. Make him cum into a plastic cup or similar – get him to fetch his cumming potty.
*Immobilization – saran wrap mummification or restriction
*In restaurant order food for your subbie (He will be having…)
*Insist he read some of your “women’s magazines” and romance novels if you read them.
*Invite your friends over for tea and make him serve it. If your friends are amicable make him put on an impromtu show.
*It’s humiliating to have to masturbate for your sexual satisfaction, particularly if you must put on a show. It’s also humiliating for a “straight” man to have something up his ass. So assplay and jerking off is a perfect combination. For starters, make the slave masturbate with a butt plug inserted. If you have a dildo you can mount on a board, have him “ride” it up and down while he jerks off.
*Lay down specific times and schedule for him and treat him like a little kid…
*Lead on a leash while having a rubber bone in the mouth
*Leave bathroom door opened
*Leave or text note with embarrassing instructions
*Let him stand in the corner for extended periods and/or write out assignments/lines
*Lock him in a pantie-corselette, diapers, dress etc
*Made to crawl – shackled bound so he can’t stand
*Made to use a cat litter box
*Made to walk in heels
*Maid services – Make him do housework naked or dressed in women’s clothes
*Make a habit of sliding your hand into his crotch and saying something like, “Getting to be a horny sub are we?” Or, “Since Mr. Willy belongs only to me, I can fondle him whenever I wish? but you may not.” Or say nothing at all: just smile and give him a kiss on the cheek or a pat on the head.
*Make a list of rules for the slave for public and private
*Make him enthuse about how much he likes e.g. his new name, his new clothes/wardrobe, housework, his new hobby and so on
*Make him give himself an enema and time how long he holds it in. Set targets.
*Make him give requests/undertakings when he is aroused – e.g. asking to be dressed girly/wear lipstick/nail polish/put in diapers 24/7 and for how long
*Make him only eat oats without sugar for all his meals without using cutlery out of a bowl. Use a separate bowl for water.
*Make him scrub the floors naked or clean the toilet with an old toothbrush.
*Make him sit at the table with his finger on his lip or his hands on his head while you eat.
*Make him sit on the toilet to pee.
*Make him think of a new way for you to humiliate him
*Make him use baby feeder cup
*Make him walk on his tiptoes. Stick double-sided tape under his heels to see they touch the floor.
*Make him wear female deodorant or baby powder
*Make him wear women’s camisoles under his shirts always
*Make subbie wear makeup
*Mask – latex – give him doll or girlie face
*Micro-management – Detailed accountability and control as to time spent or activities are done, including a list of jobs to do, precise directions as to how the housework is to be performed, and exactly how to act and behave.
*Nipple piercings/rings under see-thru top
*Noisy plastic pants (with diapers)
*Numb or clamp his tongue – give him a speech impediment
*Order him to fetch the newspaper or post while wearing an article of your clothing. Lock him outside.
*Orgasm control
*Orgasm denial
*Paint his toenails.
*Pantyhose work well with shorts (male)
*Pet roles (act like a dog, cat, etc.)
*Pink Tee shirts will make a great addition to his wardrobe. Look for Tees with suitable messages/names printed on them
*Prohibitions or restrictions on clothing, a common example is being mandated to only wear revealing bikinis or lingerie or including feminizing or cross-dressing.
*Record really embarrassing sessions and make them watch it
*Send him emails in which you mention his submissive behavior or address him as your sub, slave, servant, boytoy, maid, girlie or whatever. Or send text messages.
*Serving other(s) (..clean friends place, tea party)
*Shave all body hair
*Shave head
*Shave his legs and make him go out wearing shorts.
*Shave pubic hair
*Shopping with dildo or butt plug in the ass while wearing control top panties/pantie girdle
*Sign him up at a BDSM message board and tell everybody what he has done wrong.
*Slave made to sit on a wooden chair with a dildo up his butt while being scolded.
*Slave tattoos (temporary, henna, permanent marker)
*Speech restriction, limited vocabulary, special babyish or childish words – make him lisp
*Speech rules – make him use humiliating words for anything of your choosing – clothing, utensils, body parts etc
*Spell Slave sub or whatever with suntan lotion & get tan
*Stand in the corner
*Stand slave in the corner (pants down)
*Style and/or dye his hair – wigs
*Substitute hotpants or little boy velvet-type shorts for his shorts
*Suck dildo
*Swallow own fluid
*Take Pictures
*Take Video
*Take him shopping and spray him with perfume.
*Tie a piece of fish line onto a ball harness and lead him with it around while shopping. He will never leave your side.
*Try to find him pink pajamas. Or make him wear a nightdress or babydolls in bed.
*Use saran wrap to bind legs (gives him small steps) or arms (restricted movement) or mummify him
*Verbal Abuse (see comments toward the end of this post)
*Wear (locking) Collar everywhere
*Wear a T-shirt that says I’m a sissy boy, I belong to Mistress, I am a girlie etc.
*Wear a bra and get a tan (males)
*Wear bra under see-thru top
*Wear chains from hand to feet that keep slave on all fours / bent over.
*Wear chains or manacles
*Wear clothes that are ripped
*Wear diapers while immobilized
*Wear panties under see thru clothes
*Wear tight bra under clothes
*Wear unmatching clothes
*When eating out, choose his meals for him. Order a ladies steak or a childs meal for him.
*Write a punishment or reward on a piece of paper and keep them in a bottle. Let him choose one randomly. Add new ones every week.
*Write on body (slut, sissy, etc.)

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