Swinging Couples and Domination

Steve and I have been veteran swingers for some time now. In addition, we live a 24/7 d/s lifestyle and I am 100% submissive to him. Through the years we have met a lot of couples, single males and females and have always enjoyed our experiences. Recently we attended a few parties and met Josh and Samantha but did not have the pleasure of playing with the couple. Over the months we have spoken frequently and hung out together at bars and clubs. I would describe this couple as extremely shy that kept to themselves at parties. After speaking with Samantha on several occasions via chat sessions she expressed the desired to be with a woman and to be dominated. After several chat sessions and speaking with Master, we decided that I would dominate her and fulfill her fantasies and in hopes to bring the couple out of their shell.

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After weeks of planning between the four of us, the time has finally come to take control over Samantha and pleasuring Master and Josh…On a cold winter January night, the couple came to our home at approximately 7pm. Josh was quiet and shy and Sam looked nervous but excited. Upon entering our home and greeting them Master and I took the couple to our basement and the night began….

As Sam entered the basement, I immediately took control over her mind, body and soul. She was given instruction on obedience and discipline for disobeying. She agreed…. “Your first task will be to take off all your clothes, fold them neatly and place on the table, you have 45 seconds to return to me and kneel completely naked” Sam agreed… as she performed her first instructions, Master and Josh stood there quietly watching and taking in the whole scene and Sam returned with seconds to spare. She looked beautiful standing before me helpless with her beautiful brown eyes and naked flesh. “You will not speak unless spoken to and you will not make eye contact with any of us. In addition, you will remain in position with your head bowed down, waiting for your next instruction” Sam agreed with “yes maam” Sam sat there for some time while my Master called me over on my knees to take care of him. I took his cock in my mouth slowly swallowing every inch until I swallowed his cum. Afterward, I was released to go back to Sam. Josh continued to remain shy and quiet standing there just watching with a hard cock.

“Sam you will now go stand over in the corner with your nose to the wall and your hands on your head and remain naked, so we can all look at the tramp who will be pleasing us all shortly” “yes maam” As we all stared at Sam, I went and got us some drinks and snacks and we just sat back watching her beautiful naked body. “You may turn around now” as she turned she looked at Josh with excitement and nervousness. “Ah the little tramp doesn’t know how to listen. Sam come here now. She walked over kneeled before me with her head bowed down. Why did you not obey the orders given by me?” “I am sorry, I forgot maam” “Disobedience leads to punishment and since you need a reminder of the rules you will be punished now” I lead Sam by a collar and leash to the couch where I sat and placed her over my knee and smacked her bare bottom with my hand.

SMACK… SMACK… SMACK…. 15 minutes later, she was weeping, teary-eyed and her bottom was red…. She kneeled before me saying “sorry maam it won’t happen again” In addition to her spankings she was placed in the corner with nipple clamps in place, butt plug in place and vibrator in her cunt. “You will not cum or you will regret the pleasure” we all sat watching the torture, excitement and the desire she had to release but was denied. She was soaked with her pussy juices, dripping down her leg, begging for an orgasm. Josh continued to sit quietly with a hard cock.

I eventually released her from the vaginal plug but kept the nipple clamps and butt plug in place a reminder of who she was. Sam was then bounded and gagged in a chair as she watched the three of us play… I was now the whore for Master and Josh. Master instructed me on blowing the 2 together, swallowing 2 cocks at one time. I kneeled on my knees for what seemed like hours slowly taking both cocks in my mouth, swallowing every inch. I licked their balls, dicks and asses with my hands tied behind my back while Samantha watched. Her pussy was dripping more by the minute watching the three of us play. She sat there helpless with her legs spread wide apart, sitting on the butt plug, nipple clamps pulling with her every movement and her mouth gagged. Her beautiful pussy looked moist from where I was kneeling and I couldn’t wait to eat her pussy. As I continued to kneel sucking both cocks both finally released themselves in my mouth and I was instructed to share with the Samantha. I walked over removed her gag and she turned her head away from the mouth, SMACK in the face, she turned back and accepted both men’s cum by kissing me. I slid my tongue down her throat and kissed her for a long time, she struggled and with each struggle, I smacked her breast and she yelped. The men stood there watching…..

My plan was too tease her till she couldn’t take anymore and orgasm without permission. I loved seeing a woman be spanked for disobedience, plus it was so much fun watching her suffer from being denied release from all the pleasure she was receiving. I walked over to her now gagged mouth and kneeled down and licked her pussy, stopping each time she got close to orgasm, she cried with such pleasure. After some time, I untied Sam and placed her hands behind her back and cuffed them. She looked so helpless but beautiful kneeling before me and it was so hot seeing her in pain from the nipple clamps. I walked her over to the couch by her collar and leash, sat down and took her over my knee. I spanked her on her already red bare bottom forever and Master and Josh assisted when I became tired. In addition, during this time of her spanking, her pussy was licked and her clit was sucked while the butt plug was being spanked further into her ass. She yelped, cried, begged for an orgasm but again I denied that, at least till I get my pleasure.

I had Sam kneel on the floor before us as we all sat on the couch and took turns with her mouth. I was sitting in the middle with Josh and Master on both sides of me. I had the pleasure of having her mouth first. I bent down grabbed her beautiful brown hair from behind and forced her face to my wet juicy pussy. I told her to lick my pussy from top to the bottom of my ass slowly and she complied. She was so hot with her face to my pussy as this was her first time eating a woman. She licked gently for some time, sucking my clit, licking from top to bottom, sticking her tongue in my pussy and ass. I released her and she sucked Master’s dick first, I pushed her head down his cock with each stroke of her mouth, forcing her mouth further down each time. She sucked his cock all the way down, gagging her. “If you gag again you will be spank, understood?” “Yes maam” She sucked both men’s cocks without gagging until they both came again. I brought her back to a kneeling position in front of me. I stroked her face, breast and pussy gently and instructed her that she will eat my pussy till I tell her to stop. “You will lick and suck me until I tell you otherwise and you know how I like my pussy eaten. If you make any mistakes, stop or move your face from my pussy you will be disciplined and you will not like it. In addition, you will be denied orgasm tonight and we will continue to use you like the slut you are. The guys may do as they please to you and you will not orgasm without permission. Is that understood?” “Yes maam” I grabbed her by her hair with her hands cuffed behind her back and forced her down to my wet pussy. She licked, sucked every inch of my pussy and ass until I came and squirted all over her face. Although she never experienced a woman squirting she continued to comply with my orders of eating my pussy. Master and Josh fucked her hard banging her face to my pussy, fucking her ass hard so that her face banged my pussy. She was forced to do it over and over again. Master and Josh eventually used my face as a toy for their cocks. After about an hour or so I lifted her by her hair out of my pussy and the men cam all over her face. Her face was covered with the juices from my pussy and the men’s cum and she spent the next five minutes using her tongue and fingers to clean herself off while kneeling in front of us. She looked beautiful and helpless but so hot as a whore she was in our eyes.

I sent her back to the corner so that we can take a break before we use her again. She stood beautifully in the corner waiting for her turn for pleasure. The three of us stood around, talked, joked about using her as a whore and had a few drinks. She was a beautiful but obedient whore one that I was proud of. It was now almost 10pm and was time for the next scene……

I took her by leash and collar and lead her to the bed where I cuffed her hands to the wall and her legs spread wide open to the bed. She laid there naked, helpless and dying for pleasure. “Again whore you will not have an orgasm without permission. Is that understood?” “Yes Maam” I teased her for a while, sucking on her sore nipples that were larger now after the clamps and bruised. I licked her juicy pussy that tasted so sweet that left me wanting more. Master and Josh stood watching with hard cocks. I enjoyed using and teasing her, fucking her with the butt plug, vibrating dildo and licking her pussy, she cried out begging “please may I cum now, Please!!!” “No, you may not, whores are not allowed to cum” I then sat on her face, having her lick and suck my pussy and ass as I ate her pussy. She performed oral sex with such skill and pleasured me so much I squirted all over her face and breast. I licked my cum off her face and breast, which instantly made the guys cum. Now her turn for pleasure……and sexual torture…..

Sam continued to lie there helplessly and wanting release so badly…I licked her pussy over and over again making her beg for an orgasm before allowing her to cum. She screamed so loud after the first orgasm begging for me. Master, Josh and I took turns licking her pussy and ass, using her face as a toy and allowing her to cum over and over, hearing her scream with each orgasm. I put my strap on and fucked her hard in the pussy and ass as the guys fucked her face over and over, gagging her, slapping her face for non-performance while blowing them. She cried, screamed, begged us too stop but we continued to use her like a whore. She begged for so long for an orgasm we were going to give it to her good. We took turns fucking her pussy and ass individually and fucking them both at the same time while I sat on her face and she licked my pussy, again making me squirt all over her face. After hours of fucking this whore her night was finally coming to an end. We released her hands and legs and instructed her to get dressed. “you have 30 seconds to get dressed and kneeling in front of me” “Yes Maam” Unfortunately for Sam she was late by 15 seconds before she kneeled in front of me. I forced her pants and panties down to her ankles and placed her over my knee and spanked her over and over….


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She cried, over and over…. After 15 minutes she was released and thanked us for allowing us to let her please us all….

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