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Bella suppressed a shiver of anticipation as she heard the door open. She had done as he instructed, the bath was steaming, rose petals floating on the surface, candles burning, making the light in the steam warmed room soft subtle. She hurried to the door to greet him, her posture as straight as it could be thanks to the presents he left her this morning.

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She wore the white lace corset, tied loosely at the back. To her shame, it was almost too small for her and much of her back was exposed. She felt better about the rest of her attire, however. Where he had found the leather miniskirt she didn’t know, but she loved the feel of it as it brushed against the skin of her thighs, covered only by the silken stockings and garters left for her in the innocuous package left at the foot of their bed. Her hair gleamed in the soft light, washed, perfumed, and brushed so that it softly ran across her neck as she moved. Then there was the collar.

She was still getting used to that and Ian was so patient with her about it. She had it on loosely this evening, not being able to bring herself to tighten it completely, but wanting to wear his symbol.

She moved to the door, worried she had taken too long, and hurriedly opened it, moving aside to let him in. He looked at her with one eyebrow raised but said nothing as he handed her his things. He did pause briefly to nod his approval of her outfit and moved into the living room, heading towards the open fireplace with hands out to soak up some of it’s heat. He looked around and noted she had moved the coffee table and had spread the small mattress they had in front of the fire. His first smile of the night came as he saw the assortment of toys setting to the side of the mattress, Bella hung up his coat and put the rest of his things in their places, then moved to stand to his side, eyes down.

Ian ran his hands over her shoulders, the sudden shift in temperature making her shiver, and her nipples harden. She moved into his touch ever so slightly. His hands followed a path down her sides, stopping to cup her waist for a moment, then moving on down to the back of her skirt. Again his hands cupped her. This time, he held the cheeks of her ass firmly in both hands and pulled her closer to him, taking her mouth in a sudden kiss that made her gasp between his lips.

As he kissed her, his hands moved down the skirt and flirted with the bare skin between the garter and the stockings, making her moan softly into his mouth. His hands skimmed under the skirt to her ass cheeks once more, bare except for the garter belt. He squeezed her ass cheeks, the warm muscles held tightly in his palms, as she wriggled to move even closer to him. He lifted his mouth from hers and smiled. “A bit eager tonight, aren’t we” Bella nodded and smiled downward, quickly checking her handy work. She had made his dinner and set it out on the table by the mattress. Alongside that was a variety of oils and lotions he had specifically ordered her to set out.

He pushed her back from him and settled himself on the couch, setting his feet out. Bella knelt at his feet and untied his shoes, slipping them off gently.

After taking his socks off, she reached for the rag in the warm perfumed water by the sofa. She washed his feet slowly, unaware of how the collar glinted in the firelight, and even more unaware of the smile it brought to Ian’s face.

As she washed his feet, he played with exposed skin along her back. He didn’t seem to mind that there was a gap between the fabric, and she was grateful, she always wanted to please him, look good for him, serve him. His feet clean, she then took a towel that had been laying by the fireplace and still held it’s warmth. She tried his feet with the same care she did everything else this evening. It was supposed to be perfect. She knelt beside him and lifted his plate. Before he took it from her, he gently took her chin in his hands and looked her in the eyes. “You may eat now as well” She took her plate and quietly began eating as he did. The steak had turned out perfect and he ate with complete enjoyment and focus on the meal. The twice-baked potatoes got a rare compliment from him. After finishing the meal, she quietly got up and took them to the kitchen to be washed later. She got another plate out of the refrigerator and a small can. She took them with her and set them on the floor next to her as she knelt. She took a red, ripe strawberry and sprayed a small amount of whipped cream on it, and held it up to his mouth. He took a small bite and she sat up and slowly licked the small trickle of juice that ran down the side of his mouth. She sat back down quickly, her eyes to the floor Had she been too bold? But he just smiled and reached for the plate himself. After repeating her actions, he held the strawberry out for her, keeping it just out of reach until she was almost leaning across his lap. He finally let her take the ripe fruit in her mouth and watched as she slowly chewed and swallowed. Her dainty tongue slipped out to catch the juice and she smiled up at him, her look sly and devilish, for just a moment.

The dessert finished, she moved those dishes aside to let him stand. He moved closer to her, his hips barely a breath away from her mouth. She pursed her lips and breathed out, her breath grazing his crotch, causing a small sound to come from him, and his hands to reach out and wrap in her hair, pulling her closer, her lips now touching the fabric of his pants. She nuzzled and breathed into the fabric, smiling to herself as his hips thrust forward.

Suddenly he pushed her back and held out his arms. Knowing what he wanted, she stood and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, taking her time to lick and nip at his bared skin as she did so. Several times she looked to him for permission, but he just smiled and nodded, so she continued. After she slid the shirt from his shoulders and laid it aside, she reached for his belt, undoing the buckle and slowly pulling it free from its loops. That joined the shirt off to the side. She reached to the front of his pants and lightly rubbed the growing bulge there. Ian gave a low growl and placed her fingers on the zipper. “I didn’t say you could play yet”

Bella quickly looked down and inched the zipper down. She was doing what she was told, but with excruciating slowness, causing Ian to growl once again. Finally, the zipper reached its bottom point and she moved her hands around to the sides of his pants. She tickled the skin as she did so, earning another censured glance from Ian. Finally, she hooked her fingers into the pants and pulled down. She pushed them over his hips and ass and then moved her hands forward to gently pull the pants down over his growing erection, and if her hand lingered just a little bit, well no one knew for sure did they. Keeping her head down, she let the smile play over her lips before pulling the pants down the rest of the way. His boxer shorts quickly followed. She didn’t take her time with them, because she could feel his rising impatience.

With him finally undressed, she led him to the bathroom and into the steamy atmosphere created by the bath. The candles lent a soft glow to their skin as she moved aside to let him step into the steaming water. As he sighed and leaned back she moved to the side and spoke, “With your position, I will change tops, I don’t want to get water on the satin.” He nodded, then spoke, “Put the black vest top on, I want as much skin as possible and hurry up, I don’t want to be kept waiting.”

She nodded and quickly moved into the bedroom and changed into the requested top, setting the corset aside and moving back to the bathroom.

He was still lying back against the tub rim when she returned, his eyes closed as he took in the warmth of the water. When she came back in, he again nodded at her and she took her place at his side. She took the cup from the things she had placed there earlier and filled it with water, having him move his head back so that she could let the water run through his hair and down his back. After his hair was wet through, she took the shampoo and began to massage it in, again smiling to herself at the soft noises of pleasure he made, sounds he was probably not even aware of. She finished with the shampoo and slowly rinsed his hair, following the same procedure with the conditioner he liked.

After she finished she took the small towel and wiped his face dry. Setting it aside, she picked up the scrub pad and added some body wash to it, slowly rubbing it over his chest and shoulders until they were white with the foam. She again took the cup and rinsed him off, then looked up for a moment, “Please sit forward so I can get your back.” He nodded and sat forward, letting her rub the lather all over his back and rinsing it after.

She again spoke, “Please stand, so I can make sure I get all of you. He smiled a bit, but acquiesced, standing with his arms at his side. She took the scrub and lathered it once more before starting at his thigh and running the rough scrub over his skin. She moved across his waist, then over his thigh, inside and out, careful not to touch his twitching cock, even though she purposely moved her face closer to that sensitive area, and exhaled, but she was just breathing, wasn’t she?

She moved down his leg to his feet and then began to move up the other side. She took pleasure in his little sighs and lightened her touch a bit, then made it a bit rougher, letting him revel in the sensations. Once more she reached the top of his thigh, reaching between his legs, scrubbing the skin there, and accidentally brushing his ever-growing cock.

She rinsed the scrubber and then used it to rinse the soap off of his legs. She then took a washcloth and wet it before adding soap. This she used to wash slowly between his legs, up across his tightening balls and hardened cock. She washed down under his balls, loving the moan he made. She rinsed the cloth and then rinsed the areas she had just washed, moving her face closer to his skin and giving just a little lick, just to make sure the soap was gone.
Adding more soap, she asked him to turn around and began washing his lower hips and ass cheeks. Dipping lower, she washed between his cheeks, alternating washing and rinsing, each time tasting to make sure the soap was gone. By this time he had his hands up on the wall to hold himself up, and had spread his legs to help her with access to his most private areas. Once again soaping the cloth, she ran it between his legs, and up, soaping between the crack of his as, rubbing against his anus as he groaned in pleasure. Rinse again, and wash one more time, making everything clean and tasty. From behind she slid the cloth over his anus again, feeling the way it puckered as she massaged that area, allowing the cloth to ever so slightly enter the hole. Then she moved forward some more, lathering the area under his tightened balls, almost laughing at his groan and as he gritted out, “You will pay for this.”

She did let the smallest of a laugh escape her as she drew the cloth up the length of his cock and back down again, carefully washing his balls once more. She rinsed the cloth, then rinsed the areas she had just washed, and as before, traced her tongue over the trail the cloth had taken. She stopped and took her time as her tongue pushed in slightly to the entrance of his anus, wriggling it a bit until she heard him biting back an oath and moving back from her, turning around and grabbing her hair and thrusting himself into her mouth. Surprised she gagged for a moment, then caught his fierce rhythm, taking him deeply into her throat as her hands moved up to massage him. Cupping his balls, moving her hands around behind them, fingering his anus, all of this while his cock was stuffed in her mouth. After a few moments of this, he pushed her back from him, his cock wet and shiny, the tip engorged and almost purple. “You went to far little girl, now I will have to punish you” His voice was firm, but there was a slight smile playing around his lips. She didn’t see the smile however, because she was on her knees in front of him, her head down.

He tapped her on the shoulder and held his arms out. She scrambled to her feet and took the soft towels beside her and began drying him. The smaller one she used on his hair, careful not to pull at the long locks. After drying it as best she could, she took the other towel and began drying his body. She started at the top and slowly dried all the water from his skin. As she reached his waist, she slowly toweled off his groin area, rubbing the material against his still hard cock before moving down his legs. He stepped out onto the mat and turned around so she could give the same care to his back. Again she slowly dried him off, lingering on sensitive areas, like between his legs and under his balls.

Finally, he was dry and she led him back into the living room and the fire. He laid down on the mattress as she stoked the fireplace, making the flames jump and crackle. She then knelt beside him and took one of the bottles of oil, spreading some on her hands and then rubbing them together so the oil would not be cold against his warmed skin. She started at his back and shoulders rubbing and massaging as much as she could, silently cursing the fact that her hands would no longer allow her to do the job she once could. However, she rubbed and massaged down his back, neck, and sides, then re-oiled her hands. She moved down to his upper thighs and ass and stroked the oil over them, rubbing it into the crease between his cheeks, once more paying close attention to the sensitive area around and just inside the muscles of his anus. Another sound came from him and she moved on, rubbing the oil between his legs and under his balls, caressing the undersides with her slick hands. She again re-oiled her hands and moved down his thighs and legs, oiling and rubbing and sometimes, leaning down and letting her breathe run lightly over the freshly oiled skin. She paid special attention to his ankles and the underside of his feet before moving back to let him turn over.

She started with his arms this time, oiling down his biceps and moving down to his forearms and his hands. She took special care with his hands, massaging each one and drawing the oil up and around each finger, following each motion with a soft kiss. Ian looked as though he might say something, but with a lift of his finger he let it go.

She then moved on to his chest and waist, moving the oil over his skin, accidentally brushing him with her hair, or bare arms, her oiled hands moving lower and lower. She oiled the outside of his thighs and down inside, without ever brushing his twitching cock or his tightening balls. She had to take a deep breathe to keep from licking away the drop of precum at his tip, but this was not the time for that. She stroked the oil down each leg, rubbing it into his skin, finally reaching his feet and giving them the same treatment she had his hands. After this was finished, she rinsed and dried her hands and reached for a different bottle, this one a flavored lube she especially liked. She warmed it again and reached out, gently stroking the top of his cock, before closing her hand around him and sliding down very slowly. His hips bucked upwards as she moved and his eyes half closed, a deep moan coming from his chest. She used more of the lube and caressed his balls as well, going between them and his cock, felling the balls tighten even more and his cock twitch and become even harder, the precum almost dripping now. She leaned down and just flicked her tongue over his head, then looked back at him. He raised one eyebrow as he looked back at her and shook his head, just a bit. Sighing at having to leave such a delectable treat, she nodded and knelt back. He stood and looked at her. “Okay now, set those restraints up, and you had better do it right. You have been bad and it is time for me to punish you.” Bella shivered a bit, although more in pleasure than fear. Ian was a good Dom, he never went beyond that line of pain and pleasure, always making sure the punishment served several purposes.

Bella quickly set up the restraints using the custom design that held them out of sight of the average viewer. The hand restraints were set at the top corner of the mattress, and the ankle restraints at the bottom. Once she finished, she went back to kneel at his feet. He nodded and then looked down. “I want the top off; I plan on playing with those tits until you beg for mercy.” He crooked a grin, “Well actually I expect you to beg for mercy several times tonight.” Bella shivered again, this time with a bit of apprehension. Once those restraints were locked on, she was at his mercy, completely, but then the apprehension changed to anticipation and she felt her pussy begin to warm, her juices beginning to run.

She took the top off, as requested, and laid down in place on the mattress. Before he locked her in, Ian again stoked the fire. It wouldn’t do for either of them to get cold. He locked her in place, taking his time about it. Lifting her arm slightly, and kissing the front of it, then locking the restraint, brushing his hand completely down her back before taking her foot and nibbling on her ankle. He then locked her ankle in and repeated the process on the other side. He laid a small pillow in front of her so she wouldn’t kink her neck and nlet her lift her head to lay on it. His final action was to slip her blindfold on, cutting off all light.
She lay there for a minute, soaking in the warmth of the fire, and feeling for his presence. He was quiet and she couldn’t quite follow his movements. Suddenly she felt something cold run down her back, soon followed by his tongue. She shivered and her nipples tightened even more. He moved away again and she felt the sharp sting of the riding crop on her left cheek, followed by several rubs of his hand. “That was just to get your attention. Do I have it?”

She nodded, not having been given permission to speak. “You have been a bad girl today. I have several things I have to punish you for, you know that, right?” She nodded again, trying to make it look contrite. He reached down and pulled up her skirt, so her ass cheeks were framed by the garter belt. He caressed them for a moment before delivering a stinging blow. She made a noise she couldn’t quite hold back and wriggled just a bit. Once more, he rubbed the offended place, before again delivering a heavy slap. This one had hit almost the same place as the last, and it had hurt a bit. She made a small sound but didn’t move, that would call for even more punishment. He rubbed her ass cheeks once more, reaching down between her legs and finding her already getting wet. “What a naughty little girl, getting excited by a spanking, what a little slut. I will definitely make sure the punishment fits the crime.” He spent another minute fingering her pussy, getting her wetter and wetter, before moving his hands and sitting back. She heard movement, but she didn’t know from where, then suddenly she knew, the flogger hit, striking both cheeks at the same time. The leather soft, yet stinging at the same time. She winced, she couldn’t help it, it STUNG. The wincing did nothing but earn her two extra lashes before his hand descended to rub the pained area. He leaned down and she felt his mouth on one cheek and she shivered again. And once more his hand was between her legs, playing with her pussy. He laughed softly before speaking, “You really are my little slut, aren’t you?”

She could do nothing but nod as he played gently with the nub of her clit, and rubbed her reddened ass cheeks. She was so excited by now, she could feel her orgasm. Before it crested, however, he took his hand away and moved back. This time she couldn’t hold back the moan of frustration. He simply laughed at her, the sound seeming to move around the room as she tried to place his position.
Suddenly she felt the flogger hit across her back, this stroke almost like a caress. He pulled the thongs across her body slowly, then twirled them and pulled them down across her ass cheeks. As the last thong lifted, she heard the swing of the flogger and felt the strike. One… Two… Three… Four strokes, she could feel the flesh rising already, then once more, his hand followed, rubbing and caressing as she whimpered softly, his hand reaching to cup her pussy once more. This time his laugh was louder. “You are a dirty little girl aren’t you? You almost came from that, didn’t you? Such a responsive little slut.”

Bella bit her lip to allow no more sound. The hand fingering her pussy was making circles around her clit, moving but not quite touching that sensitive bit of flesh, and she was unconsciously grinding her hips into his hand, her breathing getting faster and harsher. Once again, as quickly as he had started, he stopped, and she could feel the ache all the way down to her toes. Her hands knotted in fists and she wanted to yell, but that would only make things worse.

He chuckled again and moved back once more, then his bare hand came down on her ass cheek, first a sting, then a squeeze, then a rub, God, he was making her crazy. He did this several more times, then again reached down to finger her. Once more he laughed as he stopped just short of letting her come. This was getting almost painful. Finally, he used the flogger on her several more times and then just rubbed her ass for a few moments. He reached down and undid her legs, and she started to squirm. When he reached up to undo her arms, she turned and moved towards him immediately. Then she saw the look on his face and stopped short. “I didn’t say you could move, now did I?” She shook her head and sat there until he told her to lay back down, stomach up and spread her hands and legs. She shifted slightly, the mattress feeling rough and prickly against her tender ass, and her legs were getting chilly from where her juices had run down them the other way. Her clit still throbbed though, and her nipples were so hard they hurt. He again locked the restraints and put the mask back on her. The next thing she felt was him pinching her nipples, followed by the cold rubber of his nipple clamps. He had set them so that they just hurt, but at the same time had her clit throbbing more. She heard him reach for something and felt the horsehair flogger brush against her oversensitized nipples. She bit back a cry as he flicked it a bit harder, the pain and the pleasure mixing into a blur. Back and forth the flick of horsehair went, just flicking the tip of each nipple. She wriggled and writhed, biting her lip to not make a sound. Then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped, and she was one big, throbbing mass.

He must have stepped back then because she felt nothing, nothing but raw nerve endings and a throbbing that seemed to be in time with her heart beat. Her pussy throbbed and dripped, her nipples throbbed, even her thighs throbbed. She didn’t know how long she lay there, aware of nothing but the quivering of her body until finally, she felt the softest brush of his hand on her thigh, the sensitive skin between the garter and the stockings. He rubbed the skin on one leg, then the other, then began rubbing higher and higher, her body again tightened in anticipation, her bit lips not being able to stop the moan that came out of her when he again circled her clit, then shoved his finger deep in her pussy. She could feel her inner muscles clamping on to his finger, her juices gushing around it. He pulled his finger free and she heard the buzz of a vibrator. He moved it down her body until it was just over her clit. He touched that small nub and she nearly jumped. Too much… God, too much, as sensitive as she was, that was almost painful. As if reading her mind, he pulled the vibrator back and played around her clit, the sensations building and building. She was moaning and writing now, she couldn’t help it. She was so close to coming. Then, one more time, he pulled the vibrator away just before she came, she almost growled her frustration, and was opening her lips to say something when she felt him, he quickly covered her and with no preliminary, shoved his cock deep inside. They both groaned at the feelings and he began to move inside her. His cock was so hard it felt like silk-covered steel to her, and she was all wet and satin and grasping to him. He moved up her body just a bit, sacrificing some of the depth to get a good angle on her clit. As he stroked, he could almost feel it growing, and her moans as she tugged on the restraints told their own story. She shifted her hips just a bit and thrust her pelvis up to him, screaming his name as she came. Her pussy tightened around him and he gave one, two, three more strokes before he pulsed and spilled inside her. He held himself off of her until he finished spurting and then gently lay down across her body, both of them unable to do much more than breathe.

Finally he moved and reached down for the rag in the now cooling water. He washed them both off, then gently removed her restraints. After retrieving the blanket and pillows, he lay down beside her and pulled her close “That’s my good girl” he whispered before they both drifted off to sleep