The English Daddy. Part 2

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Alan hardly slept a wink. As he climbed into bed next to his wife, his dick was so hard it was beginning to feel painful. He could still smell Felicia and when he closed his eyes he could see that teasing look… the look on her face as she had slipped her hand beneath the waistband of her skirt. He hated her, he hated how she made him feel and yet he was beginning to crave it. His hand instinctively found its own way into his boxer shorts and he gently, but rhythmically stroked his rock hard dick as he played their conversation through again. He felt disgusted with himself; she was nothing but a girl – younger even perhaps than his own daughter. He tried to stop himself; he reluctantly pulled his hand away and jammed it under the pillow beneath him. This was wrong, so so wrong.

Find your little near ?

When Alan awoke it was to the sound of chatter and giggling downstairs. It took a moment for him to recall the events from the previous night and as soon as he began to, his dick sprang to life. He groaned as he rolled over in the bed, Laura had long since got up and he noticed that the time on the alarm clock read 09.47 – she would have left for work by now, Felicia and Holly would be the only ones in the house.

Alan took his time showering and dressing. He tried to distract himself, tried to think of things other than Felicia and last night and for the most part it worked. He knew he couldn’t hide away upstairs forever though and at around 10.30 he ventured down to the kitchen.

He could hear the girls in the living room as he passed, watching TV, all perfectly normal. His eyes scanned over the doorframe and his dick throbbed in his shorts. He ate his breakfast alone in the kitchen whilst scanning the paper; his heart pounding as he heard the living room door open and the girls come bounding into the kitchen.

“Morning Dad!” Holly threw her arms around her father’s neck and kissed him lightly on the cheek, Alan kept his eyes on Felicia the whole time, who was leaning against the sink and staring at him with a knowing look.

“Morning darling girl…”

“Sorry about last night Dad… Felicia said you were a bit cross when we came in.”
Alan’s heart pounded in his chest, Felicia had spoken about last night? He tried to tear his gaze away from her and cleared his throat.

“I just wanted to know you were safe, that’s all.”

“I was fiiiine!” Holly rolled her eyes as she poured herself a glass of orange juice “I was with my friends, and Felicia, she wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me, would you?”

Alan was starting to find Felicia’s stare more than a little uncomfortable by now and she didn’t take her eyes off of him as she agreed with his daughter.

“Well, just let me know what’s going on next time, ok?”

“Ok Dad!”

“What are you girls up to today?” He was hoping that they were going out, heading into town, off to see a movie – anything to get Felicia out of his house. His heart sank as Holly told him that they didn’t have anything planned and we’re just going to sunbathe and stay in the garden for the afternoon. He knew, at that point, it was going to be a very long, hard day.

Alan could hear the girls in the garden as he worked. Their soft murmur of conversation, laughter, and music that was too loud but that he couldn’t tell them to turn down. He got up from his desk a few times and looked out at them – they were both wearing bikinis and soaking up the rays of glorious English sunshine. He made himself sit back down, what the fuck was wrong with him?! She was just a little girl who was trying to manipulate him, he tried telling himself that it was ridiculous, she was probably more intoxicated than he had thought and probably even regretted it this morning. He tried to push it from his mind, but she was giggling, having fun is his garden with his beautiful innocent daughter. He started to feel the anger boil up inside him, the same anger from last night. What a bitch… coming into his house and making him feel uncomfortable.

He pushed his chair noisily back from the desk and stormed out of his small little study – he was only going to go to the bathroom, an excuse to get out of the stiflingly hot room full of work that he couldn’t focus on. But en-route he passed the washing basket, he hadn’t noticed the knickers hanging carelessly over the side earlier. He knew they weren’t his wife’s and as he picked them up and felt their soft silky material he hoped to god that they didn’t belong to his daughter. They couldn’t do… they were too sexy, too pretty to belong to her. He ran his fingers over the smooth material and convinced himself that they belonged to Felicia. She must have been wearing them last night… not wasting another second he took them into the bathroom with him and made sure the door was bolted firmly behind him.

His dick sprang out as he pulled his trousers and boxer shorts down to just below his knees, he was so incredibly hard and pre-cum was starting to seep from the tip. He moaned softly to himself as his hand made contact for the first time, warmth spreading out across his thighs, the sheer pleasure just from touch. He could still hear the girls in the garden through the slightly open window and he tried to block out his daughters’ voice and just listen to the soft French accent that had been consuming his thoughts for the last four days. He was stroking firmer now and he rested his head against the wall and moaned in pleasure as he pictured Felicia last night in his lounge, those big eyes, and the way her hand had slipped down into her skirt. He slowed off… at this rate, he was going to cum too quickly and he wanted to savor this. He had been trying to deny it for so long, but by now he had decided that the filthy little slut almost deserved to be wanked over.
Alan brought the knickers up to his face and inhaled their slightly musky scent, the vague familiarity of it made him moan loudly and he had to sharply remove his hand from his dick to prevent himself from cumming in that instant. He pulled the window shut in embarrassment and examined the knickers a little closer… a small white patch was in the crotch…. His right hand very quickly went straight back onto his dick as he realized that she wasn’t lying about being wet for him.
With his left hand, he wrapped the silky material around his dick, making sure that the crotch of the knickers covered the end. The resistance of the fabric felt fantastic on his shaft and he closed his eyes, picturing Felicia knelt before him, obedient at last. She wanted this, he would cum all over that pretty little face of hers and then he would turn her over and fuck her harder than he had been allowed to fuck his wife in years. He could feel his orgasm starting to build and he rubbed faster and faster through the thin, silky material. He tried to stifle his moans as he came harder than he had in a very long time, his hot sticky cum pumping into the material of the dirty pair of knickers that belonged to his young French houseguest….

That evening the four of them sat down and ate dinner together. Alan, after his time in the bathroom, had done the rather foolish thing of leaving the knickers back in the laundry basket where they came from; he had wrapped them in a towel and assumed that they would all just be gathered up together for the next wash. He had gone back to his study and initially he had felt a bit ashamed and slightly embarrassed and what he had just done, but as the afternoon had drawn into evening he found he was concentrating better on his work and by the time he sat down for dinner, the incident was all but gone from his mind.

The family finished their dinner and, as was normal practice, Alan started running the washing up water to rinse the glasses and cutlery through. Laura came up behind him and gave him a hug before heading out into the cool of the garden to read some of her book and Holly bounded into the living room, probably to go on the laptop. Felicia stayed in the kitchen with Alan.

He knew she was still sitting at the table and he tried not to let it get to him although he could feel his heart rate quicken. He continued with what he was doing and when he felt her come slowly up behind him he tried not to let any emotion show on his face.

“Have you had a good day Daddy?”

He told himself he wasn’t going to bite, not this time. He rinsed the glass that was in his hands and placed it on the drainer. “Yes Felicia, I have. Have you?”

“Mmhmm…” She turned around, placing her hands behind her and leaning against the worktop. If Alan just turned his head slightly to the left then their faces would be as close as they had been last night. “I don’t think my afternoon was half as exciting as yours though Daddy….”

Alan’s head spun…. How could she possibly know? She couldn’t….

He swallowed hard, hoping the panic wasn’t showing on his face. “I hardly think so Felicia, I’ve been working all afternoon.”

“Well, not all afternoon Daddy…” Her voice was gentle and she trailed her finger up Alan’s arm as she spoke… “I’m sure you must have had a toilet break or two, give yourself some relief

Alan looked at her, she knew, he could tell. She wasn’t bluffing….


“How did I know that you jerked off into a pair of pretty silky panties that I left for you?”

All Alan could do was nod….

“Well, that’s just it Daddy, I left them for you, a little present…. And then I found them, scrunched up and sticky in an old bath towel.” Felicia scrunched up her nose in disgust as she spoke…

“You little bitch…” Alan was fuming; she had manipulated him once again.

“Aw Daddy, don’t be like that…” Felicia looked at him with those big doe eyes… “I thought you would like finding a nice little present waiting for you?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I told you, Daddy, I want you to fuck me, with that nice big dick of yours… I bet it is big, isn’t it?”

“You are completely out of order… you should go home.”

“I know you want to fuck me too Daddy, why else would you have used those knickers?”

“I’m going to phone the contact from the school in the morning Felicia, I want you out of my house!”

“Did you see they were a little bit dirty Daddy?”

He looked at her, teasing him, making him feel worthless, he did want her. He wanted to just give in… “Yes, Felicia, I did…”

“I bet you thought I had been nice and wet when I was wearing them, did you think they were what I was wearing last night?”

“I… I did assume that, yes.”

Felicia smiled. That mischievous smile that he was beginning to know and hate so well.

“Aw Daddy, you were wrong…. I wasn’t wearing them and getting them nice and wet….”

Alan’s heart pounded, he knew what was coming before she had even reached up on tiptoes to whisper into his ear…

“….your little slut of a daughter was…”

Alan watched as Felicia stood back off of her tiptoes, taking in the expression on his face as a coy smile spread across her own…

“You’re lying…” His heart was pounding, he couldn’t have…

She simply shook her head. The smile not fading from her lips.

“You little bitch…” His voice was a hoarse whisper, caught between shame and disbelief. “Why would you do something so… so…”



“I was upset, Daddy….” She looked at him from beneath her long eyelashes… “I was upset that you didn’t want to fuck me.”

“But they can’t have been hers, they were…”

“Dirty? Pretty? You think your little girl doesn’t like to dress up when she goes out to meet up with her friends, that she doesn’t get wet, turned on…?”

“I want you out of this house, tomorrow. Do you understand me?”

Alan’s voice was stronger now, anger taking over. If he wasn’t so ashamed at what he had done then he would have demanded she leaves right away and would even explain to Laura the reasons why, but she would go tomorrow – of her own accord – he would make sure of it.

“But I like it here Daddy…”

He leaned in close to her, crouching slightly so that his face was mere millimeters away from her own. She flinched.

“I don’t give a fuck. I hate you, I hate having you in my house and I hate your twisted, pathetic little games. Do you understand me? I do not want to fuck you; I do not want to even be near you.”

“Except you do…”

Anger was boiling up inside him, anger, frustration and a desire to punish the little teasing slut that stood before him. He tried to fight it back down… he took a step away from her and placed his hands flat on the draining board, the cool of the stainless steel a welcome sensation on his palms.

“Get out.” His voice was quiet, but by the tone, she knew she had won. Silently she went upstairs to Holly’s bedroom and waited.

That night Alan struggled to sleep, the air around his bed was stifling and he felt as though it was suffocating him. He couldn’t get Felicia out of his mind and yet every time he thought of her he pictured those cum-soaked panties in the laundry basket, his daughter’s panties. Never before had he felt so ashamed and disgusted with himself – and so angry at another. He tried rationalizing it with himself… he had thought that they belonged to Felicia, but just when he thought he could accept that, he started to realize even if they did belong to her then she was still young enough to be his daughter. He had still done something unforgivable, the thoughts he was having were still disgusting, and he was still a dirty old man….

When he awoke the sunlight was pouring in through the open curtains and he knew before he even opened his eyes that it was going to be another scorcher of a day. He rolled over in the bed and watched silently as Laura continued to get dressed, unaware of his eyes upon her body… She was so beautiful; all he had ever wanted was her. He craved the simplicity of a week ago, the normality of his household without Felicia in it. Felicia… His mind and body stirred at the thought of her. He sat up in bed and smiled as his wife came and sat next to him, fastening the clasp of her necklace as she spoke…

“I think you could get used to this whole working from home malarkey?”

He smiled. “I’m actually quite looking forward to going back to work next week!”

“Really? I’m quite looking forward to having a week off… spending some time with Holly and Felicia before she goes back to France.”

“I was going to speak to you about Felicia actually….”


Alan’s heart pounded in his chest, it felt like he had been playing this conversation out in his head all night.

“Well, two weeks is quite a long time… isn’t it? I mean, do you think she wants to stay that long?”

Laura looked at her husband in disbelief… “I think she loves it here!”

“Look, I wasn’t going to say anything but the other night she was quite upset… she said she was homesick. I think perhaps it would be best if we ask the school to cut her time here short.”

“She did? When?”

“Sunday night, I went down to get some water and she was sat in the lounge….”

“You didn’t mention this before….”

“Well, I’ve hardly seen you!”

Laura cocked her head to one side and smiled. Alan knew the look well; it was the look that told him in no uncertain terms that he was in the wrong.

“All kids get homesick Alan, stop being so soft!”

“She said her mother is unwell and I just think….”

“That we should kick her out?”

“No… no, not kick her out as such, just give her the option to go back home.”

“Shall I speak to her?”

Panic rose in Alan’s throat, “No… no, don’t do that.”

Laura laughed “Honestly, men never grow up do you? Us women are all a mystery to you…. Listen I’ll see how she is when we get home later.”


“Yes, Holly and I… I told you last week Alan, it’s the university open day today, we’re going to make a girls day out of it, lunch, a bit of shopping….”

“Isn’t Felicia going with you?”

“No… I thought she could stay here, she has some reading to do and besides, I’ve hardly seen you or Holly lately….” Laura Leant over the bed, letting Alan inhale the familiar scent of her perfume…. “…And I need to make it up to the both of you, individually…”

He took hold of hips wife’s hips, his dick becoming hard under the covers…. Oh what he would give for her to get back into bed and not leave the house today.

“Please don’t go…” Laura laughed…

“Later my Darling, later….”

And within five minutes both she and his daughter were gone. He was alone in the house…. With Felicia.

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