The English Daddy. Part 4

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Alan stood behind Felicia. He felt sick, confused and disgusted – yet turned on. His heart pounded, was he really going to do this? He looked at her small, creamy pale bottom – slightly elevated off of the bed, her legs slightly apart, pussy lips ever so slightly separated and the inviting rose pink of her tiny little asshole. What choice did he have?

He took a step closer and let his hand wander to his dick again, after stopping so suddenly before it felt good to touch. He stroked slowly, admiring the sight before him, thinking…

Slowly he raised his right hand above her ass cheek. It had been a long time since he had laid his hands on a woman in any other way than the tender caress that a husband gives to his wife after twenty years…. But before, when he was younger, he had enjoyed being the one to administer punishments very much. He had spanked a number of previous girlfriends, even used a cane on one. He looked at Felicia’s little pert bottom beneath him, the thought crossed his mind that if he allowed himself to spank once, he may never stop. The contempt her felt towards her was unsettling…. He paused. She moved, wriggled her ass….

“Please fuck me, Daddy….”

“Shut up.” The aggression in his voice shocked even him, but it spurred him on…

The first spank made Felicia’s whole body buck forwards and she cried out.

“Shut the fuck up!”

He spanked again and her moan was more muffled this time; he pictured her from the front, biting her lip, eyes closed. Another spank, then another, and another. He moved his free hand up to her pussy and gasped at how wet she had become… more spanking, four? Seven? Twelve? He lost count. Her little ass was turning nicely pink and she was whimpering now.

“Are you still sure it’s a good idea to bribe me you, little whore?”

“You don’t scare me, you dirty old man….”

Her words took him aback; she knew what buttons to push. He pushed her, causing her to fall sideways and she rolled over onto her back, her eyes gleaming, biting her lip…

“What did you just say?”

“I said you don’t scare me, you dirty pathetic old man….”

“Do you want me to hate you? Hmm?”

“Yes.” She smiled at him, “I want you to hate me, I want you to fuck me like you hate me, I want you to hate how much you fucking need me, crave me… I want you to fuck me whilst knowing what a pathetic, dirty old man you really are.”

“You’re sick…”

Her smile widened. “But so are you, Daddy, you’re about to fuck a girl younger than your daughter.”

“You leave Holly out of this!”

“Oh please….” Felicia shuffled forward and sat on the edge of the bed, lowering her head towards Alan’s dick… she held her lips tantalizingly close, the breath of her voice causing him to grow harder “…I was the one that made her wet the other night Daddy when we were dancing…”

She went to take him in her mouth, but he grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her backward. He pushed her back on the bed and crawled over her. Their faces were mere millimeters apart….

“My daughter is not a lesbian!” He growled

Felicia laughed, as best she could with his face so close to hers…. “No Daddy, perhaps not, but she did enjoy it when I kissed her.”

He hadn’t let go of her hair and he pulled again, causing her to cry out. Roughly he reached down and forced two fingers into her sopping wet little pussy.

“You get off on this, huh? Who’s next? My wife… do you plan to fuck her too?”

“Oh I bet you’d love that you dirty little fuck, watching as I screw your wife better than you ever could…”

Anger boiled up inside of him, more anger than he knew what to do with. “Get on your front. I don’t want to see your face….”

She did as he ordered and raised her ass slightly; he pushed into her with one movement, causing them both to cry out. She was so wet, and yet so beautifully tight. He was reminded of the first few years with Laura, the slight resistance. Laura… he tried to block her from his mind, and he pushed deeper, harder, faster. Felicia felt tiny beneath him, but he didn’t care… he had gone past the point of caring if he hurt her, if she was enjoying it. His cock felt wonderful inside of her, he grabbed hold of her hair, yanking her head back.

“Now, what did you call me?”

“A pathetic…. Old man….” She managed to get out, between gasps. Her words only served to spur him on more. She felt it, felt the urgency with which he pushed into her…. “You’re a dirty old man Daddy….”

He let go of her hair and moved his hand to her tiny waist, feeling her smooth skin beneath his palms.

“You bitch….” She moaned louder upon hearing his words…. “You fucking…. Little bitch…”

He could feel his orgasm building as she pushed back against his dick. He closed his eyes and tried to focus more on the sensations rather than the fact he was fucking an 18-year-old slut on his wife’s bed, but he couldn’t… and he was even more disgusted with the fact that despite his ability to shut off his orgasm was almost upon him.

“Cum in my little pussy Daddy….” Her voice was breathless, detached from him…

His whole body shuddered as he moaned in pleasure, he felt his cum pumping through his veins, spilling out into her tight little cunt. Waves of pleasure coursed through him…. Stronger than anything he had felt for years. She moaned, feeling him fill her…

“Mmmm….. Daddy….”

He stopped pushing, his breathing ragged and his dick spent. Slowly he pulled out of her, watching her turn around on the bed and move her right hand to her swollen little pussy. He was mesmerized as she took some of his cum onto her fingers and then licked them clean….

She had him right where she wanted him.

Alan left the room, and Felicia, without a word. He closed the en-suite door behind him and stared at his reflection in the mirror…. What on earth had he done?

He managed to avoid her all afternoon, for a long while he stayed upstairs. He showered, changed the sheets, paced…. He considered ringing the contact from the school and even dialed the number twice, but her threats echoed in his ear and he chickened out. In a sudden flurry of realization he emptied the wash basket to search for Holly’s cum-soaked panties, but only found the towel they had been wrapped in. He showered again, the heat of the day coupled with the thoughts of his actions making him panic and sweat. He could still smell her everywhere, still hear her voice. It was unbearable.

Laura and Holly returned at about 4 pm. Alan had only ventured down for a drink in the meantime and had not seen Felicia at all since he had left her naked on his marital bed that morning. He knew all day that she was around though – he heard her music through the walls, listened to her footsteps on the stairs, the clink of crockery and glass as she helped herself to some lunch.

The knot in his stomach had prevented him from wanting food but he knew he had to face them all at some point. He hovered at the top of the stairs before venturing down into the kitchen, he knew she was down there somewhere but he didn’t know where. He hoped – for the first time since he was a boy he prayed – she had kept to her promise and had not said a word to his wife about what he had done.

She was in there… he saw her as soon as he pushed the door open, talking to his daughter. The words rang in his ears of how they had both kissed, and so did the images. The thought fleeted across his mind of the two of them in a club or sat in a booth in a bar, their bodies pressed together, lips touching….

He looked away, he had to, his heart was racing.

“Hello, Darling….” Laura breezed past him, her lips placing a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Productive day?”

He glanced at her, did she know? Was she bluffing? “Um…. Yes, yeah I got a lot done.” He lied. Trying not to focus on the girls sat at the table.

She was talking, she was talking about their day, their dinner, what they were doing at the weekend, but he couldn’t focus. All he could see what fleeting images of this morning, all he could concentrate on was his hardening dick.

Dinner passed in a blur… the food was tasteless to Alan and he had to force each mouthful down, past the lump in his throat. Felicia was sat opposite him and every now and then she would catch his eye – whether deliberate or not he didn’t know, but it was obvious to him that she was enjoying his discomfort greatly. He tried not to look at her, he tried to look in any direction but straight ahead to where she was sitting, but he was noticing little things all the time. The way her little fingers gripped her glass of water as she paused before drinking, the way her lips closed around her fork, the gentle smile when she was listening to Holly or Laura. He wondered a few times throughout the meal whether he was actually going mad if he had imagined the whole thing…. Yes, she was a tease, that looks, the slight smirk, they were there but had he really fucked her that morning? Perhaps he had dreamt it all, his fantasies become reality in his subconscious mind. He willed it to be the case, but deep down he knew it wasn’t….

After dinner Alan disappeared back upstairs quickly, he couldn’t risk being alone with Felicia in the kitchen again. He closed the study door and breathed a sigh of relief…. His extremities felt tingly, his breathing has been too fast, too shallow to perform the correct function within his body. He sat down at his computer and tried to focus… he had done so little work today and deadlines were looming. But the words blurred on the screen and his thoughts turned back to Felicia….

After about half an hour he heard Laura started to run a bath and tried to build a mental image of that instead – part of him was tempted to go in and join her, but he hated the fact that he would only be doing it to appease his own guilt, and he wasn’t sure he could look her in the face. He took a deep breath and stared at the screen but his head was beginning to ache and he was so tired… He heard soft footsteps on the stairs and his breathing actually stopped. Silence. Which girl was it? He hoped it was Holly coming upstairs for something, but the handle turned on the study door and his heart pounded, he looked up hoping to see his own daughter but instead came face to face with Felicia. She stepped into the room confidently and without a word, closing the door silently behind her.

“Get out Felicia.” Alan’s voiced surprised him with its steadiness.

“Aww… don’t be like that Daddy….”

He turned back to his computer screen. “Get. Out.”

“I’m not doing anything wrong I just came up to see if you would like a drink….”

He took a deep breath. “If I wanted a drink, Felicia, I would go into my own kitchen and I would make myself a drink. Now get out!” His voice was losing composure…

“But you’ve been hiding in here all day Daddy; I’m worried about you….”

“You’re worried about me?” Alan lurched forward, rage boiling up inside of him. “If you were worried about me you would fuck off Felicia! You’d have not bribed me into fucking you; you would leave me and my family alone and piss off out of my house!”

“Shhh Daddy, Mummy is only next door….” She looked so calm, so manipulating….

He turned away; sweat prickling at the back of his neck. “Are you trying to make me angry?” His voice was calmer, barely above a whisper now.

“No Daddy…”

“Really?!” He turned his head to look at her

She smiled…. “Well, maybe a little bit….”

It was all a blur… but he heard his words leave him, he saw her kneel and he gripped her head as she took his cock greedily into her little mouth.

For the first few wet and clumsy strokes he knew he should stop, he knew that one time could be classed as a stupid, misguided and potentially marriage damaging mistake, but a second, where he had demanded that she get on her fucking knees… a second was making it into something more dangerous.

He gripped her head tightly, causing her movements to be measured and small. His entire length was in her little mouth, pushing at the back of her throat, causing those little chocking, gurgling noises that he loved so much but that he knew would draw attention….

“Shut the fuck up slut….” He hissed He felt her tense and she looked up as best she could those eyes… “You want to be treated like a whore then fucking act like one. Touch your cunt.” He saw her right hand move whilst she continued to suck, her pace never changing. He didn’t have a wonderful view of what her little fingers were doing below the waistband of her skirt but after the display, she put on for him earlier he could well imagine…. He wanted to groan, he wanted to speak more, and he wanted his wife to not be only feet away in the room next door. He gripped tighter on her hair, pulled her in closer, felt his cock ram the back of her throat. The pressure was building and he was cumming, even if he wanted to stop there was no way on earth he could now… he felt himself buck forward as he forced his load down into her throat, feeling her muscles contract as she swallowed it down like the slut she was. She took it all, licking him clean as he pulled slowly away from her, the sensitivity becoming too much to bear.

He stepped back, his breaths deep and ragged, he looked at her still kneeling, watching him expectantly.

“Get the fuck out.”

She did so, without question.

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