The Grade 2 [Daddy]

The Grade part 1

The Mommy had disappeared into the bathroom and Miranda used her hands to wipe her mouth and chin to no avail. She opened the door to a large, middle aged and red faced man who towered over Miranda. “Well, well, well took you long enough. I guess it’s up to me to teach you some manners.” He shut the door and pushed her against the wall, pinning her wrists over her head with one meaty hand. He stared into her eyes while his other hand explored under her shift. “It seems Mommy has been busy with you little girl. Am I correct?” Miranda stammered, “Ssssshhhhhhe just….”. He pinched her hard nipple, the pain was exquisite but shocking, “Little girl you’d best answer, ‘Yes Daddy’ and then only open your slutty mouth for my cock,”. Miranda whispered, “Yes Daddy.” He released her nipple and found her soaking cunt. He let go of her wrists as he undid his belt, then backed away after pushing her to the floor by her shoulders. He sat in the desk chair and called for the other woman in a clipped, angry tone. “You were supposed to have our girl ready for me. Instead you seem to have used her for yourself. Clean her up so you can show her what Daddy wants.” He turned his gaze to Miranda, “ Don’t you cum sweetheart. Mommy is just getting you ready to make Daddy happy. Do you want to please Daddy.” Miranda felt her pussy throbbing, “Yes Daddy”.

Mommy parted Miranda’s legs where she sat against the wall as Miranda slid onto her back. The Daddy took off his pants and boxers and began stroking his thick, long cock as his wife softly licked Miranda’s aching pussy lapping up her juices. Miranda whimpered and lifted her hips. The Mommy’s tongue was whipping her quickly into a frenzy and she squirted into Mommy’s mouth. “Thats enough”, said the man. “On your knees and watch Mommy.” She watched as he stood and the woman dropped to her knees in front of him, eyes closed and mouth open. He grabbed the back of her head and brutally fucked her mouth. She gagged and drooled but did not move a muscle. After a short time, he was ready for Miranda. Miranda crawled closer to the Daddy and kneeled in front of him. The other woman used one hand to guide Miranda’s open mouth to his cock and the other to finger Miranda’s swollen pussy. Miranda moaned on the Daddy’s cock and swallowed him down to her throat. “Mmmmmm, that’s my good girl.” She began gliding her tongue around his shaft as she moved slowly up and down. It wasn’t long before he grabbed her pigtails and thrust himself deep into her throat and holding himself there as she gagged and tears streamed down her face. Each time his cock hit her throat Miranda squirted into the woman’s hand. “Oh Daddy, our girl is doing so well”, she chirped happily. Miranda sensed he was about to cum and got ready for her treat. Instead, he pulled out of her mouth and pulled her over his lap seething. “I told you not to cum.”, he spat out. Miranda knew better than to argue and said. “Yes Daddy”. “Naughty, filthy girls get punished”, and with that his huge hand began spanking her. It felt like a frying pan hitting her bottom and she cried out just as Mommy stuffed her panties in Miranda’s mouth. The heat spread from her ass to her pussy and she gushed onto his thighs. He flipped her to all fours on the bed and instructed her not to cum until he told her to this time. Miranda nodded. He spread her cheeks and pressed his cock into her tiny asshole. Mommy had gotten a wand and delicately touched it to Miranda’s clit. She pushed back onto Daddy’s cock needing him to fill her as the wand brought her closer to the edge. She could tell by his breathing he was close, he began ramming himself deep into Miranda. Mommy pulled the panties from Miranda’s mouth and kissed her passionately just as the Daddy told her to cum. Miranda’s collapsed, shaking from an orgasm more intense than she had ever felt before. Mommy held her as wave after wave hit her. After, Daddy pet her and told her how proud he was as Mommy cleaned her up with soft towels. Mommy tucked her in while Daddy dressed. Daddy placed the teddy bear in her arms and told her a story while Mommy dressed. Each kissed her on the forehead before turning out the light and closing the door. Miranda fell into peaceful sleep, sure that her adventure had ended on a high note.

Until the door burst open and a gloved hand covered her mouth…….

Miranda wakes screaming into the gloved hand over her mouth. Without a thought, she bites as hard as possible into the thin leather. The big hand is gone only to return to slap her hard across the face, “Bitch!”, growls a gruff male voice. She can’t see a thing it’s pitch black in the room. She rolls off the bed, hits the floor hard and crawls towards the balcony. She’s not thinking of anything but escaping however possible. This can’t be part of the plan. She is almost to the doors when he grabs her ankle with one hand and yanks her back. She kicks back and makes contact with her heel. He’s wearing a ski mask. He releases her to adjust the mask. He’s laughing as she pulls herself up to open the doors, “This will be more fun than I thought”, he tell her as he watches her struggle to fling open the doors. Just as they open, he is on her again. This time tying a gag around her head. “We can’t have you frightening the guests dear.” She is flailing as he holds her by the waist, when she sees the tip of the knife she stills. The tears pour down her face. She knows the camera can’t see her here. She tries to think as he lowers her to the floor. “Be a good girl now.”

She continues crying as he pulls course rope from his backpack and binds her wrists behind her. He pushes her back to the doorframe and removes the backpack and black jacket, the mask in place. He is all muscle, she is no match. He kneels in front of her, sliding the knife down her face, her neck, to her shift. With one fluid motion he slices it open. He leans down and licks the tears from her face. She’s sure they taste of fear. He uses the knife to tap her legs apart, she feels the outside air reach her cunt and she is shocked how wet she is. He is watching her as his knife trails the inside of her thigh and nicks it. She sees him smile under the mask as he leans in to taste it. Her breathing is ragged and she’s sure he can smell her need. She doesn’t mean to but opens her legs wider. “Soon enough” and he rips her to standing by her hair. He drags her back into the blackness of the room and she hears something smash. “Now we won’t be disturbed”, Miranda knows it was the camera. She should be terrified and she is but she is also revealing her arousal by the wet between her thighs. She is pushed to her knees and hears him removing his belt, he snakes it around her neck and pulls it to the point she has to work for her air. “Don’t make a fucking sound”, he orders as he removes the gag. She is silent and he loosens the belt one notch, “good girl”. She smells his cock and instinctively opens her mouth, licking her lips in anticipation. He coats her lips with his precum and without warning grabs her head and pushed his cock down her throat. He fills her mouth and throat and she sucks greedily. He fucks her mouth telling her what a good slut she is for him. Her pussy is gushing and he hears her squirting. Pulling out, he removes the belt and pushes her head to the floor and rubs her face in the puddle she created. “Lick it up”, he demands. When he is satisfied, he pulls her up to standing in front of the desk. “Bend over”, when Miranda doesn’t move fast enough he slams her head down and beats her with the belt. She feels the buckle rip her skin and tiny rivulets of blood trickle down the backs of her thighs. He is holding the side of her face on the desk with one hand while the other beats her. He drops the belt, smearing the blood on her ass with his fingers then finger fucks her cunt hard and fast. She groans and cums violently. He shoves his fingers in her mouth telling her to taste herself. While she is sucking his fingers, he spreads her cheeks and rams his cock into her ass. She cries out and his fingers are in her throat. As he fucks her, he severs the rope and her hands fall to the desk to brace herself. Suddenly, he is out and she is in the air and lands on desk. He grabs her throat and pulls her close as she opens her legs to him. He enters her and lifts her slamming her back into the wall. Her hands grip his strong shoulders and he kisses her roughly. He rips his mouth off of hers and tells her to cum as he explodes inside her. She rakes her nails down his back as wave after wave overtakes her. He bites down on her shoulder as he releases drawing her blood into his mouth. She feels his blood under her nails before it all goes to black.

Miranda woke to a knock at the door. She was sprawled on the floor, sore and dizzy. Her eyes hesitantly opened to see the sunrise over the balcony. The knocking was no louder but increasingly staccato and insistent. She tried to get up, knowing what was expected. Her body betrayed her, used and exhausted she crawled towards the entryway. At the door she managed to get herself onto her knees and open the door. She lowered her eyes, naked, bloody and bruised she was ashamed at what she presented to this next stranger.

Miranda She lifted her head hearing HIS voice. The one she had longed for, the only voice she realized she wanted to hear for the rest of her life. His arms enveloped her and she was lifted to the bed and laid down gently.Darling Miranda, you’re hurt! His eyes met hers and she weakly asked if it was over. It is over love and you have passed.. He stroked her face and moved His perfect hands over her battered body. She felt each part of her come alive under His touch. Her nipples hardened, her pussy flooded and mouth watered to taste Him. Miranda, will you give yourself to me after everything I’ve put you through? She nodded without hesitation. I want to own you completely and entirely, in a way no one ever has before. Miranda looked deeply into His eyes and agreed to be His forever. They made love, passionately. She felt a nurturing and protectiveness from Him that complimented their tender lust.

He ran a bath and cradled her as He placed her in the warm comforting water. After carefully washing her clean of all that had occurred, she found herself alone. Promises of delicious room service had been made and she rose from the bath wrapping herself in a fluffy robe to see what had been procured.

It wasn’t quite the time Miranda, why didn’t you wait for me to fetch you.. His back was to her and the angry scratches she inflicted on Him the previous night before she blacked out were obvious. He turned and she spotted the knives and other sharp instruments, the ropes attached to the bed, His gloved hands. Before she could scream, the gloved hand was over her mouth. It is everything I promised Miranda. You will belong to me forever in a way you never imagined.

Now let’s get started, shall we?

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