Slaving for my masters’ vacation

After a long drive up to the cabin Master was ready to start the vacation, which meant slave was in deep shit. “I want you naked on your knees by the time I get all of the bags in the house…and don’t make a mess.” Suddenly, the seriousness of this “vacation” hit slave. She was glad she wasn’t wearing much clothing, and there was a fair amount of stuff that Master still had to bring into the house.

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Slave stripped and folded her clothes in a neat pile and kneeled in the corner as instructed. Master got all the bags in the house and took pictures of his slut in a submissive position. Master summoned slave over to him, “and don’t think about getting up, you crawl like the bitch you are!” And with that, slave crawled to Master to get collared for the first time this week. Master had plans to get started right away, so as he took stock of the layout of the house, he decided the kitchen chair would be where he sat for the first over the knee (OTK) spanking of the week. “Let’s go, over my lap, NOW!” Slave scampered over to Master to receive her first spanking of the week. wince Master started the week with ten swats on slave’s ass, but that doesn’t mean that slave was getting off easy, her ass was on fire with the strength of Master’s spanking. Master makes slave put all of the food away with her ass on fire, and she isn’t allowed to touch it.
Now it’s time to get started on the bondage, the slave will have a rough week ahead. Master makes slave get out the straightjacket and two leather cuffs and some chain. Master starts by shackling slave’s ankles together to begin to take her balance away. Once the slave has her ankles shackled together, master puts the slave in the straightjacket, she can’t move now. This will be how she will be for most of the week.
Master puts the leash on the slave and drags her over to the floor in front of the couch. Master starts flicking through channels, ignoring slave. The slave is left with her ass still full with the beads Master unceremoniously shoved up there before they left. Slave was sure she wasn’t supposed to speak, but she didn’t know what master wanted. After a short time, Master smacked slave across the face to get her attention, “go get the inflatable gag, it’s time for the next step you little whore.”
Slave wasn’t sure how to make it to the bedroom but she tried her best, it took forever! Then she realized she was still completely bound, how was she going to get into the suitcase and find the gag without her hands?! Well she still had her mouth. She unzipped the suitcase with her mouth and finally found the gag Master wanted. She brought it back to Master, carrying it in her mouth. Master told her to open up and he shoved it in and locked it on. Master continued watching tv and ignoring slave, except every twenty minutes or so when he inflated the gag slightly.

Let the punishments begin

By the time Master wanted slave to make dinner her mouth was sore and she was stiff. Master let her out of the straightjacket but left the ankle shackles on. Master cuffed slave’s wrists together so she would still have limited freedom. Slave cooked dinner for Master and herself. She served Master dinner and knelt at his feet until he gave her permission to serve herself. She served her dinner, and master told her she hadn’t earned the right to sit at the table, so she ate her dinner on the floor, at least she didn’t have to use her hands. After dinner, Master decided it was time for punishment, it took her too long to get the gag, and she made a mess eating her dinner. He blindfolded her and dragged her to the bathroom. He left the room for at least ten minutes, leaving slave to wonder where he went. Master came back with the giant cock and stuck it to the tile floor. He made slave lay down on her stomach and suck the cock until he was satisfied she knew her place. Her jaw was still sore and the cock was HUGE. Master sat on her ass to watch, this pushed the beads in even further. Slave’s pussy was dripping but it hadn’t gotten attention all day, just the constant rubbing from the straightjacket earlier in the day. Master decided slave hadn’t earned any pleasure on the first day, so he made her give him head til he came in her hair, she wouldn’t be allowed to wash it out until morning, he wanted her to feel like the dirty cunt she is. Master wanted to watch some more tv, but decided slave didn’t deserve to be in his presence, so he chained her to the futon in the sunroom after putting the straightjacket back on her.
Finally Master was ready for bed, he dragged slave to the bedroom, she was sleeping in the dog bed like the bitch she is tonight. The beads were still in her ass from the morning; she was so horny and couldn’t do a thing about it. Master put a diaper on slave, he didn’t want her leaving the room in the middle of the night, and it would keep her slutty hands away from her dripping twat.
Master slept like a baby, while slave had a restless night sleep. Master woke up and took a shower while slave set out his clothes and started making breakfast for Master. When breakfast was ready, Master cuffed slave’s hands behind her back, poured her shake into a bowl and told her to drink it like a bitch, he made her drink two whole shakes on her stomach, cleaning up anything that ended up on the floor before he allowed her to get up. Of course, she was punished for making a mess. This morning it would be ten minutes with the wand tied to her clit and clamps on her poor tits, she would be tied to the futon for this one. If she made one peep during her punishment, the time would be started over and doubled. Master loved watching her squirm. Of course, slave is an insolent cunt and she couldn’t keep her mouth shut, after 8 minutes she made a sound. Master restarted the timer, setting it to twenty minutes now. He was very disappointed in his slut.
After the punishment was over, Master wanted to get to the daily spanking, Master dragged slave to the kitchen, and today the spanking would be with the slut paddle across her ass. Slave tried not to move but it hurt so much! Once the spanking was over, Master decided it was time to challenge his slave, after all, what’s the fun of having a slave if you can’t push her limits. He blindfolded her once again and wandered out of the room. He set up a tightrope of sorts in the second bedroom. He put her on the bed, cuffing her ankles together very closely, and put the straightjacket on, minus the crotch strap. Slave would have to get across the bed without stopping. Simple enough, yes? No. The tightrope was higher than her pussy and was putting pressure directly on her tender slit and clit. She had never felt so much pain in her life. If Master felt she wasn’t going fast enough, he would add to her pain by giving her a hard smack on the ass, slave struggled not to fall over, especially bound as she was. Master was entertained by slave’s struggles. Finally, she made it across, exhausted and in pain, but she succeeded! Master helped her off the rope and rewarded her with his cock in her mouth. He allowed her to eat his cum this time. Master left slave in the second bedroom, alone and bound while he went off to do god knows what. Slave was scared about what Master would come up with next. Master wanted lunch, so he let slave out of the jacket, but handcuffed her again. She made his lunch, waiting for permission to make her own. When Master finished his lunch, he told her to make her lunch, but she was not to eat until he allowed her to. She made her lunch, and waited. And waited so more. Finally, Master told her she would be allowed to eat if she completed one simple task. She was to go out on the back porch and retrieve the items Master left out there for her. She was to bring them back, one at a time and apply them to herself in front of Master, then she would be allowed to eat. Slave had no idea what items were outside, but she was starving! She got to the porch and looked in horror. Six clothes pins were laid out on the porch, along with the giant cock. Master expected her to put all the clothes pins on her tits and then blow the cock. Well, I need to eat, so let’s get this over with she thought. She grabbed a clothes pin and presented herself to Master. She put it on her right nipple. He laughed as she winced. She went to get the next one and repeated it on her left nipple. She put the next one on her right areola, repeating on the left and the last two she put on the tender underside of her tits. Finally, she got the giant dick and gave it the best head she could, considering how hungry she was. After Master was satisfied, he allowed her to eat, but today, no utensils would be allowed.

Steak and blowjob day

She finished lunch and cleaned up. Master had her present for punishment for making a mess, again! She still had the pins on her tits, and Master decided the best way to get them off was with the paddle. After that he told her to get out of his sight and stay that way until dinner, if he saw her, she would be sorry. He purposely roamed around the house all afternoon, she had to be one step ahead to stay out of sight. Unfortunately for her, she was still shackled and handcuffed, so she couldn’t move very fast. Master saw her three times. He decided her punishment would be to get locked in the shed until dinner after the first two spankings didn’t work. He brought his supplies to the shed after tying her to the bed post in the second bedroom so she wouldn’t know what was coming. He dragged her out to the shed, he first blindfolded her then he began his work. First was a pussy full of vibrator. Then mouth full of gag. He tied her tits tight and wrote whore across her chest (that was more for his entertainment than anything) he put the straightjacket on over her bound tits and made it tighter than ever before. He attached the crotch strap and bent her back. Of course he wasn’t done by any means. He cuffed her thighs together and her ankles, leaving her completely helpless. Before he left, he attached nipple clamps on top of the straight jacket, that surprised slave so much she tried to scream through the gag but it was no use.
It seemed like hours to slave before Master let her out, but in reality, it was about 45 minutes, if that. It was time for their romantic dinner, and slave still had to shower and get dressed. Dinner went off without a hitch, although slave was still sore and tender. After dinner, Master was back at his tricks. He wanted anal and he wanted it now. Slave wasn’t sure she was up for it but tried her hardest not to complain. Master fucked her ass so hard she thought he would tear her in half. Slave was then brought to the bathroom and made to attempt to fuck the giant dick for Master’s entertainment. Slave was worn out by now, it had been a long day, but it was going to get longer. Master planned to hog tie her on the coffee table and begin to play with wax. The candle had been lit at dinner so there was plenty of wax to play with. Slave took the wax like a champ. Master decided she could sleep in the bed with him if she got all the wax off her body. She managed to peel it all off, and got into bed to cuddle with Master for the first time all week. She had a feeling the next day was going to be rough though.
It was Master’s favorite holiday, Steak and BJ day. Slave wasn’t nearly as excited. Master wanted to be woken with head, but he woke up before slave, not a good start to the day . Slave woke up when she felt Master moving around in bed. She got right on the first BJ of the day, but Master was already pissed. He put slave’s collar on a bit tighter than usual, slave was struggling to breathe. Master told her to be a good little slut and make breakfast, don’t burn it either you little cunt, he warned. So she went off to the kitchen to make breakfast. While she was cooking, Master came up behind her and started fingering her pussy, this distracted the little cum slut and some of Master’s bacon started to burn around the edges. “You can’t even make breakfast right! Go get the paddle and the giant dick. I will finish breakfast” Slave followed orders, not wanting to get into any more trouble today.
Master finished cooking his breakfast and was eating when slave came back with the paddle and cock. She knelt at Master’s feet waiting for further instruction. Master told her that she was eating cock for breakfast and nothing else until he said so, start sucking, what are you waiting for?! So she started eating plastic dick for breakfast, sucking on it in earnest. When Master finished his breakfast, he pulled slave up by her hair to put her over his lap. He told her to keep sucking on the dick while she got her spanking; he made it harder by putting the suction cup on the floor and making her suck it from there. He gave her one and a half times as many swats as the day before, and then added five more as punishment. Slave was squirming but never took her mouth off that cock. It was BJ day after all. Master told slave that her mouth was to be on his dick at all times today unless he told her otherwise. This scared slave, what if he needed to piss, would he piss right in her mouth? She shuttered to think! Master settled on the couch after putting the straightjacket back on slave. She settled in front of him with his cock in her mouth, she was sucking gently for now, not wanting to bother Master. Out of nowhere, Master grabs her head and starts fucking her mouth harder than he has ever fucked her mouth before. She swallowed his cum as usual, and left her mouth on his dick. This happened two more times before lunch, her jaw was sore and she was hungry!
Master sent her to the kitchen to make lunch, but put the inflatable gag in first, and of course inflated it to its capacity. Today, slave’s mouth was not getting a rest! Master decided until the “steak” part of his holiday, all slave would eat would be his cum, she had been a bad, bad girl. While Master was eating his lunch, slave was forced to give him another BJ under the table. After lunch, Master wanted to take a nap, but slave would have to stay awake. He tied her to the futon in the sunroom and stuffed her pussy, ass, and mouth, her pussy got the giant purple vibrator w/ rabbit, her mouth got the inflatable gag, and her ass got the beads. She was bound tight. Master took an hour and a half nap, slave was left to struggle, all tied up and filled to the brim. When Master woke up he was in a “playful” mood. He decided slave would get a chance to earn a reward, but she would have to play for it. They took out one of the board games, and if slave won, she would get a reward, but she was going to play the game gagged and stuffed still, but not bound. If she lost, she would be punished of course.
Slave played a good game, but Master played better. Slave’s punishment was something evil. Master pulled out slave’s dirty panties from the weekend, covered his dick with one, put another one over her nose, and made her give him head until he came in her favorite panties. He made her lick all the cum out of the panties, and then shoved the two pairs in her mouth. It wasn’t cock, it was much, much worse. It was time for slave to make dinner, with the panties in her mouth. Master decided slave didn’t deserve steak, it was much too high quality for such a useless whore. She would have a shake for dinner and be happy about it.
Master’s dinner went off without a hitch. Slave gave him another BJ under the table while he ate, when he was done eating, he came in the bowl containing slave’s dinner and made her drink it off the floor again. When slave was almost done, Master ‘accidentally’ kicked the bowl containing the remainder of slave’s dinner. He made her clean it up with her hair. She was such a useless little twat, she might as well be used for something, a mop it would be. Slave was still hungry but she knew better than to complain. She was sent off to shower, and she welcomed the alone time. After she was all clean, Master made her get back in the tub, he wanted to see how far he could force the giant dick up her insolent ass. It didn’t get far, slave’s ass was far too tight. Master wanted the best blow job of the day before bed, he made slave lick his ass and suck on his balls and he came in her hair, leaving it to dry overnight. He told her that no cum covered whore could sleep in his bed, and he sent her to the second bedroom.

Just one more torture

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The next morning Master and slave had wild sex for the video camera so they would be able to show Senetra the sex they had for her. Master decided that slave would pack, but that couldn’t be made easy either, he gagged her and put the handcuffs on her and made her pack everything up. Before they left, he gave her one last spanking with the slut paddle, 3x as many as he had on Tuesday morning. That should remind her of the trip as we drive home.
The slave was tired and sore but it was the best week of her life.

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