Sluts in red [provocative lesbians]

I walked into my house, home from school. I stopped at the front door, sniffing. My nose immediately recognized the scent of Heather.

Heather was an older woman, a Domme friend of my Daddy/Dom. I hadn’t seen her in a few months and wondered where she had been.

Heather was of Scottish descent. Her hair was the deep red of some Scots. Her bosom was full and her nipples were always taut and swollen. She had little circles of steel through each one and I remembered how stranger the steel had felt in my mouth when I first suckled upon her breasts.

She always wore long skirts, nothing on underneath, ready to bare her cunt for me to kneel for and lick to a hot climax.

“I brought you a present, my wee lassie” Heather was full of joy at seeing me.

I remember being excited, clapping my hands. “What did you bring me?”

“Ahhh, too much, ye know I always bring you too much,” I remember Heather shaking her head in pretend disgust at herself. “Mayhap I should save some for your birthday or Christmas?” “NO!” was the shrieked reply, and she took my hand, leading me to my bedroom.

My bedroom was still one for a young girl. Colors, beautiful colors. Unicorns painted on the walls and angels looking down from above. I knew this girl was truly loved. I loved it this way, reminding me of my childhood.

We looked through all the packages, opening dolls and teddy bears to guard me and sit on my dresser. Heather had brought me shorts and summer tops. Suddenly I remember reaching for a long, square box and felt Heather’s hand go over mine to still it for a second.

I looked up into Heather’s eyes and watched the woman change. Watched the woman become that other person that she kept deep inside. “Open this carefully, me darlin’. These are for a mature knowing woman. Decide if you are that woman before you put them on.”

Nodding, but confused, I opened the box. Inside was crisp white paper, surrounding a flash of sparkling red. Slowly I peeled back the paper and gasped. There, inside, was the most beautiful, most sexy pair of high heeled stiletto shoes I had ever seen. The pumps shone with flecks of red crystal and the strap was dainty where it would wrap around my ankle. They glistened almost like a snakeskin. I picked one up out of the box and rubbed it against my face.

sexy legs in red pump shoes stilleto

The woman watching reached under my chin and lifted my face. Heather later told me she could see in my eyes the same thing that was in her own. Unbridled lust. “Remember sweet one, the moment you put those on your feet, your fate is sealed. You will be a woman with all the woman’s wants and needs. Remember, as strong as you are, I am stronger.”

I stared into the eyes of the beautiful woman and then, slowly, nodded. Heather rose up from the bed and went to the door. She turned and looked at me, sitting, thinking. “I will leave you alone for a bit sweet one, and you can decide.” She left the room and closed the door.

Heather hummed a song as she moved around the kitchen. She was dressed rather provocatively, long skirt, halter top, and nylons. On her feet were shoes to match the ones in my room, only black. 4″ heels. Deep black, feet of a whore.

She heard a nervous little giggle and she turned, staring. I stood in front of her. I was dressed much like herself. A long little skirt, nothing under. A top, underneath a heaving chest, big nipples pointed as to ask for a deep sucking. My legs were bare, but on my feet were the red stiletto-heeled shoes, pitching my hips forward and causing me to walk like I desperately needed to be fucked.

Heather walked to me and gathered me into her arms, dropping her head to my face and kissing me deeply. I remember welcoming the kiss and returning it. Our tongues pushed against each other and danced. The kiss deepened and we pulled apart only when my knees got weak and I was ready to collapse from the passion.

Heather’s hand went to where my nipples were hard and pointed out, clearly showing through my shirt. Her small female hand cupped my breast and her thumb rose to stroke my nipple, her lust-filled mind hearing my groans. “Tonight baby, tonight you are mine” she hoarsely whispered and I nodded.


We went to the mall, dressed like matching sluts.

It made us feel powerful to have men follow us, men lust after us.

I was giggling about the man-mess on the side of the car. One man had followed us through the mall and then out to the parking lot. Heather had parked in a back corner and she and I had walked quickly, giggling at him following us. We had gotten into the car and Heather had locked the doors, but then we sat in the car waiting. The man walked up to the car and looked inside. Heather had smiled at him and slowly reached over to me, sitting in the seat beside her. I spread my legs and Heather pulled up my skirt until my pussy was visible. We could hear the man groan through the sealed window of the car.

Heather kept a smile on her sexy lips as she reached to me, pulling my legs wider open. She reached touched my bare pussy lips and we heard the man moan again. Heathers fingers parted my lips, and the shine from the lap post glistened against the wetness between my legs.

Heather slid one finger inside, then two. Movement outside the car made her turn her head and she realized the man had opened his fly and was rubbing his hard cock, his fist wrapped around the shaft.

Making sure the man could see clearly, Heather pulled me into her arms, kissing me deeply while gently sliding her fingers in and out of my pussy. Moving back, Heather pulled up my shirt and exposed my big puckery pink nipples to the man’s gaze, and that is when we heard it.

A moan.

The moan became a groan.

The groan became a sharp, cut off exclamation of absolute pleasure as the man swiftly rubbed his cock in his hand and ejaculated against the side of the car.

As his consciousness returned to him, he looked around carefully to make sure no one had seen him masturbate as he watched the 2 sluts in the car. We were were smiling and giggling as he quickly shoved his cock back in his pants and hurried away.


“Go into your Daddy/Dom’s bedroom girl. It is time. I hope you are sure about this” Heather looked deep into my eyes. I hoped I looked sexy. I was dressed as a whore. Nipples pointing. Legs spread. Red slut shoes on my feet.

Without speaking I turned and went down the hallway and through the door at the end, closing it quietly. Heather went into the washroom and primped, fixing her hair. Standing in front of a full length mirror, she slowly disrobed.

Watching herself as her clothing dropped to the floor. Her nipples were so hard and she touched them gently. Her hands slid down her belly to the bare cunt she knew would be pleasured shortly. A moan escaped her lips. It was time.

She walked to the bedroom door, the silence in the apartment overwhelming. Her walk was slut-like. Long strides, naked. Wearing only her own pair of slut shoes. High stilettos. Heather could hear my deep breathing as she stood at the door, looking in. The bed was king size and was the focal point of the room. It was covered with a silk spread, golden in colour. There were pillows there, many strewn about like they had been thrown into the bed, all soft golden to match the spread. It had both a head board and a foot board, 4 posts for the pleasure of the owner.

The only light was the gentle moon glow from the window.

I lay in the middle of the bed. I was naked, as ordered. My chest was moving up and down, deep breathing. My long hair was spread across the bed, the blonde glistening against the gold. My nipples had hardened from laying on the cool silk and from what I knew was about to happen. Heather’s eyes wandered down my body. The body she knew so well, but had only seen when the girl was pleasuring Daddy/Dom. now, the body that was about to become hers.

My arms were spread wide. My head was still, staring up to the ceiling of the room. I could see myself in the mirrors above. My legs were also spread and my sex was very visible. I had the cunt lips of a whore. My cuntal lips looked swollen and battered as if I had been well used in my life, and of course I had. My clit is prominent, already swollen and poking out from the folds. My mons was bare. My feet were still encased in the shiny red slut shoes.

Heather walked to the dresser beside the bed and picked up the leather laces there. I remember reaching my hands out, and laid still while they were tied to the posts of the bed, my arms spread wide. Heather pulled my body down, so that my feet were almost touching the foot board.

Heather crawled to the bottom of the bed and sat, her back against the foot board. The wood was cold and her nipples showed it. She spread her legs wide, so that they were on either side of my body.

I remember staring at her.

I saw a beautiful red head. Full breasted. Dark pointed nipples. Flat belly. Rounded womanly hips. Bare cunt. Prominent clit. Sitting spread legged, her back resting against the foot board.

Heather saw a me. Dark pointed nipples on my full breasts. Bare cunt. Prominent clit. Laying on the middle of a large bed, hands tied to the top.

Heather smiled at me. She didn’t ask if I was ready for what was to happen. She, at this point, didn’t care. I had chosen. It was too late to turn back now.

I remember smiling back at her. I was scared, any person is scared of the unknown.

Slowly Heather reached for my left foot, still encased in the scarlet shoe. She raised the my foot and brought it towards her face. She placed the bottom of the shoe on her forehead, which put the sharp point of the stiletto right at her mouth. As I watched, her tongue came out to lick. She licked again. Soft flicking tongue reaching out and caressing the end of the leather point. Suddenly she pulled the shoe just a bit closer and slid the tip of the point into her mouth, sucking as if she was pleasuring a man. Deeper and deeper she slid it, until the entire 4″ of the heel was firmly encased in her sucking, pleasure-seeking mouth.

She drew in deeply, sliding down a bit in the bed. She was still sitting, but her legs were spread like a whore.

One finger was caressing her clit as the other handheld my foot, pumping the heel in and out of her mouth. I watched the woman, I remember being absolutely fascinated. Suddenly Heather pulled the heel from her mouth. It shone in the moon light, covered in spit. Heather lowered the shoe and pulled me towards her. She pressed the bottom of the shoe between her legs and with their eyes never moving from mine, she slid the pointed heel into her wet pulsing cunt.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck my cunt with your slut foot."

I did as I was told, the older woman guiding my leg in a motion as old as time. In and out, at first gently.. then moving faster until the heel of my red sparkling slut shoe was ramming in and out of her wet hole. Heather began to grunt. Her eyes were closed now, head thrown back. Her entire soul was centered on the core of her being. The sharp stiletto heel of the slut shoes fucking her into an intense orgasm. She was going to cum and cum hard.

“Yes baby, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss FUCK MY CUNT YOU SLUT! FUCK MY HOT WET HOLE BITCH”

It hit her then, beginning deep inside. Pure pleasure. Spreading out to her body, her nipples, her tummy.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH yessssssssssssssssssss cummmmmmmmmingggggggggg yesssssssssssssssssss fuckkkkkk yessssssssssss FUCKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”

Heather’s body thrashed on the bed, but her hands held the shoe firmly in her slippery pussy passage.

I watched as the orgasm shook her, enjoying seeing her pleasure. I waited quietly for the woman to come back to this world. It would then be my turn.

Heather gave a deep sigh of contentment. So good. Such a good cum. It was not only the feel of the heel deep inside her cunt, but the knowledge of what was about to happen. She licked her lips and opened her eyes. She let the heel slip out of her cunt and she laid there a second, letting her breathing return to normal.

Heather got up on her knees and reached for me. She undid the strap and slid the shoe from my foot. She held the shoe in her hand as she crawled up in the bed and laid beside me.

She placed the shoe on my heaving tummy and gathered me into her arms. Kiss after kiss was rained down on my face, followed by licks of my cheeks and lips. She reached down and took the slut shoe in her one hand and brought the shoe to my face. I remember laying quietly as Heather traced my face with the heel, slightly scratching the surface of my skin, but not hurting me.

She ran the heel over my eyes, around and down my upturned nose, across my cheeks and then brushed it gently across my full lips.

“Suck it baby girl. Suck my cum off of this slut shoe”. I opened my mouth, accepting the heel in without question. “Does it taste good slut? Do you like the taste of woman cum?” She smiled at me and I kept trying to suck it further into my mouth. “You suck cock so good, don’t you baby girl? You have learned, this heel is just a little tiny cock, from what your mouth is used to, isn’t it slut? You are a cum whore usually, aren’t you, you little bitch?” I nodded. The woman was speaking the truth, we both knew it.

“Get it all wet baby, you know where it is to go next, don’t you?” I nodded. I knew. My tongue worked all the way around, gathering spit from my mouth and depositing it onto the heel. My mouth opened and Heather pulled the pump out. “Good girl, now spread your legs baby.”

Heather kneeled up on the bed and spread her legs. She moved one leg over me, so that she was straddling my body, facing my feet. As she kneeled high above me, she watched my legs slowly start to part. “Good girl, do as you are told”.

The shoe was in her right hand. She moved back so that she was sitting astride my face below her. She didn’t lower herself, instead she bent over me, and rested the shoe on my nipple that was now pointing so hard. She began to circle the heel of the shoe around my nipple, watching it plump up even more.

“That’s it slutty girl, close your eyes. Feel the heel baby, enjoy its caressing of your skin”. She moved to the other nipple and rubbed the heel across it as well, watching it grow to join the other.

As she began to settle her wet bare cunt down onto my face, her hand began to push the heel into my soft skin. Heather heard me whimper under her, but I didn’t move.

red high heels stilleto

Heather’s pussy was dripping cum from her orgasm and she slowly dropped her cunt down, feeling my soft lips. With her hand, she began to push the heel harder. Still circling the nipple. Harder, harder. The skin was now red under where the heel had been. As she circled both nipples, back and forth, the skin broke in places, and tiny drops of blood appeared.

Heather felt me squirm under her weight and she settled her cunt firmly on my face, grinding her clit into my sucking mouth. The heel was then dragged across my belly, leaving a red welt raised on the soft skin. The shoe was now at my cunt, legs spread.

Heather did to me, just as she had done to herself. As she reached my mons, she caressed it with the sharp heel of the shoe, then slid the heel up and down my parted lips. Finding my hole, she thrust the heel into me and heard my sharp cry.

“STOP whimpering, you slut. You fucking whore. TAKE THE HELL BITCH, take it all” she sharply said as the thrusting began in earnest. In, pull out. Every push in, the heel scratched the sides of my cunt. Every draw out she took a deep breath, waiting for it to go back in, and it did.

The woman ground her cunt into my mouth and furiously fucked me with the heel of the sparkly red shoe. Wetness glistened on the sides of my legs, mixed with a small amount of blood leaking from my pretty little cunt hole.

“Are you ready bitch? I am ready, it is time. It is time for you to become the true slut that you were born to be. NOW SLUT, NOW”

As Heather screamed the words out to me, she pulled the heel from my pussy and drove the sharp leather stiletto into my sweet tight ass hole. I thrust up under her as I tried to get away from the pain. My movement drove Heather wild with lust. She began to rape me in 2 ways. Her bare cunt was driven into my mouth and her hand began to pound the sharp heel into my ass hole.

She used me for her own lust, as is her due.

Grinding her cunt and down onto my face and driving the heel into my soft bum was erotic to this Domme. She had waited so long for this. She was going to cum so hard on my face.

“Take it BITCH. You are now OPEN. OPEN as a slut can be. Fuck the shoe bitch. Take the heel into your tight little asshole. You are a fucking whore. Take it. Take it.”

Heather’s screams increased, her lust came to a boiling point. “YES BITCH!! Worship the shoe. FUCK THE SHOE.

TAKE THE SHOE. FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!! I am going to cum all over your little cunt face. Drink my cum BITCH. DRINK IT

I remember how loud .. The scream was echoing off the walls in the bedroom. The woman collapsed onto me. I rolled into a fetal position, the heel of the glistening red shoe still firmly embedded in my ass hole. The woman was exhausted, her pussy cum running down her legs.

Heather turned around and gathered me into her arms. She kissed my face, over and over then

licked her cum off my face. “Such a good girl. Such a good girl. Who loves you baby? Tell me who loves you?”

My pain filled eyes opened just a bit.

“You love me Heather”

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