Story of how I started loving balls!

This happened in the summertime about 4 years ago now. Some details are slightly changed, but what happened is basically the same.

I’d had another big fight with my bf and I didn’t want him to find me. So, I spent the night at my Mom’s house. I woke up around 11 am & my Mom & her bf had already gone to work. I was feeling pretty depressed again about another crappy relationship & for some reason, this time was harder than before. I called in sick, had a beer & a few chips for breakfast & watched TV. I didn’t even feel like getting dressed & just laid around in my nightshirt & panties.

About an hour later, someone knocked on the door. I grabbed a baggy sweater nearby, pulled it down around my thighs, and peeped out the window corner. It was Tom from next door, returning the mower he’d borrowed because he was broken. I’d heard mowing outside earlier but was too caught up in my problems to seriously notice. He started chatting, and although I hadn’t seen him in a long time, I cut him short, told him no one was home & thanked him.

I guess he could see it on my face because he asked me if I was ok. As I began to say I was fine, I started balling all over again. Naturally, he reached to hug me & I gladly welcomed the shoulder to cry on – literally. He came in & sat on the couch next to me while I vaguely told him what happened. I was too embarrassed and too upset to share everything.

Tom was about 52 at the time, stocky, thinning auburn hair graying on the sides & a red mustache. He’s a very nice, married, Christian Daddy type that always has a smile on his face & with 3 children; all a little older than I was. I should probably also say that I love & have dated many older men.

After he helped me calm down a bit, I realized he was obviously still hot from cutting grass in the heat. I asked him if he wanted a beer. He declined to say he didn’t drink but asked for water instead. While getting him his drink & a few paper towels to dry his perspiration, I noticed him checking me out; which was surprising to me from such a sweet family man, but very flattering. I somehow before didn’t realize how “scantly clad” I really was.

I returned, sat next to him & laid on the couch with my head in his lap. I could tell he wasn’t very comfortable with that, but after a few minutes, he started stroking my hair. I shifted around, pushing my head closer to his crotch & made motions that caused my sweater & the shirt underneath to rise. I knew my legs & probably my panties were showing by now & I hoped he was getting an eye-full. I kept talking to distract him from my tactics.

I thought I felt a bump in his lap & put my head directly on top of it. Almost instantly, he sat up & said he should leave. I also sat up, looked at his crotch and put my hand right on his bulge. He stuttered under his breath that I really shouldn’t do that, but he didn’t stop me. I started rubbing him through his shorts & he let out a huge sigh; like he hadn’t been touched in years. I started tugging at his zipper & he put his hand on mine to move it. Instead, I moved his hand to my tits under my shirt, where it stayed, grabbing my boob.

I got on my knees on the floor in front of him & went back to tugging. He had a blank stare on his face while he delicately traced the outlines of my nipple with his fingers. As his breathing increased, I unzipped him, moved my hand around his boxers, into a nest of pubic hair and wrapped my hand around his shaft. When I gripped it, he exhaled, his eyes rolled closed & his head fell back. I could tell his cock wasn’t very big, but it was ready. I pulled it out through his boxers & his shorts.

His dick was uncut, about 5.5″, but no bigger than 6″, (maybe smaller) and just a little thicker than a broom handle. The skin covered the whole head and even hung over a bit. I massaged it very for a few minutes, pulling the skin back and watching his wetting head swell. Suddenly he started precumming profusely. I couldn’t resist licking it, but I didn’t put his cock in my mouth yet. When my tongue touched his head, he moaned almost like it was painful. I licked all his precum up and scooped my tongue across his pee hole. “Mmmm.” I giggled looking at him. Most precum never has much of a taste to me, but for some reason, his precum was very tasty.

I started tugging at the button of his shorts that was already strained under the pressure of his cute teddy bear tummy and struggled briefly before he stood up & unbuttoned them himself. I also took my sweater & shirt off so he could see & easily fondle my boobs. I waited briefly, on my knees, hoping he would be pleased at the sight of me (every girl’s little fear) while he surprisingly removed everything except his boxers. While he stood, I grabbed them & pulled them down. I was then facing to face with his hard cock sticking out stiff & wet again like a leaky long thumb with extra skin, in a mound of pretty red coarse pubic hair, and below it… his enormous balls! They were soo hot & honestly about the size of a grapefruit.

I was pleasantly surprised at discovering his huge balls and & commented; “You have such big balls, Daddy”. “Mm Hmm.” is all he nervously said. They looked totally out of proportion with his dick, but they looked absolutely yummy altogether. Before he could sit back down, I put one hand back around his throbbing shaft and stroked slowly & my other hand fondled his large sac from his taint to his shaft. His balls were slightly hairy, very warm, and slightly sticky-moist with sweat from working in the outside southern heat. My stroking was pulling his foreskin back and exposing again his wet glazed cock head. I kissed it right on the hole, which wet my lips and I continued to caress his big nuts. I took half of his cock in my mouth. This time, I tasted a hint of saltiness & definitely a hint of piss. His cock wasn’t hard to throat. So, I naturally took it all in on the 2nd gulp. I held in my mouth & twirled my tongue around the head and through his pee hole. He briefly pushed my head on his cock harder. My nose was pressed into his red pubic sponge & also into the heat of his crotch.

His manly sweaty smell was rushing through my nostrils. At first, it was strong, but it didn’t turn me off. Instead, it turned me on more. There was a sexy citrus tinge to it that I figured was coming from his big grapefruit balls. He gently pumped his cock in my mouth a couple of times and I tapered his cock from my hungry mouth. He pulled my head to his cock as he sat. I began teasing his foreskin again with my tongue, then I up the precum stringing from my lips, and started tugging slowly at his hard cock again with my hand. I lowered my head between his un-tanned, pale, hairy, warm inner thighs and hypnotically inhaled his hot, manly, hairy crotch.

It was so different; very strong… sweaty, but not dirty. It was an aroma aphrodisiac. I kissed his sac first to see if I could handle it. Even though I’d handled them, they were still moist with sour sweat. It almost reminded me of a used, wet towel that was left overnight, but somehow much sweeter; a molding wet leather smell, but appealing like cheese. My tongue grazed across his testicles like I was tasting them. And I was. It wasn’t repulsive. It wasn’t gross. It was actually very arousing. I opened my mouth & sucked them down one ball at a time, then attempted both. I felt like I was tasting a nearly over-ripened juicy, fruit.

I started licking, kissing and sucking all over his sweat seasoned balls and moaned while his cum leaked on my head & face. I found myself burying my face between his legs more, enjoying the taste, smell & feel of his hot, sweet musky balls. I tried to put them both in my mouth again, but couldn’t quite.

I had been fingering myself with my free hand for a few minutes already & my panties were soaked. I stood up & pulled them slightly down, teasing in a stripper sort of way in front of him. By the time they got just around my hips, he grabbed & pulled them down very anxiously and I kicked out of them. He put them to his face & inhaled. Then he rubbed them all over his chest & body, moaning loudly. I got back on my knees and was going back to his large tasty balls, but he crawled to the floor, laid down on his back & pulled my already wet pussy to his face & me on top of him – still on my knees and him underneath me. It was like exhilarating to feel his mouth on me; not only because I was so horny, but knowing he wanted it. His mustache, lips & tongue on my baled, wet, horny pussy felt so good. He seemed to love it when I rubbed my wet lips on his face. I then laid across him, to get closer to his scent, although I could still taste & smell it all over my mouth. I could tell he was still very warm & sweating again, but I loved it and wanted to get another taste of his sweet ballsac. I put my hand on his cock and stroked it unsteadily. It again was leaking wet with precum that I licked off my fingers when I could.

Before I could get my face back on his cock, I felt the rush of an orgasm wash through me. I shuttered, moaned loudly, then attempted to get up to prevent smearing my juices all over his face. Instead, he held me tight to his mouth; licking me, flickering, sucking me, poking my wet cunt locked to his mouth. So I squatted back down on his face on my knees, briefly touched my clit with my finger lubed with his precum & I came. I came like I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to; on his face and mouth. He was moaning like he could feel it and was licking into my holes like they were fountains of water-saving him from dying of thirst. It felt so good I didn’t know when he’d started playing with my ass.

I felt so relieved and just laid across on top of him; feeling like he could have me any way he wanted. I could feel gentle kisses and occasional probes to my ass, pussy & asshole. I then grabbed his stiff leaky cock and started to stroke it again. I quickly hopped forward, faced and straddled him, and lead the head of his dick to the entry of my pussy. With his wet cock & my wet pussy, it went in smoothly. He mumbled a few words about how it felt. I rubbed his hairy chest and briefly licked his nipples. He tugged at and sucked my nipples then pulled my mouth to his and kissed me. I could taste my own juices on his mouth. I sat back up to feel his hard cock inside me, while he toyed more with my boobs. I barely got a good few bounces in before he was already breathlessly warning me of his cumming. His intensity built and he tried to raise me off him, but I kept grinding harder until his body just exploded. He thrust forward with a rough growl of “Ohhh God!”. His cock went deeper inside me while he came. I was torn between getting all his cum in my pussy or sucking it up in my mouth before it all ran out! I hopped off… and got between his legs just in time for the last semi-spurt and licked it up. His cum tasted like wet bread, but still, it had a very tasty flavor. I sucked on his cock again, which sent his body into a few jolts of pleasure. There was some cum cream at the base of his shaft & on his balls, which I licked up like a horny kitten – knowing I was getting to taste his musky balls once again. I licked and sucked them until his cock went limp and fingered my cummy cunt a little until he sat up with a big “Mmmmm” smile on his face. Then he kissed me again and stood up.

Being the gentleman he is, he helped me off the floor. He actually apologized more than once; saying he didn’t mean for this to happen but told me he’d actually wanted me for years. He said something about his wife and this being kept secret, which I understood. We kissed & he left. For the rest of the day, I could taste him on my mouth, which kept my mind off the bf. I kinda felt bad about seducing him but was glad for the outcome. Cum…

To this day I’ve never had better tasting balls in my mouth. I’ll never forget it & I’ve had a fetish for balls every since. I have been able to suck Tom off twice since then, but it’s always because I manage to seduce him.