The Exotica Erotica Ball

From the steel door archive.

Looking for kinky and gentle mistress near ?

The radio station thought it was funny. Kink was in. And, San Francisco was Kink City! The contest had been for ratings of course. Women had been asked to tell about their ‘worst’ dates. Live stories, text stories, and even email were welcome and read aloud on the air for weeks during the early morning show. All to find the guy MOST in need of personal improvement.

And, what was the prize? 24 hours. Free limo. Free dining. New clothes. New hairstyle and the rare opportunity to be the honored guest at the most famous kink party of all, the Exotica Erotica Ball. All under the direction of one, very famous San Francisco resident, the notorious Madame Inferno.

The stories had poured in. The good, the bad, the ugly and the stupid all fell prey to the DJ’s repentant mockery. And finally, the day arrived when the winner was selected.

Vinnie laughed on the air, they had finally managed to locate the man chosen to be the worst date in the whole Bay Area. Melvin Burns. He was the hapless fool who managed to park his date’s car so well that it had rolled down the hill during dinner to batter 6 other cars before smashing headlong into the rear of a city bus. As if that wasn’t enough, she had been forced to pay for dinner herself when Melvin discovered he had left his wallet at home. A priceless date to remember.

“Did you get that Mistress Fiery person on the phone yet?” Vinnie yelled across the control room to his partner in crime the luscious Leanna.

Leanna nodded, her ear pressed against the phone receiver, she tried to wave to Vinnie to not be so damn loud.

The woman’s voice on the other end was moderate, she even sounded normal to Leanna.

Leanna’s nod was enough for the irrepressible Vinnie. He keyed the phone to live, interrupting the conversation in progress.

0;”>”…I see!” The perv Dominatrix’s voice purred through the speakers and over radios throughout the city.

“Vinnie!” Leanna frowned at Vinnie’s rudeness.

“So you are the Kink Goddess of San Francisco?” Vinnie plowed forward his voice filled with his customary mockery.

“Vinnie…” The voice slowed.

“So what do you have planned for the poor miserable geek anyway?” Vinnie asked.

“Ahhh, well you see there has been a change of plans Vinnie.” Madame Inferno’s voice never shifted in modulation but Vinnie began to frown. His ass was on the line to make the whole thing a smashing rating success.

“What do you mean?” Some of his earlier bravado faded.

“Well Vinnie. I have a reputation which requires an escort of at least three …men to accompany me to the Ball. One of those men has been called away on a family emergency leaving only my driver and…uhmmm Melvin. This is unacceptable to me, so rather than arriving improperly attended, I will simply refrain from attendance this year.” Her words devastated all Vinnie’s careful plans. He frowned. Some perv bitch with a too swelled head, thinking her level of importance demanded an entourage like a rock star or something. He snorted sourly.

“…unless…” The word hung between them. Listeners leaned forward eager to know.

“Unless?” Vinnie hated the hint of entreaty in his own voice. His frown turned into a scowl. “Unless???” He pressed.

“Well Vinnie, due to the shortness of the time frame involved. I might agree to attend if YOU would agree to join…uhmmm Melvin as my guest and …uhhhh escort tonight! Her voice purred seductively through the speakers.

Vinnie’s eyes widened. He didn’t want to go, even if the fetish crowd was intriguing. Unless…unless maybe he could get the station to allow him to record tidbits for later broadcast. He could describe what the kink queen did to the hapless Melvin. More ratings. Vinnie’s eyes narrowed and glittered.

“Ok…M’dam! Deal!” He gloated over the microphone.

Leanna’s eyes widened, she shook her head at Vinnie. Better to just let it go. After all, Vinnie didn’t know Madame Inferno’s reputation, he had only moved to the city 9 months ago.

Vinnie stuck his tongue out at Leanna. He knew what he was doing.

“Then I double the PRIZE Vinnie.” Madame Inferno’s voice concluded softly. “The limo will pick you up in 20 minutes.” With that, the phone clicked and the conversation was severed.

“20 minutes?” Vinnie bellowed into the still live mike. Then he realized, he had promised on the air. No backing out. His ass was literally on the line. There was no time to be nervous, to think about anything but getting permission to go from the station manager. He turned to find four pairs of solemn eyes staring at him.

“What?” He asked defensively.

There were snorts and laughter. The station manager seemed ready to burst. “Enjoy yourself, Vinnie. Remember that all of the city will be watching your….ass!” With that, he pivoted and Vinnie could hear him laughing all the way down the hall. Vinnie tossed the headset off and pulled on his way cool leather bomber jacket. That was followed by his sleek imitation expensive sunglasses and he had ‘the look’. He turned and marched out of the studio as the music swelled to fill in the void.

Vinnie exited the office building just as a long white limo sighed to the curb. The right rear door clicked before powering open all by itself. Vinnie peeked inside before climbing into the luxurious interior. It was only at that moment that he realized that he had forgotten to grab a recorder. “Damn!”

He sat back in the deep-set purple leather. The door powered closed. Vinnie frowned when he heard a power lock engage. He felt trapped. There was no apparent door handles on the inside of the doors. A quiver made him feel more uncomfortable.

He stared defiantly at the glass partition which allowed only a suggestion of the driver’s form.

“Seat belt please!” The driver’s voice requested politely.

Vinnie found the belt and snugged it across his waist, noting its unusual design as the lock sunk home. It immediately tightened. Vinnie decided to adjust the tension, it was obviously malfunctioning only to discover that the latch refused to reopen. He tugged for several seconds before he realized that his struggles were only making the belt tighter.

“It is stuck locked,” Vinnie yelled at the obscure driver’s window.

“Yes.” The single word held just a hint of laughter.

Vinnie’s eyes narrowed. A game huh? The car moved silently away from the curb.

20 minutes later the car halted. The door powered open again and Melvin Burns climbed inside to join Vinnie. He looked incredibly normal, a bit soft in the jaw. Vinnie smiled at him tightly. He had barely sat down when the car began moving again.

“Hi, my friends call me Mel!” The young man proffered his hand to Vinnie.

“Vinnie!” Vinnie grunted in response.

“Wow. I didn’t know you would be here! Great! I have to admit I am really nervous. Do you think Madame Inferno will make us foot worship her Domme friends as she did with her escorts last year?” Melvin sounded worried and excited both.

“Foot worship?” Vinnie asked.

“She is so ‘forceful’ don’t you think? I mean I was embarrassed to be selected, but WHAT a prize! Even worth such a lousy date!” Melvin latched the seat belt.

“I haven’t met her,” Vinnie responded dryly.

“Oh!” Melvin turned to peer out the window.

The car pulled up to a garage door in a commercial section of the city. The door opened and they drove forward into a private parking garage. The limo pulled around until the rear doors were lined up with a carpet stretching to two very tall pounded metal doors.

The driver exited to hasten up the carpeted aisle. Then he pulled open one of the doors and to Vinnie’s surprise instantly knelt to become an immobile doorstop. Vinnie tugged at the seatbelt again. The whole scene was too weird. The belt tightened further snapping him painfully against the seatback.

They waited for at least three minutes. Then Vinnie saw a flicker of movement. A small female began to crawl back into the aisle. The two men in the car had a great view of her ass, the narrow purple thong stretching deep into the crack and the jingles of bells to accompany every movement. They watched fascinated. The slave girl crawled backward dragging a basket attached by tiny chains to nipple rings. Inside the basket were rose petals, which she scattered on every step. She continued until the aisle was littered.

“No way!” Vinnie exclaimed, astounded by the performance. He hated to admit how the scene had aroused him.

The slave girl raced back to open the second door and immediately assumed the same doorstop position as the driver. The basket hung, stretching her nipples.

A tall brown-haired woman stepped into view. She was wearing a simple white jogging top covered by a filmy white see-through shirt and plain black jeans over boots. She paused. The door powered open. Vinnie stared up into surprising green eyes.

“Melvin…vinnie! Her voice purred.

“Madame Inferno…what a real honor!” Melvin gushed.

“Assume spot!” She lifted one arm to reveal a short heavy crop…she pointed to a spot in front of her.

The seat belts opened. Melvin scrambled out of the car, Vinnie frowned but saw no alternative but to follow suit. He joined Melvin in what he realized was the ‘spot’ indicated.

“Remove all clothing, jewelry, except glasses.” There was an assumption of instant compliance. Her eyes raked Vinnie.

“Yes, Ma’am!” To Vinnie’s surprise, Melvin began to strip.

“No WAY!” He bellowed.

“You are unable to keep your word, Vinnie?” She questioned softly? The challenge was obvious. Only then did Vinnie remember the ‘terms’ of the PRIZE!

“I can handle it….” He began peeling off his clothes beside the already naked Melvin. It was awkward and humiliating. Even worse, he was still slightly aroused from the earlier slave girl scene and when he pulled off his underwear his partially erect penis bobbed.

“Kneel! For the next 24 hours, you are under my direction as a consensual slave.” Madame Inferno stepped closer. “You will not be allowed to embarrass me.”

“Fem-slave, fetch two iron collars.” Her voice whipped across them all. Her eyes challenged Vinnie to give in. Did he have the guts?

The slave girl scampered off to return with two heavy iron collars which she immediately placed around Vinnie and Melvin’s necks. Vinnie listened to the locks clicking. For the first time, he regretted his mockery on the radio that morning. The girl attached two dog leashes to the collars and ordered the two new slaves to follow her. Vinnie hesitated. The crop whistled in the air before tagging his naked ass hard. He yelped and crawled forward.

They were led into a small tiled room lined with doggie cages.

“In!” Again it was the slave girl ordering them inside. Vinnie obeyed reluctantly.

“There is ‘free’ food and water in the dishes.” Madame’s voice grinned. “You will rest here until it is time to dress for the Ball.” With that, the two men were locked in their cages.

“Oh my, I could cum right now so bad!” Melvin’s voice broke the silence. “Isn’t she marvelous?”

Vinnie realized to his horror that he wanted to cum too. He cringed back in the small cage, hoping no one had noticed. What was wrong with him?

Hours passed and with each moment something changed inside of him. Vinnie seldom had time to think, to consider his actions. The forced containment left him nothing else. He began to realize that in many ways he was shit! Ego-centric, obnoxious, profane. If he had been a kid he would have deserved a good spanking. The bent of his thoughts shocked him more. But still, he felt the truth of it. By the time the door re-opened, he was feeling very humble.

The slave-girl returned with the driver of the car in tow. She waved Melvin out of his cage and told him to stretch. When he had limbered up she helped him put on purple leather pants with the ass cut out and his cock contained in a sheath. A harness wrapped his chest and finally, a tight hood was placed over his head. There were adjustments that allowed for fully sealing the hood but at the moment the hood eyes, nose, and mouth were open. Vinnie was waved out and dressed identically then both men were ordered to kneel.

He was just a slave. That awareness sank in and became a reality. There was nothing to do, nothing to think, just obey. They were dragged back to the huge metal doors where Madame Inferno was waiting. She was wearing a magnificent purple leather bodysuit with velvet wrapped rounded wires forming a skirt that wasn’t. She wore a headdress of the same odd design. Stiletto heeled boots to her thighs and a deadly looking split tongued whip in one hand. The slave girl handed her the joined leashes.

She glanced over her new slaves imperiously before stating quietly. “Slavery is Freedom, pets…”

With that, the doors swung open and the flashbulbs began to click, the video camera’s to roll. It seemed Vinnie’s promotional gag had worked only TOO well, the entire world was there to view his ‘ass’.