My stepfather is my bitch – part 3

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The Trap

I read Mom’s text message on my cell phone and almost got up and jumped for joy at the possibilities. It was a short message that sent my mind racing with ideas.

Looking for kinky and agressive mistress near ?

“Meeting’s running late. Picking up Chinese and there by 7PM. Love, Mom.”
Normally Mom gets home at around 5:30PM and makes dinner. And the grocery shopping, etc. etc. I really didn’t know where to begin with all of the options now at my french-tip, well-manicured fingertips. Staring into the mirror as I was finishing my make-up for this evenings’… festivities I was working the shiny bright red lipstick back and forth absent-mindedly. Pursing them gently (so as not to smear the carefully applied color), I pondered the effect it might have on my dear stepdaddy.
I opened the vanity drawer and looked down at the riding crop I used on him earlier. I would need many more toys in the weeks to come and I was smiling as I realized the difficulties daddy would have to cover those expenses and hiding it from mom. Not my problem, but then so many things were now strictly daddy’s issues. His weakness would truly lead him to his destruction and he would be erect and drooling the whole time.
Fucking perfect.
I sent mom a quick text as a plan formed in my mind.
“Did you tell dad yet?”
Her reply was quick and likely without a second thought on my lovely mom’s part.
“No. Could you tell him for me? I have to get going now.”
The meeting she was in gave me ammunition to drag daddy further down. Splendid.
Primping in the mirror to make sure I looked perfect and sexy, suspiciously so (to Mom, anyway). My hair, flawless, my cheeks flush with power, my eyes alight with the joy of my stepfather’s suffering, and my lips slightly parted due to my labored breathing.
My phone rattled on the vanity and I jumped at it anxiously.
“Hello, Miss Jane. The kitchen is finished, as ordered. Thank You, Miss.”
My perverted dad’s message seemed to have a lot of accurate protocol from a submissive to his Mistress.
His owner.
Of course no reply from me. Let the bitch sweat and feel the fear.
I savored the sensations and I grabbed the crop, my little black bag, slid back from the vanity, and glanced down at my shiny mary janes. Not good enough. Now that I have time I would need something more… menacing.
The click of the high heels probably rang in his ears like the bells for a man on death row. And if they didn’t yet, they soon would.
I pushed the kitchen door open with authority. An authority that dear Ol’ Daddy gave me that made me hot like nothing has before.
My eyes went wide with shock and I was almost trembling with a thousand emotions.
He was kneeling, the frilly apron still a little tented but draped outwards formally with his hands resting on the corners. His head was bowed and I could see a slight sheen of sweat on his naked body. A damp spot was on the tented front of the apron.
“I see Daddy has some pre-cum from his loving Daughter’s abuse?” He could hear my smile and I saw a tremor shake him.
“Yuh… yes, Miss Jane. Thank You, Miss.”
“And the clothes are where I instructed. Looks like I can begin my inspection, bitch?” My tone was even more evil than before. I could never see myself stopping and I was going to make dear Daddy regret his spinelessness.
“Yes, Miss Jane, thank You. I hope you find everything to your satisfaction.”
“You had better do more than hope, you repulsive little worm. I strutted towards him, towering above my loving stepfather.
“If so much as a speck is out of place I am going to punish you.” I turned my wrist up to look at my shiny pink watch. A beautiful watch that dear Daddy here bought me for my twelfth birthday. So many more gifts to come.
“It is 5:15PM. You know when mom gets home, your loving wife.”
I paused. I wanted to hear his voice tremble.
“Yes, Miss Jane. She gets here around 5:30PM or a Quarter to 6, Miss.”
“Yes, well…”
I waited again. I could hear his breathing intensify. Exactly as I expected.
“So let’s start the inspection!” I used my best, happiest voice. The kind of tone Daddy might hear me use at opening a Christmas present or when I saw him after some time apart.
It cut into him, I could feel it.
“Heel, bitch.” I tapped the crop against my shiny platforms as I ‘click-clicked’ to the kitchen counter.
“Good enough, I suppose.”
I continued with a casual, half-hearted tone.
“Dishes dried and put away. Counter clear. Fixtures shining. Cabinets clean.”
I stopped for a moment.
Paused silently.
The moment was not lost on my loving stepfather. He froze in rhythm with me. Just as he would read my moods as I grew, he was growing attuned to my new, fearsome, characteristics.
He was learning that he had lost his loving Daughter and now had a relentless tormentor living under his roof. As his new reality crossed his mind, just as it was crossing mine, I could hear a small sob escape his lips.
He could tell I found something.
And he knew he would suffer for it.
“Yuh… yes, Miss Jane?” His fear was stronger than before. For good reason.
“The toaster here seems untouched.”
“What? I mean, yes Miss Jane.” He went white as he realized what I ‘found’.
“Did you clean the crumbs from the bottom of the toaster, you shit?”
“Nuh… no, Miss Jane.” His stammering was almost constant now.
“No, you didn’t. I see a couple of crumbs here.”
I was shaking my head even as I was smiling.
“What did I say about disappointment?” My tone was measured and cold.
But not angry.
Not just yet.
“That I give you no reason to be disappointed in carrying out my tasks, Miss Jane.”
I spun gracefully on my heel, my leather skirt, and crotch at his eye level.
WHAP! The crop ‘wooshed’ through the air and struck his shoulder.
“Not exactly.”
WHAP! The other shoulder. I should try to leave even marks, right?
“Say?” My tone was menacing.
“Absolutely certain Miss. You said to be absolutely certain that you not be disappointed.”
“Daddy got it right!” Just as he might have said when I was twelve when I got the right answer, so did I speak with my dear Daddy.
“Uh…thank you, Miss Jane.” He was uncertain about what I was thinking.
Of course.
“Hey! Do you remember that time I got home late from school play because my friends wanted to go to Denny’s after?”
The seemingly disconnected comment turned his eyes into a pool of pure fear.
“I do, Miss Jane. I am sorry about that, it’s just…”
WHAP! The crop struck his cheek and he recoiled in terror.
“What did you do about it, Daddy?” My tone was half-sweet but he shuddered, knowing that there would be suffering in his future.
“I grounded you, Miss Jane.”
“You DID! For two weeks. And do you know what my friends said to me during that time?”
“No, Miss Jane, I am so sorry, I don’t.”
“They laughed. And I stood up for my loving Daddy because you knew what was best for me.” My smile cut him apart.
“And when I asked you to UNground me, what did you say to me then?”
“That I was disappointed, Miss Jane.”
“Exactly. So. When you consider what disappointment means to you, what do you think it means to me, you fucking pervert?”
He was trembling.
“I, that is, I don’t know, Miss Jane.”
I let him finish the ‘Miss Jane’ before I hit him in the face again. Then I brought the crop down across his shoulders and back.
I lost count of how many times I hit him.
“So what do you have to say for yourself NOW, you pathetic little bitch!!?” I was glowering down at him with eyes burning with hatred even as my body was hotter than it has ever been.
“I am so very sorry Miss Jane, please, mercy, I am so sorry.”
I leaned back against the counter looking down at him condescendingly. My only look for him now aside from pure disgust or hatred.
“Do you know what time it is right now?” My smile was wicked.
I held my arm down towards him, my watch facing him. He reluctantly tore his eyes from my own and looked at the watch.
He went an even paler shade of white as he realized what time it was.
“Miss Jane, your mother should be home any minute!” His fear was palpable.
“You make quite a sight, you useless little pindick. Look at you?” I gestured down at him as my derogatory tone ripped into him.
“Please don’t do this, Miss Jane… please…” He was sobbing, eyes tearing up.
“Aw, poor thing. Do you think mom might have something to say about this? You, kneeling before his dear Daughter? Naked? Sweaty? Hard, with a little tent and a damp spot showing that you are having too much fun? Your own Daughter towering over you with a riding crop that is clearly being used on you like some pathetic animal?”
“Please stop, Miss Jane, I will do whatever you want…”
“Don’t make me laugh! As if you weren’t already going to do EVERYthing I order of you. You, dear Daddy, are my bitch. Fucking pathetic waste of space only good for licking shoes or being whipped and made to suffer.”
I pressed one of my high heels against his chest, practically tearing into his nipple.
“I don’t give a fuck what Mom says. She SHOULD see what she is married to, you repulsive piece of shit. Just look at you? She has no idea you are just a pet, an animal, a toy, a fucking sick excuse of a boy!”
My heel was making a serious impression in a few ways. His face contorted in agony at the different levels of pain he was suffering. All at my lovely hands. Too delicious.
“Yes, Miss Jane, of course. I am so sorry…”
“Whatever. I need your approval now as much as I might the approval of an animal in a zoo.”
The crop hit him hard, crossing the marks that now litter his body.
I wondered for a second what Mom would think of them. Looks like Daddy is going to have to find a way to hide them all from his loving Wife.
My smile couldn’t be contained.
“So now what? I don’t see you scrambling for your clothes or begging me to stop, exactly, so that Mom is spared this disgusting display you are putting on? What happens now?”
I wanted him to say it. To keep dragging himself down for his beloved stepdaughter.
“Whatever pleases you, Miss Jane.”
Broken. Even more. This was never going to get old for me.
I was so happy I just couldn’t hold the surprise anymore.
“Mom had a late meeting and will be bringing take out in a little while. Right now she is probably getting fucked on her desk by Marty or any of the other studly Real Men that she works with, faggot. In any case, you have some time to fix the mess of the toaster and clean yourself up.”
His relief washed over us both. He was so very happy.
And like that he did it.
The display that literally would seal his sad fate with his stepdaughter forever.
He fell at my feet and began licking and kissing my shoes like a long lost lover.
“Wow. Mom would be proud of her dear husband to see this sight, don’t you think?”
His wet kisses resounded in the kitchen.
“I asked you a fucking QUESTION!” His lips flew from my shoe and I could see a trail of spit down his lower lip and chin from his hurried apology.
“So sorry, Miss Jane, no, she would not be proud.”
“Fuck you.”
I stepped on his hand, hard, leaving my heel imprint.
“I cannot stand to look at you, Daddy. Get your clothes, make me a drink, and go to your room. I am going to get you dressed for dinner in exactly ten minutes.”
His look of fear was back, replacing his relief from a minute before.
I started to wonder if Daddy might have heart problems.
Lord knows I was pushing him to the limit.
I suppose I will have to ask Mom about that. That should be fun.
My smile was wide and proud as I ascended the steps to my room to get ready for a very special family dinner.

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