The Lair

Dante rode down the road toward the large city of Brindleston, daydreaming about his previous night with the farm girl, Jenna; he was stiff with his memories of the pleasures they shared. He plucked at bits of songs on his lute while remembering the sights, touches and smells of his escapade with the voluptuous virgin. Her hair had smelled of flowers and the sweet hay that was his bed for the night. The moonlight and shadows played a game of Chase the Fox across her skin, and her unpracticed, yet eager, touch had excited him to great heights. She would make someone very happy one day.

His clothes and lute marked him as a bard, protected by tradition and the King’s edicts. The feathered badge in his cap showed that he was trained at the College of Enchanters in Braefire, the great Multiversity in the north, where all manner of magics were taught. If you listened to his voice, you might get entranced by his charisma or his magic. He could sing a baby to sleep in seconds and talk a woman into his bed in minutes, even without magic. He was a handsome fellow in his mid-twenties with the craggy features and tanned skin of one who spent a lot of time on the road. His shock of black hair wafted in the breeze.

The morning passed uneventfully, but when he was looking for a place to stop and eat some lunch, he heard a loud grunt and a woman’s scream from the woods off the road.

Dante dismounted from his horse, hobbled it, and moved quietly through the forest to get a closer look. He had his sword at his belt and his lute on his back. He got to a clearing and saw a tall, naked creature with an ugly, misshapen face, huge arms and legs, and a body like a mangled lump of child’s clay — an ogre. The ogre’s enormous cock was stiff as a tree limb and looked like a man’s forearm, including the coarse hair along its length and a fist-like knob on the end. The creature advanced toward a beautiful woman tied to a tree, wailing. She was about a head shorter than Dante was with long curly brown hair, big brown eyes, a lovely heart-shaped face, and large round breasts, exposed by rips in her green homespun dress. She had a look of pure terror on her face as she stared at the ogre’s equipment. Dante caught sight of a prone body to the side.

As he took in the scene, the ogre started sniffing the air; Dante realized he was downwind of the beast. He knew he had to act fast or the ogre would charge him. He couldn’t compete against him with his light rapier. Dante unlimbered his lute and quickly started playing a melody; then he very quietly sang an enchantment into the music. His belly grew warm and his neck prickled with the magic, which he channeled into his voice. He watched intently and saw the ogre turn his head toward the pleasant music, start to turn his body, take a step, and then stop. Dante knew he had him entranced, so he put more soothing sounds into his song and more power into the spell. The ogre completely stopped moving, and his huge erection sagged. Dante turned his song into a lullaby, and the ogre’s eyes closed. He collapsed to the ground with a thud. Still playing, Dante stepped into the clearing and walked over to the beast. Assured that the creature was sound asleep, he finished the song and slung his instrument. He drew his sword and cut the ogre’s throat, whom awoke with a roar, too late. Dante stepped back, sword at the ready, avoiding its flailing body and spurting blood, which made a dark blot on the earth in the process. The monster gurgled and sputtered in death for several minutes.

“Vile creatures!” he said, as he wiped his blade on a cloth at his belt. He turned to look at the woman he had rescued.

Her face had a look of utter relief on it, as she said, “Thank you, kind sir. That fell beast was going to split me in two with that thing.”

“You’re welcome, fair lady. My name is Dante. What’s yours, what happened, and who is that?” he asked, pointing at the prone man he had spied earlier. Then he worked on the ropes holding her to the tree.

“I’m Deidre and that is Lucas, one of the hands-on my father’s farm. We were walking to the market town a few miles down the road when we stopped for lunch. Soon after we got the food out,” she nodded toward a basket covered with a small towel, “this ogre came out of the woods demanding our food and me. Lucas tried to defend me, but the ogre just swatted him and knocked him down. He never got back up. I hope he’s not dead.” Concern filled her voice.

Dante finished untying the knots and he unwrapped the ropes from the woman. He stepped over and put his hand under Lucas’ nose. He was a handsome young man, and the hint of moving air from his nostrils confirmed his state. “He’s alive, but he’ll be out cold for an hour or two. It’s best if we just let him wake up on his own.”

When he stood back up, Deidre was rubbing her wrists and body where the tight ropes had cut into her flesh, gazing at him intently. Her demeanor had changed from frightened girl to intent woman faster than Dante expected. “I am grateful for your service. How may I repay you?” she asked with a lascivious wink, her voice suddenly thick and lusty. She licked her lips. Dante knew that she was truly offering just about anything at this point.

“Why don’t you come here and I’ll show you?” Dante said at his most charming. Deidre walked toward him, swinging her hips enticingly. As she closed, she her arms put her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss, lips quivering and warm; he enfolded her in his arms and returned the kiss passionately. He brushed his tongue across her lips, and she opened fully to him, sucking gently to bring his tongue into her mouth. He explored and teased her. Her bare breasts were squished into his chest, and she wiggled delightfully in his embrace.

She broke the kiss, looking deep into his eyes, and said, “Actually, Lucas and I often have a little fun on our weekly shopping trip; we were just getting very ‘friendly’ when the monster interrupted us. He had me pretty worked up before he fell protecting me. I’d like it if you finished the job.” The fire of her lust shone clearly in her dark eyes. Obviously, the attack had done little to quench her passion.

Dante could not resist this beautiful woman who offered herself so freely. He answered her by resuming the tongue kiss and firmly fondling her exposed breasts. She gasped into his mouth when he pinched her nipple. As they kissed, her hands made quick work of his trouser drawstring, and she dropped them down to his ankles. He paused to pull her dress over her head, breaking the lip lock. She drew his tunic over his head, leaving them both standing in just their undergarments. The rest of her body was just as delicious looking as her breasts had been. They both pulled off their underwear at the same time, and Dante moved back into the clinch and shuffled Deidre backward toward the tree she had recently been tied to. When she bumped into the tree, his cock butted hard into her belly, and she sighed.

“You want to fuck me, and I want to fuck you, so fuck me!” she said loudly with a purr of pleasure in her voice.

Dante lifted her lithe form up, bracing her against the tree, and pushed his cock against her slit. She moaned as he inched his flesh sword farther into her slick, tight sheath. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his hips hard with her feet; he slid all the way into her and she screamed her delight. She mostly held herself up with her strong legs and her heels in his back, so he could concentrate on fucking her, rather than on holding her. He started stroking into her at a pace in tune with their level of passion — pretty fast. Her lusty utterances and active participation were a big turn on for him. Within a short time, she groaned deeply and gyrated her groin around his cock, her orgasm tensing most of her muscles. Her outcries and writhing continued for what seemed like forever, but she settled down. Her feet practically kicked him to go faster, and he immediately complied with her unspoken request. Looking down, he saw his member sliding in and out of Deidre’s sex, coming out covered in a slick, shiny coating of her excitement. When he looked up, she was gazing at him with intense lust and concentration in her eyes. He could feel her cunt muscles squeezing and releasing his engorged dick. This young farm girl knew a sex trick he’d only experienced in the high-priced brothels of a metropolis! The shock of this realization and her expertise shoved him over the edge, and he exploded inside of her while simply pounding her body against the tree trunk. She screamed into another orgasm herself.

As he came down from his climax, he slipped from her body, and his muscles lost some of their strength. Barely able to lift her anymore, he slowly lowered Deidre’s sweating body to the base of the tree. “Where did you learn that, my dear?” he asked sincerely.

She blushed deep red at his question and answered, “Well, once in the middle of, um, doing it with Lucas, I had to, uh, pee really badly. So, I just clamped down to prevent that, and Lucas went wild. So, I learned to do it when I didn’t have to, you know, go. Since he likes it so much, I use it all the time now.” Her blush got deeper as she explained.

“Oh, don’t be at all ashamed of that. It’s a fantastic skill! You are going to make some lucky man very happy,” he said as he gazed sweetly at her, cupping her hot cheek. She smiled a smile that could melt butter and gave him another deep kiss. He enjoyed her lips and tongue immensely.

Deidre said, “Now that we’ve been rewarded to our satisfaction, could you take us home? I’d rather not run into that one’s cousin without you,” inclining her head toward the dead corpse of the ogre. “I’ll bet my father will reward you again for your deed, though monetarily this time.” She winked at him.

He dressed while he said, “Yes, I’ll take you home, but first, let’s see if we can find his lair. He might have some valuables that he’s stolen from others. Ogres usually don’t hunt that far from where they live. I’ve been more than amply rewarded already. Your father can keep his money, especially if we find this one’s hidey-hole. Lucas should be okay here until we get back, but let me move my horse up here to make sure. Falco is smart enough to keep most vermin away. And, maybe, we might have time to reward each other again,” he said with a sly grin.

She smiled back and said, “While you get your horse, I’ll get presentable.” She sat down near the basket of food and rustled through it. Dante turned and walked through the woods to Falco. He untied him and led him back to the glen. When they arrived, Deidre was sewing the tears in her dress.

He searched around the clearing and found a large belt with a leather pouch strung on it apparently where the ogre had dropped it to rape Deidre. It contained a handful of copper coins and four silver ones. Various other shiny worthless baubles were in the pouch, as well as a woman’s gold ring. “Not too good for a hard-working ogre; he must have more in his lair,” Dante thought to himself. When he had finished searching, she was done sewing. She threw the fabric over her head. He liked the way her breasts jostled when she moved. He also noticed that she had combed her hair. She was a vision of loveliness with her still-flushed complexion and cascading tresses. She was indeed going to make someone very happy.

The two of them set out on foot, walking around the woods surrounding the clearing. After covering ten yards out from the glen in all directions, Dante started following game trails in the forest. After covering about a quarter mile down the second trial, they came to a large outcropping of rock, covered on the top by trees. Dante and Deidre circled around it and found a small opening into the hill on the opposite side. He made a makeshift torch from a stick and some dry pine needles; he coated the needles with pine sap from a nearby tree. He lit the torch, drew his sword, and said, “You stay here while I make sure our friend doesn’t have any cousins or spouses.” He stuck the torch into the opening and followed up with his head. His nose was assaulted by the powerful odor of stale sweat. In the flickering light, he saw a pile of pine needles and rags in one corner that was probably the ogre’s bed and a pile of bones in the opposite corner. Once inside, he could stand normally with at least two feet of space above his head. Quickly, because the torch was burning down, Dante searched the small cave. He found a large leather pouch near the pine bed before his light gave out.

Coming out of the cave, he saw Deidre looking nervously about. She calmed visibly when she saw him.

“I found this,” Dante said, holding up the bag.

They both sat down on the ground, and he dumped the contents out on a flat rock near a fire pit. They found a nice pearl necklace, a gold bracelet with a few small gemstones in it, six rings, both male and female, fourteen silver in various coinages, and a single gold ducat; the rest was shiny junk. He offered Deidre the bracelet, saying, “For your troubles.” She put it on her wrist, grinning broadly at him, while showing it off in a beam of sunlight that managed to force itself through the forest canopy.

He kept out the gold coin, one of the man’s rings that had a small stone in it, and a woman’s ring and put the rest back into the bag; he slipped those three items into the musty belt pouch. They walked back to the clearing, hand in hand. Falco’s nicker indicated that nothing had happened while the horse was on watch. Falco was a smart horse, and they knew each other’s signals well.

Now that the work was done, Deidre wasted no time in embracing Dante again and kissing him hard. Apparently, this little minx was still in heat. She groped in his trousers, grasping his cock firmly and stroking it up and down. She knelt down in front of him and undid them, whipping his erection out the top. Dante smiled down at her, seeing a woman who loved sex as much as he did. She swallowed it, licking and sucking it like she was a starving child given meat. His eyes rolled up in his head as she furiously devoured him. He was roused from his reverie by a groan coming from Lucas’ direction. Dante looked over to see Lucas rubbing his bruised head and staring at Deidre’s mouth locked onto Dante’s shaft.

“What happened, Deidre? What are you doing?!” he exclaimed, having trouble keeping his mouth from gaping.

Easing Dante out of her mouth, she explained, “This wonderful gentleman killed the ogre and I’m rewarding him. If you come over here and lie down, I’ll reward you too for defending my honor, Lucas.” She returned to giving Dante a hell of a blowjob.

On hearing her words, Lucas got a funny look on his face, which quickly turned to a look of lust. When he stood, Dante could see why Deidre liked the boy: he was a tall, well-built young man with a handsome face, and the tent in his pants showed him to be well-endowed as well. Dante relaxed and let the pleasure of Deidre’s mouth consume him. He opened his eyes again when he heard Lucas lie down on the ground next to her with his penis sticking out over his lowered pants. It really was impressive.

She took her mouth off Dante and scuttled over Lucas’s body, hanging onto Dante’s cock. Once she was settled with Lucas between her legs, Dante moved over until his feet straddled Lucas’s head. Deidre leaned over Lucas, slipping his stiff length into her hungry slit. Then she took Dante’s cock back into her mouth. As she bounced up and down on Lucas’s body, her movements made her mouth bob up and down on Dante’s protuberance. Lucas got really into it, alternating between fondling Deidre’s tits and Dante’s balls. Dante certainly didn’t mind the extra attention to his genitals, no matter who was doing it.

Soon they hit a hard rhythm, her feral fucking of Lucas jamming her mouth hard on Dante’s dick, and Dante spewed his cum far into her mouth, some escaping to dribble down her chin and onto Lucas’ chest. Watching Dante come in her mouth sent Lucas into overdrive, his hips forcefully hitting her groin as she descended. She screamed as her climax pounded her, more cum rolling out of her mouth. Lucas groaned loudly, Dante guessing that he was coming inside the enraptured woman. The two on the ground slumped, and Dante almost fell, his knees were so weak. They all just panted from their workout.

Slowly, the three of them revived enough to dress. Deidre got out the basket and set out a fine lunch on a large log in the clearing. She had hearty bread, cheese, dried meat, some fresh apples and a clay jar of ale. They ate quietly, too exhausted to do more than chew and swallow. By the time they finished, they all looked better, except for the blossoming bruise on Lucas’ face. They talked of farms and the fine courts Dante had visited.

At one point Deidre left to squat in the bushes; Dante quickly fished out the woman’s ring from the ogre’s belt pouch. He turned to Lucas and said, “Lucas, if you love her, marry her. If you treat her well, she’ll make you very happy,” putting the ring in Lucas’ hand. “If you don’t love her, enjoy her pleasures, but move on eventually. Keep that ring for the special woman who wins your heart and loves you back in return.” He straightened up and sipped his ale when Deidre returned from the edge of the woods; Lucas sat, his mind full of thought.

A little later, Lucas was the one to answer the call of nature, and Dante said to Deidre, “If you love him, say ‘yes’ when he asks you to marry him. That bracelet of yours should buy a decent farmstead where the two of you can settle down, fuck like bunnies, and raise a pile of kids. If you don’t love him, have some fun and move on. But keep that bracelet as your dowry.” He dug into another pouch on his belt and pulled out a small leather bag. “This is a root that will prevent babies until you get married. Chew a piece as big as your fingernail now, and any time a man fills you with cum. It’s called Cotrelle, and any village wise woman can get you more.”

Deidre got a tear in her eye and said, “Thank you, Dante. You’ve saved my life and given me a new start. I hope you found my body exciting to play with.” She leaned over and gave him a big hug and a very deep, wet kiss. They both straightened up when the bushes rustled, announcing Lucas’ return.

When Dante took his leave, the other two were gazing at nothing. On his return, he noticed they were holding hands. They loaded up everything on Falco. Lucas ride the horse while Dante walked beside, since Lucas had been injured. Deidre walked between the horse and Dante, holding the two men’s hands, grinning and singing softly as they walked. In about an hour, they reached the outskirts of the farm, and Deidre dropped her hands to her sides.

Within minutes, they heard a call from the fields, and a middle-aged farmer waved at them from behind a plow. He was a big man, at least half a head taller than Dante and with very broad shoulders. He had the wrinkled, tanned skin of someone who has spent his entire life working in the sun. His face had a permanent grin on it. He unhitched the horses from the plow and walked them toward the barn. As they neared the farmstead, the man greeted them.

“Hey, Deidre and Lucas, I didn’t expect you for another hour or two. And where are the foodstuffs? And where did you get that horrible bruise, Lucas?” he asked. Suddenly, he noticed that Dante is with them. “Hello, Sir. I’m Jake Miller.”

“My name is Dante,” he said as he extended his hand; Jake shook it vigorously.

“Oh, Daddy! Lucas and I stopped for lunch and an ogre attacked us. Lucas tried to stop him but got knocked out by the brute. Dante saved me from a savage raping by killing it. Lucas and I owe him our lives!” she explained excitedly.

Jake looks dumbfounded at Dante, his eyes wide and his mouth agape, and said, “You killed the Ogre of Yelfy? Congratulations!” He quickly grabbed Dante’s hand again and pumped it even more than before, slapping him on the back. “That rascal has been a danger in these parts for a decade. Everyone will be relieved to know he’s dead. What can I give you for saving my trusted employee, my daughter, and her honor?”

Trying not to laugh at the ‘saving her honor’ comment, Dante said, “Oh, nothing, my good man. We found the evil thing’s lair and took his valuables. Here is a pouch for you.” He handed the belt pouch to the older man. “I have kept some for myself, which is plenty of recompenses.” He patted the bag at his side containing the rest of the items. Jake emptied the pouch into his hand and gazed at the coins and rings.

“Why do I deserve such riches? I didn’t kill the beast,” he said, incredulous.

“I got plenty for myself, and perhaps you might get Lucas a sword and some training to help protect Deidre when they go to the market. I might not be around next time,” Dante replied, persuasive as always. With that said, he turned to Deidre and said, “Goodbye, Deidre. It has been a pleasure.” He bent in a full-court bow and kissed her hand chastely, but looked her in the eye and winked at her. She smiled and furtively licked her lips with that pink tongue that had recently licked his cock.

“Goodbye, Dante. May your travels bring you happiness,” she said with a curtsy that would pass muster in a Lord’s house.

He mounted Falco and rode away down the road. Just before losing sight of them into the woods, he turned and waved at them. They were still watching him and returned the farewell.