A Little Suburban Naughtiness!

The evening started as my boy friend Jake assisted me as the Photographer at my Husband Cody’s huge, formal corporate affair for a few hours and Jake kept teasing me to meet him in one of posh sitting rooms of one of Atlanta’s premier country club’s for a quick romp. Of course, I was too shy to actually sneak off and do this, but I was certainly excited by the idea nonetheless, mentally and physically. When I ran into Cody out socializing in the ballroom full of Atlanta’s top CEOs, CFO, lawyers and investors I asked him where the ladies room was, and of course, he gave me directions on how to get there, but he also gave me instructions to bring him back my panties. Given where my mind had been wandering, that sounded like a great idea and I found quickly that I very much enjoyed the comfort of free pussy in my loose skirt and sexy thigh-highs. Later after I had handed over my panties, I ran into Cody again, but this time we stepped into a back hallway to chat for a minute where I was anxious to pull up my skirt and show him my bare ass. Then while we stood there and talked he reached up my skirt and softly stroked my kitty making my insides buzz with excitement. When we were about to leave Cody suggested we invite Jake and “hang out” after kids in bed. GREAT IDEA I thought:) so Jake and I stopped off for a drink on the way home to give Cody time to pay the sitter and ensure the kids were tucked in.

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After a drink and a little time to relax at the bar, Jake and I headed home. When we got to my house we poured some wine and talked about the incredible “touch less” orgasm my long-distance Dom gave me earlier in the day. I explained to both of them how i was doubtful about the whole idea and going into it I didn’t believe it could work with me, but wow, it was amazing – and I had a picture of my untouched but red and swollen pussy taken after 4 orgasms to prove it. Throughout the conversation I was either laying against Cody on the couch as he pulled up my skirt and gently stroked my warm, smooth mound – letting Jake enjoy the view as I lay there with my legs spread wide open, OR I was sitting on Jake’s lap, nuzzling his neck, rubbing his chest and enjoying his scent, while Cody looked on with eager eyes. The discussion of orgasms led to us talking about squirting orgasms, which I’ve also been thinking about a lot lately and just lots of sex talk in general, all of it making me hornier and hornier, and at some point Along the way I mentioned a fantasy I have recently had to fuck outside in this particular place, an area hidden inside of some trees in our back yard. Without too much persuasion I convinced them to come to see it. I went to pee before we went out and much to their surprise I came back from the bathroom in just my thigh-highs. It was chilly out so I wrapped a knit throw around my shoulders and we headed out into the dark. We carefully navigated through the trees in the dark with only a couple of minor mis-steps. When we got to the spot I’ve had in mind, an area almost like a ceremonial den, surrounded on all sides by thick evergreen branches – with an open area at least 10 feet around and 15 feet high, Cody said “this is great – I like where your fantasy is going. Show me exactly where you imagined being ‘taken’.” When I moved over to the one side and told him I imagined I was up against this tree he said, “Show me the position you are in for this fantasy of yours.” So, I placed my hands on the smooth tree bark, leaned forward and stuck my ass high up in the air…

With my hands still on the tree, my husband proceeded to take the blanket off my shoulders, take one end and tie it to my right wrist, then wrap it around the tree and tie the other end to my left wrist and then asked “Is this how you wanted to be fucked?” … I said “Yes! Will you please fuck me?” Cody said “since Jake is our guest, I think you should ask him to go first,” so I did… I turned my head and looked back over my shoulder (as I was still tied to the tree, bent at the waist, with my ass towards Jake) and I said, “Jake, will you fuck me?”. To my surprise (lol) he said “Sure sweetie – I’d love to fulfill your fantasy.”

He began rubbing my ass, which felt nice and warmed it up since I was naked and it was cool and damp out here under the stars. He progressed to rubbing my now swollen lady-lips and after making me wait too long he slipped in a finger, all the way to the hilt – confirming what I had been feeling… I was soooo wet! It made me light headed and made my knees go weak. After working me up to even more exciting levels with the first one, then two and then three fingers pumping into my pussy he suddenly stopped and I was like – “Ohhh, no, no, don’t stop.” But then I heard him pull out a condom. I am sure Cody could see the huge smile that instantly formed on my face. And then all at once, I felt the warmth and stiffness of my “other man” pressed up behind me – making my insides scream to be filled. Cody re-secured the blanket on my arms from the opposite side of the tree and held onto me as Jake gently slid into me. Cody leaned in and we passionately kissed as Jake continued to rhythmically glide in and out of my sopping cunt – he’s so huge – it feels amazing the way he fills me, the way he moves, it’s like we are dancing together, with rhythm and grace, grace I know I couldn’t pull off on a dance floor, but which we elegantly perform every time we are ‘together.’

As Jake slowly built up to a firm and smooth rhythm My husband heard me mumble something and said “What was that Babydoll? What did you say?” I repeated for him clearly and just a little louder “Ohhhh, Jake, fuck me, Jake, fuck me!” Cody said, “Say it again, louder, I don’t think he could hear you.” And so I said it clear and firm and probably even loud enough for the neighbors to hear, if their windows were open, “Jake, fuck me… Ohhh, yeah! Ohh, please Jake! Ahhh, yeah! Fuck me Jake, fuck me baby.” He suddenly thrust fully into me, lifting my feet off the ground and pressing my shoulders into the tree – I could feel the pulsing of his manhood as he ejaculated deep inside me. He stood there for a moment and then slowly began to slide in and out again – making the inner walls of my love-hole come alive and fill with unimaginable sensations. After a minute or two of this heavenly feeling, he pulled all the way out, turned to Cody and said, “I think it’s your turn man.”

Then they traded places – Jake came up and kneeled in front of me, my hands still tied to the tree, my head practically laying in the ‘V’ between the split trunk as I was recovering from the first round, we were face to face and he then reached up and placed his hands on my forearms, just below the blanket that was still keeping me tied to the tree – the blanket and my lover holding me in place – waiting for my husband to have his turn with me.

Cody was now standing behind me, his cock rock hard from watching me enjoy being taken by my boyfriend. He grabbed his cock in his hand and used it like a paddle to spank my pussy a few times – which made me realize just how full and swollen and sensitive it was. Gawd, I wanted him in me, and just then his large soft tip pressed forward and split my lips open as he quickly slid inside me. Ahhh, what a feeling – that skin on skin of his bare manhood inside of my slippery wet cunt. Jake and Cody have such different styles. Cody fucks, like he does everything, with intensity, with purpose, with vigor and confidence. It took me up another level as he began to furiously pump into me, his hands strongly grasping my hips, his long fingers wrapped all the way around, grasping onto my iliac crests. Each inward motion brought his flat firm pelvic region strongly against my sexy little ass. I could feel when he leaned forward and more of his abs would come into contact with more of my rear and when he stood more upright, I could feel more of his stiffness reach farther up inside my wet warm folds. Each time he pounded into me my shoulders would bump into each of the two tree trunks on either side of my head. Each time he ground into me my feet would move forward a little. Until he was practically under me, fucking up into me, while his hands kept pulling me back down onto him. We reached a frenzied climax and he filled my pussy with hot jiz – so strongly I could feel it like a hot jet against the back of my womanly places. As we stood there, coming down from our peak I could feel his legs shaking which brought a grin of satisfaction to my face. I enjoyed every touch, as his hands smoothly moved up my back and held onto my shoulders and then he gently leaned down and laid his chest upon my back and rested for a moment as we enjoyed “being together”, being one. Then he untied my hands and carried me back into the house – all three of us, with a huge smile on each of our faces!

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