The collar

All he had to do was make it through the weekend, and the collar would be his. She had promised him when they heard about the “gathering” that if he were totally pleasing this weekend the collar would be his. She had taken him out to pick it out. It was a simple but handsome black collar with sharp spikes shining all over it. She told him it suited him it was very masculine and so was he. He had blushed at Her praise and felt his chest puff just a little tiring not to be too cocky. She had laughed and kissed him grabbing his crotch discreetly, leaving him with a raging hard-on. He still had it when She made him go pay for the collar. She had walked behind him saying loud enough for the clerk to hear “your going to be so sexy in just that pet” as she walked out of the shop. She could suck a fucking Bitch and it made him crave Her all the more.

He had not been sure he would be able to do the things she had asked of him this weekend but he wanted to just to please Her, to be Her chosen one. She had the stable but this would put him above them as Her favorite. Just thinking about it made him stiff. He knew he had to be careful he had seen Her pack the chastity devices. He did not mind them unless She needs some service of him during his restriction. Looking down he could not believe he was wearing nothing but chaps and chest leathers. She loved to see him dressed like this but when She had told him it would be his outfit for the entire weekend he had, had to fight so hard to simply state, “yes Ma’am, as you wish Ma’am.” But She had been so pleased by it that She had taken him hard that night. His butt squeezed together reflexively at the memory. But now he found it freeing, he noticed right away he was not the only slut being exposed, he also noticed that no one seemed to notice here.

T/they were settled around a huge fire now, he had been at Her heels all day She had, had him wear his cock collar and leash today to keep track of him refusing him the honor of a neck collar. T/they were at a Dom’s ranch it was private property and there was no one around for miles. He had had the pleasure of meeting Her every need today. It was like a dream come true T/they had truly stepped out of the vanilla world and it was exhilarating beyond words.
“Yes, Ma’am” he moved to kneel in front of Her as he had taught him to do.
“Go get the glove and the gel pet”
he knew exactly what that meant, but asked
“Pardon Ma’am”
he regretted that now, the look She gave him. But She had been right to he had questioned Her in front of Her Brothers and Sisters. He wondered now as he as getting the things she requested what his punishment would be for that. He returned to Her quickly not wishing to raise Her ire any more than he and already. He knelt before Her his eyes lowered and his hands raised out in offering.
“Where you were boy”
he returned to Her side. She never missed a beat in the conversation as She pulled on the latex glove and applied the gel to the middle finger. He shivered knowing what was coming next, as She reached behind him, he tried not to flinch or falter as he raised his bottom for Her. He kept his head lowered in shame and humiliation at what was happening to him here in front of everyone. At first, he was so nervous he knew he was too tight but She did not stop She kept playing rubbing his “pussy” as She named it working him open and even if he wanted to he could not have resisted. The conversation around him became white noise as he started to react to Her fingering him. Without thinking he started rocking against Her hand, gods She knew how to make his pussy behave. Then it happened.

“Sister your slut dripping there has made Mine very hungry.”
“Then let the slut come feed”
Those words snapped him out of his fog, “Ma’am?”
She looked at him leaning in and saying loud enough for all to hear “You’re going to get your clitty sucked bitch, and you’re never going to question Me again. Understood?”
He couldn’t speak, he was so humiliated, She had spoken of this before but had never mentioned preparing for it, he was not at all sure he could let this happen. But then he saw that look in Her eyes, that look he could never resist, that totally erotic, lustful, evil, so hot look She had. She took out a remote butt plug and he knew he would do whatever She wanted. She worked it into him then told him to kneel; he did as he had been taught crossing his feet under his bottom holding the plug deep inside himself, his back straight and his hand flat on his thighs. Then She began to play with the controls turning it up little by little, he could feel his eyes roll into the back of his head. Then he felt the lips on his cock. He stiffened coming out of his pleasure but She had predicted this and taking him by the hair pulling his head back and exposing his neck for Her to suck and bite at, and again he was Hers. He felt Her fingers as they reach down and stroked his cock into the male sluts mouth. The way the little cocksucker was going at his cock you would swear he was going to suck it off. She kept watch and as he adjusted to each speed of the toy in his pussy She would raise it up. He was so lost in the feeling that he had not even realized he was about to cum when suddenly his hands were on the back of the sluts head and he was shooting buckets down his throat. As it passed he began to realize what he had just done, he pushed the cocksucker away and very controlled.
“Mistress may this one be excused”
She nodded in response and he stormed back to the trailer. The rush the embarrassment he took out his book and began to write. He knew she would read it later but this was his safe book he could say whatever he wished here and She would not hold it against him. So he began

You fucking BITCH how could you do that to me how could you. We had talked about this and I told you from the beginning it was not something I wanted you could get one of the other stable boys for that I wasn’t into it.

Then he felt Her he suddenly knew She was standing behind him. Her arms wrapping around his shoulders as She read what he wrote. Her touch was amazing he lived for the touch of Her fingers on him. He felt Her lips brush his ear as She whispered to him
“That My sweet slut was the biggest rush a pet has ever given Me, thank you My sweet slut.”
She settled into his lap.
“Do you want Me to leave you to write pet?” She said while kissing his nipples
“No Ma’am”
he felt himself giving into Her responding to Her wanting Her, he could feel Her need to take him like the dog he was. She stood and reaching for him by his cock She pulled him into the bedroom. She crawled up onto the bed and looking back at him through gritted teeth She hissed, “Fuck Me dog”. The words had no sooner left Her mouth then he was behind Her doing as She bid. He let his rage flow into his passion for Her and lost himself in the sound of Her pleasure. When She was spent he lowered Her softly to the bed and began kissing Her tummy a pleasure he was allowed without request. She pet over him.

Then he felt Her reaching for something.
“What is it Ma’am I will get it for you”
“No pet this is something I will get”
Then as She sat up he saw it, the collar, She reached around his neck doing it up.
“Tomorrow you will wear your collar and show the others what you have earned by pleasing Me so tonight.” With that, She kissed him and curled up against his chest. He held Her close and gently rubbed Her body till the two fell asleep.