The 1950’s Household view of a submissive male

Fantasy from reality

Firstly, let’s realize that fantasy and reality rarely come together as we would hope, except as soul searching, crashing disappointment in most cases, from what I have seen! Also with any fantasy, there is sometimes the eroticism of the fantasy act, with little regard for the actual act. Who here has not had the odd rape or gang fuck fantasy? Where the basis of the reality, is an abhorrent act against another, and even humanity itself. No horror could describe how it must feel to be taken, actually, against your will. As for a gang fuck, from what I have seen, the after-effects can range from feeling unclean to being violated, despite the initial consensual organization of the activity.

With the 50’s household, there are a few things I can do without. For a start the demeaning chauvinism and power diminution, an assumption of male superiority and always being right, sex on demand as a lawful right, and rape not being possible in a marriage. Women not being even allowed to drink in bars, owners of a property, or getting half the marital and superannuities due to the family unit, a swag of human and women’s rights issues, and so on and so on. So yes the 50’s had a whole raft of problematic human rights, workers rights, political turmoils, societal attitudes towards gay and lesbians, barbaric mental health issues, and a take all leave nothing attitude to the environment. Had we sustained the way we lived in the 50’s there are any number of reasons we may not even be here anymore!

Having said that, there are, as with any situation, romantic notions of how reality is recalled. I have had many, many situations where at the time, I could not have been in a worse place. I didn’t even live in the 50’s, I never heard my parents romanticise their time as teens of the 50’s, talk lovingly about the experiences of their parents living at the height of the prosperity, high employment, housing a infrastructure booms and a bottomless pit of scientific discoveries, mechanization of every household activity. I guess when you live through these experiences it’s just part of life.

The romance of the 50’s

It’s only now, we hear of the romantic views of the 50’s from cute fashion, start of music as we know it today, how dad was always the benevolent husband, caring and involved father, hardworking provider, and mum stayed at home happy in her plight as busy homemaker, harangued mother, dutiful wife, philanthropic volunteer and all-around good girl who did as she was expected at all times.

We see the romantic view of formalized and structured roles as dictated by the higher authority either church, the state, both church and state, societal norms, or cultural idiosyncrasies, all tearing at us from multiple sides. We lived up to or exceeded, at least superficially, these expectations if we wanted to succeed.

Behavior therefore was also strictured by unwritten, written and arbitrarily produced normal ranges. There was the formality in speech, dress, manners and general behavior. Each participant in the community, society or family unit had well-defined duties to family, spouses, as parents, at work, to the country and maybe even god. No one was left without someone watching over them either harnessing them by guilt, or an honorable sense of overwhelming duty to everyone except themselves.

The 50’s household and M/s?

At this point the parallels between a Household of the 50’s and a BDSM, Master/slave relationship, or interaction, can start to be drawn, and the gender roles that I am kind of drawn to. both romantically, and through rose-colored glasses, as well as just from some smoldering innate need to serve, that I can’t even begin to articulate, but know is there.

Role reversal

Here, I will reflect on the 50’s woman, and reverse it to me and the Domina. First of all, my role in simply supporting the every effort of the Domina at every turn. Whether this support is at home, in the workplace, social functions, family, in leisure or sexually. Here, subservience and deference to the head of the household, in this case, the Domina, is paramount both in actuality and appearances. Not only submitting, but being seen to submit.

Although submission has it benefits of personal protection, emotional support, loving care, respect, value and stability, there were responsibilities involved in earning these priviledges. These could be taken away, restricted or more closely monitored if any deviation occurs outside the wishes of the Domina.

My 50’s fantasy

bossy lady while servent is working nakedI am also attracted to the sexuality of the fantasy of the 50’s household. The partner, in this case slave. Tries to be an extension and outward expression of the Domina’s rule and power. Reflected in neat and tidy appearance almost formal at times, or hints of it in our reality, neat and tidy living quarters, order and consistency.

The sexual tension of having to provide refreshment, meals, clean up and then maybe being used willingly or no. That the slave will only initiate sex to cater to needs and desires of the Domina, not for their own needs or gratification, and be ready and available to respond to sexual needs desires, whether inclined to do so or not, at any time, trying to remain sexually appealing and attractive at all times. Simply for the reason of providing every need of the Domina so they are happy, contented and more able to fulfill their obligations to family, work, and society.

I’d also like to attempt to show a level of style, grace, poise and finesse in all things. Whether it’s walking to the shops, confident in the fact that the Domina watches over me, or cleaning house, or attending to the beautiful and hardworking Domina. Some sort of reflection of self-pride, pride in representing the Domina in deportment, language, manners and awareness of those around me.


Providing a spotless household, with all manner of wishes and demands catered for, and in anticipatory readiness. Planning and preparation for the Dominas needs such that I have everything they need on hand from drinks, snacks, clothing footwear…whatever.

Taking time and pride in the service of the Domina, removing some spot that the Domina has not even noticed, refolding something again, because it simply wasn’t right, thinking of the Domina in every countless decision slave makes. Putting back a damaged item for another, swapping a bruised piece of fruit, getting a better bargain or thinking of an activity that the Domina may enjoy in the company of slave.

Supporting the Domina

naked while ironing the mistress dress
Supporting the Domina in her office area at all times attending to needs, anticipating and pre-empting in an unobtrusive and (not too) undistracting way. Yet being available at short notice to attend to and lavish the Domina with love and devotional care. To disappear when the moment, is taken over by the necessity of work.

Her world is creating work, prosperity, networks, and my world is about making Her world as conducive as possible, to that end. The aim is to gift the Domina with time. Time saved from every small detail that She did not have to deal with. Those small minutes or hours that add up and give the Domina the gift of time. How much is time worth per hour? Priceless? With of course the ultimate aim of providing relaxation, rest, respite, recharging and recuperation on organized breaks away together for special pampering and care, or those stolen moments only dreamed of in ecstasy and contentment.