Teasing 101

Optimum Orgasm Control

First, you must secure a man’s hands, so that he cannot reach his own penis and so that he cannot stop you from access to it.† I find it best to secure the man’s hands above his head so that you will also have free access to his sensitive armpits and nipples as well.† You should also secure his legs so that he cannot kick at you or turn himself away or otherwise block you from stimulating his genitals. My preference is to bind thighs to ankles and then spread the knees by use of a rope under the mattress or table. This creates a clear path to his sensitive asshole, as well. But simpler bindings work well, too.

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The simplest form of incapacitation is†done with soft rope or with neckties to secure your man spread-eagle on a bed.† You can also use a dining table or a kitchenette table or a coffee table and tie his limbs to the four legs. The ropes should be tied tightly enough to keep him secure, but not so tight that blood flow is prevented to his hands and feet. Pay close attention to his hands and feet as you play, making sure they are not turning red or even worse, blue!

Start by very, very gently touching his body.† DO NOT START WITH HIS COCK!†In fact, DO NOT TOUCH HIS COCK AT ALL FOR THE FIRST HOUR!† Instead, lightly draw your fingertips up and down his outstretched arms. Drag your fingertips over his exposed thighs. Gently lay your hand on his stomach and caress it very lightly. Very, very lightly rub your palms over his chest, at first avoiding his nipples until he starts to moan or groan. Then gently (the key is lightly and gently) brush his nipples with your fingers. Slowly move your fingertips through the hair under his arms and around the muscles in his shoulders and upper arms.† TAKE YOUR TIME. Don’t jump around from place to place too quickly. Move slowly and fully discover what his body enjoys, what he finds pleasurable, and what he finds almost excruciating, what he finds almost too intense to endure.

With this information about where best to excite or distract him later (this will be important information if you wish to keep your man in a state of prolonged excitement without letting him cum), you may begin to excite his genitals by very lightly†and gently tickling his testicles. Do this for many minutes and watch as his cock enlarges and swells and bounces and begins to drip its pre-cum. Only after the cock is bouncing and swaying on its own may you gently stroke the shaft… BUT DO NOT YET TOUCH THE HEAD OF HIS PENIS! Running tickling fingers up and down his shaft, while you continue to tickle and stroke and gently roll his testicles in your hands.† It is at this point where you may wish to place a snapping leather cock ring around his cock and testicles. As his genitals will be inflamed and completely engorged with blood by this time, you may use rather a tight setting. If you do not have an adjustable cock ring with snaps, use a shoe lace from your trainers (tennis shoes, athletic shoes). Find the center of the shoe lace and then wrap the part of the scrotum just below the cock shaft a few time around, leaving equal lengths of lace at each end.† Now, criss-cross these around the base of his shaft and tie off the shoelace on top. His testicles will now be trapped in his scrotum, unable to fully rise for orgasm and his shaft will be rigid and throbbing.

It is now that you can begin gently licking and tickling the top of his cock shaft†near the head of his penis. GO VERY SLOWLY AND LIGHTLY, moving eventually to the head†and watch him go crazy with lust. Remember, it has been over an hour since you tied him down and this is the first contact you have made with the sensitive nerves of his corona and glans!† Alternate flicking your tongue quickly around the head and shaft with flattening your tongue and making it as supple as possible to encircle and swab his weeping crown.† If you notice his balls rising too quickly or the lips of his cock parting fully or the muscles in his chest tightening or his breathing growing faster and faster or the muscles in his ass cheeks flexing rapidly, YOU MUST BACK OFF IMMEDIATELY.† These are some of the signs of an impending orgasm and you don’t want to give him that relief just yet!

Go back to licking his nipples or softly kissing his mouth and tenderly frenching him (even a straight man will respond to kissing now, grateful for the intimate caress of your tongue).††Slowly run your tongue over his salty neck or lightly stroke his stomach or his thighs.† Wait until the critical moment has passed, then go back to his balls with a lapping tongue and slowly advance up his shaft… drive him crazy by getting as close to that sensitive head as you can WITHOUT RETURNING THERE JUST YET!† After some concentrated ball tickling (or licking with very gentle sucking… his balls may be getting a bit sore by now), you can now jump around his body sucking his nipples, tickling or licking his armpits, raking his thighs with your fingers, tickling at the opening of his asshole, sucking his toes, rubbing the hair on your head lightly across his balls… ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO CAUSE HIM TO BUCK AND JUMP AND WRITHE AND MOAN AND BEG YOU TO TOUCH HIS COCK!

After he has begged you for a sufficient period of time, BUT CERTAINLY NO LESS THAN 30 MINUTES, begin at the base of his cock and with your very well lubricated hand,†start a very, very, very, very slow hand job, so slow that he couldn’t possibly reach orgasm any time soon!† Make the caresses long and light, all the way from the base to the tip of his cock.† Kiss him while you do this, lick his chest, tell him how sexy he looks, how hot his sweating body is making you, and how you are not going to speed up one little bit.† Tell him that you are going to slowly milk him of his nut sauce, taking little breaks here and there to do three or four things that you know he absolutely loves and that will make him even hotter and more desperate for the touch of your soft, stroking hand.† If your man enjoys the caress of your mouth, you may give him one or two good sucks with lots of tongue action, but no more.† Drive him absolutely insane with just a taste of honey and†keep his panting, moaning, sweating, twisting, begging attention for as long as you can bear to see him suffer such amazing ecstasy.

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And, after two or three or four (or more) hours, pick up the pace and the pressure of that teasing handjob and watch in disbelief as your man shoots spurts and spurts of cum over his head as you finally, finally, finally allow him to cum!† And as he catches his breath and his heart rate drops back under 150, lean down very close to his ear and gently breathe into it, “Let’s do that one more time”