The Arranged Marriage- 2 [FFm, Humiliation, control]

The Arranged Marriage – part 1


Inside the Drawing Room, he knew so well was all his female family, Grandmother, Mother, Aunt and his two sisters, one older and one younger.

He stood just inside the door shyly, awaiting an instruction.

“Come here, Daniel” his mother ordered and he walked to her, not looking around, his eyes cast down as was his normal way. He had been taught it was impolite to stare at any women.

‘Meet your future wife’ she continued and waved him forward to meet…Miss Sarah who was smiling welcomingly. He blushed ‘Pleased to meet you again Miss Sarah’

‘Will you accept my taking you in marriage Daniel”

“Yes, Miss Sarah, thank you’.

She smiled at his sweet and old-fashioned politeness. He really was the product of a very strict and traditional upbringing, which, she felt was quite a bonus, well, that and his gorgeous looks and body. She immediately quelled that train of thought as it seemed inappropriate whilst taking tea and cakes with his family.

There was nothing else to discuss with him, all that could wait until she took him home as her legal husband.

She dismissed him and she concluded the business, confirming time and place again for the civil ceremony in two days time.

Daniel was to be excused work due to his marriage and his mother quickly arranged a two-week vacation with a quick call to Miss Clare Reed, explaining he might not be returning if his Wife did not approve and giving Miss Sarah’s details, so they could discuss his future together.

Daniel was to spend his imposed indoor time to start to pack his limited set of possessions and to study more on how to be a good husband.

In actuality, he spent a good bit of time dreaming about his future position as a good husband to Miss Sarah. He was utterly delighted as Miss Sarah seemed friendly and kind, although clearly used to being in control as was absolutely right.

The books had been given to him over the last year and he felt he had learned a great deal. Admittedly, he also had been taught much by his well mannered and submissive father who had set him a very positive example.

Being married was a massive privilege and conferred certain status improvements compared to unmarried males. A man gained social stature from his Wife and should be constantly grateful for her generosity in choosing him. Technically males could get divorced but very rarely did as it was a complex legal procedure and would render him unlikely to ever be wed again. It was self-imposed social disgrace and not something many men would ever contemplate.

The husband will defer to his Wife in all things, that is the basic rule which men must adhere. It means the woman will be making all important decisions about their home, work, children, social life and sex.

He was desperately trying not to dwell upon sex, rightly feeling he would simply be told what was expected and allowed and he would make himself content with that.

His mind buzzed and he felt a sense of growing anxiety too.
He would be leaving his family, whom he loved and respected and would be launched into the unknown.

Daniel was married off in a quick ceremony and before he knew it, he was legally under the control of his new Wife, Miss Sarah.
The day had come around very quickly and all his possessions had been sent to his new abode, he knew not where.

He had dressed in his best suit, and as he looked at himself in the mirror, his last moments in his old room, he was satisfied he would not show up his Wife. His dark suit contrasted with his pale skin, dark floppy hair and deep blue eyes. His cheekbones were high, his nose straight and his lips rich and sensuous. He really had no idea he was beautiful as he was. Males were not encouraged to any vanity and were certainly not told they were handsome. It was not necessary or relevant. Their role was to be hardworking, pleasing, companionable and willing. If women picked them for marriage, it probably was because they were attractive as well as having all the necessary other attributes.

The ceremony went by in a blur as he was in a welter of anxiety about what lay ahead. Before he knew it, they were leaving the Registry office and she had hold of his hand, something which sent surges of intense happiness through him.

She led him to her wedding car and they were chauffeured to an imposing detached house only a few minutes away and without any explanations or words of any kind, they were leaving the car and heading to the door. It opened as she drew close and an older male welcomed her in with a polite greeting.

She acknowledged him but carried on sweeping in with Daniel. He tried not to resist and follow meekly. They went up the sweeping staircase in the middle of the hall and straight into a large and handsome bedroom.

Miss Sarah turned around and pulled him close to her. She lifted her face up and her lips found his. She pressed closer and her lips opened and without knowing what was happening, Daniel found himself kissing intimately and passionately his beautiful new Wife. The kiss was literally breath-taking and he had to steel himself not to go completely weak-kneed.

She grinned at him and said ‘I had hoped it would be that good, More I think” and pulled him close. The kisses were divine, he thought. She smelled of roses and tasted of sweetest honey…the sensual delight of her caused an almost immediate and shocking reaction in him, he fell completely and devastatingly in love. He felt swept away and his heart fluttered wildly as her hand stroked his dangling fringe and caressed his cheek. She may as well have collared and chained him physically because whatever had occurred turned a polite and respectful boy-husband into her passionate slave, wanting nothing than to please and obey her.

He didn’t entirely know all of this in words but, my goodness, he felt something had shifted dramatically and permanently.
The cloistered boy had been transformed and nothing would ever be the same.

She stepped away and looked at him with amusement. She had felt him give himself to her and it was wonderful. She wanted her boy begging and helpless, desperate for her approval and she wanted it so very much.


The Arranged Marriage- Part 3


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