Submission to a lezdom mistress and her Desires

Every now and again Slave Emma needed some pussy and to submit to a beautiful and demanding Mistress.

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Although she loved and craved cock, her need to play with a hot demanding Mistress would consume her thoughts until she submitted and played out her fantasy. As her boyfriend, I knew she needed this and it all worked out because Slave Emma could walk this line and keep her need for cock and pussy in balance. That would change when our kinky role play went too far.

Swinging with a lesbian dominatrix

Slave Emma met Mistress Keila in a vanilla bar. Both were attracted to one another and Slave Emma’s red hair and green eyes were a great contrast to Keila’s black hair blue eyes. They looked great together and their fling never gave me any reason to worry or suspect that it was anything more than Emma’s occasional pussy licking adventure. Their “relationship” was infrequent and Slave Emma and I continued with our usual kinky activities and fucked daily and sometimes multiple times in a day. All of that changed in a New York minute.

Slave Emma asked if I would mind if she spent the weekend with Keila and said she needed some girl girl fun. As always, I encouraged her to stay horny and satisfied and drove her to Keila’s house. When we entered, Keila was all decked out in her finest Dominatrix attire. A black leather corset had barely held in her straining huge tits. She had on black seamed stockings and a small pair of black panties had just about covered her ass and pussy. She came to us and collared Slave Emma and told her to kneel at her feet. Mistress Keila then told us she intended to get full use from her slut this weekend and she would likely be unable to perform her usual sexual functions with me for a few days thereafter. She gave Slave Emma a look which screamed: “you have no idea what you are in for little slut”. Keila then called in her submissive girlfriend, Jennifer, and told her she was mine to play with for the next few days. This was a bonus I was not expecting, but would soon learn was more than it seemed.

When I called to pick up Slave Emma, she and Mistress Keila told me they were extending the “visit” for another week and that I should enjoy Jennifer as much as I wanted. Jennifer was a fun blond submissive with big tits and a great ass and a fun fuck. She had not been with a man for some time and was enjoying dick again. This all seemed to be working well.

The week went fast and it was now time to get my slave back and exchange Emma and Jennifer. Right before Jennifer and I were leaving I received another call. This time it was Keila alone. She told me that she and Slave Emma had decided to make their arrangement more permanent. Slave Emma would not be returning to me and I could “keep” Jennifer as my fuck toy. My demands to talk with Emma were rebuffed and I was told she would be allowed to call me in a few days.

Almost a week passed when the phone rang late into the night. Slave Emma told me that she was now owned by her Mistress and that she had to either agree to the new arrangement or never see Keila again. In the heat of the moment, she submitted to her Mistress and the new rules were put in place.

  1. Emma may not have any dick unless Veronica allows
  2. Keila can and will fuck big cocks either with Emma watching or on dates. Emma must then lick her pussy clean of all cum if she deserves such a treat.
  3. Emma may be punished for any infraction at any time and in a manner, Keila believes is deserved.
  4. Emma’s pussy must be shaved at all times.
  5. Emma may not masturbate or play with dildos without Mistress giving permission
  6. Emma is owned by Mistress Keila body and soul. Mistress Keila may tattoo, pierce and display Slave Emma as she sees fit.
  7. Mistress Keila may have as many slaves as she wants, Slave Emma must be loyal and faithful to Mistress Keila. Slave Emma is subject to chastity training and being placed into chastity as part of her servitude.

Slave Emma signed the contract and began living her new life as Mistress Keila’s slave.

Life of authority and orgasm control

Emma’s first few weeks as Keila’s slave exceeded her hopes and fantasies. Keila knew how to make Emma burn with lust and a deep desire to please her Mistress in every way. Emma, in turn, made sure she displayed her slavery and submission to the dark haired busty beauty that owned her. Emma took great care to make sure that her pussy was soft and clean shaven and always framed by silk stockings attached to a garter belt or corset. She was always in heels and her large nipples were hard awaiting a pinch or caress from Keila. The thought that Keila might finger her, play with her tits, rub her clit or lick her pussy would send jolts of electric waves through her body and drench her pussy. Emma was never permitted to cover her pussy with panties or display any sign of modesty or reluctance to Keila’s demands. Often, Keila would grab Emma’s leash and pull her face into her wet pussy making Emma lick and suck her to multiple orgasms. Keila would not finish until her juices covered Emma’s glistening face and left Keila’s dark pubic hair matted and dripping. Keila would remind Emma that only a Mistress may display pussy hair; slaves are kept clean shaven. This was another subtle but visible way in which Mistress Keila displayed her power over Slave Emma. To be sure, there were many other ways as well; some subtle others overt.

Emma’s own orgasms were a far more complicated affair. Mistress Keila might allow Slave Emma to hump her stocking clad legs or take a finger fuck only after she fully satisfied her Mistress. Mistress Keila sometimes allowed Emma to masturbate to orgasm or use a vibrator on her clit. On rare occasions, Keila would strap on a 9-inch dildo and fuck Emma doggie style after handcuffing her arms behind her back. This was indeed a rare treat, heightened by the stinging sensation of Keila’s control over her slave as she beat her ass raw with a hand spanking or cat of nine tails. This type of fucking sent Emma over the edge especially because she had been deprived of a real hot flesh dick for so long. The most special treat of all came when Mistress Keila tied Emma’s wrists to the headboard with leather belts and then proceeded to lick and suck her pussy for hours, bringing Emma to the edge and back again. This pleasure was interspersed with a tit, ass and pussy whipping so that Emma knew that the pleasure she received had a price tag. During these extended whip and lick sessions, a helpless Emma would literally scream and beg to be allowed to cum. In her excited state of desire and vulnerability, she would make all kinds of wild promises to her Mistress swearing to do ANYTHING Mistress Keila demanded if only she would allow her to cum. Mistress Keila would repeat in a stern and demanding voice, “ANYTHING?” and Slave Emma would softly whisper “Yes My Mistress, anything for you”. 10 or 15 hard lashes to Emma’s tits or clit would follow and Keila’s tongue would then find its way into Emma’s pussy resulting in an explosive, throbbing, cum drenching orgasm. Before being allowed to be untied, Slave Emma would have to repeat her oath to her Mistress and again swear that she would do anything for her owner. Mistress Keila would cleverly use Emma’s reaffirmation of her lust and submission against her horny slave when it best suited her own darkest desires. That time came soon enough.

Assume the position for my girlfriend

Emma heard Mistress pull her car into the garage. As always, she was sure to be ready for whatever Mistress Keila had in store for her. She quickly freshened up and straightened her stockings and garter belt. She took off her bra and threw on a pair of 4-inch heels. She ran to the doorway and took up a very visible position on the floor. She then spread her legs nice and wide and opened her pussy for Mistress’ entrance. As an added sign of her submission, she threw her spread legs high into the air holding them up with her hands. much as she had done back in the days when I was fucking her hard in the missionary position and her pussy was filled with a real dick instead of a rubber one.

Slave Emma was quite proud of herself and thought that Mistress Keila would be pleased to see her horny slave in such a vulnerable state of submission and lust. Slave Emma was only half right. Certainly, Mistress Keila was quite pleased with this spectacle of servitude, but so was her friend and mentor Allison who came in right behind Keila to see Emma in all her glory displaying rock hard nipples, a wide open shaven pussy and wearing a “cum fuck me” outfit. Slave Emma was shocked and horrified to open her eyes only to see Allison drinking in her beauty and her eyes clearly dreaming of the possibilities this unexpected situation presented. When Slave Emma tried to rise up and hide her shame, Allison took her heel and ground it into Emma’s hip admonishing “Where the fuck do you think you are going you little pussy licking slut!”. Keila gave Emma an icy stare and said: “don’t you dare move a muscle; you are dressed like a little whore slut and now Allison and I are about to treat you like one “. Emma was filled with fear, lust, excitement and the knowledge that things were about to drastically change.

Slave Emma’s pussy was pulled open and explored by Allison. Allison grabbed Emma’s large clit and then rolled it between her fingers commenting to Keila, “Your slut has a very soft pussy and a very hard clit” At that moment, Allison thrust her middle finger deep into Emma’s pussy and wiggled it in every which way. When she pulled it out, it was dripping wet with Emma’s excited and fear induced juices. Allison ordered Emma to lick her finger clean. As Emma caught Keila’s eyes, she was torn between her lust for Allison’s touch and her slavery to Mistress Keila. Just then Slave Emma’s fears and hopes were fulfilled. Allison asked, “Keila, would you mind if I used your little whore for a while. It has been a long trip and a rough few days and I would love to take my frustrations out on this lovely little slut” Keila responded, “Do whatever you want with her, just save some energy for me later.” With those words of consent and encouragement, Mistress Allison attached a leash to Slave Emma’s collar and lead her to Keila’s dungeon. Slave Emma was then handcuffed behind her back and made to stand in anticipation while Mistress Allison readied herself for fun and brutal session with her redheaded frightened slave.

Pain and servitude in the dungeon

Mistress Allison returned to the dungeon wearing a black leather corset, black fishnet stockings, and a pair of high heels which added 4 inches to her already 5-foot 9-inch frame. Allison was in her early 40’s and was most assuredly what most men would call a MILF or a cougar. She stood confidently with her long legs, ample tits, and a great ample ass. Her blond hair had some streaks of gray, but that only made her seem more in control. Allison’s pussy was cropped short and her clit was peeking out when she saw her evening’s treat. Slave Emma was shaking with anticipation when Allison came near holding a very serious looking cane in her hand and having a whip clipped to the chains and buckles on her corset.

Mistress Allison looked deep into Emma’s green eyes and ordered her to her knees. The handcuffed slave hobbled down and began kissing her mistress’ feet in adoration and servitude. She made it up her ankles, calf, and thighs before kissing Allison’s ass. Slave Emma left lipstick marks on Allison’s ass and above her pussy. Just as Slave Emma was about to drive her tongue into Mistress Allison’s wet pussy, a swish of the cane caught Slave Emma’s ass sending her reeling. That first blow was followed by another 10 hard stokes in very rapid and deliberate order. Mistress Allison screamed, “You little slut, you left lipstick marks all over my ass and near my pussy without permission. I am going to teach you a lesson and wear that lipstick right off”

Mistress Allison then stretched out on the bed with her pussy spread open and her back against the pillows and the headboard. She ordered Slave Emma to crawl over and took the leash attached to Slave Emma’s collar. Mistress Allison told Slave Emma, “You will lick, suck and eat my pussy until I am done with you and my pussy juices cover your face. I am going to whip your ass until I have worn all of your lipstick off all your mouth”. With that order, Slave Emma’s leash was yanked down and her face was in Mistress Allison’s lap. The command “Start now bitch” was followed by a hard lash of the whip. Mistress Allison continued to whip Slave Emma’s ass harder and harder as her pussy grew wetter and wetter. Slave Emma’s ass turned pink, red and then became a deeper shade of crimson with visible cane marks across her ass and upper thighs. Slave Emma’s face was covered with a combination of pussy juice and tears while Mistress Allison was engrossed in her own state of uncontrollable lust and power. She then ordered, “Suck my clit like it was a tiny cock you slut” Emma complied all the while thinking how long it has been since she had a real cock as the whipping became more brutal and picked up in speed. Slave Emma was crying but continued on. Just when she didn’t think she could take any more, Mistress Allison stopped whipping Emma and began screaming with orgasmic delight warning Emma that she better keep sucking her clit or else. Mistress Allison then squirted all over Slave Emma’s face and hair leaving her dripping wet. Slave Emma had never witnessed, let alone been part of, such an eruption. Mistress Allison then rubbed her pussy all over her slave’s face. She turned Emma on her back spread her legs and then thrust her own pussy on Slave Emma’s shaven mound, clitty fucking her. After grabbing Slave Emma’s ass just like a man would while fucking his woman, Emma’s own lust welled up and she humped back. Soon the two were clitty fucking and Slave Emma came twice in a row.

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Mistress Allison dismounted her conquest and instructed: “Don’t you dare move until I say you can”. Allison left the room leaving Emma to wonder what was next.