The English Daddy. Part 1

It was near to the end of July and the days were long; lazy evening sunshine filtered through the house until late evening and its inhabitants woke in the morning with twisted sheets, damp with sweat.

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The visit had been planned for a few months; it was a summer holiday exchange that the school had planned and the British student, Holly, had returned from France a few weeks previously. Now, the middle-class family from rural England were awaiting their new houseguest – a French 18 year old by the name of Felicia.

Little was known about Felicia, there had been a mix up at the last minute with the French family that Holly had stayed with and their son could no longer make it to England for the trip. Felicia had been brought into the equation at the last minute and Holly’s parents, Alan and Laura, had only been given snippets of information about this mysterious young woman.

The day before Felicia’s arrival, Laura spent her time frantically tidying, cleaning and shopping for new bedsheets and towels. When Alan returned from work in the evening he commented on how the house had never looked so clean! Fresh flowers were in every room and Laura had been baking, she wanted to make a good impression, she wanted Felicia to feel at home.

Alan had offered to pick Felicia up from the airport, he wasn’t a fan of driving long distances, but he had hated the thought of his own daughter traveling anywhere alone when she was in France so had mainly offered in order to put Felicia’s parents at ease – but she had declined. When they had spoken briefly on the phone she had assured both Laura and himself that she was capable of getting on a train – she wanted to view the English countryside alone and get a sense of her surroundings.
Alan wasn’t comfortable with the idea but told himself that he was being overprotective and worrying too much, he gave her his mobile number and told her to phone if she was worried about anything at all, even if it seemed silly. She had laughed whilst thanking him; he had imagined a slight eye roll at the end of the line.

Saturday morning came and the house still sparkled – a faint smell of furniture polish hung in the air, it mingled with the aroma of freshly mown grass and Laura felt proud as she welcomed their new guest over the threshold for the first time.

There were the usual pleasantries, hands were shaken and cheeks kissed. Felicia commented on her journey – how beautiful the English countryside was in the early morning sunshine, but how vile her tea had tasted on the train. Alan helped her to bring her suitcase in, surprised that such a waif-like girl had managed to bring it this far! She, of course, thanked him profusely, before heading into the kitchen with his wife for a ‘decent’ cup of tea.

Alan carried her case upstairs, Felicia was to be sharing a room with his own 18-year-old Holly – Holly was spending the morning in town with some friends and he hurriedly picked up the socks and magazines that littered the floor surrounding her bed. He sighed as he straightened out her bedsheets and tried to get her side of the room looking half as presentable as his wife had made Felicia’s. He heard the slight mumble of their voices below him in the kitchen, the familiarity of his wife’s tone mixed with the gentle, breathy French accent of Felicia’s. She was confident, he noticed that as soon as his wife had opened the front door to her – she had a smile that instantly put others at ease and eyes that shone whilst exploring her new surroundings as she spoke. He tried to imagine Holly in the same position, meeting her French hosts for the first time, but the picture in his mind was skewed. Holly seemed younger and slightly less sure of herself, although she was actually two months older. He looked around at the clothes his daughter had tried on that morning whilst choosing what to wear, the scraps of paper and homework that had been hurriedly pushed into her schoolbag, that same bag she had carried with her for the last four years. She had a series of photographs taped up on the wall next to her bed, evenings out with friends – outreached arms taking snapshots of times where they had been relaxed and laughing, she was still so young. His gaze fell onto Felicia’s bed, the cleanliness of it, it looked so much more grown-up, more refined.

Over the next couple of days, Felicia settled into the family well. She got on well with Laura and Holly – fitting into conversations and laughing along with them like she had known them both for years. When Alan took himself to bed at night he noticed the light still shining from under his daughter’s bedroom door and he had smiled to himself and he heard hushed giggles and excited chatter. Laura seemed to enjoy having another female in the house too – the weekend had been good.

Sunday night was humid. Alan had brought the fans down from the loft earlier in the week and there was one in both of the bedrooms, but the air still hung heavy over them as they tried to sleep. Alan woke from fitful slumber at around 2am; Laura was sleeping soundly next to him, her naked back silhouetted in the faint light that was coming from the open window. His mouth felt dry, he wasn’t sure what had awoken him but the taste of sleep was stale and unpleasant in his mouth. Silently he crept out of the bedroom, avoiding the creaky floorboard just inside the door and sleepily made his way to the kitchen. The water felt cool as it passed his lips and he drunk a pint down in one, he refilled the glass to take back up with him and as he flicked the kitchen light off he noticed the dim glow of the table lamp coming from the living room. Puzzled, he entered the room to switch it off, but in doing so he noticed Felicia curled up on one corner of the settee, a blanket covering her legs.


She hadn’t heard him enter and his voice made her look up suddenly. He was shocked at what he saw, gone was the welcoming smile and in its place were two tear-stained eyes.

“Felicia…? What on earth is the matter?”

Instinct made him approach her; he sat on the settee a little way away from her feet.

“Oh it’s nothing, I’m sorry, did I wake you?” her delicate hands played with the well-used tissue in her hands as she spoke.

“It doesn’t look like nothing. You didn’t wake me; I was just getting a drink…”

She gave a sad smile, his eyes falling on the pint glass Alan had placed on the coffee table. “It’s a hot night.”

“Too hot…” Alan agreed

“Do you mind if I have some?”

“No, of course not!” Alan leaned forward and handed the glass to Felicia, Both of her hands held the glass and he watched as she took a few small sips before placing it back on the coffee table and thanking him.

“So… what’s all this about?” Alan motioned toward the tissue in her hands; he tried not to look up into her eyes, crying women always made him slightly uncomfortable. He longed for his wife to wake up; she’d know exactly what to do.

“You’ll think it is silly…”

“Not at all! Are you missing home?”

Felicia sniffed and nodded. “Seeing you and Laura and Holly… it makes me realize.”

Alan smiled “You’ll be back home soon… back with your parents.”

Felicia looked down at the tissue in her hands, her voice sounded small as she spoke. Without looking up at Alan, she explained how it wasn’t the same. How her mother was depressed and that her father didn’t know what to do. Her voice wavered as she explained how there was never very much food and that she had needed to get away just for a bit of relief from the heavy sadness that was becoming unbearable. Alan wanted to hug her; she looked so smallsat on his sofa. Her long dark hair was loose and when she did eventually look up her eyes seemed large in the dim glow of the corner light. There was something in those eyes that Alan hadn’t noticed before, something that he couldn’t put his finger on, but they had a wildness to them, young naivety mixed with the experience of a woman older than Felicia’s 18 years. He felt his dick twinge beneath the thin cotton of his pajama shorts and he shifted uncomfortably. He wanted to say something comforting, he wanted to put his arms around her and hold her like he would do his own daughter if she was upset. But she wasn’t his daughter, she was a very pretty 18-year-old girl who he didn’t really know and she was sat next to him at 2am in the morning wearing nothing but a tight vest, and from what he could make out, shorts that wouldn’t be appropriate to wear outdoors.

Felicia sniffed and brought him out of his thoughts. “Are you ok?” Her dark eyes searched his face for an answer.

“Oh… Um, yes” he smiled; he hoped it was convincing enough, hoped it didn’t give away the thoughts that had just raced across his mind.

“You are so sweet Alan.” She smiled, “I’ve not told a lot of people about my mother, hardly anyone in fact….”

“Well, I shan’t tell anyone.”

He wanted to go to bed; he wanted his dick not to be hard, but that smile, those eyes….


“Yes, Felicia?”

“Can I have a hug please?”

“Oh… um… I’m not sure that’s really….”

“Please Alan, I could really just to with a hug.”

He found himself raising his arm, he slipped it around her small frame and he tried not to tense as she pressed her small body against his. He hoped that his erection wasn’t as obvious as it felt, but the more he willed it to go away, the more he focused on it. Her head was under his nose, he inhaled her scent… she smelt like sleep and a faint perfume, light and wistful. He tried not to look down, tried not to watch slow rise and fall of her chest, the way her small breasts pushed against the light fabric of her vest on every inward breath. He cursed himself, he should have gone upstairs, this girl was not his problem….


He cleared his throat, trying to push his thoughts aside once again.

“Are you like my English daddy?”

Alan sat up straight, his sudden movement causing Felicia to sit up with him. She looked startled, hurt by his sudden movement.

“What did you just say?”

She looks mildly upset like she had been caught doing something naughty. “I… I asked if you were like my English daddy now.”

“You have a daddy… a father, Felicia.”

“Yes, but he doesn’t care! All he cares about is himself! He’s never held me like that, you make me feel safe.”

Alan was stunned by Felicia’s sudden outburst…. “I’m sure he does Felicia, he sounds like he has a lot to think about….”

“He should think about me, Alan! I need my daddy to look after me, not send me off to another country!”

“Felicia… I’m sure he cares very much about you…”

“I want to feel like I’m wanted, Alan.” She looked like she was about to cry again and the conversation was making Alan feel extremely uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure he, or his dick, could face this beautiful young girl crying onto his shoulder….

“I think maybe we’re both tired….”

“Can I call you daddy?”

“Felicia, no! No, that’s not a good idea….”

“But why? I just need to feel safe…. Daddy.” As she said the last word, her eyes flicked up and locked with Alan’s, he couldn’t bear much more of this.

“I’m going to bed now…”

Alan got up to leave.

“I’m sorry.” Felicia’s heavily accented voice was quiet and small behind him as he reached the door, he turned back to look at her, curled up on his sofa in the dim light of the lamp that had been a wedding present nearly 20 years ago. It was with slight horror that he realized that the lamp was older than Felicia….

“It’s ok. Go and get some sleep.”

She nodded her reply as he left the room and retreated to the relative safety of his bed. Thoughts of her, her hair, how small she felt nestled in the crook of his arm, her smell, the rising and falling of her breasts with each breath, the way her voice sounded as it pronounced those two simple syllables… daddy… dad…dy ‘Are you my English Daddy now?’… Her words filled his mind and consumed his thoughts as he struggled to drift off to sleep.

Monday passed without event… both Holly and Felicia rose quite late and spent the morning watching TV and eating breakfast in the lounge together. Laura went to work and Alan, who was working from home for the next few days, remained in his study for the majority of the day.

A few times, Alan went over in his mind the conversation he had shared with Felicia the previous night. He didn’t know what it was, but there was something. Something about those big tear-stained eyes and the way she looked at him when she had called him ‘Daddy’. He felt disgusted with himself – he was a Daddy, to a beautiful girl who he would never, ever think of in that way. But Felicia, well, she was different, she was young, yes that couldn’t really be denied. But she wasn’t as innocent as Holly, she must have known what she was doing, what sort of reaction she would get.

Alan found it hard to concentrate on his work, he could hear the girls giggling in the lounge and on a few occasions he pictured Felicia in her small shorts and a pyjama top. Each time he shifted uncomfortably and tried to ignore his erection, but his mind was coming up with fantasies and scenarios that were so brand new that they turned him on and yet embarrassed him simultaneously.

Around 5 pm he heard Laura come home from work and the following excited chatter and noises in the kitchen as she prepared dinner. He ventured downstairs when he smelt food and all of the women in his kitchen greeted him warmly. The only one he was paying any attention to though was Felicia. She had got dressed at some point and was wearing dark jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt, but she looked stunning. His dick sprang to life once again as he watched her confidently move about the kitchen, his kitchen. He sat and ate with his family and their guest, trying not to let his mind wander, trying to focus on the normal mundane conversations.

After dinner, Holly announced, quite confidently, that both she and Felicia were going out for the evening. Alan leaned back in his chair as the left the kitchen to get ready…


“Yep?” his daughter ducked back into the room whilst Felicia waited in the doorway.

“Where are you going?”

“Just to a couple of pubs with some friends….”

“What friends?”

“Dad…” Holly rolled her eyes, embarrassed at being questioned by him in front of Felicia “Just my normal friends, the guys I go to college with. Amy, Matt, Lee, Helen… the usual lot!”

He glanced at Felicia in the doorway, he couldn’t picture her with Holly’s friends, they were good kids, wholesome kids who studied hard, drank pints and were polite to their parents. They didn’t call strangers ‘Daddy’….

“Just… just be careful ok?

Holly scrunched her brow and looked at Alan like he had just uttered the most nonsensical thing she had ever heard. “Ok Dad!”

As the girls left the room and he turned back to his wife, she too looked at him strangely.


She simply shrugged. “You can’t protect her forever Alan…”

11pm passed and so did 12am. Laura went to bed whilst Alan stayed up. He flicked through the TV channels absent-mindedly, where were they? He tried to imagine what they would be doing, how late it would have to be before his sensible daughter decided to call it a night. He watched a program on BBC2 about homeless people in London and half of a trashy American sitcom before he heard the familiar ‘click’ of the front door. There were hushed giggles, drunken giggles. Alan stayed where he was as he listened to his daughter try to be quiet and fail spectacularly… the living room door was ajar and he watched as she ascended the stairs. Felicia was behind her… more sober, more composed. She laughed with Holly as she watched her up the first few steps and then turned to take her coat off; as she did she glanced into the living room and spotted Alan.

“Oh… Alan, sorry I didn’t know you were in there.”

“Evidently. My daughter is drunk Felicia.”

“Yeah… it kind of got a little messy….”

Alan looked at her, stood just inside the shadowed light of the doorway. She wasn’t completely sober and this knowledge only served to drive his imagination wild… her long dark hair was disheveled, possibly from stumbling through the door. Her eyeliner made her already dark eyes look huge….


“Well… we all had possibly a little bit too much to drink….”

“You think?”

Alan switched off the TV and walked over to where she was in the doorway. He hadn’t realized until he got close to her, how much taller he was, she seemed tiny in comparison.

“She’ll be ok in the morning, I’ll take her up some water….”

“I do not like seeing my little girl drunk and making a fool of herself Felicia.”

“She wasn’t making a fool of herself, she was just having a bit of fun!”


“Yeah…. Fun! She’s 18 years old Alan, lighten up!”

Alan’s heart was pounding in his chest; he was stood so close to Felicia that he could smell her… she smelt like perfume and sweet alcohol.

“I am her father Felicia, I have been sat here wondering where on earth you two were, if you were safe, who you were with….”

“Like a caring Daddy?”

That word… that one word, he hadn’t realized until she had said it just how much he had been longing to hear it again. He placed his hand behind her, trapping her between the wall and himself.

“Oh, we’re back onto that one are we?”

Felicia looked up and smiled.

“You think you can wrap me around your little finger by calling me, Daddy?”

Felicia stuck her bottom lip out and trailed her index finger up Alan’s chest. “You mean I can’t?”

He snatched her hand away, startled at how small it felt in his own “Stop that!”

“Why Daddy, does it feel wrong?”

“You know it feels wrong!” Alan could feel his dick starting to strain against the fabric of his trousers… why did he get up? Why did he even start a conversation with her?

“Not to me…” She shook her head innocently… “I just need a big strong Daddy to love me and take control of me….”

“You are drunk Felicia!”

“I’ve not drunk Daddy… I’ve only had a couple.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Why?” Felicia looked up at him “Does it make your dick hard daddy? Does it make you want to do bad things with me?”

“For fuck’s sake Felicia! What are you saying?” He moved away from her now, but it didn’t deter her.

“I’m saying I think you would just love to punish me for staying out late tonight…. For corrupting your sweet little innocent daughter….”

He lunged back towards her “You leave my daughter out of this!”

Felicia laughed “You leave my daughter out of this” she mocked him…. “Why Daddy? I thought Daddies loved all their daughters equally?”

“You are not my fucking daughter!”

“No…” She smiled “I’m not.”

“You’re sick Felicia, twisted, fucked up in the head!”

She stopped smiling and her voice lowered to a whisper…. “So you’re telling me that you don’t want to fuck me? That you haven’t been cooped up in that little study of yours all day thinking about bending me over your desk and taking exactly what you want from me?”

“No. No, I haven’t…. “

“You’re a liar.”

“I think you should go to bed.”

Felicia looked down and grinned “I know your dick is hard Daddy….”

“Shut up…” Alan was angry now, angry at this girl, this child coming into his home and upsetting everything….

“How long is it since you’ve had a pair of pretty little lips wrapped around your big dick Daddy?”

“Go to bed Felicia!”

“I want to go to bed with you Daddy….” Alan watched, partly in horror, partly in disbelief but mostly in awe as Felicia’s right hand reached below the waistline of her skirt… she gasped as closed her eyes.. “You’ve made me so wet Daddy….”

He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take, he was dying to touch his dick, his balls were tingling like crazy. She was right, he wanted to bend her over and fuck her, hard. He wanted to make her regret winding him up, he longed to feel how tight she was around his dick and make her moan as he pushed deep inside her.

“Why are you doing this?” His voice was hoarse…

She opened her eyes and looked at him, continuing to work her fingers beneath her skirt. “Because I want you to fuck me”

“Felicia?” Holly’s voice came as a surprise to them both, making Alan jump away from Felicia as if someone had just walked into the room. “Felicia, can you bring up some water?”

The young girl simply smiled at Alan and brought her fingers up to his face. He smelt her sweet musky scent as she trailed them over his lips. “I think that’s my cue to go to bed Daddy… goodnight.”

He could still taste her on his lips long after she had disappeared upstairs…

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